David Goyer Writing New Superman Movie: The Man of Steel

February 24, 2010
Source: Latino Review


After just hearing about the news on the finalists in the running for Captain America, we're just now getting word of a superhero on the other side of the fence at DC Comics as Latino Review got the exclusive scoop that David Goyer (Batman Begins, The Dark Knight) will be writing the new Superman flick which now has the official title of The Man of Steel. They also confirm what we have suspected for a while: Brandon Routh will not be returning and Bryan Singer will not be directing. Goyer is now the second person from the Batman camp to join the revamp of Superman after we heard Chris Nolan was shepherding the new film.

Their source goes on to divulge that "Goyer's story involves Luthor and Brainiac. It is not an origin and assumes audiences already know about Lois, Clark, Jimmy and Perry. I know the Daily Planet is struggling due to the internet. And I know it sets up a huge Kryptonian mythology." Finally, it sounds like we'll get the contemporary Superman we've all been waiting for and DC Comics will have more than a rich guy in a utility belt to hold the rest of Marvel's arsenal of kick-ass superheroes at bay. It's still a very long way off for sure, but I absolutely can't wait to see what Goyer and Nolan can do with Supes. Are they on the right track?

Update: There's been a lot happening since this was announced, but apparently the complete and final update on the situation comes from IGN. After this news first hit, AICN claimed that Goyer wasn't actually writing anything yet. But now IGN says that "Goyer is in fact on the project, but not only that -- his The Dark Knight co-writer Jonah Nolan will also be scripting Superman: The Man of Steel along with him." Great news, especially because Nolan and Goyer have proven they're excellent writers with the two Batman movies. Which brings up another big question. Does this mean they're not writing the third Batman yet?

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Have Hope on Feb 24, 2010


Why, why, WHY is Luthor still being put in Superman films? Can't they think of anything else? Some other threat?

Have Hope on Feb 24, 2010



Cmurder on Feb 24, 2010


why Goyer yes he got good ideas but i dont find him a good script writter. the only way Goyer does a good script is if someone else co write with him on this project. also Ethan i thought Nolan been involved was a internet rumor cause Diane Nelson President of DC Entertainment said it was a rumor. @#2 i agree Luthor again is just wrong if his in the movie i rather for him been a minor character but i wish Darkseid was the villain

tazz on Feb 24, 2010


Superman just isn't very interesting

klausey on Feb 24, 2010


ummm WHAT??

Vorlon Kosh on Feb 8, 2012


I wanna see a pissed off Superman, throwing some punches, and either kicking Darkseid's ass or Doomsday's......THAT would be interesting/mind-melting!

Cmurder on Feb 24, 2010


how did Goyer get the job?

Xerxex on Feb 24, 2010


Bring the man of steel!

Jake the snake on Feb 24, 2010


How did Goyer get the job? One word: Nolan. I admit, Goyer isn't that great of a director but he's tolerable as a writer in my eyes. He knows his comics, he knows the mythos, and he's the right man for the job. I have no problem with Luthor being in the movie. I just hope he's not a main villain but more of a supporting villain (which I believe is the route they'll go for). Overall this is excellent news. I'm freaking excited.

dffsgf on Feb 24, 2010


I'm sure its in the right direction, I'm ready for the casting!

Nick Sears on Feb 24, 2010


Title FAIL, I mean come on? The Dark Knight? The Man of Steel? The Wayans are going to come out with Nickname Movie next.

Tyler S on Feb 24, 2010


#9 he wrote The Unborn.

Xerxex on Feb 24, 2010


Goyer's a hack. Can't wait to see the huge plotholes and illogical leaps in this one.

NYF on Feb 24, 2010


I trull think that Brandon Routh should be cast as Superman in this reboot only cuz he did a great job as the man of steel and that it was Singers directing that sucked!

