Die Hard 5 is Getting a Script from A-Team Writer Skip Woods

May 5, 2010

Bruce Willis - Die Hard

It's a shame that John McClane hasn't come to the realization that Lethal Weapon's Riggs and Murtaugh finally came to long ago: they're getting too old for this shit. And, frankly, so am I, because I no longer get excited when I hear about the return of one of my favorite rugged bad-ass cops. As a matter of fact, nothing but worry and skepticism has overcome my senses as Risky Biz reports that screenwriter Skip Woods (The A-Team, Hitman) is in negotiations to write a fifth installment of the Die Hard franchise. Maybe this time we can get a real Die Hard movie as opposed to the hollow shell we got with Live Free or Die Hard.

Honestly, I didn't find Live Free or Die Hard to be all that bad of an action flick. Justin Long wasn't nearly as annoying as Bruce Willis' makeshift partner, and there was plenty of fun to be had all around But that 2007 Len Wiseman directed, Mark Bomback written action flick was not a Die Hard movie. The scope was too big (McClane had to save the entire damn country for fuck's sake), John McClane was not himself, and Timothy Olyphant, I like you, you're a cool dude, but you are no Hans Gruber. So the question is where do we go from Die Hard 4? Bruce Willis himself thinks it has to go worldwide, but McClane is not a superhero, and I don't even want to know how hard it is to say "Yippee-ki-yay, motherfucker" in a different language.

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Justin Long was hilarious as the sidekick. Hope he's back although I doubt it. The film was very enjoyable. In Die Hard films, the more action the better I say. Although I agree with you on the bad guy. They need to write better villains. Can't believe they wasted Timothy Olyphant.

James on May 5, 2010


They need to take the story back to the beginning for me to make this film any chance a success.

Cineprog on May 5, 2010


MUST BE R so he can say yippyki mother fucker

jason on May 5, 2010


Let's see if Bruce stands by his comments when doing press for Die Hard 4 - that he would make another Die Hard with Len Wiseman in a heartbeat. For me, the Die Hard franchise has gone the same way as the Indiana Jones franchise - when you made the fourth sequel, out of nostalgia, you convinced me that I should part with my hard earned cash but you let me down big time. Ain't gonna happen again.

Bash on May 5, 2010


Yeah, I remember Willis sayin' that he only did 4 as "a favor", and was noticeably silent about another one when promoting Live Free. I really don't think he wants to do another one, and considering this is Bruce Willis, I don't think any amount of money will get him to go back on that.

Nada Nuff on May 5, 2010


i say just bring it back to a smaller scope, like new york city. hell, i wouldnt mind if sam jackson returned and zeus was killing go see that

AC on May 5, 2010


Man, the last one was a great action flick and damn fun with the exception of Olyphant as the craptacular bad guy. I love love love me some Willis and I'm happier to see him in this than some of the other crap he could, has, and will likely be in. Bruce needs to take this franchise all the way to the nursing home. BRING IT.

Voice of Reason on May 5, 2010


Okay I think we all know what went wrong with Die Hard 4 and that was it's rating which was an insulting PG-13!!! I mean you basically cut the balls off of McClane with that teenie bopper like rating. All the others were rated R and if they really want to do number 5 right, they will rate it R. Now as for the plot for number 5, I got it all figured out. McClane is getting ready to retire (much to his dismay) when he becomes kiddnapped during a warehouse burglary by a maniac hunter and his goons. Then, he is shipped off to an island where he is hunted by all kinds of dangerous men, drug cartels, terrorists etc. The twist of this plot is that the only thing McClane is saving is his own ass. He learns that he is "not too old for this shit."

AL POWELL on May 5, 2010


I agree with everyone who says make it R-rated. Do it on a boat - or other confined space - its been years since Under siege and Speed 2

napoleonblownapart on May 5, 2010


Well guys Die Hard 5 will be coming out in 2012, its official as its on the imdb website. Number 4 wasnt to bad, compared to most of the action flicks, its was pretty cool but the storyline could of been better, lets see what Die Hard 5 brings to the big screen.

S on May 5, 2010


"Maybe this time we can get a real Die Hard movie as opposed to the hollow shell we got with Live Free or Die Hard." I pretty much disagree with that statement. I was skeptical about the film before seeing it, but I really enjoyed the hell out of the movie. It might not be the best Die Hard film, but it's still damn entertaining.

