Del Toro Directing 'At the Mountains of Madness' Movie Next

July 28, 2010
Source: Deadline

At the Mountains of Madness

This is the announcement we've all been waiting for. Deadline has learned that Guillermo del Toro's next directing gig, the one that he'll be taking on instead of The Hobbit, is an adaptation of HP Lovecraft's At the Mountains of Madness. It's finally happening! If that news alone weren't enough to make you happy, del Toro has enlisted James Cameron himself to produce the film and they'll be shooting in 3D next summer for Universal Pictures. Del Toro played coy about this news at Comic-Con, but Deadline is putting the pieces together regarding his statements in San Diego that he'd be directing real horror next. This is great news!

Here are all of the good details: "Cameron has said he won't put his name on many future movies outside of the 3D reboot of Fantastic Voyage at Fox, but I've heard he's making an exception for del Toro. Cameron's presence helped win over the studio. I'm told the film will begin pre-production in the next few weeks, and shoot next summer." Woohoo, we're finally going to see the horror movie that del Toro has been wanting to make for years (since 2004 at least). Del Toro and Matthew Robbins wrote the original script, which they are currently polishing. We've been writing about this since 2007 when it was going to be next for del Toro.

In At the Mountains of Madness, first published in 1936, a gruesome discovery made during an expedition to the South Pole in the 1930s hints at the true origin of mankind having actually come from elder gods of another planet. Bad things happen when those life forms are awakened. Del Toro stated previously: "what I would love with Mountains is for it to have all the luster and the scope of a tentpole horror movie, but be R-rated. Not because I want to [have] gore for gore's sake, but because it is a very adult movie, and the consequences of things are really deep and disturbing." Let's hope that's the movie he's making next year!

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Yes!!!! Yes!!!! This is awesome!!! I hope this means less sequels and reboots and more original properties are on the horizon!!! I cannot wait I have been waiting for del Toro to make this movie forever!!

Linkfx on Jul 28, 2010


Hooray! This just made my day! He had better make the Shoggoths look f**king awesome!

David Romero on Jul 28, 2010


I haven't been this excited for a film in forever!!! Big budget epic classy creature/psychological horror!!! Thank the cinema gods...thank you Guillermo del Toro, thisll be better than the Hobbit.

Linkfx on Jul 28, 2010


#1 yeah because adaptations are in the minority in Hollywood right lol

nelson on Jul 28, 2010


YES!!!! Guillermo Del Toro directing and Co- Wriitng and James Cameron producing!!! This is going to kick ass!!!!!!!!!

Sarthasam on Jul 28, 2010


One word: YES!

Brad Fitt on Jul 28, 2010


This made me..... 🙂

ray on Jul 28, 2010


that didn't come out right, was a smiley face....awesome news, just reread the book a couple weeks back

ray on Jul 28, 2010


Well, I'll be sitting down with the script tonight before I go to sleep...

Alehkhs on Jul 28, 2010


oh...em...geeeeee. jizzed in my pants. @ ray. i see your smiley face.....=D

lego on Jul 28, 2010


dont worry folks all the comments may seem good now but below me you might find a few haters on this news,me myself i think this is epic indeed

Spider94 on Jul 28, 2010


i'm excited for any HP lovecraft adaptation.................. and #3 - no, i wouldn't (at face value) make a broad statement that this del toro movie will be "better" than the hobbit could end up being better, but with the excellent LotR movies already under his belt, peter jackson will do amazing things with "the hobbit". #4 - adaptations are what many movies are based on since the beginning of movie-making. and yes, #1 IS right - i'd rather see ORIGINAL adaptations than reboots and sequels.

beavis on Jul 28, 2010


I have been waiting for Del Toro to make this film for so long that it makes me really sad that its going 3D. I'm watching this in glorious 2D, baby.

Al on Jul 28, 2010


Yeah I'm in, in 2-D.

Xerxex on Jul 28, 2010


#4, it is an adaptation, but it's something we've never seen before!!! Not a sequel and not a reboot. Many things are adapted from other things, at least this isn't adapted from another film. Of course, I'd love to see another completely original idea from del Toro, but this is his passion project, and I am passionately awaiting it.

