David Tennant Thinks Zemeckis' 'Yellow Submarine' Has Sunk?

October 20, 2010
Source: BleedingCool

Yellow Submarine

Potentially interesting update on Robert Zemeckis courtesy of BleedingCool. While we've heard recently that the decision to shut down his animated studio ImageMovers Digital has made him re-consider to the live-action world with a new time travel project, we thought he was still supposed to be finishing up Mars Needs Mom! and Yellow Submarine, his new CGI take on the trippy Beatles movie. Well, on an episode of Paul O'Grady Live from the UK a few weeks ago, British actor David Tennant, who was auditioning for a role in it, spoke about how he doesn't "think it's happening any more. I think the film has gone away."

The conversation starts when the host asks him if he got the part in Yellow Submarine that they were both auditioning for, and his response was a very pessimistic sounding: "I don't think it's happening any more. I think the film has gone away." He doesn't really add much more after that, except that the part they were going for was the six foot tall blue guy - "Queen of the Blue Meanies." This isn't solid confirmation that the project has disappeared, but Tennant has definitely stirred the pot and I'm sure we'll hear more. I wouldn't be that surprised to hear that Zemeckis has moved on and may be returning to live-action, but who knows. IMDb still lists Yellow Submarine as "filming," so maybe it's just moving on much quieter than we knew.

Update: Not so fast! MarketSaw posted an MTV interview from a few weeks ago with Cary Elwes, who is set to star in this as George Harrison, and he says it's still on. In fact, he says shooting will begin next April. So according to one actor, who is officially involved, shooting starts next year, but according to another, it's not happening. That, or Tennant was just saying it's not happening for him. So now we've got two conflicting reports, but we'll keep you updated on this either way. Who still wants this to get made and who doesn't?

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Just read a article on MarketSaw that said it was aiming for an April 2011 start date.

Neo_3 on Oct 20, 2010


well i'm glad "its gone away" who wants to see a Beatles movie these days. Hopefully he snaps out of it and goes back to his roots which made him great. LIVE ACTION

zed on Oct 20, 2010


Billington, I...NEED to see this get made... :O

Toucmyinfection on Oct 21, 2010


Tennant said that on 8th Oct in a live show, btw, not that long ago. I think the question caught him off-guard: [Talk about micro pigs and how lovely they are] Paul O'Grady: Tell... [to audience:] We went up for a job together. [to David:] Did you get the job on Yellow Submarine? David Tennant: [surprised] Wh- I don't think it's happening any more. [slowly] I think the film has gone away, yeah... It's very unlike him to announce something like that. If I were into betting I'd place my money on his words.

Bjoern on Oct 21, 2010


GOOD.....screw this project, especially by Zemeckis, the original should not be touched.

Voice of Reason on Oct 21, 2010



wm on Oct 21, 2010


considering Yellow Submarine was made for the Beatles, with the Beatles and about the Beatles back then, would anyone really have interest to see this now? Just seems a bit irrelevant now.

wm on Oct 21, 2010


Anyone who loves the original version of Yellow Submarine NEEDS this remake to go away. Glad to hear that it might have sunk!!!

Old Fred on Oct 21, 2010


I fail to see how a remake could damage the original in anyway. Fact is it would call attention to it. I for one would love to see it made, even if the movie turns out to be a stiff, I'd be looking forward to a SOUNDTRACK CD of Beatle songs that are REMIXED, like the 1999 release of "Yellow Submarine Soundtrack". The remix of those songs far exceeds the 2009 remasters (as good as they are).

Maclen on Oct 22, 2010


it NEEDS to get made! the fab 4 that he cast is BRILLIANT!!!

lara kanner on Oct 23, 2010


I hope this is as good quality as The Beatles: Rock Band! The Yellow Submarine in that is SO GREAT - like a giant time-traveling UFO. I for one am looking forward to seeing this on my 3-D television in the future! Anyone who thinks Beatles are irrelevant is completely wrong. How can they ever be? Who would replace them and what they stand for? No one has come close to doing what they achieved and it looks like no one will. They will continue to be a great inspiration.

Robert on Oct 24, 2010

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