Die Hard 24/7 Originally Involved John McClane & Jack Bauer?

June 9, 2010
Source: Ain't It Cool News

John McClane & Jack Bauer

So hearing about the potential titles for Fox's next franchise installments for Die Hard and Fantastic Four wasn't exactly Earth-shattering news. However, AICN is bringing down the house on Die Hard 24/7 with some apparently legitimate craziness as an "established creative talent within [this] industry" whose name would probably ring a bell revealed that the title was given to a project being developed that would team up John McClane (Bruce Willis) with Counter Terrorist Unit agent Jack Bauer (Kiefer Sutherland) from Fox's TV series 24. That sounds like a YouTube video in the making, but apparently it was seriously in the works.

AICN mentions that their source wasn't sure how much development was done on the project beyond the potential idea, but believes the project didn't come to fruition because Sutherland was more interested in creating his own film franchise with Jack Bauer (which is still in the works) rather than another buddy cop flick. Honestly, there's probably some fun to be had with these two characters working together, but it does sound an awful lot like a desperate gimmick to reinvigorate both of the properties. The real question now is whether or not producers are still sticking with the Die Hard 24/7 title, but without including Jack Bauer, or is this simply the same title that has surfaced from years back? I'm guessing it's the latter, but who knows.

Personally, the only crossover with Jack Bauer that I would really love to see would have him working with Dr. Gregory House to keep a terrorist with a mysterious illness alive long enough for Bauer to interrogate him. Are you listening, Fox? Would you guys like to see John McClane and Jack Bauer team up?

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what.... the ........(*&@^)(&$^)@(&$.... hell no

travis on Jun 9, 2010


I would love to see this! good combo. guess not 🙁

movie mike on Jun 9, 2010


Is it still April Fools day!!!

Docteur Baron (a.k.a Lazarus Leonis) on Jun 9, 2010


The main article is meh. But I love your idea for the House/24 crossover. Or really just a movie with House in it.

the weatherman on Jun 9, 2010


You know, the thought of a John McClane/Jack Bauer crossover did cross my mind when I first heard the title "Die Hard 24/7". But it wasn't a serious thought. I'm not sure whether I'd like to see them teamed up. I like them both individually, but I fear together they both might steal each other's thunder.

Craig on Jun 9, 2010


This would ruin John McLane, him and Jack Bauer are nothing alike...I am a long time Die Hard fan and this would piss me off immensely.

peloquin on Jun 9, 2010


hell no! Exactly, John McClane and Jack Bauer are nothing alike. Jack Bauer would KILL John McClain becuase McClaine would simply get in the way. No Crossover! NEVER! Seperate movies? Keep them coming Die Hard! And get started Keifer!

Roderick on Jun 9, 2010


ocp on Jun 9, 2010


and I thought Alien Vs. Predator was bad.

Alex T. on Jun 9, 2010


fuck this shit.

sickdoghats on Jun 9, 2010


mm why not..i just want to know hwo the writers will put this two together... jaja ...anyway just Die hard 1 was the good one...

Sakyo on Jun 9, 2010


i think i started crying when i saw this photo,and then i went frenzee when i saw bourne bellow. as for who is better or stronger,i can only say McClane would not torture,talk or negotiate with terrorists,he would just kill them all

kure on Jun 9, 2010


It would be mass chaos. Good try though, FOX.

Daniel Felts on Jun 9, 2010


Instead what they should do is have a team up with John McClane and Paul Blart Mall Cop. I kid...I KID! Die Hard in a Mall would be kind of cool though.

Mega Jet Jaguar on Jun 9, 2010


john mcclane and paul blart would be f*ckin epic. LOL

lego on Jun 9, 2010


How bout a threeway? Die Hard 24/7 M.D. The John McClane, Jack Bauer, Gregory House movie.

Joshua m on Jun 9, 2010


Consider how redonkulously stupid that Semi vs F-35 sequence was in Live Free, why not an Iron Eagle cross-over?

Akirakorn on Jun 9, 2010


I would definitely be intrigued if they actually go thro' with this. But there are a few obvious problems with this. Die Hard series is a hard-hitting action movie with a wiseass hero. The series is first produced by Joel Silver who also produced action comedies like Lethal Weapon. They're straight entertainments. 24 OTOH is dead serious procedural political thriller along the lines of the Jack Ryan series. The tones are just wildly different, and the demographics are apples & oranges. Young teenagers cheer while John McClane blow shit up, but the 24's older audiences sit & ponder at how much the system is corrupted to the core. But if done right a 24 movie can have a little Die Hard elements in it, race against time scenario with the hero trapped in small places with things blowing up real good! But a Die Hard movie with 24 labyrinth plot is just too much of a head-scratcher for the "blow-shit-up" teenagers. But the last Die Hard 4, obviously targeted at younger audience with PG-13 rating, is a pretty well done entertainment. Hollywood would try anything: Jason vs Freddy, Jackie Chan & Chris Tucker, Frankenstein vs Mummy, Wolverine vs, wait a minute! So you never know.

