Disney Developing Family Adventure Around Magic Kingdom

September 30, 2010
Source: Variety

Magical Kingdom

The studio has already raked in billions from the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, and a new iteration of The Haunted Mansion is on the way with Guillermo del Toro shepherding it through development, so what's Disney's next theme park attraction to hit the big screen? Variety says Disney is thinking about using The Magic Kingdom as the setting of a family adventure in the same vein as the Night at the Museum franchise. Apparently Ronald Moore (the man behind the new "Battlestar Galactica") has already written a script from his own pitch. However, the search is on for a new writer to develop it further.

The project isn't a priority for the studio but it has a lot of promise for the studio since it could be quite the platform to showcase many of Disney's high-profile characters into one film. Apparently the project is being looked at as Disney's version of The Avengers (though technically that's their project now too with Marvel under the Mouse House banner) with characters like Mickey Mouse leading the way. Movies combining multiple franchises and properties seem to be all the rage in the industry with the buzz around The Avengers, the potential for a Justice League movie and Paramount's developing Hasbro Factory film. Disney is certainly on their way to being back at the top of their game, and while this doesn't seem like the best idea, it's certainly a big one for the studio. Since it's not a priority, we likely won't hear much more about the project anytime soon, but stay tuned. Anyone interested?

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Can't wait, I love Disney so much. Anything they do is golden.

Crapola on Sep 30, 2010


You know what, this could actually be kind of cool, and I'm a little surprised it hasn't happened before...would have loved to have had this to watch as a child. As long as Harrison Ford makes a cameo and there is a crazy Jungle Cruise segment, or a Mr. Toad's Wild Ride segment, I'm there at midnight. Just get a quality director and writing team, please.

LINKFX on Sep 30, 2010


well its about time

Jericho on Sep 30, 2010


I love Disney World so much, that is why I do not want to see this happen. When the both disneyland and magic kingdom originally opened, the only rides based on flicks were that of fantasy land. Now a days every ride is either based on a film, or the original rides are turned into films. This is troubling because the whole of the parks were basically just being immersed in an environment with visual gags, and amazing effects. Such is the case with Haunted Mansion and Pirates. But when you create back stories, and give it a story line, it loses the feel it originally had. I mean seriously, the only non movie oriented rides left are Jungle Cruise, Space Mt. Thunder Mt. and the people mover. Major bummer.

Al on Sep 30, 2010


@ Al, come on it's all entertainment, it's not precious.

LINKFX on Sep 30, 2010


Yes, its entertainment, but you're messing with the fans. The park was a great place to use your imagination while on the rides. When every god damn attraction has a plot and a story to it, part of the imagination goes away. Also, it just one big corporate move. Walt would disown this company if alive today.

Al on Sep 30, 2010


who are the f*cking fans to say anything? Come on! Most people are idiots who will suck up any drivel forced down their throats, especially fanboys, even if they rage against something, they'll still pay the money to see it, which is what really talks to the companies(and the late Walt)...dollars and cents. And Walt imagined this whole thing, the corporate side of things, everything...he was extremely business-savvy, and he didn't die penniless. He created Disney and Disneyland to make money, entertain children and keep them and their parents coming back for more...shelling out more and more dollars for simple, repackaged product. Everyone gives so much credibility to this ubiquitous "fan" these days...guess what? You and me, we're not special, we're a fraction of the target audience, and for Disney, who has it's multi-pronged cock fucking in every country's hole this whole world over, milking money from every pore, the "Fan" is the least of their worries. Nearly everyone is a "Fan" of Disney in one form or another, and I'm sure there are enough people to shell out at least 200 million dollars to see a film you and a few thousand others would consider sacrilegious. I accept the fact that I like Disney, I enjoy visiting Disneyland, but there isn't anything sacred about it, it's a fun distraction from the things I am worrying about. Think about it, all of the things young people 200 years ago found sacred aren't valued in the same way anymore, art and taste changes along with popular culture. View life and culture with some perspective. Disneyland doesn't mean the same thing it used to.

LINKFX on Sep 30, 2010


.... Isnt that basically the premise for The Kingdom Keepers, which is supposedly being turned into a movie as well? Disney publishes the book series, so the movie rights shouldnt be too far behind.

Patrick on Oct 1, 2010


LINFX, I love when people assume things. 1) I may be a fanboy but I am not a blind fanboy. I hate most recent decisions the corporate side makes, which results in me visiting the park less. 2) Walt was never nearly this business oriented. The man always talked about how putting on a great show is the only revenue he needs. (that and the costs of keeping things going_ 3) "Disneyland" doesn't mean the same thing it used to." that right there is my problem. Theres a huge fan base out there. And they aren't as blind about things as you may think. We actually challenge a lot of the half assed ideas that we've been given as of late. So I'm not asking you to understand my perspective, and even if you disrespect it, thats fine, but I would think the Disney Company of all people would understand.

Al on Oct 1, 2010


Hope they'll have a good cast. Not Ben Stiller, Eddie Murphy, or somebody like that. They suck! I could see the potential of this movie. This already has a built-in audience.

jedibilly on Oct 1, 2010

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