Del Toro Says There's New Interest in Shooting Hobbit in 3D!

March 1, 2010

Guillermo del Toro / The Hobbit

We knew it was going to happen. Well, maybe not until Avatar crossed the $1 billion mark did we know it was going to happen. For years (since 2007) there have been rumors that The Hobbit was going to go 3D, but Guillermo del Toro and Peter Jackson have both denied all the rumors, saying as recent as last August that "we are not talking about 3D, we are NOT writing the screenplay for 3D right now." But this is why I love Guillermo del Toro. Just as promised, del Toro has spoken up again (on forums) because discussions have officially started with the studio execs about potentially going 3D on The Hobbit.

I wouldn't read much on it just yet, but now, after all this time, after AVATAR doing the Box Office it did, we have had enquires from above about The Hobbit being in 3-D.

No impositions or heavy leaning. Just enquires. Just fulfilling my promise to let you all know if discussions ever started.



Above is del Toro's forum post. As he said, don't take this as news that The Hobbit will be in 3D, but it's a consideration, and it sounds like the studio wants their own $2 billion movie. We've talked about this exact idea so many times in the past that there's almost nothing new to say. However, now that we've seen Avatar, if del Toro uses the same technology and works with the same VFX crew that made that movie look so good in 3D, then maybe doing The Hobbit in 3D is a good idea after all. As long as they shoot with 3D cameras. That's probably something they're already considering doing. Do you want The Hobbit in 3D or not?

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If they go the Avatar way and shoot it from the beginning in 3D as you put it, then I say Go for it

Loser on Mar 1, 2010


Please no. For the love of G-d now. That being said, if there is one person I'd trust with a movie, it's Guillermo del Toro. If he does the Hobbit in 3-D, he'll make it awesome. No doubt.

whomever on Mar 1, 2010


If they film it in 3D then I'm ok with that but if it is just tacked on after then no. To be honest if the Hobbit was 3D or not I'm still going to see it regardless.

Anti-Fox on Mar 1, 2010


I want to be able to actually appreciate the beauty of the world they create, so no I don't want 3D.

germs on Mar 1, 2010


God Damn it!!!!!!

Hattori Hanzo on Mar 1, 2010


If they do it right I say go for it it. In del Toro and Weta we trust.

almartva on Mar 1, 2010


If the 3D will be the same as in Avatar, then I say: go for it!

Robbie on Mar 1, 2010


i love all of the 3D every director seems to be giving it some serious thought....just please follow James Cameron's template on how to do 3D right!!

monal on Mar 1, 2010


Good God, 3-D is like "autotune" for the movie industry! Trend hoarding idiots..

Big Boss on Mar 1, 2010


Et tu Guillermo? Et tu? Don't pull a "Cameron".

bozo on Mar 1, 2010


With a production like this, it is normal to think about 3D possibilities. This being said, I hope they realize they don't need 3D to hype things up. And if they do want to make it a 3D feature, listen to James Cameron and shoot it actually in 3D. Don't decide in post-production, let's make it also 3D.

Candy Castle on Mar 1, 2010


Not all films should run to 3D as a revenue generating machine. And as I am against 3D for the sake of 3D, The Hobbit seems like the perfect subject to shoot in 3D as a way to display the epic magnitude, and magic of the story. It really fits along the lines of AVATAR in scope and visual beauty, and with a story that so many people love and have dreamed of seeing on the screen, seeing the quality of AVATAR with this story would be nothing short of incredible. Cannot wait!

Guy on Mar 1, 2010


what another 3-d film,didn't see that coming.

DEADPOOL 72 on Mar 1, 2010



Mike on Mar 1, 2010


God Avatar sucked smurf balls in 3-D, I mean subtitles in 3-D? Really? Cameron has ruined cinema. If Del Toro is worried that The Hobbit won't get a lot of money then he is extremely slow.

Xerxex on Mar 1, 2010


Please, NO!

Mark Sommer on Mar 1, 2010


If 3-D isn't a trend, then someone explain to me how the Hell any movie - including Avatar 2 - is EVER going to as successful as Avatar. Case closed. That said, if the trend is still on full blast when this movie's finally made, I'd be game to check it out b/c Del Toro is one bad mutha when it comes to imaginative special FX - using both Animatronics & CG the way Jackson did for a truly immersive experience. Let's face it - no one will ever be given 10 years to make a movie like Avatar again. Not even "king" James.

Captain James Kirk Cameron on Mar 1, 2010


dont, i enjoyed avatar in 3d but i think it would take away from the hobbit if it was in 3d

harrison on Mar 1, 2010


I don't really care one way or the other whether it's in 3D. Just cast James McAvoy as Bilbo.

Craig on Mar 1, 2010


@19: so true.

Robbie on Mar 2, 2010


NO! I do not want it 3-D! tr3nD

10Ninjas on Mar 2, 2010


As long as there is a 2d version as well, then I don't give a shit. But I'm not watching another film in 3d. One massive headache in exchange for some mediocre story telling was bad enough. As for Weta, anything associated with Peter Jackson is bound to accomidate to the lowest possible denominator, so I'm ambiguous. The Hobbit was my favourite book as a child, and I often wished it would be made as a film, I shouldn't have. After having seen what Peter Jackson did to the Tolkien in Lord fo the Rings, I'm almost indifferent now. Seeing Tolkien become main stream was so disapointing that I understand now why you should be careful what you wish for because you might just get it. Spielberg did the same for War of the Worlds. There doesn't seem to eb any originality left any more. A hundred years ago, men had vivid dreams and today we have lurid cgi instead.

moif on Mar 2, 2010

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