Obakingsberry on Apr 10, 2011


i agree with #2. i understand that luther needs to be in every superman movie because he genuinely believes that superman is a menace to american and world society alike. he, instead, wants the spotlight by saving the world with his intellect and money. he's somewhat the perfect antithesis to superman, much like the joker's chaos is to batman's justice. i get that. but that doesn't mean that luther needs to be the main villain of every superman movie. i really hope that he's nothing more than a supporting character to brainiac...he should be the main villain. and i love how brainiac has ties to kryptonian history.



ok. YOU NEED TOM WELLING!!!!!!!!! First thing is that he was the best Clark kent ever. My frineds and i watch smallville every weekend and its great. He really shows another side of clark you never get to see. He is ripped, great actor, and im sure that he will be better then the Brandon Routh. Trust me on this.........TOM WELLING!!!!!!

ragon on Feb 24, 2010


#15, no way man! The superman he plays is such a goodie goodie boyscout...we need a brute of a superman in this one, whose not afraid to use his powers and throw a punch...not one who whines to girls and crys! IMO, that's why the majority of the Superman movies have been underwhelming. No one can relate to someone who does the right thing 100% of the time.....he needs a little Bruce Wayne emotion in him!

Cmurder on Feb 24, 2010


I love Smallville but Tom Welling is not a leading man...yet. He can get by on Smallville but in my opinion Michael Rosenbaum stole the show as Lex. But I still think it's worth while to have Brandon Routh return for the role, maybe just from a marketing stand point. As for Goyer...we'll see, takes a solid script and a director who knows what he's doing...which isn't Bryan Singer.

Me on Feb 24, 2010


#16 What?!? More Bruce Wayne. That is exactly what we don't need. Superman is the boyscout. It's Bruce's nickname for him for gods sake. Can't relate to him? Seems people have been relating to him since the 40s just fine. I do not want a angst ridden Superman. I second Tom Welling doing the movie. I like him in Smallville. It's not his fault they have him dressed like a second rate dark knight. If movie writers don't know how to write Superman they should go read some damn comics, there's enough of them.

Moviegimp on Feb 24, 2010


#5 I agree. I've never been a huge fan of Superman. Spider-Man and Batman have always intrigued me more. But if they get the casting right, this movie might be worth seeing. Jon Hamm would be the perfect Superman.

Craig on Feb 24, 2010


Yes! Brainiac!

Ajax on Feb 24, 2010


Agree with #5.

Pete on Feb 24, 2010


#18, moviegimp, guess why they've been relating to him since the 40's...cause he's been "angst ridden" and throwing punches and kicking ass! See "Death of Superman" and "World without a Superman", just to mention a few! Plus, if they had Tom Welling in this movie, everyone would just think it's the movie version of Smallville, which might be cool with a lot of the Twi-hards out there, but not for someone who grew up on the Superman Vs Doomsday or Darkseid comics!

Cmurder on Feb 24, 2010


Just to clarify, my point is Superman's staying power is due to his portrayal in the comics, not so much the movies (with maybe the exception of the 1st Christopher Reeves Superman).

Cmurder on Feb 24, 2010


God damn it! No Routh!? Fuck you Warner Brothers. I'm done.

Film Fan on Feb 24, 2010


You DO realize that the Nolan-Superman rumor was busted quite some time a go?

Governor on Feb 24, 2010


I'm with#6. We're way overdue for a pissed off Supes. I wanna see Clark Kent go all SPAAAARRRTAAAAAAAA on the world.

Riki on Feb 24, 2010


#25. That's Diane Nelson just being modest... Tull straight up denied that Goyer was on the project today. Look what happened... more info just leaked out and the truth came out hahaha.

dffsgf on Feb 24, 2010


True David Goyer is a hack - although he does know the material, and I can see why DC would have hired him. One thing we can definitely know, is this is going to be A LOT darker than previous films. Now with Nolan supervising and Goyer writing - this will be a lot darker in tone.

kLO on Feb 24, 2010



silver on Feb 24, 2010


All those out there who are worried Lex Luthor will be playing the main villian can stop worrying. If Nolan and Goyer are working on this you can be sure that they will take the same route with Superman like they did on the Batman films. Essientially meaning that there will be no main villians. Look at "Batman Begins" there are villians all over the place (Ra's Al Ghul/The Scarecrow/Falconi) "The Dark Knight" didn't have any main villians either. The Joker was a supporting character as was Two-Face and all of the mob bosses. Thats why the new Batman films work so well. All the characters in the films are given really good story lines and not a huge amount of screen time. I'm sure that's what Goyer and Nolan will be planning on doing with Superman. There will be a mix of Brainiac, Lex and I'm sure there will be other villians showing up in one way or another. I'm just happy the Warner Bros is finally taking the right approach with Superman. Not doing the origin story again is the right way to go. Weve seen it too many times. The reason Batman Begins was so good was because we had never seen a true Batman origin before. Superman's has been done to death. everyone knows the characters already. Now I'm hoping they hire the right director. And I also hope they get Jim Caviezel to play Superman. I don't want to see another actor who looks like Christopher Reeve playing Superman again. There was only one Christopher Reeve.

last son on Feb 24, 2010


Doesn't matter who they bring in on this. They need to wait. Be patient. Let Superman sit for a while and get the taste of Routh out of our collective mouths. Down the road, when people are really crying for another Superman, the payoff will be that much better.

