Don't Watch: Starz Animation's New 'Gnomeo & Juliet' Trailer

September 21, 2010
Source: Apple

Gnomeo & Juliet

I know this is supposed to be for kids and not me (so they say), but I'd take DreamWorks' movies any day over this crap. Touchstone, which is essentially Disney, has debuted a trailer for an animated movie called Gnomeo & Juliet coming out next February. Made by Starz Animation (Space Chimps, 9), the concept is essentially like Night at the Museum but with garden gnomes, or maybe I should say this is more of a Toy Story ripoff, as that's what I thought after watching this trailer. None of the jokes really connected, I never laughed, and it's a brutalized take on the classic Shakespeare play. Or at least that's what I think. Enjoy?

Watch the official trailer for Kelly Asbury's Gnomeo & Juliet:

You can also watch the Gnomeo & Juliet official trailer in High Definition on Apple

Another version of Shakespeare's famous play, set in the world with warring indoor and outdoor gnomes.

Gnomeo & Juliet was directed by animation filmmaker Kelly Asbury, who previously directed DreamWorks Animation's Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron and Shrek 2, and has been working in animation since the 80s. The script was co-written by newcomers Rob Sprackling and John R. Smith (both of Mike Bassett: England Manager), among many others, and is obviously based on Shakespeare's classic. Touchstone, aka Disney, is bringing Gnomeo & Juliet to theaters starting on February 11th, 2011 early next year. Did anyone laugh?

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wow this looks like a terrible knock off/hybrid of Toy Story and Over the Hedge.

one on Sep 21, 2010


The two films this director has previously made I really might turn out good....I´m still hopeful.

Mart on Sep 21, 2010


Toy Story is bad enough, but this looks even more AIDS than that. Does Elton John not get enough royalties or something? It's not like he needs the money. - This must've taken a while to make, with a big team of animators, what a fucking waste of time and effort. Maybe these films aren't as hard to do as they look and you can make up any old crap and renderfarm it out.

Crapola on Sep 21, 2010


Is it me or do all these animators go to the same training camp? I know I always go on about it, but to have a feature animation made do you have to break into to Pixar and steal the style and then try and recreate it? Look at this short: or any of these: I know that the market is aimed towards essential dumb children with no attention span, if Disney/Pixar came up with the model then it's probably been well researched that children react well to cheesily rendered shiny characters, but is that really all we have to expect?

Crapola on Sep 21, 2010


It is only natural to only care about the thoughts of those we idolise, aka alex B. of course if you want to be able to get along with most people, you will have to be able to seriously consider everyone's opinion. You need to be able to listen to all opinions, positive or otherwise (but I know you already know that..................) but pesonally i'm tired of this Don't Watch anything but Pixar crap...

Jeff Spicoli on Sep 21, 2010


p.s why didnt you mention the spectacular cast? michael caine, ozzy osbourne, jason statham, emily blunt and james mcAvoy

Jeff Spicoli on Sep 21, 2010


^ Jeff... It's not everything that's not Pixar, but most stuff that isn't Pixar or Blue Sky or DreamWorks really IS crap. And I use that "Don't Watch" title as kind of a joke... Of course people are going to watch this, but my point is that it is really bad, and you may just want to save your time. The cast is just a voice cast, and for a movie this bad, they're not even really worth mentioning. Sorry.

Alex Billington on Sep 21, 2010


honestly, it doesn't look anywhere near as bad as some others on the slate for this fall (hem hem, Alpha & Omega? who WANTS that?). But yeah, Stay Away.

Jackson on Sep 21, 2010


this movie doesnt look that bad,ill give this movie a chance and go see it,plus they brought in a great cast with a good may be a rip off some films but what movie doesnt do that these days for example inception seemed like it took some ideas from the matrix involving the dream world.every movie has to start with an inspiration. and alex the cast isnt just the voice cast,its what helps makes this movie like many others come to life

Spider94 on Sep 21, 2010


I'm with 8#. Isn´t a great movie, but it´s watchable.

D. on Sep 21, 2010


Is this animated in India?

John on Sep 21, 2010


Actually, speaking as one of the people who worked on it, I think it looks pretty darn good and I was very happy with the story. Don't watch if you don't want to -- but if you like humour, action and garden gnomes, you'll be missing out! I don't know how much else I can say, so I'll leave it at that. Oh, by the way #11, proudly animated in Toronto, Canada by some of the best animation talent around!

oofoe on Sep 21, 2010


Meh, ill check it out...just to legitimately say it sucked

Jericho on Sep 21, 2010


Oofoe, seriously? Speaking as one of the people who worked on it? Well, now we know not to trust your opinion of it.

Jay Beezy on Sep 21, 2010


well it doesn't look bad but it doesn't look good either. I mean, have the people who did this thing realize what happened to the real romeo & juliet? who wants to watch garden gnomes kill each other and then sit on the couch while their kids see the two main gnomes commit suicide?! Yeah they PROBABLY won't end it that way, but then they're also devaluating Shakespeare's work. Why doesn't Hollywood come out with a good, real live action film where gnomes are evil and out to kill suburbia? I'd go see THAT instead of whatever this is.