Turok on Jun 9, 2010


NOOOOO! I wish they stuck with it. Let's be honest, the Die Hard franchise will most likely not make a good 5th movie. So I would totally be down for seeing Jack and John team up so long as they go over the top and make it entertaining and action packed. Die Hard 5 isn't going to be rich in plot anyway, so just give me a big reason to see it! Jack and John could be that reason! Seriously, even if it tanks Sutherland can go on his own with the Jack franchise, but I would def see this movie...

Pricetag on Jun 9, 2010


I just don't see the point. If Jack Bauer is there then McClane would be useless.

Corey on Jun 9, 2010


Gimmick, it sounds absolutely crazy and utterly stupid. Then again there were parts to the last Die Hard which were absolutley bonkers so nothing would surprise me.

Andy on Jun 9, 2010


i think that idea would be fucking epic to see on the big screen. now i actually understand the new title. it's pretty smart. i dont watch 24, but i would by to see that happening.

Doctor Joe on Jun 10, 2010



RC on Jun 10, 2010


john mc clane and jack bauer in 24 i can't wait.this movie wil be fantastic

emmanuel on Jun 10, 2010


I dearly love both these guys & their bodies of work especially the Die Hard Series & 24 BUT do not want to combine them; want each of them to myself alone so I could have 2 good movies instead of one. They are both stars in their own rights; Bruce doesn't need the 24 name and Kiefer doesn't need the Die Hard title. Also, just can't imagine the two being buds except maybe Bruce being sarcastic to Kiefer and Kiefer or rather Jack shooting him. So hoping though that Bruce will do a DieHard 5 & Kiefer will do a 24 movie (I would even sit in the movie theater for 24 hours for that).

MimiMH on Jun 10, 2010


This sounds like the Superman Vs Batman movie that was under development a few years back.

Mr.Cookie on Jun 10, 2010


yes yes yes!!!

coldi on Jun 10, 2010


I don't think this "couple" is gonna work...but the House-Bauer thing sound pretty interesting 😀

Christina on Jun 10, 2010


The collaboration of the two would be really bad as a movie because, well it just would be.

Eli on Jun 10, 2010


Bauer versus Bourne, now that would be a fight to see!

Paranor on Jun 10, 2010


untill 24 gets a movie...i wouldnt want to see a cross over because Jack Bauer wouldnt have too many lines and would come off as a douche bag side character if poeple never watched the series

Darren on Jun 10, 2010


I wouldn't have minded a Nick Fury-esque cameo/ bit part as a lead-in to his own film Franchise. That totally would have been Pipe dream/Fan boy, fanfic type stuff, but I firmly beileve that the McClane's, Bauers, Bournes, Shafts, Indy Jones' and Rambo's of the world deserve their own franchises and dont need eachother to be sucessful. Lets learn from the AVP's & Freddie vs' Jason and ALLLLLLL the potential THEY left on the table...

Neva Evah on Jun 10, 2010


I ain't gonna lie Ethan, your version is 100% better!

McQueen on Jun 10, 2010


yes, i would pay to see that. the 24 House idea aint bad either

harrison on Jun 10, 2010



Eric B. on Jun 10, 2010


Sounds epic do it!

ZzFDKzZ on Jun 10, 2010


Being a fan of both series I'd love to see it. I think the 2 characters would work well together on screen. Do it!! Like some said, Die Hard may have reached it's last legs as a series, and a stand alone 24 movie will basically just be an extended episode of the show. Not unlike the 24 redemption tv movie a couple years back. The only way either 2 franchises can make a successful movie is to do something different, not Jack Bauer in Space or John Mclane fighting Vampires kind of different, but just different enough to keep both series fresh and exciting. What better way than combining them? I'm down for it. Will probably never happen, but I'd love if it did.

Bob. W on Jun 12, 2010


OMG that would be super awesome, both of them are my favorite. and I would probably go crazy when I see both of them on BIG SCREEN. PLEASE MAKE IT HAPPEN. MAKE IT HAPPEN WHATEVER IT TAKES. PLEAASEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

Shyza. C on Jun 22, 2010


A great way to jumpstart the engine to the upcoming bauer films, Yes and I mean its gonna be one hell of a ride through hell! Nike Just Doit Ill totaly watch it and everone else whether they want to or not its an unresistable combo I crave!

Igor on Jul 6, 2010


Die Hard 5 proly might not be that good, but put Baur & Mclaine together bamm! We got an exploision on the big screens....... so many possible ways to put them together!

Igor on Jul 6, 2010


But then again I dont want to put pressure neither on keifer or bruce. Just do what feels right! Both sides worked hard enough well still love you!

Igor on Jul 6, 2010


hell yeah that wud be fucking top bruce n kiefer 🙂 please please please make this film xxx

Emily on Aug 8, 2010


We'd love to get Willis and kieffer in a cheese burger.

Kenalouis on Feb 25, 2011


You should be working on 24 9th seasoon!!

Fred on Jan 12, 2012


Just watched all 8 seasons of 24 back 2 back..Strong potential for amazingness had it happened... Cloe enlisting the aid of a certain unorthadox, sometimes rouge NYC cop to persue or even aid the wounded & on the run Bauer as he tries to flee the country. Coulda been EPIC.

Cleetdog101 on May 6, 2012

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