Disney's Beauty and the Beast 3-D Theatrical Release Delayed

January 20, 2010
Source: Stitch Kingdom

Beauty and the Beast

Last March, the attendees of ShoWest, and last July, attendees of Comic-Con, were given quite a surprising treat when Disney's presentation wowed them with a preview of footage from the 3-D re-release of their now classic animated feature Beauty and the Beast. At a time when 3-D wasn't nearly as popular as it has become, Alex found the footage mesmerizing along with others. However, it looks like the release won't be coming our way this February as originally planned as the Disney dedicated site Stitch Kingdom reports it has been pushed back to sometime in 2011. This is quite sad because I was looking forward to seeing it!

SlashFilm also points out that the Blu-Ray release (which is expected sometime this October) might be the cause for delay in order to milk the 2-D version before a big 3-D release (which will probably be followed by a 3-D Bu-Ray what with the 3-D TVs on the way). But for my money, it makes more sense to release the film theatrically first in 3-D to grab not only the 3-D loving audiences, but troves of kids who have never seen the flick so that when the Blu-Ray releases, everyone will want to pick it up. Then you do you the double-dip for a 3-D Blu-Ray if that's even in Disney's plans. Either way, the sooner I can see how breathtaking this 3-D treatment will be, the better. Do you think this is a 3-D release even naysayers can get behind?

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The movie doesn't need 3-D. It's fine just as it is.

Daniel on Jan 20, 2010


why the fuck is Beauty and The Best being put in 3-D!? THAT IS SACRED GROUND!!!!

Xerxex on Jan 20, 2010


What an unnecessary move. Not in the least bit interested.

Nada Nuff on Jan 20, 2010



Wylles on Jan 20, 2010


I been thinking since Disney are starting to go all 3D how about this... Fantasia 3D!!! Make perfect sence first there was Fantasia then the squel Fantasia 2000 so now why not do a third installment Fantasia 3D?

carl on Jan 20, 2010


the third installment of fantasia is called fantasia world and will be released along with fantasia 2000 and the original fantasia on blu-ray in the upcoming future beauty and the beast will be released in 3D in 2011 to meet with its 20th anniversary

movie fan on Jan 20, 2010


why do we need to see 2D drawings in 3D, why. Oh yeah the studio execs want to milk 3D till it bleeds.

Dan on Jan 20, 2010


Everyone should remember that this 3-D revival was in action way, way before 3-D became the popular new kid on the block, and apparently the reaction to the footage at ShoWest was overwhelmingly positive. Give it a chance!

Ethan Anderton on Jan 20, 2010


Fantasia World is only shorts that didn't make it into the first 2 films so it's not really a proper third movie just a bonus disc.

Carl on Jan 21, 2010


Anderton 3-D is awful, after hearing all the hype of Avatar in Imax 3-D I decided to check it out and it was terrible, 3-D is the new kid on the block that will get his ass kicked if he hangs around anymore.

Xerxex on Jan 21, 2010


Wow, what a bunch of geezers who refuse to realize that there is newer technology that can make our beloved films even more inspiring that we remember them. Get over it, if you didn't like 3-D, the sole reason is because you couldn't handle it. That's it. Headaches, eye pain, and all that other trash is for people who can't evolve with the cinema, YOU are the outsiders. This is one of the best, if not THE best Disney films of all time, and I for one cannot wait to see it completely re-done and remastered and transformed into 3-D, we live in a Digital World, and it's fantastic.

Jimbone on Jan 22, 2010


3D-ization of BatB sucks!!! Jimbone may likes colorized version of Casablanca, with alternative happy ending.... ^^

luke on Feb 14, 2010


I think Disney should re-release their vaulted movies every 5 years, instead of longer. For all the newer parents out there (like me!) it makes it really hard to get your hands on any decent movies for your kids to watch! My daughter LOVES the Disney Princesses (who's 3 year daughter doesn't?) but we have to get on waiting lists at the library to watch any of them- only then to have them so scratched up that we don't get to watch them in their entirety!! It's really frustrating! Disney- have a heart and get those princesses out of the vault!!!!

jess on Feb 22, 2010


@ Jess (#13) You can find pretty much all of the Disney movies at for pennies. You'll pay more for shipping than you will for the actual movie.

Nada Nuff on Feb 22, 2010


My kidz wonyt evEn wear 3D glasses

mariah on Feb 26, 2010


Oh, come on guys... Beauty and the Beast it's realy great. 3D tecnology will not change anything in particular, but many peolple will look at the movie again, and remember. And, the today kids will see the movie for the first time, and they are mad for 3D as you know. Soo, maybe for the grow up peolple it's not exactly a miracle, but for others will be special.

Rita on May 14, 2010

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