Depp Confirms Knightley & Bloom Won't Return for Pirates 4

February 21, 2010
Source: Collider

Pirates of the Caribbean

Actor Johnny Depp recently appeared at a press event this weekend for Alice in Wonderland and talked briefly about Pirates of the Caribbean 4 (via Collider), officially known as Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, which will start shooting this summer in Hawaii. Depp confirmed that Keira Knightley and Orlando Bloom, who played Elizabeth Swann and Will Turner, won't be returning for this sequel. Depp also said, "we're coming at it from a different angle at this point, Rob Marshall and [a] totally new take, it's a new story." Some photos of the Black Pearl arriving in Oahu recently showed up on Hawaii News Now, too.

So we know that Johnny Depp is back, Geoffrey Rush may return as Barbossa, and Penélope Cruz is in, too, but not many others from the original will be back (that we know of at least). So does that mean more Jack Sparrow in On Stranger Tides? "I don't know. I don't think we'd ever throw too much Jack Sparrow in there. There will be a little bit of everybody," Depp said at a press conference. With a new cast and a new director, I think this movie can be pretty much called a reboot, or at least a virtual restart, even though its got some of the same cast returning. Info on this sequel is sparse right now, but it looks to finally be coming together.

As for another Johnny Depp project we've been waiting for an update on, Depp was asked if he thinks Tim Burton's Dark Shadows will still start shooting this year even though Pirates 4 is shooting, too. "No, I see it going this year. I hope it does. I do, yeah." Again, he doesn't say much, but it sounds like he's trying to fit in both projects this year. We'll keep you updated, so stay tuned! Anyone worried about Pirates 4 yet?

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As long as Depp is on board nothing else really matters Bloom and Knightley are easy to replace with much better talent anyway.

CLAW on Feb 21, 2010


This is old news anyway. Their story was finished in the third one; there is no need for them to return. Calling this a reboot is incorrect, too. It's a continuation of where we last saw's the Fountain of Youth storyline. He has to get his ship back, so I think Rush has to be in it. No worries from me, Marshall is a solid director.

Hayscope on Feb 21, 2010


as long as jack sparrow is back the franchise is safe,no need for bloom and knightley anyway their characters were horrible in the pirates was depp that saved them from untimely embarrasment anyway too.

Spider94 on Feb 21, 2010


i cant believe eliz and will are gone they were brilliant  

Oisin Hughes on May 21, 2011


Yea I knew this would happen. Because in the recent one, didn't they Go their separate ways when Bloom's character become immortal or something? Rush and Depp is all it needs. Though we could need another cool character.

Daniel Felts on Feb 21, 2010


I wouldnt say Bloom and Knightley sucked...they served there part and theres no reason for them to be in the next. Depp is the glue of the whole franchise, as long as they dont get super far fetched with the story...Im up for another ride.

Cody on Feb 21, 2010


This is old news. Well not Depp talking about it but the fact that Bloom and Knightley aren't returning. That was said like weeks after Pirates 3 came out...

eric on Feb 21, 2010


Lets introduce some new characters! the old characters did drag on a bit. didnt they? They got to the point where they had done all of the emotional developements with turner and swan and had run out of ideas. I hope that the new characters are completely different! whos with me?

yumyumfish on Feb 21, 2010


it won't be the same without them,wasn't there a curse at the end of the third film where they can only see each other every ten years or so for one night from dusk till dawn,i think they should sort out that plotline so they can least spend the rest of their lives together, so they bring up his boy as well.



The main thing is Pirates of the Carabbean 4 would have been sank in the water (excuse the pun) If Johnny Depp was not on Board. Bloom and Kightley were o.k it will be good for the story to see some new faces in the cast.

Cineprog on Feb 21, 2010


i't doesn't matter to me if penelope cruz is on board or not........ i don't see her as someone who can make a difference to the quality of the film - she's just a "space-filler". BUT, they need to do whatever necessary to keep Rush in the movie. he's too good an actor to lose; and, i think it would be a big negative if he weren't in it.

beavis on Feb 21, 2010


I am so glad to see that Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides is finally moving forwards, and is really going to happen!. I expect to see a teaser trailer for Pirates 4 by December 2010, and then I expect to see a full trailer also, by march 2011, before it finally gets released to theaters on May 20th, 2011 Friday. They will be filming this movie from June 2010 to November 2010, shich is six months to film it, They might even continue to film it in december for any last minute filming too!.