Pale Paul on Feb 24, 2010


@30 wow...sorry, but i can't help but say that you're a dumb guy! ra's al ghul wasn't the main villain from batman begins?! the joker wasn't the main villain of the dark knight?! what's wrong with you? lol!



Nolan's not working on Superman. That was denied by Diane Nelson.

1-7 on Feb 24, 2010


Goyer is almost a complete failure without the Nolans. I'd hope he just helps generate the story and they get someone better to write the screenplay/script.

SlashBeast on Feb 24, 2010


The true Question is, will Nolan be the one to finally put a justice league or Best of Both worlds together with Batman and Superman

Gabe the Accuser on Feb 24, 2010


You guys are all nuts. I hope it's not just a rumor about Nolan Goyer and Supes (love the Man of Steel title). Cause that would be AMAZING!! The rest of you whiners can suck it...

HelveticaConspiracy on Feb 24, 2010


Sounds like their on the right path although I don't want to see Luthor again for a long, long time, having Brainiac involved leads me to believe that they're going to introduce Doomsday at some point, which is going to be flat out outstanding.

Black Dynamite on Feb 24, 2010


I really did like Brandon Routh as superman though....but, alls well that ends well

JL on Feb 24, 2010



CORNBOY on Feb 24, 2010


I really wish they would stop making Superman look like a an everyday chump leotards. Superman in the comics looks SUPER, chiseled, and muscular. In the movies he looks like a Superpunk. And Lex Luther is the most boring villian. Superman needs a Super villian.

LORDHAVMERCY on Feb 24, 2010


Sorry I meant "Chump in Leotards"

LORDHAVMERCY on Feb 24, 2010


Theres really not a good person to play superman but I trust Nolans and Goyer picking the actor to play him. I'm sure they will get someone great, just as long as its not Brandon Routh.

Rooney on Feb 24, 2010


#15 is right, Why would u look for anyone else when tom welling still lives.... he was born to play Superman.

Logan on Feb 24, 2010


no way routh can return..thought he was a poor superman they have a chance now to make a good superman, they better not screw it up. villians should be either Doomsday (fingers crossed), brianiac or metallo. what do people think?

cregso on Feb 25, 2010


batman begins and the dark knight were pretty much everything a superman movie should NOT be like. i hope they understand this fact.

Logan on Feb 25, 2010


This could be great,personally I would rather see General Zod and his fellow rebels than Lex again.

tir na nog on Feb 25, 2010


I agree, Superman needs to go in a different direction, forget Lex Luthor, bring on some real villans. But, no Brandon Routh? As Lex screams at Lois Lane..."WRRRRRRONG"!

Tony on Feb 25, 2010


"Goyer's story involves Luthor and Brainiac. It is not an origin and assumes audiences already know about Lois, Clark, Jimmy and Perry. I know the Daily Planet is struggling due to the internet. And I know it sets up a huge Kryptonian mythology." Yes, they are on the right track.

Nada Nuff on Feb 25, 2010


Just make Superman black and be done with it. Michael Jai White as the Man of Steel i say!!!

metatasian on Feb 25, 2010


I feel like Nolan isn't the right guy. I would prefer the Wachowski Brothers for this one.

Candy Castle on Feb 25, 2010


they just need to make superman more adaptable to our times. not like in the 40's or 70's but with todays disasters and todays problems like terrorism an so on , they made blade gritty BB and TDK more believable i think they can pull off something. I'm just glad singer is gone. He always tried to make the X-men movies too complex and unenjoyable.

subcelsious5g on Feb 25, 2010


The funniest thing about Superman is that his biggest arch enemy is a mere mortal human being with no powers. What a superhero!

