Disney's Animated Film 'Rapunzel' Changes Title to 'Tangled'

February 12, 2010
Source: Blue Sky Disney

Rapunzel / Tangled

A somewhat odd news story to report on today. Both Blue Sky Disney and SlashFilm have confirmed that Disney has changed the title of their upcoming animated film Rapunzel to simply just Tangled instead. The film is an animated retelling of the classic Rapunzel fairy tale about a girl with incredibly long hair stuck in a very tall castle. Disney's version of the Brothers Grimm fairy tale has been in development for a long time, originally using computer animation techniques to make it look painted, but I think that was only in the early version. So why get rid of a very recognizable title? For marketing purposes of course. Read on!

Blue Sky Disney goes on to explain that, after the mediocre-to-good success of The Princess and the Frog ($101 million in US box office), Disney is rethinking their marketing strategies for upcoming animated movies. They (meaning the execs and John Lasseter and so on) think that boys don't want to go see "girlie" movies and Rapunzel is instantly perceived as female because it's a story about a girl with the long hair. So by changing the name they give it some new life. Apparently it's not that girlie of a story either, so boys will still enjoy it. Other title considerations include the original Unbraided and The Thief in the Tower, too.

Tangled is being co-directed by Nathan Greno (head of story on Bolt) and Byron Howard (co-director of Bolt). Providing the voices in the film will be Mandy Moore (as Rapunzel), Zachary Levi, Donna Murphy, and David Schwimmer. This new telling of the classic fairy tale will transport audiences "to a stunning CG fantasy world complete with the iconic tower, an evil witch, a gallant hero and, of course, the mysterious girl with the long golden tresses. Expect adventure, heart, humor, and hair, lots of hair." You can also find a new intro to the movie from producer Roy Conli on Facebook. We'll keep you updated as well. Sound good?

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Wow... what's with marketing people lately. Why don't they change Cinderella and Snow White while they're at it. The Princess and the Frog didn't fail because of the name, it failed because people didn't like the movie.

Jay on Feb 12, 2010


Laaaame..... Even if I did agree with changing the name, I think "The Thief In The Tower" still sounds better

Alfredo on Feb 12, 2010


#1 - True, about TPATF's failure, but they're trying to think about success on every level. As in, they're already trying to make Rapunzel a good movie, but they need to market it, too.

Alex Billington on Feb 12, 2010


Well I like girl movies because I am half girl and half boy. By the way, I hate good designed characters. I only like the plain and boring looking characters from movies like lady and the tramp. Remember everyone John Lasseter = plain and boring! Why else do you think I pushed all the good character designers out the door. Now DreamWorks can have good design but with badly told stories. - John Lasseter

John Lasseter on Feb 12, 2010


Well, if they want boys to see these movies stop making ones starring the next Disney Princess. How about making Hansel and Gretal with a boy and a girl lead. That would draw in both sides of the audience. Or...write...something...original.

STFU on Feb 12, 2010


"ooh how about tangled?" I would have puched the person who came up with that. What is the name Rapunzel to difficult to pronounce or something? jeez.

Xerxex on Feb 12, 2010


I suppose I could have tolerated a name change more if they had come up with something better than Tangled.

janet on Feb 12, 2010


Two tickets for Tangled plz! Thnx!

Paulo on Feb 12, 2010


Studio Exec are idiots, plain and simple!

Dan on Feb 12, 2010


"The Thief In The Tower" is a much better and appealing name than Tangled. I like the idea behind the film and the attempt to make 3D look more hand drawn, but the name is quite unappealing. I understand the idea and reason behind changing the name as I know my younger cousin's didn't wanna see "Princess & the Frog" because it sounded "girlie". But Tangled doesn't make the film sound more appealing, it just sounds odd.

Jamiesen on Feb 13, 2010


Ever notice how the media tends to segregate female audiences, as if they were something that needs special attention? That's why the media never changes the name of, let's say Transformers, because it's "boyish." To these people, boyish movies are the unbeatable winners and "girlie" films are inferiors. I also find it remarkably unfair how woman are pressured into seeing boy movies (because they're advertised like this: "Go see it! It's for EVERYONE! It's wonderful!" ) but if there's a movie for female audiences (like Twilight), all the men across the USA moan and groan and scream in anguish.

Ken on Feb 13, 2010


Tangled sounds like a sequel to Bound... I'm there for long-haired lesbianism.

uhwhat on Feb 14, 2010


It makes sense I suppose, but why change their whole marketing strategy because one film wasn't as successful as they would have liked? Maybe it was the story? I'm not sure kids look at the title and say they don't want to see it, but base their decision on the story and the trailer. I guess we'll have to wait and see how Tangled does.