Sean on Feb 21, 2010


I loved Keira Knightley in this series and I'm saddened that she's not returning. I didn't hate Orlando Bloom, but I did hate the way their story ended. If there's one good thing you can say about the fourth movie, it's that it won't be able to shit all over the franchise any worse than the third movie already has. I really, really didn't like the way it all ended. Not that the third movie didn't have its perks. Jack Sparrow trapped in that desert was hilarious, and proves to me that there's no such thing as "too much Jack Sparrow".

Craig on Feb 21, 2010


So long as they have a strong story line I will be happy. THe end of 3 made it obvious that Bloom and Knightley's characters were done. I personally hated the desert scene in 3 so I think there can be too Much jack Sparrow but we shall see. I wouldn't call this a reboot just a continuation of the the series like aliens or terminator

AJ on Feb 21, 2010


Why? just......why continue this franchise? The first one was great, the second one was absolutely terrible and I didn't even bother to watch the third one. Just wringing out that towel for every last ounce of moisture (by that I mean money) out of this POTC title.... Depp should've packed this up a long time ago. Good for Knightley and Bloom. Move onto better and *different* things.

Conrad on Feb 21, 2010


why Keira won't came back as Elizabeth! ...she is a leading character now!...she's the pirate king! i don't want any penelope cruz.... i think Bloom & Knightley has to be in this! I hate Rob Marshal as the director ...this will suck ....can you imagine Jack Sparrow dancing "Be Italian" ???

flower on Feb 21, 2010


i agree with u elizabeth and will were my fav characters and of course so was jack sparrow but we need will and elizabeth to not make the film boring with TOO much jack sparrow

Casey on Mar 19, 2011


Yes. It a bad new cause they must keep the old characters.... Elizabeth Swann is much more important than Turner ... anyway i won't see the 4th

Daniel on Feb 21, 2010


@flower This movie wont be a musical, because Johnny Depp, Jerry Bruckheimer and Walt Disney Studios/Pictures will NOT let that happen!!!.

Sean on Feb 21, 2010


Yeah I'm okay without the two of them returning, Will and Elizabeth are done, and those complaining need to think, she is with a guy that can only come ashore every ten years, and she never ages, so its good that she is not returning.

Xerxex on Feb 21, 2010


why even continue then who cares if you dont like them they were there for 3 movies lets not have alfred return for bm3

nelson on Feb 21, 2010


Pirates 4 is gonna follow the outline of the novel 'On Stranger Tides' published in 1988 - you can wikipedia it for a short plot synopisis and that is where they got the Fountain Of Youth stoyline from as it is the core of the book. I think it's cool how they make a sequel based on a book 20 years old. As far as Will and Elizabeth, it is revealed in the dvd commentary that Will is free from his servitude after only 10 years becuase she remained faithful to him- the hidden scen at the end shows Will arriving back from the Dutchmen to be with Elizabeth and their son. So their story is conpletely done, however,I can easily predict cameos in future installments of Pirates. I will even predict that Will's son will grow up to be a key player in Pirates 6. Yes, there will be a Pirates 5, 6, 7,8 and so on. The friggin franchise makes a Billion on each movie and that doesnt even include dvd sales, merchandise etc.... Pirates will be here a long, long, LOOONNGGGG time. LOL

Tam on Feb 21, 2010


Tam I think Pirates will come to an end after this one, people will get tired of it.

Xerxex on Feb 21, 2010


No, actually there will be a Pirates of the Caribbean 5, and a Pirates of the Caribbean 6. Jerry Bruckheimer and Walt Disney Studios are two more after Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides. It has already been confirmed!. They are planning on making a second trilogy to the Pirates franchise, if Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides becomes successfuly in the box office during the summer of 2011, when its released to theaters!.