Supermans a chump on Feb 25, 2010


This is great news and I can’t wait till here more in the upcoming weeks and months. I always thought a beginning story of Brainiac and Luthor would be nice way to start with a possible minor role villain like Metallo. Now we all assume the Luthor we’re going to get is the “funny/comedic I want to grow real estate Lex”, but I doubt that’s what we’re getting. Come on guys, think, think. Do you actually think DC/WB is going to the follow the paths of the past? No! They know they need to change things around and a good way is to change it up bit, with respects to Luthor is to make him more villainous and insane to destroying Supes. Now I know everyone wants the meat and potatoes right away, I don’t. I want Doomsday perhaps in the 2nd and Darksheid in a movie like the 3rd that leads into a JLA or have DS be the main in a JLA. Furthermore, why people getting all crazy with Lex being the main, how do you get that? This article has nothing about him being the main, let’s stop assuming and wait for more news. Now let me rebuttal on a few comments here. @ # 2 Have Hope – there’s a lot of characters they can go with, we don’t know what Lex we’re getting or if he will be minor/main villain. Most likely it will be a more destructive Lex and he will be a minor while Brainiac causes destruction. @ # 5 Klausey – well I guess he’s interesting enough to have you comment on a DC movie. @ # 11 Tyler S – ok genius so you tell us what the title of the movie should be? The Dark Knight and The Man of Steel are 2 references both characters are associated with so how is it a F….(I can’t even say or type the word cause I can’t associate with it’s definition unlike yourself, it seems too easy for you to say) @ # 15 Ragon – I’m first to say Tom Welling as well, but he shouldn’t be given the role just because he’s played CK in Smallville. He should be considered first to try out for it. So yes I want TW to take the role but I also want him to come in read for the part and blow people’s minds. He does have his moments on Smallville that make you say ok he might have it, so hopefully with a little direction and excellent script he can. I, like many of you don’t want any more f#$k up’s. If he doesn’t want too and needs to be persuaded then no thanks, NEXT @ # 16 Cmurder – well then you don’t want to watch Superman, that’s what makes them both unique and different. Supes is a good boy scout after all these years, past movies, comics and cartoons, which is what Supes is all about. Maybe I polish what you’re trying to say, I think the one who plays Supes needs to have that attention grabber. That I can agree, the one who plays Supes needs to have the commanding presence but is a good boy scout. Now a moment where Supes is pushed to the limits and lets out puts all the good boy persona on the side should be in a battle between the likes of Darksheid or Doomsday. But anyway like I said to # 15 Ragon I won’t take away the opportunity to read for the part but only IF Tom Welling wants it, if he doesn’t then again Next! With he will have to blow people away when he reads for it. I read a little ahead and saw another comment from you. Yea I agree, if TW doesn’t get a chance to read for the part atleast I think it’s because they don’t want the film to be link to the show and be this whole Smallville movie on the big screen discussion. But again we all thought Ledger wouldn’t do justice with the Joker and he proved us wrong. Again you never know, maybe TW will be able to command that presence Supes deserves. @ #17 Me – I disagree with you on TW, I do agree on MR he did a great job. Brandon Routh will never, ever, and ever get the part. WB/DC does not want anything to do with the past movie so it’s never going to happen. Now with how he did in my opinion, he was aight! Nothing to go crazy about, perhaps with a better script and direction it could’ve been different but today we will never know. @ #19 Craig – Sorry I disagree with you. IMO I see Jon Hamm as more of Bruce Wayne/Batman. I like Jon Hamm I think as Superman he can have that commanding presences but as Clark Kent I don’t he will pull it off. He should’ve gotten the role then Christian Bale but that’s water under the bridge. Not only that I think the other why he wouldn’t be considered is because of his age, he’s close to 40 now. @ #52 Supermans a chump – I don’t even want to continue and waste time lol, you clearly don’t know. lol

Blue & Orange NY on Feb 25, 2010


Poor Routh. Guy had a career for 11 months and then.....

Voice of Reason on Feb 25, 2010


If no Brandon Routh, then screw it, I'm not buying

Alec Baldwin on Feb 25, 2010


Brandon Routh didn't suck. And Superman can totally still be a boy scout and then punch the shit out of stuff. He does it all the time. Just do him like Jeph Loeb does him, smart and nice and cool. always thinking and calculating and being super passionate about protecting homies and junk. Just put some awesome fights in there. Maybe some flying robots or something like that. Or an awesome fight with a second tier villain like Grundy or Bizarro or something. Bizarro would be awesome, and he wouldn't have to hang around because his motives are totally ridiculous bullshit. And Grundy dies all the fucking time anyway, right. And they could make Supes funny too, he's not some humorless nerd. He's just a smart guy. Smart guys are funny.