SkaOreo on May 5, 2010


IMO Die Hard 4 was FUN & Entertaining. The tone was definately different from the other 3 (so much that it could have been it's own movie), but I felt it was updated and it worked. I remember being so furious that we were a day early for Transformers and this was the only thing playing. It was easily the funnest movie that summer. Once he shot that fire extinguisher I was sold. Non-stop action. Dont think it would have work'd under any other director. If they use the exact same people who made #4, I'd see a 5th one. Just me.

jomba joose on May 5, 2010



Jesus loves you. on May 5, 2010


For this to qualify as a Die Hard film, Bruce needs hair, a dirty vest and a dirtier mouth. With a shaved head, it just becomes 'generic Bruce Willis action movie' - and they must scale it back and give it that outnumbered and under siege feel again. Otherwise, don't bother.

phoenixwright101 on May 5, 2010


Die Hard 4 was very fun, all i can say to impove on that is make it R and to add a WAAAAAYYY better bad guy. TO did not fit that role at all

movie mike on May 5, 2010


i had a dream a year ago that die hard 5 would take place in russia so this news is a little strange for me. in this dream mclane was saving small children from some sort of slave camp the part i remember most was when mclane ripped a bad guy in half vertically with a machine gun while holding a child under his arm at the same time im not kidding.

sickdoghats on May 5, 2010


I hope they simply call it Die Hard this time...I'm sick of all the puns. I really liked the fourth, but as others have said, it was not a Die Hard film. If you want to see Kevin Smith ripping on Olyphant-astic check out Threevening with Kevin Smith, friggan hilarious.

peloquin on May 5, 2010


Bring back the daughter.

Penny on May 6, 2010


No way. If the non writer of 'Wolverine' and 'Hitman' teams up with the non director of 'Live Free', we're gonna have one of the best suicide ever for the late hero cop John McClane I used to admire as a kid. Now, IF Wiseman gets too busy working (destroying) another film, and IF our "Yes-I-will" writer happens to have better to do in the coming weeks, I am perfectly aware that other non directors and/or writers will be hired to finish (FATALITY!) the job. When I remember how the technicians back in the 80s at least knew the how to do their jobs, all I can do is sigh deeply. Looks like everywhere around the world, the worst will always find a job... (Sigh)

Peter Noria on May 6, 2010


I liked 1, it was awsome. @ was not too bad. 3 sucked. 4 was suprisingly enjoyable, so I hope they can make a fun popcorn movie.

Luis on May 6, 2010


Scott here. I want them to make Die Hard 4. You are all saying "Wtf, they did already." No. Not to me they didn't. Live Free or Die Hard was like an abnormally high budget USA network movie, at best. I want them to make the next one as if that piece of sh-- last one never happened. The character of John Mcclain doesn't really want to be a medal of honor supersoldier, which he was in part 4. He is more entertaining as the reluctant hero, pissed off yet shrugging it off like one of the coolest characters in the history of cinema. Part 4 had him fight a fighter jet with a semi truck. What the f---? What's next in part 5, maybe some zombies? Yeah, in the first ten minutes you see clips of him single handedly winning the war in Afghanistan, and Iraq, then he takes on a zombie apocalypse in the rest, winning as a nuclear bomb goes off and he says "Yipee-Kayeah-Mother-Lover" (because of course, it can't be rated 'R' anymore) as he rides a parachute away from the mushroom cloud winds. Really though, I think they should try to mix the gritty realism of the first one (or should I say more believable realism), and the entertainment rollercoaster ride of the third movie. Make it rated a strong 'R'. And for the love of Die Hard, get back McTiernan who directed the first 3. Wow, that was good, maybe I should become a writer?

Scott on May 6, 2010



Nolanfan on May 7, 2010


Yeah I agree completely with the whole R-rating thing. It didn't bother me much that there wasn't much cursing. Well, until the end. When Gabriel says "On your tombstone it should say "Always in the wrong place at the wrong time" then John says "How about Yippie"...then i got so excited that he was gonna say his line, but it goes on to "ki yay motherfu"-GUNSHOT! That pissed me off and disappointed me so much. And the scope thing is right, kinda crazy that all of America was in John McClane's hands and now Willis wants to have the next one take place in another country. They should just keep it simple and have it take place in one location. Which I doubt will happen because.... DH- Los Angeles, DH2- Washington DC, DHWAV- NY, LFODH- All of America, DH5- Some other way bigger country I'm guessing. Then what? Having Die Hard 6 take place in 2012 and having McClane save the whole world before it reaches 12/21/12? lol They're taking it kinda far in my opinion. If they do DH5 it should be the last.

Colby on Jun 10, 2010

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