One Source Talent on Feb 14, 2010


Movie titles are meaningless. I still don't completely understand what "Pulp Fiction" means, and I don't care--that movie was great. We'll be able to tell what kind of movie this is from the trailers and TV spots. If it's genuinely a "girls'" movie, Disney won't be able to hide it.

Nada Nuff on Feb 15, 2010


@14 - Movie titles are not meaningless. And "pulp fiction" refers to cheap inexpensive magazines which were made from cheap wood pulp paper containing short fiction stories.

bigkahunaburger on Feb 15, 2010


@15 Right, I understood that much. But why was the title of the movie Pulp Fiction? Not that it matters much, as the title didn't hinder me from enjoying it. It doesn't matter if this one is called "Rapunzel" or "Tangled" or "Unbraided" or "Blonde" or "Weave", it will still be judged on it's content, not it's cover.

Nada Nuff on Feb 15, 2010


I think they may have skipped "The Thief in the Tower" because it abbreviates to TTITT.

Otacon on Feb 15, 2010


that is a dumb move in my opinion. maybe copyright laws? what am i saying, they're disney.

Christi Johnson on Feb 15, 2010


I find that title, “Tangled,” disrespectful to not only the Grimm Brother’s title, but to Walt Disney as well. Because that is not what Walt Disney would do when he adapts fairy tales into animated movies. Those people, who complain about story titles being too girlish, need to understand that those story titles being too girlish happens to be written by MEN before we are even born. Also, they need to understand that they do write stories just for girls or boys, they write for families to enjoy, learn, and love. I even love the title logo that Disney created for “Rapunzel,” and now they want to change it to “Tangled?” That title does not make any sense, and it is misleading. If they ever do change the title from “Rapunzel” to “Tangled,” I would find Disney’s next CG movie a flop. But, if they leave the title, “Rapunzel,” the way it is, and the title logo that Disney created, then I would have high confidence that Disney’s next CG movie could be a huge success. So I say to Disney, “I demand that you change that dreadful title back to “Rapunzel” at once, or else you will all become a disgrace to Walt Disney forever. And you will fall to DreamWorks Animation forever more.”

Jeff Polizzi on Feb 16, 2010


Very upset over this news. The princess and the frog wasn't successful maybe because they should of kept the original title The Frog Prince? I demand that they change the title back to Rapunzel or no movie tickets from me 🙂

Jonathan on Feb 19, 2010


I think they should use `Tangled`as a sub-name, kind of like Pirates of the Caribbean: the Black Pearl, that way people would know that there is more to the story then just `Rapunzel, Rapunzel let down your hair`, but at the same time i keeps it`s fairy tale roots and in addition is also respectful to Walt Disney and the Grimm Brothers, like it could be something like `Rapunzel: the tangled years` or `Rapunzel: A tangled tale of epic proportions` or `Rapunzel: prepared to get tangled` the options are endless, and in my opinion it`s a very ideal compromise.

Jessie on May 31, 2010


the G in the tangled logo is pretty spiffy though if I may say so. thought I agree. That title does not make any sense, and it is misleading.

Tangled toys on Aug 17, 2010


It's painfully obvious that they are trying to cast a wider net for this film. In the back of my mind this sours the experience but they again, perhaps they have created a movie that will truly appeal to all audiences. The only way to know for sure is to wait and see. I think the idea of including a sub title would be appropriate here.

Rapunzel Doll on Sep 20, 2010


:)):))urat film add armando_jmecheru08

Armando_jmecheru08 on Jan 27, 2011


hhmmm...I was surprised when this movie's title was changing. and I thought the new title was 'weird' soooooooooooo weird..hufft. Its not describe as great as the film. I like the idea of including a sub title. I agree that this film is great, all of the OSTs are sounds great!! I love it. ^-^

Ismi Ati Mizuki on Mar 10, 2011


I'm agree if "Tangled" has more "marketing" name than "Rapunzel". To be honest, as a almost 30 years old man, I wouldn't consider to watch movie with girlie/childish title as "Rapunzel". But when I saw "Tangled", it makes me to watch the movie. And I really don't know that the movie is about Rapunzel fairy tale. I just realized it after watching the movie.  Have to admit that Disney has a smart strategy here...

Rapunzel from Tangled on Sep 7, 2011

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