Da Man on Feb 25, 2010


Alec Baldwin, ftw.

Me on Feb 25, 2010


If Goyer can write Blade from obscurity and de-Schumacher Batman, I have faith that Superman will be good. Just don't let him direct it *cough "Blade 3..." I will say IMO movies like Superman (and basically DC character outside of batman) are hard to Translate on the big screen because they are too powerful for their enemies and dont have enough to overcome in their origin stories. I'm all for Brainiac, Doomsday andGeneral Zod (w/ Bizarro thrown in the mix). Not just Luthor with a green rock.

jomba joose on Feb 26, 2010


This Nolan & Superman thing is BS! It's already been denied by DC Entertainment's President.

BookWorm on Feb 27, 2010


The only one who can play Superman now would be Tom Welling. Reason, Smallville has been out for years, everyone knows his face, he's shown himself to be able to handle being Superman on tv lately and he's done a very good job at it in the newest season. As for Goyer and Nolan, I would think they would make Superman fly much better. You need Superman to have a slightly darker side then what they attempted to bring out. The movies in the past were okay, but just not good enough for today. Superman is much stronger and slightly darker. Putting Goyer, Nolan and hopefully Tom together for Man of Steel with a Supervillian would absolutely be beneficial. Lets see how it all pans out.

Tony on Feb 28, 2010


This was nice of everyone to share their opinions. Now here's mine... Everyone here needs to take 6th grade English class again. Except this time, actually learn to read and write!!! I can't understand half of what is written here, ... ie. #'s 4, 5, 6, 7, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14 15, 16... The list goes on and on. This is pathetic!!! P.S. Don't think I forgot about you #53. This is one of the most incoherent babbles I have ever read in my life!!! The punctuation is horrendous, the proper spacing is non-existant and over-all grammar and sentence structure made me puke!!!!!

Poopsies on Feb 28, 2010


I have to say, Poopsies has a good point. Almost all of you are retarded.

Sir on Feb 28, 2010


Yeah, WTF is wrong with this picture, huh? People are trying to converse via written language, with easy tools to prevent them from seeming juvenile, and chose ignorance in its' stead. This sound about what I expect from the average American, but damn, are you all that average?

Eye Boogy on Feb 28, 2010


# 60 Tony if you think the nolans would bring in Tom welling as superman then you have no clue what you're talking about.

Jake the snake on Feb 28, 2010


Ugh, again with Luther. Seriously?

Will on Feb 28, 2010


This is the last update firstshowing has done on Superman? You guys need to get with it. There have been updates about the script and villains and the Nolan brothers and possibly Jonah directing The Man of Steel for DCE.

Jake the snake on Mar 1, 2010


^ What are you talking about #66? Not only does this article talk about villains, but there is an Update at the bottom with info about Jonah Nolan. None of it is at ALL confirmed or official though so I don't want to report it as a full feature until we have confirmation.

Alex Billington on Mar 1, 2010


no need to get angry a l e x. there has been an update about jonah possibly directing and chris possibly directing Justice League. these are things we want to talk about brother. c'mon!

jake the snake on Mar 1, 2010


^ Why? That's so obviously bullshit.

SlashBeast on Mar 3, 2010


thats a mature comment. do you know how to have a conversation? obviously not.

jake the snake on Mar 3, 2010


Who wants to talk about it? You could fertilize with the amount of bullshit in those rumours.

SlashBeast on Mar 4, 2010


They're going to screw it up like last time. Hasn't the kryptonite thing been done? Why have Superman, who can do cooler things than all of the heros from all of the superhero movies of the last fifteen years combined, fight a rock that makes him a wuss? That's what I want to see. Not special effects and a cool, super powerful villian. I want to see superman act woozy and weak around a green crystal. That is way cooler than a big fight scene. Oh, and could Keven Spacey ham it up a bit more as Lex Luthor? I could almost take him seriously last time and that would have made the movie all suspenceful and junk. Who wants to deal with that? Another suggestion for the next movie would be for Superman to spy on Lois Lane while she's in the bathroom, because having him spy on her and her family in their house like in Superman Returns wasn't quite creepy enough for me.

