Details on The Crow Reboot Revealed & Casting is Underway

June 1, 2010
Source: MTV

The Crow

Last October we heard that the gestating reboot of The Crow franchise, based on James O'Barr's comic book series, was moving forward with director Stephen Norrington attached to helm. Well it looks like the progress was slow but has ultimately paid off as producer Edward Pressman (who worked on the previous installments of The Crow franchise) told MTV that the script is finished, "terrific," and even said, "[We've got an offer out] to a major actor and things are moving ahead very aggressively, with the aim of doing the film this year." He also revealed more about their adaptation including differences from Proyas' version.

Of course we've already learned that this isn't just a remake of Proyas original film adaptation but rather an entire relaunch of the franchise, originally based on James O'Barr's comic book. Pressman revealed to MTV the setting of this new adaptation and how they're approaching The Crow itself. Here's what he had to say:

"The setting is the southwest — the Mexico/Arizona area — and an urban [setting], Detroit or Pittsburgh or something like that. There are two locations that the film is set. Its initial platform is in the southwest and then it moves to the big city in the north, middle or eastern America, and then back.

I think it's a very different conception [than the original film]. After the first 'Crow,' there were so many other films that were inspired by it, by its look. Steve is an artist himself, and he's created a very different visual idea. The Crow itself is a creature in this movie — it's not just a bird. It's got a personality and a character. Not like Godzilla exactly, but it's very different [and has] a more active role in the story."

Apparently the illustrations for Norrington's The Crow are "quite different from Alex Proyas' approach with the original Crow." That might come from some collaboration with Rob Stromberg, who was the production designer on Avatar and Alice in Wonderland and a VFX matte painter before that. As far as the setting goes, though it diverges a bit from the original vision of The Crow and it's, "a different time and a different idea," there will still be a gritty city element and it sounds like they're doing their best to be loyal to longtime fans of The Crow. Now we just have to wait and see who will actually become The Crow. Stay tuned for updates.

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I'll say this: Do the original justice and don't fuck it up.

Xerxex on Jun 1, 2010


A) If I hear the term REBOOT again someone is gonna get hurt B) Just leave the "Franchise" alone. There's no reason to do this except to milk a dead cow. C) No 3D. Don't shoot in it, don't do it in post. D) See B. The Great & Powerful Oz has spoken.

The Great & Powerful Oz on Jun 1, 2010


If they can do the Skull Cowboy justice then I'm alright.

MJ on Jun 1, 2010


um why not just do some gritty new IP the original crow still holds up

m.a.russell on Jun 1, 2010


oh thank you you fucking douchebag of a director? why can't anyone just go sin city with James O'barr's vision? Do an exact version with Skull Cowboy IT WOULD WORK TODAY. Why are you basing it in the southwest or whatever as well? if it's based in the southwest just redo WICKED PRAYER you fucker! or just leave the franchise ALONE!

Dresden on Jun 1, 2010


I have always been a fan of remakes/reboots because 9X out of 10 the original wasn't that great. Now this is where I have to weigh in....the "original" Crow was incredible, the crap that followed was just that...CRAP. If anyone that is involved with this movie cares at all about the original, and they feel that the script, actors, theme, whatever isn't as good or better than the original, then PLEASE for the love of God, just walk away and don't do it.

Mike McRorey on Jun 1, 2010


Why are you idiots complaining about the FRANCHISE , as if the sequels were worth a shit? They sucked fuckin ass...only good movie was the first ...and even that movie got hype due to Brandon Lee's death [SEE DARK KNIGHT HYPE ALA HEATH LEDGER DEATH!] ......anyway you dont want to see a remake? Then dont watch , genius ... I am not watching the Karate Kid remake what a fuckin concept

CORNBOY on Jun 1, 2010


I think the sad thing about all of this is that apparently the 'creative talent' producing, writing and directing 90% of the studio films being made right now are largely no more talented or creative than the people doing fan fiction on the internet. It's like glorified fan-fic stuff. That's what all of these crap superhero movies are. It's just a bunch of fans ejaculating all their comicbook fantasies onto paper and then convincing some moron executive that it'll make a billion bucks. Almost all of them. @CornBoy - The Dark Knight would have been a huge fucking hit even if Ledger hadn't died. The Dark Knight is actually a great film. The Crow gained a lot of hype due to not only the fact that an actor died, but the fact that it was Lee, and there was a hell of a lot of mythology that sprung up surrounding his death. The Crow was not nearly as amazing a film as people make it out to be, but it wasn't that bad. But it's success based on the death of Lee gave us sequels, and the Crow sequels - as shitty as they are - are partly the reason that David Goyer was able to write the Blade series, which gave Del Toro the opportunity to make some of his better movies, etc etc. There is no vacuum. Even a bad movie can spawn some good people or careers. Out of stupid crap like a Crow remake might spring forth the next Chris Nolan or David Fincher (both of whom can blame their current success on relatively mediocre studio sequels/reboots).

Squiggly_P on Jun 1, 2010


Nah, DK wouldn't have made THAT much money if he didn't die. Ledger was a great actor, but who wouldn't wanna see his last movie ever? Why we talking about DK anyways? People are supposed to be cryling and complaining because they are remaking another franchise. Seriously though, there's one thing worse then reboots...nerds crying about it.

Kris on Jun 1, 2010


LEAVE IT ALONE! The original is a perfect film and a fantastic interpretation of the graphic novel. Proyas' style was a match made in heaven (or hell). The noir look, dirty streets, gothic tone and blend of rock n' roll was superb. It had loads of substance. If there was any respect for Brandon, there would be no sequels or reboots. But alas, cash cow immiment. I hope this film completely tanks and falls off the edge of a cliff. Norrington isn't quite in the same league as Proyas. This reboot has shit written all over it. Hopefully people will refuse to see it so we can get some ORIGINAL films for once. But in this world, people passively watch any type of crap that's thrown at them, like Transformers or Twilight. And the awful Elm Street remake. Goodbye movie industry. Hello stupid idiots. STOP FEEDING THEM!!!

Angry Crow on Jun 2, 2010


I liked the one that had David Boreanaz & Dennis Hopper in it, that was some funny fucking shit.

Jimmy Love on Jun 2, 2010


I disagree with one thing... that people think the first Crow was just a "decent" flick. The first Crow rocked.... Michael Wincott stole that movie as the bad guy. I do agree that the box office performance was due to the death of Lee.... but not the quality of the movie. It was awesome.

Duane on Jun 2, 2010


I love the first movie, the hell with all the haters. The fact that Brandon died helped the move, more then likely yes but the fact is he did a hell of a job regardless. All I need to really say is that this new remake better not be fucked up in any way. I understand the new approach since the original is different from the comic but. still don't fuck it up and get a good fucken actor.

a true crow fan on Jun 5, 2010

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