Disney's Official Theatrical Tron Legacy Poster Finally Unveiled

October 19, 2010
Source: Yahoo

Tron Poster

Oh hell yes - you ready for this?! Disney has debuted the official theatrical Tron Legacy poster, which is a play on the original epic Tron poster with Flynn reaching out towards his identity disc floating above him. I wish we had a nice, clean high res version of this, but Disney chose to debut it on Yahoo, where all we've got is a shabby low res version for now (we'll update this later). There have already been quite a few posters for Tron Legacy, but this is the first official poster released besides the lightcycle teaser poster debuted late last year. I'm already in love with this poster, including the digital distortion effect over the characters. Enjoy!

Tron Legacy Poster

Sam Flynn (Garrett Hedlund), the tech-savvy son of Kevin Flynn (Jeff Bridges), looks into his father's disappearance and is pulled into the digital world of Tron where his father has been living for 25 years.

Tron Legacy is directed by first-time filmmaker Joseph Kosinski. The screenplay was co-written by Adam Horowitz ("Lost"), Richard Jefferies (Blood Tide, Living Hell), Edward Kitsis ("Lost"), and the director of the original movie, Steven Lisberger. This first got the greenlight last year because this early teaser played well at Comic-Con. Disney is bringing Tron Legacy to theaters in 3D starting on December 17th. You in?

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I'm sick of these posters. I WANT TO SEE IT NOW!!

jay on Oct 19, 2010


I don't think I can sit through all of November for this. lol

Big Boss on Oct 19, 2010


Are you kidding? You think this is a good? This reminds me of a crappy Matrix poster. Shoulda stuck with the original silhouette style.

jamdolin on Oct 19, 2010


Pretty neat.

Cracky on Oct 19, 2010


Cool poster, Looks like the Solar Sailer is also in the sequel.

TigerClaw on Oct 19, 2010


This could have been a whole lot sleeker and sexier. The Daft Punk poster looked better than this. Man this is disappointing.

None Too Impressed on Oct 19, 2010


I like it, some posters give to much away. Tron T-Shirt

clu_less on Oct 19, 2010


blatant copy of the Star Wars poster h ttp:// m/2010/05/sw_poster1.jpg

dil on Oct 19, 2010


#8 or maybe...just maybe its a homage to the original Tron poster.

Brandon on Oct 19, 2010


look like the original poster.

Xerxex on Oct 19, 2010


Ooh, this is terrible... they've already said there's no romantic relationship between Sam and Quorra, and yet there she is, givin' him some love.

Feryl on Oct 19, 2010



Dan W on Oct 19, 2010


#11 forgot about that. This poster is totally misleading.

None Too Impressed on Oct 19, 2010


More cool blues than a WPA poster.....still.....whatever

Voice of Reason on Oct 19, 2010


I like it, mostly because of the nod to the original. If nothing else, its very eye catching, which is a good thing for a poster. I wish they had used an artist like they did for the original instead of a compilation of digital pictures. Oh well.

Dave13 on Oct 19, 2010


Everything in the background is superfluous.

James on Oct 19, 2010


Honestly it looks like they are going to try and form the goatse symbol

John I.G. on Oct 19, 2010


Fucking beautiful!

McQueen on Oct 19, 2010


@ dil, it's an update on the original tron poster, from before you were born.

LINKFX on Oct 19, 2010


Interesting poster... But did they really have to make Olivia Wilde completely unrecognizable in the poster?

Lars on Oct 19, 2010


im with #1 😀

DaftPUNKFAN on Oct 19, 2010


Looks awful sadly. 🙁

Black Smokey on Oct 19, 2010


Meh. Also, her right arm must be freakishly long if she can manage to get her hand all the way around to his over side like that... Painters > photoshop hacks. This doesn't turn me off the movie in the slightest, tho. Hopefully they'll release a better poster that will separate this flick from the original.

Squiggly_P on Oct 19, 2010


Who's the hot chick?

Telltale Twin on Oct 20, 2010


@jay: Patience, dude. Yeah, I want to see the film right now, but if I gotta wait another month, no biggie--shoot, I've waited 28 years for a sequel to TRON anyway. @Squiggly_P: Unless you've got mad skills in art and can whip up a better poster than this, I'm going to have to take what you said with a very big grain of salt. While I'm not into the "cut and paste" Photoshopped works that movie posters have become, I'm not about to pull the "this thing sucks because I didn't do it" attitude. But that's just me. On the other hand, hell, a Drew Struzan poster would've been amazing, but it's the studios that make the call on this stuff. Better to yell at them (if they'll even bother to listen).

Marc McKenzie on Oct 20, 2010


I can't wait for all the eye candy overload!

Johnny Neat on Oct 20, 2010


@Feryl and @None Too Impressed: Actually, aside from the fact that Sam is doing the whole "communicating with the user" maneuver, the poster isn't misleading at all. I've read the article you are talking about and I think you may have misinterpreted what was said(I've provided a link below so you can re-read it**). In said article, the question was referring to the nature of Kevin Flynn's relationship with Quorra, not Sam's. No one from the production has ever said that Quorra and Sam would not become romantically involved... Quite the opposite actually. In most of her recent interviews, Olivia Wilde has hinted at there definitely being some kind of romantic relationship between Sam and Quorra. **

Christopher Johnson on Oct 20, 2010



Kay on Oct 21, 2010


exactly what I am taling about....this is the copy from the orginal film...and no mention of it, side by side comparisons blew it this time Alex, to be sure. God Dammit!!!!!!

Clover on Oct 22, 2010


I love haters people hate this poster cause its not them that's all other than that love it just as much as the daft punk one

Oh chimy mime on Oct 22, 2010


@Marc I don't have "mad art skillz" or anything. I do paint, but I'm no Drew Struzan (who is, aside from the man himself...) But I'll bet you a great sum of money that before this flick comes out, several artists will whip up their own fan posters that will blow this one out of the water. I might take a crack at it myself, honestly. Thing is, this poster isn't what a typical artist would do. If they let artists make movie posters, you'd end up with a lot of really bad-ass movie posters. The problem is that the artist(s) have to get everything approved and have to incorporate suggestions made by a bunch of market analysts. The various stupid things that commercial artists have to deal with is the reason I don't do it myself. Too much stress for me and my anxiety problems.

Squiggly_P on Nov 3, 2010

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