David on Mar 9, 2010


I think tom welling is the perfect person for the roll. Brainiac is definitely a great villian, and I agree lex should just be the supporting actor, and please we need a sexy lois, the last one was horrible......noooooooo brandon routh.......more action would be great. Pour the money into it to do the justice it deserves.

pete on Mar 13, 2010


Michael rosenbaum as lex......but only those two characters from smallville......anymore and u would think it was movie that followed up from smallville.

pete on Mar 13, 2010


The greatest Superman of all time was George Reeves!!! Seriously???? None of you have seen the old reruns?? Even you young guys should still know who he is. This isn't to disparage Routh, and certainly not Chris Reeve....both perfomed great, with how they were told to play it. But they should have played it like George. George's Superman had attitude. He had no problem putting anyone in their place, even in the character of Clark. He didn't take any crap as either Clark or Superman. The only person George's Clark let push him around was Perry White..and only to a point. He didn't kiss Lois' ass all the time either. George Reeve was Superman with balls!! THAT'S what we need in a new Superman movie. If they play him as another pretty boy...or what one might call a "Nerd on Steroids," I'm going to drive my car through the theater....

Highlander702 on Mar 30, 2010


I really do think they need Tom Welling! He has played Clark Kent for 10 years, and to be given the opportunity to continue with the big screen would be MARVELOUS!

Johnny on Apr 5, 2010


Again...only one problem with Tom Welling HE CAN'T ACT!!!!!!!!!!!!! Man, I like the guy too but he isn't a leading man. Give it up!

Me on Apr 5, 2010


Goyer is such an awful writer. He half-baked Batman Begins and Nolan was thankfully smart enough to minimize his role on The Dark Knight but his fingerprints are still all over the script. Hopefully he just creates the story or something and let's a better writer write the script.

Glass on Apr 24, 2010


Supes is a great character! An alien living on earth acting as human's savior. He's so powerful though they need a supervillan to keep up with him. they don't have to keep it grounded and realistic like the batman films. look at marvel..spidermans villians kicked his ass in every movie. x men fought the brotherhood. watching superman take on lex is like watching the hulk take on the us army. no one wants to see a superpowered being fight a regular human.

Alex on May 5, 2010


Dear David Goyer and Associates, Sir, I hear you are writing a new Superman movie, and I am excited about it man, big time! Supes is one of my big childhood heroes. He was 100% "unbeatable" except for 1 thing, always..........kryptonite. That was the original Supes man, he was awesome. But anyway, the reason I am writing you David, is because there is this guy, and I know you and your Team already have a guy who's being looked at for the part of Superman in this new movie, but....there is this one guy.....that is soooo perfect for the role of Superman, that I have to tell you about him, and have you "please" scout him for the role, even though the guy you got is very good always. This man I am talking about is soooooo good at Superman, it's freaking astounding man, and I mean state of the art freaking astounding about it. He not only looks exactly like Superman, but he also understands exactly what it means to be Superman, and he understands deep, internal, underlying things about what it is to be Superman, and about how important it is to be Clark Kent. I wish to see this new guy I am talking about be the next Superman in your upcoming film, always Sir, so much so that I had to write you about him. He is so wonderful about it, that you would think that he really IS Superman in his off-time, lol. Now this guy has the part always, as far as I am concerned. So, I hereby request with everything I've got, that you please scout this guy I am talking about for the role, and sign him man. He needs the cash, he is studious, he is in great shape, and he is extremely talented at Acting, as well as at music. And....he understands the "original" Superman man, which means a LOT to me, always. So, here is his name....his name is Andrew Fenlon, and he was first discovered on American Idol, as a guy comparable to Frankie Sinatra. Thanks always for your time and energy Sir, and Associates. Love always, Robert Michael Crofoot, GOD

Robert Michael Crofoot GOD on May 23, 2010


i am a fan of superman and for that i know what people want they want. The want Tom Welling. He have play Clark Kent for 10 years. He have experience for playing Clark Kent character. What more do u want. People love Smallville because of smallville i became a super fan of Superman ! i bet because of smallville many more became fan of superman. if u want this movie to be a masterpiece make Tom Welling be ...... Superman !

giovanni on Jun 27, 2010


As far as evil villains are concerned, there is only one in my mind that brings chills, and that is ZOD!!!! make it happen and you wont need anyone else for superman to fight. Its an epic clash of good and evil, of light and dark, of pure and unholy.