Sean on Feb 21, 2010


If it becomes successful in the box office they will make more. Jerry Bruckheimer and Walt Disney Studios have confirmed that!.

Sean on Feb 21, 2010


Why would you need to call it a "reboot"? It's not a reboot at all. It's a continuation of the story of Jack Sparrow. They finished some of the story they were telling with parts 1 through 3 (namely the Will and Elizabeth story), and they will be picking up some new story elements that could potentially lead into additional sequels. But it's the same series. It's only when they scrap everything that came before that it becomes a reboot (hence the computer analogy of just starting your computer up again to get a fresh start). Batman Begins=Reboot. The Incredible Hulk=Reboot. This=Sequel.

CS on Feb 21, 2010


@CS Yes, you do have a point there!. I agree with you about that!.

Sean on Feb 21, 2010


Goodness Disney has reallly impressed me with this seris and I must say johhny depp as always shined in everything he does and is one my favorite actors his role as Jack sparrow just simply won't die and hope it doesn't when I learned of a 4 th I was sooo thrilled cause I adore all the other movies and simply went crazy when I learned when Cruz will be in it I don't think u could pick a bettter actressto play a role along side John a good replacement for keria and I think mat out do her a bit their both my top favorite actresses as well , Akko u cab say is I'll be there at the midnight showing in 2011

Julianna on Feb 21, 2010


Exactly CS a reboot is what the new spiderman franchise is....if they started all over again at the beginning in port royal THAT would be a reboot but there not, they are continuing with the adventures of Jack Sparrow which is a sequel....think you mispoke there Alex

Cody on Feb 21, 2010


Hey all! Everyone simmer down now!! I am sure the author used the term "reboot" loosely and didn't give it a second thought. He probably just meant "reboot" in a way to "kickstart" the franchise again in a new story- that's all! Don't take it so literally! Let's spend our time on discussing Pirates 4 and beyond and comments on the franchise as a whole! So if I see one more crazy anti-reboot message I will beat you all like a pinata! Seriously, lets talk the future of Pirates! As noted in my original comment above- Pirates will have tons of sequels cus ummm...... CHA-CHING!!!! This franchise just makes too much money! You kow how hard it is to make a BILLION on EACH film??? Those are harry Potter Numbers and Potter will do it 8 times in the theaters so I do not think Pirates will stop cus of oversaturation- remember, when Pirates 7 comes out, some of us may be sick of the same stuff but we will be replaced by the new generation of fans who picked up the dvd's of the ones before- like I did with Harry Potter. I never cared for the Potter films and the first one I saw was the Part 6, and that is becus I went and saw/read books 1-5- The same will happen with Pirates. There will never be a shortage of fans- old and new alike. Jack Sparrow is simply one of those screen characters that is meant to endure. No wonder Jonny Depp is getting paid $55M for the 4th film. Crazy!

Tam on Feb 21, 2010


While I liked the other characters, let's face it, Depp made the film and as long as he's in, I'll be watching it. I didn't even know a 4th was possible. I'm excited to see the new characters and take on the film. Its one of the few where I own the trilogy. What he did with that role was unreal and one of the best I have seen. I can't wait for it!

One Source Talent on Feb 21, 2010


WHAT!! No Keira Knightley and Orlando Bloom! Most people like them, myself included, and i really dont think this movie will be as good without these people. Com'on they were the main characters of 1&2&3 and now there just going to disappear, Johnny Depp and POTC might as well disappear along with em. Why change a game plan that has been successful this whole time? You mustn't risk the chance of a loss, I say they should keep everyone. And yea people say those two served there part or there over with becuz they went their separate ways, but old characters make the movies good. I want to see Turner as the Cap of the Dutchman, it sounds really interesting to me and it might make the movie better. And idk for Miss Swan, i dont see a part for her but i bet the producers can think of something, maybe another love scene or something! Overall they should just keep both of the actors if they want a better movie.

Brandon on Feb 21, 2010


Second and Third movie were awful, so I hope this one will be better.