Julie on Sep 21, 2010


Way to go #4!!!! It's depressing that other animation houses feel like they have to copy Pixar's model to be successful. Word to Animation Companies : STOP CREATING DUMB MATERIAL FOR MY CHILDREN. Here is what makes Pixar successful: They never assume that their audience was raised in a superficial bubble. Their themes and stories connect with serious, universal issues like death, love, growing up, getting old, self discovery, etc. It looks like this film was made by producers to make a quick buck.

Alex O on Sep 22, 2010


Nope couldn't even watch the whole thing. I tend to like smart, funny and well written dialog in my animation.

arjones on Sep 22, 2010


Wow this movie isn't even out and you are all bashing on it. You're even bashing one of the creators of it. How low are you people? At least wait until you've seen it before you act all high and mighty.

SeanPM on Sep 22, 2010


@ Alex: "...most stuff that isn't Pixar or Blue Sky or DreamWorks really IS crap" wow! by saying this you just declared you don't know shit about animation. I can name lots of good animation movies that are not pixar, dream works and blue sky! here some, look em up: Despicable Me (3d), Surf's up(3d), Happy Feet(3d), Spirited Away(2d), The Triplets of Belleville(2d), Wallace & Gromit(stop motion), Corpse Bride(stop motion), Persepolis(2d), Monster House(3d), The Secret Of Kells (2d), Bolt (3d), Coraline(stop motion), Iron Giant (2d/3d), and the upcoming "Legend of the Guardians" (3d). and Ice Age sucks by the way.

Ben .C. on Sep 22, 2010


@ Crapola. I guess you magically became an adult and not ever been a "dumb child" oh that's right you are an idiot. I think I speak for all parents on here. If you have nothing useful to say than don't say it.

MLD on Sep 22, 2010


@MLD, I too am a parent, I don't think that all children are dumb, in my experience children are more intelligent than a lot of people give them credit for. I meant that often films are dumbed done for children instead of all children are dumb. My son watched Totoro and enjoyed it, but sadly also loves Toy Story, it's about choice, you can't tell a kid Disney aren't the best, they have to find that out for themselves and when everything looks the same it's harder. I've been to a couple of Pixar exhibits and the best part is always the concept drawings I think that is before a machine crushes all the life out of it into a shiny happy 3d model. But that's just my opinion and I am an idiot.

Crapola on Sep 22, 2010


why did my post get erased?????? all i asked alex was what you htought about studio ghibli films. i wasnt trying to be mean, i just asked a question

jmack on Sep 22, 2010


^ Sorry, wanted to answer it. I said "most" originally but I LOVE Ghibli films. I meant most of the CGI animated crap that Hollywood churns out besides Blue Sky, DreamWorks, Pixar and so on.

Alex Billington on Sep 22, 2010


Yeah I agree it doesn't look like anything special, but it still looks more entertaining than some others (like Rio) that are also headed our wat.

jjboldt on Sep 23, 2010


Freaking awesome! Looks like there will be lots of action sequences and a little bit of tit and ass for us macho men. Ghibli films blow hard.

Waste of Time on Sep 23, 2010


this looks great!-.lighten up..just looks like a fun afternoon out if you ask me!..sold!

ukfilmnut on Sep 23, 2010


omg!! much snobbery over a VERY CUTE film that looks great for little kids!..

pbird on Sep 24, 2010


You know a good cast by name only doesn't necessarily mean a good animated film. Look at Doogal. Alpha and Omega even had a decent voice cast.

Jay Beezy on Sep 28, 2010


this looks like a rip off of toy story. I grew up with Toy Story and I'm here to say it looks horrible. I'm sick of modern cinema now, Hollywood wanting to eat up the goodness of our childhood memeories. Could anyone hear Bill Nighy's voice in the trailer or was it just me? Anyway I think it looks terrible.

Jon Osterman on Oct 1, 2010


cheesy... but charming too

neonblue120 on Oct 9, 2010


The movie isn't even out yet!!! Wankers!!!! Wait and see what the intended target audience thinks of it. It's not made for adults. If kids like it then it succeeded. It's sad that so many adults are pessimistic and cynical.

Pollywannacracker on Feb 7, 2011


i love that you people post about it and havent even seen it. I worked on it am am very proud of the film. Shrek2 is one of the highest grossing animations of all time. This is the same director's next film. Get off comparing EVERYTHING to Pixar or toystory. If that's all you know, fair enough, but wait and see the movie for yourself. Alex Billington, you are a joke.

Rob68 on Feb 11, 2011


We took our son to see this tonight, and even he agreed it was the 2nd to worst animated film we have seen (Pirate Veggie Tales being the worst). Not only did we not laugh once, it was downright painful to sit through.

Wolfie on Feb 12, 2011


Honestly? I liked it. The animation was very well done, the story was adorable, and it appealed to age groups beyond the assumed target audience. They even handled the ending in a way that surprised me, I was curious as to how they intended to turn a tragedy into a kid's movie. There were quite a few prominent voice actors as well. Overall, it was an enjoyable movie and those of you ripping it to shreds without even seeing it should know that the trailer for a movie is a horrible basis for judgement. How To Train Your Dragon is a good example of this. Not saying it's for everyone, I went in with low expectations and thought it was lovely. Don't be so quick to seal the deal.

Slap Happy on Feb 14, 2011

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