Swelboy on Jul 9, 2010


Im a connoisseur of Superman, ive collected everything from the 30s comics the the 30s early animation right upto season 8 of smallville...and i firmly believe the Smallville incarnation of Clark or more notebly now Superman is the greatest portrayal of the character ''ever'' WHY...OK well we've been told the man story over and over again, but never the story of the boy who becomes the man and why!..we've never been shown or told how he came to deal with who he is and what his capabilitys are' and how he comes to terms with using them, and for what purpose...and the Smallville people have nailed it'' sure theres been few dodgy episodes, but all in all world wide Smallville is a smash, or it would never have got past the second season, nearly in its 9th year..its clear the people or majority have chosen the way forward for the future of Superman, or if you like who should definitely portray him...and i have to has to be Tom welling, he's played the character longer than anyone else in the industry, so it would only make the sense obviously to cast him as Superman, because lets face it' brandon routh is ok actor but he's not Superman'' and i also believe this could be key factor into why the movie flopped...he just didnt convince people the way Tom welling dose, and as chris reeves said R.I.P, that a large part of captivate the make them believe ''a man can fly'' why should'nt Tom welling appear as Superman...simply because his portrayal of the Clark kent character is been the best to date...just as chris bale's Batman has been the best to date with the new life breathed back into the franchise, taking nothing away from the chris reeves legacy....there Gold classic'' but it would seem fundimentally that Tom welling has as chris did all those years ago..captivated people into believing a man can fly...although he's only taken flight once in nearly 9 years, however i believe the best is still yet to come, what they've done with Smallville is what George lucas failed the first time to do with Star wars, wheres lucus had to go back..they've made perfect foundational basis of which to launch 2 or 3 great Superman movies...and it worked with Star trek after the 60s series finished and it would work with not sure how many Star trek movies they made off the back of the 60s series...i do know they smashed the box office though, i dont believe we've ever seen Superman super before..sure sure we've seen him fly and move outside time in Smallville...but we've never seen what he truely capable of'' the comics have always gave us glimpse...also if the keep casting the wrong people to play the key parts..the Superman franchise will fall into rut and decay just as the Batman franchise did in the 90s..before chris nolan rescued it!!...but with todays technology...and with the perfect cast Tom welling and michael rosenbaum...they should give us the world and Superman fans the movie we've been waiting so desperately for since mr reeves did the first movie!!! so should Tom welling appear in Green lanturn ..YES 100% he's the way forward now for SUPERMAN!!!

matt on Aug 13, 2010


@Me No your wrong, he is a good actor and Welling's proved himself time after time, and season after season and he's deserves more credit than you think. It would do justice to Tom and the many Superman and Smallville fans alike. He's earned the right to take the role. No, we will not give it up. But hey, whatever happens, happens and if he does get the part in the future, then the very least we can do is give him a chance. Until then we'll just have to wait and see what happens.

Anthony on Aug 27, 2010


Tom Welling has proved that 10 years on the air he holds the record for the longest Superman show and the sci-fi record! He is bankable for the box office and is a big draw !!! The Warner people need somone like Welling to save the day. Don't worry folks Warner will screw up as alway's (they are lost ?) Tom be a real Superman and save the Superman name and show Warner what you look like in the suit! Yes for Tom Welling!!!

Steven Dunetz on Sep 6, 2010


Tom Welling all the way!!! NO HAMMM !!!!!!too old....Tom deserves the title of SUPERMAN he has been working on it for 10 years!!! Even Chris Reeves gave Tom the thumbs up. He's Tall, dark and HOT!!! OH Ya!

Tom Welling!!!!!! on Sep 15, 2010


TOMMM WELLING!!!! he'd be perfect for the roll and he's been working on being Clark Kent for ten years, he deserves the roll. if there's no TOM, then im not watching it

Olivia on Nov 18, 2010


i have to emit a movie thats a spinoff of smallville might be interesting especially with the final season here but i have to say i highly doubt that world renounced christepher nolan would take the time to give a rats ass about the low budget series. would be cool to see tom wear the suit for once though. maybe we'll get there later on

tvejoysme13 on Nov 18, 2010


this can and will only work if Tom Welling is Superman, it can only be convincing if the people who have followed the biggest Superman representation relate to someone who they've followed through the years, if you like in the graduate process, because while they cast another unknowns in key roles..these Superman movies no matter how many they make will flop..time and time again, thats the problem they had in the 90s with Batman..until of course chris nolan came along, we've had the best actor if not cast to be featured in Superman movie under our noses for years, it stands to reason with the world wide ratings on the WB channel, Tom Welling is the only guy not only capable but convincing enough to capture the audience in making them believe a man can fly