Michael on Feb 22, 2010


I dunno how I feel exactly, I wasn't a fan of the franchise until the first 2 movies were already out. I love the original cast but as long as it's not new people filling in old roles I'm fine. And if they [original cast] are not in pirates 4 and it does well maybe it'll convince them to return in a later movie. I just don't want it to be as if the characters that wont be returning never existed. But I would love to see a new Pirates movie, the star to me was always Depp and if he is in I will watch. He has never let me down before.

Nuika on Feb 22, 2010


Who cares, the reason we go see the Pirates movies are because of one person and one person only,Johnny Depp. I mean where would this franchise be without him. I have an idea FLUSH!!!!

max s. on Feb 22, 2010


It took a long time before Orlando Bloom got decent in the series of movies and Knightly was nothing special. They werent horrible, but Im glad that story line is over. It's time for a new one and its a great idea that they are starting fresh.

L on Feb 22, 2010


To me this IS a reboot, what makes it interesting is having a "trickster" figure like Jack, and the lovable bad guy Barbossa, and hopefully the ever-loyal sidekick Gibbs, entering a fresh new story. I agree that Keira and Orlando were integral characters, but with a "relationship arc" going - well, they are either going to end up together, or not, and how long could you spin that out before it gets dull? It'd be nice to see Orlando show up as a cameo on the Dutchman, as a nod back to the first three. I'm excited about this film, the book is great (even if they modify the story a lot) and now there is all this talk about Ian McShane coming on as Blackbeard, and I think Penelope Cruz will be fine as a spirited wench - great casting. Plus there are articles around about how Johnny is already working with the writers (he's the one that came up with the classic line "Now, bring me that horizon...") This movie is going to be awesome.

Virginia on Feb 25, 2010


In my opinion, saying goodbye to Orlando and Keira is good news. I liked the whole tangled relationship between the characters in 2 and 3, but some fresh characters (along with some original rum soaked pirates of course) was needed. I was getting a bit bored of sameold sameold in the last one, and I'm very curious about how Penelope will show her swashbuckling pirate side (is it a rumor that she's going to be the daughter of Blackbeard?) . I wonder who (supposing Hans Zimmer isn't) will be doing the soundtrack for this one? My curiosity and lack of patience is driving me insane! No doubt I will start counting down the days soon anxious for new adventures. Can't wait!

Annie on Mar 22, 2010


Maybe Orlando and Kiera aren't in it cuz she's raising their child on that island and he can't come ashore for a long time. I never expected to see them for a long time.

Don Deyne on Mar 22, 2010


i think that i will miss orlando and keira alot, it wont be the same without them, but then with some different characters it could make it alot better

brianna on Mar 29, 2010


i think that keira and bloom are still gonna be in it i dont care waht anyone view is that while sparrow and barbossa are looking for the fountain of youth, there going to be thinking of a way to get turner off of the dutchman so that him an swann can be together

Jesse on Mar 29, 2010


i think knightley and bloom are still going to be in it. I think that while barbossa and sparrow are lookin for the fountain of youth with swann, they are also going to be finding out a way to get turner out of the flying dutchman. This is just my opinion so i dont care what anyone else says.

Jesse on Mar 29, 2010


This is the best series movies ever and it will never be the same if they change characters. Calypso is lose. Turner is stuck in the flying dutchman even so that Sparrow did it to save his life, but curse. Swann is the Pirate's King. He is still wants his Black Pearl back. If is necesary go back in time, before part 1. while this problem gets resolve with your actor's. there is so much story behind the 1st part that i will pay to see.

luis on Mar 29, 2010


i totally agree with #8!!! it wouldnt be right for them not to show how they live by with the curse!! atleast like 5 minutes in the movie, they should show them!!! but, its been decided, and i dont think WE (the fans whove support the movies and made them famous) can change their minds.:( its like we dont matter no more.

vanessa on Apr 16, 2010


thank god that they will not b in this film coz if they come means swan(knightly) & turner(bloom)thier son will also come & will be a perfect mess but spprow(depp) is there for whom the film is a hit & its for him only i've watch the whole series

selena on May 2, 2010


I still see lots of potential for Will and Elizabeth--Married life doesn't have to be dull. I'd like to expand on their relationships with the other characters, actually. Jack has always been an amusing distraction for me. My emotional connection was with the Turners. Of course, I'm interested in seeing Mr. Bloom and Ms. Knightley do different things, and I look forward to their new projects.