LINKFX on Jul 28, 2010


YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank God.... Finally I have been waiting for him to say he is going to direct this for like 1 year already(:

FilmsterSalty on Jul 28, 2010


If your read the screenplay, you will realize that there is nothing to be excited about. I would of rathered GTD's take on the haunted mansion.

Gary M on Jul 28, 2010


Finally he lands something and it's with Cameron. The guy is a film genius but he seems a little bigheaded. This sounds like something no one should have to witness though. It doesn't matter if I boycott 3-D because I don't go to the movies anyway. I wait for blu-ray or netflix. This could make or break GDT for real but because Cameron is on board, it may save the project.

Eli on Jul 28, 2010


Its about time!!

MonsterKilledThePilot on Jul 28, 2010


All movies will be made in 2D and 3D. So S.T.F.U. about it! Stop acting like whining wimps or acting like a wicked witch melting everytime you hear the word "3D". I'm glad I won't have to sit next to you since I'll be watching in 3D.

jedibilly on Jul 29, 2010


Cthulhu F'tang !!! Summer of 2012 belongs to Cthulhu! ...IA ! IA !...

David Banner on Jul 29, 2010


no no no. del toro is one utterly useless director, please stick to hell boy for nerds and then try something else like a tolkien movie. oh no cant do that either, whata shame.

mydongleislongle on Jul 29, 2010


fuck you, you do not know shit about GDT so be quit you idiot.

Dcherenfant on Feb 13, 2011


Ah, then this means there wont be an Avatar 2 before...2014?

David Banner on Jul 29, 2010


I was REALLY looking forward to this until Cameron stepped in and the film being shot in 3D..... Someone please lay this gimmick to rest!

The Lawn on Jul 29, 2010


Sweet lord, CTHULHU....with Del Toro at the reigns this has the potential to be one of the most creepy fucking movies ever made!

Cody w on Jul 29, 2010


Headline made me scream in joy. And then I read the article....3D....Oh G-d why?

whomever on Jul 29, 2010


Man, I've been hyped up for this ever since I heard of the possibility that Del Toro might be directing this! Awesome news!

D6 on Jul 29, 2010


by the star of mnar i hope this means more decent budgedted hp lovecraft movies are on the horizon... still wouldnt mind an adaption of brian lumleys the burrowers beneath tho i kinda like the idea of us fighting back against ----> them!

Shyguy on Jul 29, 2010


Really does anyone bother to get excited at this point? I love Del Toro but it seems like very other day is an contradicting update about what he is or isn't doing and some if it is so far out we'll be grandparents before it hits theaters. I'd much rather hear what he is confirmed to be currently putting his talents into right now. Keeping up with what he's 'going' to work on is like keeping up with the dating circles in high school, it seems to change from one period to the next so why get excited. You're heart is just going to be broken when they tell us all a few days from now, "oh no, he's actually not doing that, but he might be working on such-and-such instead"

Aaron on Jul 29, 2010


Well, This sounds like something no one should have to witness though. It doesn't matter if I boycott 3-D because I don't go to the movies anyway. Anyways, thanks for the share!

Susan on Jul 29, 2010


YES!!!!! I hope they give this story the respect it deserves and make a totally kick ass movie!

Jeep Fu on Jul 29, 2010


#29 - very good point.......although i was thrilled when i heard peter jackson was back on the hobbit instead of del torro.

beavis on Jul 29, 2010


Is anyone else a little disheartened that this will be in 3D? I know Del Toro picked Cameron as producer but damn..I am sick of all this damned 3D!!!

Willis on Jul 29, 2010


@22 what about Pans Labyrinth? del Toro did a fantastic job on that.

Xerxex on Jul 29, 2010


@22 is a dumbass Guillermo Del Toro has done Cronos Mimic The Devils Backbone Blade II Hellboy Pans Labryinth Hellboy II: The Golden Army And produced The Orphanage ohhh yeah he is usless(Sarcasam).....idiot

Sarthasam on Jul 29, 2010


Is this have something to do with "In the Mouth of Madness" ?

TumM on Jul 29, 2010


Oh My God.....

JimD on Jul 30, 2010


GDT didn't do Hellboy, only Hellboy II.

MadEnglishman on Jan 31, 2011

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