Denis Leary in Marc Webb's 'Spider-Man' as Capt. George Stacy

November 17, 2010
Source: Heat Vision

George Stacy / Denis Leary

At the beginning of the month we found out that Martin Sheen and Sally Field has joined Marc Webb's new iteration of Spider-Man as Uncle Ben and Aunt May, the parental figures in Peter Parker's life. Now it looks like another supporting cast member has popped up on the side of love interest Gwen Stacy's family. Heat Vision reports comedian/actor Denis Leary ("Rescue Me") is negotiating to join the superhero franchise reboot as Captain George Stacy, Gwen's father and police officer who frequently came into contact with Spider-Man in the comic books. He becomes quite a point of contention between Stacy and Parker, but the reason has spoilers.

In the comic books, George Stacy died in an accident during a battle between Spider-Man and Doctor Octopus, an event that led Gwen Stacy to hate the hero. Since we've heard The Lizard is the villain Rhys Ifans will be playing, it's unlikely this exact fate will fall upon Stacy, but his life may certainly be in danger to create some real tension between our would-be lovers. I've always been a fan of Leary's comedy, and you may know his dramatic work measures up to high standards as well if you've ever seen the FX series "Rescue Me" (and if you haven't, all the seasons are on Netflix Instant). Now if we could just find out who will actually play Daily Bugle editor-in-chief J. Jonah Jameson, that'd be some great news. Stay tuned.

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He would actually be a good Dr. Connors i think. Better then the guy they have

movie mike on Nov 17, 2010


Man. I hate when they bring good actors into stupid movies. God damn it.

Cracky on Nov 17, 2010


al pacino is j jonah jameson 🙂 whos with me?? now that would be some awesome casting!

Spider94 on Nov 17, 2010


this will indeed be something...else.

Xerxex on Nov 17, 2010


never read the comic so im still on board

Jericho on Nov 17, 2010


Now all we need is Ed Lover, Dr. Dre, and a box of donuts!

Akirakorn on Nov 17, 2010


any one else NOT want to hear about this film untill it comes out? im still confused as to why there remaking it so soon after the recent trilogy or as to why they cudnt have just make spiderman 4 a good film rather than pussying out cause the 3rd 1 wasnt great..

dave on Nov 17, 2010


@7 cause Spidey 3 got a terrible response and critics bashed it... so, like Superman Rises (pun intended) it's gonna get "remade" instead of a sequel

Akirakorn on Nov 17, 2010


They need to keep on J.K. Simmons as J. Jonah Jameson. I know it won't happen but he is and always will be the most perfect J.J.J. there ever was. Possibly my favorite part of the Raimi Spiderflicks.

Jake on Nov 18, 2010


and I thought Dennis learys ability to pick duds to be in was over after he started rescue me, But it looks like he's back to it. Dont get me wrong I love some Dennis Leary Stand up! Another nice try for the SONY SPIDER

Jimmy Love on Nov 18, 2010


totally agree with Jake #9, JK Simmons is JJonah Jameson, it just brightens my day everytime i watch Raimi's spidey.

andrew on Nov 18, 2010


Jake, you said it buddy, J.K. Simmons was spot on and he was pretty damned hilarious. Especially in the outtakes.

JL on Nov 18, 2010


Clarke on Nov 18, 2010


@Cracky: How do you know the movie will be stupid? It hasn't even started filming yet! At least the cast looks pretty solid...but we'll have to wait and see the finished film. Until then, I'm holding off the flamethrowers and the cynicism.

Marc McKenzie on Nov 20, 2010

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