matt on Nov 25, 2010


Welling is perfect. First off look at his resume. He has played Clark Kent for 10 years and we may even get to see him don the suit at the end of the show. What has Brandon "no talent" Ruth done? NOTHING. Most terrible Superman ever IMO and I been a Superman fan all my life (35 now). I have followed the comics as well and I think Welling can do it. Hell the guy even looks like Christopher Reeve with green eyes. And even acts like CR Superman at times the way he bows up to people on smallville. This would also be a great way to reunite Michael Rosenbaum with Tom and continue smallvilles legacy. That ALONE will make it totally OWN Superman Returns at the box office just by SV fans alone!! (smallville is one of the highest rated shows on TV) Warner if you wanna make another flop then by all means keep casting no name jobber actors in the role of superman. But if you wanna give it a little more weight then use the guy who has already been accepted as Superman for ten years!

James on Nov 25, 2010


Tom Welling Is definitely the guy go to. He knows how to play Clark Kent really well. Erica durance as Lois. But Tom deff should be the actor for SUPERMAN. Ill be upset seeing someone else as Clark after watching Smallville for 10 years now and i must say he did a superb job as Clark Kent

Expert on Dec 2, 2010


WB only cares about profit. Yes Tom Welling would be the best Superman ever. In fact that was why he was casted as Clark in Smallville. Erica would be a great Lois but I don't see them taking to actors from the small screen and giving them a big chance like that. Only one will come through. The problem is Christopher Nolan. I like the new Batman but Nolan probably doesn't see our veiw of Tom as superman. I believe the new movie will be like the batmans, grittier and darker. Tom needs to step up and take the reins before the WB people get the wrong impression. I think the problem is Tom is waiting for them to come to him. I think that is the wrong approach and he should be beating down the door demanding the role. The WB is in deep trouble financially and Tom Welling as Superman would bring alot of fans to the movie theaters and profits from DVD and other after thoughts. That's my take on the situation. I heard Matthew Goode might be playing Superman in the new movie. If that is the case I am definitely not watching it and will ask the rest of the country to not see the movie only because it would be the biggest disrespect the Man of Steel ever. Goode is about the worst superman ever. Have you seen his build. He has small shoulders and no major physical attributes to play the man of steel. Tom is the best and is perfect for the role.

Kalel1234567 on Jan 9, 2011



Christina on May 20, 2011


Please keep Brandon Routh in this role and it will do just great!

Obakingsberry on Apr 10, 2011


No way! Brandon Routh sucked in the most recent superman movie. If anybody should play it should be tom welling. He would do the role justice! 

Christina on May 20, 2011


Tom Welling will play Superman in a T.V. spin off called CONNER KENT SUPERBOY! This takes place at the KENT FARM and SMALLVILLE HIGH SCHOOL.He will have a cameo in the episode playing SUPERMAN-CLARK.

Nutteredward on Apr 12, 2011


so to clarify for all, Zod is going to be one of the main villians in the new "Man of Steel" movie. Tom Welling was not even asked to reprise his role as Clark/Superman, the role has been filled by Henry Cavill.Zod will be played by Michael Shannon. Diane Lane is playing Martha Kent and Kevin Costner is Jonathan Kent.Amy Adams will be Lois Lane. 

SUPERFAN on May 14, 2011


i thing  that  dc comics should  a   superman/batman  movie

Janelle Bartlett on Aug 10, 2011


they should have  a  real  life  supermanbatman  movie in  2012

Janelle Bartlett on Aug 17, 2011


superman  metrpolis  should  have  300  episodes  starting  tom  welling  as superman

Janelle Bartlett on Aug 25, 2011


Tom welling is proberbly the best superman there ever is was and can be i dont get why he didnt get the role i mean hes awsome in smallville hell be gr8 here. I think he got ripped off by brandon routh 

Mr Bombastic on Jan 13, 2012


!!!!!!!! LONG LIVE TOM WELLING !!!!!!!!               !!!!!!!!SUPERMAN!!!!!!!!

Mr Bombastic on Jan 13, 2012


 Tom Welling is a excellent choice for the next superman movie.

Fuchea3 on Feb 28, 2012

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