TRulz on May 9, 2010


I love Johnny Depp, I CAN NOT WAIT till the new Pirates movie next year!!!!! Out of all of the things he has done, Depp is best as Cptn Jack Sparrow.. So, hurry up, and get it done, so, next year I can get to the theaters.. Depp fan.. Diane

Diane McElhoes on May 17, 2010


I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE Pirates of the Caribbean. Johnny Depp is hot and so is Orlando Bloom (johnny Depp totally beats Orlando Bloom though) its going to be weird without Orlando and Keira. But i guess there story ended:(. It takes them forver!!to make one stinkin movie!.I guess it could be becuz all of the special features and things they have to create and picnik in there but seriously its been 3 freakin yrs dont u think it should take at least a yr??. But at least there making a new one.And i hope they never stop making them!!!!!My life will be sadder than it already is!!!

Hannah on Oct 10, 2010


wow move is going to be gay with out the 2 maine people like idk who this movies gona be good you need them idk y you wouldnt want to play in this movie way to fuck it all up

joeytkd on Oct 14, 2010


"impossible? there story has just begun Elizabeth is now King of pirates, will is the captin of the flying dutchman who finally has been reunited with his dad considering the circumstances will and elizabeth will only see each other 8 more times cause eventually she'll die, but what if she went to the fountain of youth as well? she'd live forever and could captin her own ship considering shes king pirate now, theres too much potential in these characters to just cut them out."

Kaylyn on Nov 12, 2010


Pirates has never been JUST about Jack. Its a triangular story between Jack Will and Elizabeth. All three of them grow and develop throughout the first three films. The movies wouldnt be anywhere near the same if it was all about Jack. I love Depp as Jack and he is a huge part of the story, but he isnt the only part. Some say that Will and Elizabeth's story is done but I disagree. Neither of them is dead, they just got married, just had a son, and they are facing a huge problem with the fact that they cant be together. That doesnt sound very "finished" to me. One could argue that Jacks story is just as much finished as theirs is. He isnt dead, and as long as he's alive hes going to keep going on his crazy adventures and getting into trouble. The question then becomes, when IS Jacks story over? What determines an end to the franchise? His death? Obviously Orlando and Keira have already decided to not be in the 4th+ films so there is nothing the fans can do about that. However I do think it would be benificial to the francise, and satisfy the fans if they both made an appearance in the film. If that doesnt happen; there should, at minimum, be a long reference about them and their son. So now that the love story isnt going to be in the film, we are all going to watch Jack run around and scream for two hours? The studio obviously realized this problem and decided to do something about it. Lets but Penelope Cruz in the film as Jack's love interest, sounds like a great idea! I think this is ridiculous. Jacks character isnt about love. He's about adventure, mischief, tricks, skeems, witty logic, and coming out on top. He does things with his own best interest in mind. That is what we love about him. Making him a sappy love character is going against what the first three movies made him into. It just doesnt make sense. I will see the film and probably love it regardless. But it honestly will not be the same. I'm interested to see how it all plays out. Oh and the new director will be interesting too... Cant wait for May 20th 2011!

EL on Nov 20, 2010


hi, I recently posted a comment called too different for my taste on April 8, 2011, and I agree with you =] have a look at my comment if you is rather long though lol

Christine on Apr 9, 2011


i think knightly and bloom should be in it.their story line didn't really end.they just got married.he's the new captain of the dutchman.and she holds the heart that could kill him.kind of a cliffhanger if you ask me.

haley on Dec 6, 2010


i think this will be a very good movie but it will be sort of hard to get used to with new cast really glad depp is in it becasue if he wasnt less people would probably go see it...but i dont get why bloom and knightly arent in it the 3rd movie at the end it comes up with 10 years later and the two of them have a son..its sort of confusing...but cant wait for the 4th movie to come out it should be good 😀

shannen on Dec 14, 2010


I think this is so stupid. How are you gonna make a Pirates of the Caribbean without two of the main characters?? The 3rd one ended with them going their separte ways , they should be in the 4th one and get to see each other again. and what about the dutchman.. are we just gonna forget about that? i was so excited to hear there was gonna be a 4th one but now im def. just mad.

