Disney & Jerry Bruckheimer Making the Jump to 'Lightspeed'

May 25, 2010


So back in 2004, Disney and Jerry Bruckheimer Films were behind the highest spec script purchase ever (at the time) when they picked up Terry Rossio & Bill Marsilii's script for what became the Denzel Washington time-traveling crime thriller Deja Vu. The two writers seem to have a knack for ruling the spec market with a big price tag, as Variety reports the writing duo has just sold another high priced (over a million) spec script titled Ludicrous Speed Lightspeed to Disney/Bruckheimer. The story centers on a young pilot on the Earth Interstellar Racing Team who must take his ship on a perilous journey across the galaxy on the brink of war.

High concept to the max, and a hefty price tag without a big name director/actor/actress/free beer attached? This must be one hell of an awesome script. Of course, Rossio's collaboration with Disney and Bruckheimer has been nothing but profitable already, having worked on all three Pirates of the Caribbean movies, not to mention spending time on the National Treasure franchise as well. It goes without saying the Bruckheimer sees this project as a big live-action and likely 3D event flick, so we're sure to hear plenty more about this as it moves further into development (hopefully that's sooner than later!). Anyone like the sound of this?

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Umm. No.

The 13th Wang. on May 25, 2010


Lightspeed to the toilet

crabby on May 25, 2010


Was "Deja Vu" any good? I would have more of an opinion if I saw it.

Trip on May 25, 2010


^ Nah, I saw it, wasn't really that good. Cool concept, but overall kind of forgettable. But I love sci-fi space epics, so I'm in for this no matter what. 🙂

Alex Billington on May 25, 2010


Who knows. I mean if two or three years ago you said people would see "Tall-Smurfs-In-A-Remake-Of-Dances-With-Wolves-In-3D" no one would have believed you. Until there is more than a plot summary how can you get too excited.

Goudos on May 25, 2010


Lightwhat? Just made these first, and then think about 2nd or 3rd tier sci-fi movies. We have plenty of AAA material to work with, first: - Akira (done properly, Toquio-themed, not in NY) - Dune (the remake) - Ghost in the Shell (same as Akira) - Halo (give Neill Bloomkamp/Peter Jackson a 2nd chance) - Mass Effect - Neuromancer (and every other William Gibson book) - Rendez-Vous With Rama And these movies too, also (great article btw):

Fox on May 25, 2010


@ #3, Personally, I liked Deja Vu quite a bit. It keeps the time travel very grounded in reality, even if the concept itself is actually impossible. It's basically your average crime thriller with some time travel elements thrown in there with the gritty style of storytelling we've come to expect from Tony Scott and Denzel Washington collaborations. I'd say rent it, just so you can decide for yourself.

Ethan Anderton on May 25, 2010


Deja Vu - kinda liked the movie, but the laser scene killed [the suspension of disbelief] it, when Doug aimed a laser pointer to a monitor to reach out the girl in the past (the monitor btw, is not a time machine).

Fox on May 25, 2010


I know I saw Deja Vu, but in all honesty.. I can't recall a single scene from it. Must have been pretty forgettable. I love space epics of any type so sign me up for some sexy space flight action.

Hedgehog on May 25, 2010


From a distance, if you just pitched me that one sentence of the plot, I'd probably see it.

dRailer on May 25, 2010


@6... Blomkamp turned down the Halo movie after the success of District 9 even though the studios were begging him to do it.

peloquin on May 25, 2010


Deja Vu's original script was awesome and clever. The dumbing down that Tony Scott did to it blunted the edges, but it was still decent. Dig up the original "Deja Vu" script and you will be looking forward to this next collaboration as much as I am. As long as Brucky doen't enlist Tony Scott again....

robb on Jun 3, 2010

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