David Slade Might Be Directing Hugh Jackman in Wolverine 2

August 20, 2010
Source: Vulture

David Slade / Wolverine

Just recently our Casting Tidbits let you know that Hugh Jackman had dropped out of Avon Men in favor of getting back in hardcore shape for Fox's sequel to Wolverine. Though we know Christopher McQuarrie was scripting the spin-off sequel, a director still hasn't been chosen, but Vulture just got a scoop on who'll be sitting in the director's chair. Apparently the choice has been narrowed down to Robert Schwentke (The Time Traveler's Wife, RED) and David Slade (Twilight: Eclipse, Hard Candy), but an inside source claims the latter will be the top pick with Jackman making the final call after meeting with both of them next week.

Schwentke has a bit more variety in his resume, but Slade's cinematic material makes him a slightly better choice. With consistently darker material like Hard Candy and 30 Days of Night (which also had plenty of action), that's probably just what this Wolverine sequel needs after being a little too generic the first time. Also, I've heard that the third installment of The Twilight Saga was the best one, so anybody who can work a bit of magic with that franchise could probably work wonders for Wolverine 2 (or so we hope). Remember that this sequel will see Wolvie in Japan likely following a 1979 story arc that saw him getting caught up with samurai and Yakuza mob bosses. Hopefully they don't screw it up and Wolverine's claws don't look like toys.

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making Wolverine a lovesick puppy without claws does not make justice for a Character like Wolverine, wonder why he always is portraid like that in the movies:)

loser on Aug 20, 2010


Marvel, you're done.

Big Boss on Aug 20, 2010


@ #2 this has nothing to do with Marvel. Fox still has to rights to the X-Men characters (also Fantastic Four). In the process of waiting to get those rights back, Fox will do anything they can to get money from these characters. Once the rights go back to Marvel(Disney), Fox will never see them again.

Brandon on Aug 20, 2010


i like wolverine less and less every time Hugh Jackman puts on the claws. please! enough is enough!

Daiteechu on Aug 20, 2010


after the catastrophe that was the 1st one, this movie needs a serious boycott

Voice of Reason on Aug 20, 2010


Marvel doesn't make the Wolverine films, it's FOX, BIG BOSS. And Brandon, unless Marvel makes bucketloads of money off of "Thor"(less likely) and "Captain America"(more likely), there is very little chance they'll be able to get the money to buy the rights to make X-MEN or FANTASTIC FOUR films any time soon. As long as we the audience buy tix to see Fox's subpar renditions of these comic book properties they can hold onto the copyright for a long least more than a decade. I know the only reason FOX is rebooting the Fantastic Four franchise is solely to keep the property at FOX...they already know the movies don't have a loyal following with them but they don't's all money...

LINKFX on Aug 20, 2010


I like David Slade. Hard Candy scared the piss out of me (the scene with the tv and the cutting! YIPES!) and 30 Days of Night was the only good Vampire movie made this decade that wasn't from Norway. And if this is based off of Frank Miller and Chris Claremont's Logan in Japan story, All the better! I didn't watch the crap that was Origins. And I won't watch this one if its no good. I'd like to see Fox become a silent partner on this and allow Marvel to at least oversee including the character in the Marvel Movie U but oh well. If its shit again I can easily see Fox losing the rights and SOON. Regarding THOR I was really pissed on all the stills about the movie. But honestly after seeing the 5 minute trailer at Comic Con? I'm sold!

harm on Aug 20, 2010


why does that picture make me wanna punch Slade in the face?

Xerxex on Aug 20, 2010


@#8: 'Cos you both know he's better than you. Shut the fuck up, jack-off.

Orcasisla on Aug 21, 2010


Okay... Two terrifying things happened at once when I read this headline. First of all, I quickly scrolled past it without reading it carefully, so "David Slade" read as "David Spade". Secondly, I stopped immediately and looked at the photo that, coincidentally enough, can resemble a slightly older and bald David Spade if glanced at quickly. So, for a brief second, I thought David Spade was directing Wolverine 2. Yeah...I know.

Leeloo Dallas Multipass on Aug 21, 2010


Orcasisla, woah anger man check it. no need for that kind of response. Can you honestly look at the pic and not get annoyed? it makes him look (emphasis on "look") like an idiot d'bag that I wanna punch! My wanting to punch him in the face has nothing do with his career. You should have said "jag-off" "Jack-off" really isn't the phrase, your use you "shut the fuck up" is invalied as well, seeing as I typed my comment which required not verbal useage at all. Also "'Cos you both now he's better than you" what? there's two of me? wait...did my evil twin writer something too!? beware of Xexrex he is not what he seems! he's a albino shap shifitng lizard bitch, who's plot I'm trying to thwart.

Xerxex on Aug 21, 2010


So, "Tattoo" was not dark? Oh man...

reeft on Aug 21, 2010


this is tripe dressed as bacon. FOX tripe.

knock knock, its jimbo on Aug 22, 2010


I want an awesome movie this time.

Fisherr on Aug 28, 2010

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