Santa Claus 10 on Dec 16, 2010


That is so messed up how can you forget the duchman.

Nichols_angel_2008 on Jan 28, 2011


now that I know Keira and Orlando aren't in the new movie, I don't want to see it as much as I did

Kgj38 on Feb 4, 2011


The ONLY reason i will see Pirates 4 is for Johnny and Geffory. With out the original people including Bloom and Knightley, this movie is going to be a big pile of dog shit. They really messed up this one.

Jessikika on Feb 7, 2011


Capt swann is the pirate king why is she not on this one

Earldiddy83 on Feb 10, 2011


Although I will miss the keira and orlando you have to admit, they served there part well. The end of the third movie made it obvious that will and elizabeth were done. But I do hope some of the old cast returns. The third was a bit of a let down. All in all I'm excited!

marina on Feb 28, 2011


I think it just won't be the same without Will Turner and Elizabeth Swann. I know the idea of it is meant to be a reboot but is is really possible to successfully reboot a movie when your 4 films into a series? I really think it's a big mistake, but that's just my opinion, I'm no expert.

Lol on Mar 23, 2011


I'm not saying that the movie will be bad without Knightley and Bloom, but it would be great to see them in the cast aswell as Depp and Rush.

Bex :3 on Mar 29, 2011


I don't want to see this movie any more... I'll probably only watch it if Elizabeth and Will Turner make at least a small appearence in one of the later films. POTC is as much about them as Jack. Also, There are only about 3 characters that have been in all the movies left. What is the point?

bloop on Mar 29, 2011


I am afraid that as deep as my love for these films runs, I just think that without character such as: Will Elizabeth That dude with the glass eye That dude with the glass eye's friend The short little pirate The pirate with the bird Those two girls that always slap jack those two navy soldiers it will not be the traditional pirates of the Caribbean we all love. We have learned to love these characters, and we have also found them as "The" pirates of the Caribbean. When we think of the movie, we think of these characters. It all should be over after Davy Jones died, Lord Beckett died, and then Will and Elizabeth seperated. I am happy that they are carrying out the plot to the fountain of youth, but they need to reference to these other characters, instead of cutting them all out of the picture cold turkey. However, the pirates' adventures will be interesting with new cast, but I just am disappointed to have to watch a movie to the amazing trilogy that I love be changed and altered with a completely new crew. I am going to deeply miss the old cast and the amazing additions they were to the movies. Also, while watching the trailer, I didn't notice a significant villain (Davy Jones, Lord Beckett etc.) and there needs to be a villain that Jack, Barbossa, Elizabeth, Will and Gibbs have to defeat in order to gain something of value. They shouldn't be removing the main characters, and the amazing "teamwork" of Jack and Will fighting was amazing. They worked well together, and we the viewers found Jack and Will as "parters in crime" through out the whole trilogy. It's going to be an arm for an arm situation. The directors felt as if they had to let crucial characters go in order to get a new plot. Well, FYI, they could have used the same characters, along w/ others in a new plot. The directors also cut the traditional pirates of the Caribbean idea. It just won't be the same, and I feel that even though it is a plot based from the third movie, the directors are taking the wrong approach, just a bit.

Too different for my taste on Apr 9, 2011


i agree it will not be the same without the old crew. 🙁 i wish they kept them.

Sks1997103 on Apr 11, 2011


totally agree, the guy with the glass eye & friends were hilariousss & they took out the midget pirate too! damnit what did they do to our pirates:(

Mbabii716 on May 23, 2011


I watched all 3 movies now I feel like I can cry this is my favorite movie but now I am thinking the last words of William is keep your eye on the horizone ): but at the end Jack gave a good joke and I feel a little better

Laylarocks42 on Apr 9, 2011


I think it sucks the old cast needs to be on expecily Orlando and Keira because they are part as a main character and I hope the story will stay good and not turn into the worst movie pirates is one of my favorite movie so I think it is stupid Orlando and Keira are not on it :((((

Lilly on Apr 9, 2011


i agree with your comment. please reply.

