David Fincher's 'The Social Network' Official Poster Unveiled

June 18, 2010

The Social Network

Bold marketing going on here - the tagline is the poster! So where is the title? It's along the side, as part of a sidebar that looks like the header from Facebook. Notice anything similar? That's an image I made for our posts about this project last year, but I digress. Sony has debuted the official poster for David Fincher's The Social Network, also known as the Facebook movie, about the co-founder of that social networking site, Mark Zuckerberg, as played by Jesse Eisenberg, seen on the poster. As usual, this probably means the trailer is hitting soon (in July!), so stick around to see it. In the meantime, check out the first official poster below.

The Social Network Movie Poster

The Social Network is directed by Oscar nominated filmmaker David Fincher, of superb films like Alien 3, Se7en, The Game, Fight Club, Panic Room, Zodiac and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button previously. The script was written by screenwriter and producer Aaron Sorkin, of A Few Good Men, "The West Wing", and Charlie Wilson's War previously. It's based on Ben Mezrich's novel titled The Accidental Billionaires, about the founding of Facebook: "A Tale of Sex, Money, Genius and Betrayal." Sony is bringing The Social Network to theaters starting on October 1st this fall. For more info and updates, visit the official website.

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is that Eisenberg in the poster? I think this film is gonna surprise everyone.

Xerxex on Jun 18, 2010


Pretty cool.

Daniel Felts on Jun 18, 2010


this film is a mac.

Guy on Jun 18, 2010


great, minimalistic. reminds me a bit of Funny Games (US) poster. I love the kind.

sedna on Jun 18, 2010


Love the poster, but still think the casting of Justin Timberlake is a mistake.

Justin Timberlakes Pubes For Hair on Jun 19, 2010


That poster looks so fake it may actually be a real poster. Or is it the other way around?

Mr.Cookie on Jun 19, 2010


Ugly poster. Like the idea but could have been better.

ryderup on Jun 19, 2010


well, I am his enemy. Nobody needs FB. FB is like theBORGS of Star Trek but one day people will recognize that... and I hope it will not be too late. 🙂

Millus on Jun 19, 2010


I'm interested

Lincoln on Jun 19, 2010


shit poster 🙁 Looks more like an online ad

dom on Jun 19, 2010



tivdatsun on Jun 19, 2010


Wow what a graphic must have takin days to make...............LMFAO and deletion in 5 4 3 2 1

Jimmy Love on Jun 19, 2010


David Fincher is one of the greatest directors ever

justinhate on Jun 19, 2010


I agree with 13, pretty much like Christopher Nolan, anything David Fincher touches is pure gold, im sure this will be another great addition to his stats.

Damian on Jun 19, 2010


Actually the reason the sidebar looks familiar is because its literally the search bar from facebook turned on its side. Are you claiming they based it on your graphic you made? Certainly sounds that way, and thats a bit of a stretch...

Joel on Jun 19, 2010


I like David Fincher and all but Panic Room Blew Chunks. I hate that blond Dude with corn rows what a leg humper

Jimmy Love on Jun 20, 2010


and Chunks is the name of my Dog

Jimmy Love on Jun 20, 2010


any movie that has Justin Timberlake in it i refuse to watch,even if its directed by David Fincher!!!!what a mistake....

splinter on Jun 20, 2010


i will admit that when Justin Timberlake was cast, I was taken aback but I just have so much faith in Fincher as I have loved each film he has directed. we'll see what happens, but i think this will end up being great.

Joey on Jun 20, 2010


Ok is true but who cares... Why not do it about the good impact social networking has over A group of friends and how come their lives becomes a drama with love, goals, commiment... And How this crew make a positive a sustainable impact on life... Let's say something like how they got together and coordinated efforts to clean areas affected by oil leak... And how Other interest tries to boicot their efforts but at the end through facebook the win the Battle a put on work on environmental change fore good. Ah?

osgi on Jun 20, 2010


The ones bitching about Timberlake, you guys need to see Southland Tales.

Xerxex on Jun 20, 2010


Great poster, though getting sick of sans seriff, helvetica fonts dominating posters/cutting through images. its definitely the trend, but the poster is well designed and the touch on the side is great

Voice of Reason on Jun 21, 2010


Not the greatest poster ever

John Stamos on Jun 21, 2010


Wow, Eisenberg and Zuckerberg look alike! Despite all this hype about Facebook, does FB help us do a better job after all? Fesearchers at University of Maryland are doing a survey to understand the impact of social networking on job performance. The survey is here:

Takaq on Jun 22, 2010


"Superb films like Alien3..." - Hahaha; that's a good one, not even Fincher would agree to that!

Shaun on Jun 23, 2010


I think people should know what it's about to build something huge like facebook and all the things that happen in the background. For most of the 500 million people it's just a site... until they see the movie.

Tickets For Sale on Mar 6, 2011

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