Sks1997103 on Apr 11, 2011


i think it stinks that keira and orlando arn't in the new movie.:(:(:(:(:(:(:(

Sks1997103 on Apr 11, 2011


can i just say- i would like to see will and elizabeth in number 4 but yes you could say their storyline is over. In an interview with the producers of Pirates 3, they said that the green flash ment will was alive again and if you listened very carefully through out the film you would know that, because will did his duty and elizabeth stayed faithfull to him he is now alive and no longer bound to the flying dutchman. You all may say different but the producers of the show are obviously right and they said to all the confused people that it was a happy ending and will is now free of the curse. Their words not mine:-) So for you's who are saying you didn't like the ending because will and elizabeth are not together well now you can like the ending because its been said officially that THE CURSE IS BROKEN! maybe they could bring will and elizabeth back for numbers 5&6 if kiera and orlando will come back as the writers could think of a storyline for them both! We never know:). But less arguing and let's just watch the films when it comes out and see if it's good and maybe the films will mention willl and elizabeth's relationship and everyone will know that THE CURSE IS BROKEN!

courtney on Apr 13, 2011


Im not going to watch this --'.. ;[

Thiagobonito on Apr 25, 2011


um. even though you say you won't watch the film, its not gonna change anything. plus you're gonna watch it anyway, at sometime. maybe not when it comes out but you will watch it someday and say, "hm. its not bad after all" c:

angie on May 8, 2011


 Keira and orlando was starting to be boring anyway- don't bother with them, pick a better replacement for Keira.

Annico on May 13, 2011


i wannt orlando bloom to be in it im hiss biggest fann i mean i luvv jonny depp to im going to see the movie wen it comes out wit my friendzz im juus so ticked off orlando blooms not iin it stupidd keria shes the reason y orlando bloom is not in it she said "i have other projects i wanna work on" dumb keira i hate u !! no offense 

iluvorlandobloom on May 14, 2011


Hi, guys.! Just celebrated my birthday on May 16 th, and I read like almost all of the comments here.. And I could say that I disagree with some people, I'm confused with other people's words, I get annoyed with this "reboot" thing, and I also agree with a lot, but not every thing there is to agree about. The first Pirates film that I saw was the 3 rd one ( well, I was 11 at that time) , and like magic, ( even though I didn't understand much of it) , I absolutely LOVED it.! After that, I watched the other 2 films on DVD.. But I don't know if I liked it because Captain Jack Sparrow was funny, because I liked Will and Elizabeth's chemistry, or just because of every thing in it. ... But what I didn't know, was that my life was changing. I think that this Pirates series has helped me a lot. It has helped me to * understand things in a deeper way, * it thought me a little something about love - never giving up, * whatever we do, we do it for a reason, * nothing's impossible, * we do everything because of love, and many, many more.. And a lot of these reasons were because of Will and Elizabeth.. After the 3 rd movie, I kept on day dreaming and imagining what was going to happen next. And almost every thing I saw was about Will and Elizabeth, so it's really sad that they're not going to be in the next film. When I first found out that they weren't going to be in it, I didn't want to believe it until I could make up some excuse so that I could continue with my "Will and Elizabeth Fantasy". And I have.!! My " excuse" is that I'm writing a book about all things Disney, and Will and Elizabeth are in almost every scene. The book is entitled " A Different Kind of My Disney World : Anything is Possible", and the author, of course, is me- Danna Santos.. But , of course, it's not done yet, so it's not published yet, duh.! I just don't get why they had to change cast and crew, put them in, and take them out, and reboot, and change stuff.. It just doesn't seem reasonable why suddenly, they've just started a new story at the end of the 3 rd movie with Elizabeth being the Pirate King with their son,(I don't really know his name in the film, but I called him James. It fits, don't you think.? 🙂 🙂 ) , Will being out at sea for 10 years with his own ship and crew, Murtogg and Mulroy ( the 2 who guarded Jones' Chest) being new pirates aboard the Black Pearl, Will and Elizabeth's 10- year situation, and stuff like that. I mean, how can you just leave all the questions unanswered.? What will happen to them.? I am so a fan of Pirates of the Caribbean, and some how, I thought that : Maybe they ( every one else they took out ) will be back on the 5 th film.. Anything can happen!! If you BELIEVE that they will be back, no matter what any one says, they WILL BE BACK!! We just have to BE POSITIVE!! Some of you are saying that Penelope Cruz is Keira Knightley's " replacement" , but do you know what I think of that.? I think that whoever says that is dumb.. I don't believe in " replacements" . And it's also very obvious that Penelope C. is a different character. She is a new one. So how can she be a replacement.? Elizabeth and Angelica just have similarities.! They're both women, know how to use a sword, tough, etc.. But they are 2 different people.. And this " reboot" thing.? This is soo not a reboot.! Don't you guys remember that Jack Sparrow had already stolen the map to The Fountain of Youth from Captain Barbossa.? This is just a continuation of the story, but has different people. What,, do you think that after they've dropped off Elizabeth on that island, they would go and get her again.? And with Will having a new duty to do for 10 years, do you think that he would taka a break without even 10 years passing.? I mean, he doesn't even want to be separated from Elizabeth, not for long.. Captain Jack Sparrow wouldn't even do that .. I'm just hoping that they will all again be in the next Pirates of the Caribbean movies.. I just can't get enough of it.! I'm just so excited to see Pirates 4 ..!! AND if you guys would want to see Will and Elizabeth again, REMEMBER: JUST BELIEVE!!!!!! AND ALSO if you really think or wish or hope or believe that they will be back on the next films, JUST WATCH PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN : ON STRANGER TIDES,, so the franchise won't go low, so they can make another!!!!!! .. LONG LIVE PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN!!!!!! I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!

DannaS.. on May 18, 2011


the other movies were great, this one got 3/6 in norway. why ? no elisabeth & william! 

Norway on May 20, 2011


Pirates of the Caribbean (POTC) is my favorite series of movies ever and I am going to go see POTC4 tomorrow. I dont care that Swan and Turner are gone- if theres going to be a 5&6 one, they will be back- the whole once every ten years thing will probly be broken also. Penelope C. is not a replacement for Swan- From the trailers I'd say she is Jack's Love Intrest .... I don't think he should have a love instrest yet though, because the two girls in tortuga, and just his person.... But I will probly be eating my words after tomorrow 🙂 Can't wait to see POTC4 😀

12yroldBritt on May 21, 2011


HAYY ALL U LOT GRUMPY ABOUT NO ELIZABETH AND WILL u lot r so ungrateful. They were nvr the main characters in the film Johnny was a lot of work went into this film and ur grumpy cos of characters who wernt even the main ones rnt in it Yes they were good but mabye they may cum bac in l8ter films ur just lucky their relesin another

Horsemad on May 22, 2011


I think it's gay that Orlando bloom and Keira knightley aren't in the fourth pirates!

Hxsndoxslsksd on May 22, 2011


 pfffffffft who needs them if they dont wanna showup then let the be 😛 , it's jhonny depp we want and thats it

fbt on May 22, 2011


WHAT?!? how can u say that?!?!

Karoszell on Jun 29, 2011


 I CAN NOT believe kira & orlando aren't going to be in the new one! I think they were awesome & it totally ruins pirates if they aren't in it.. I absolutely love every pirates movie & I'm so excited for the new one but I wanted to know what happened with will & elizabeth, kira knightley is beautiful & she played the part even more beautifully. Pirates won't be as good without them but YES, Jack is the glue & Pirates will always be good with him as Cpt. Jack Sparrow<3 ALSO; DEFINITELY his hottest role to date 🙂

MBabii716 on May 23, 2011


I agree with u! I  Elizabeth and Will it just won't be the same without them

Karoszell on Jun 29, 2011


weird I find Johnny Depp boring in them. He has this rather annoying desire to be a rock star and hangs around them like a wet puppy......I respect the others for not wanting to just do another film.....boring and rather predictable but lets grab more money.............naaaaaaaaaaa yawn yawn

Hytuff on Jun 5, 2011

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