Early 'Red State' Buzz Promises Interesting Sundance Premiere

November 29, 2010
Source: SlashFilm

Kevin Smith's Red State

With the line-up for the 2011 Sundance Film Festival arriving this week, we'll finally know if Kevin Smith's Red State will get its world premiere at the snowy festival as is expected. I'm already interested in seeing Smith's new political horror film that will apparently be unlike anything he's directed before, but it sounds like there's a lot to look forward to. SlashFilm posted a quote from director Richard Kelly (Donnie Darko, The Box) who commented on Red State during a Smodcast recording, saying some very enthusiastic things, including that if it does show at Sundance, "I might actually come up to just see the audience's response."

Here is Kelly's full quote on Red State: "I have never seen a filmmaker reinvent himself the way you just have. I won't say anything else because I don't want to spoil anything. It's really really exciting. If the movie ends up playing at Sundance, I might actually come up to just see the audience's response. I can not wait…"

Smith has already finished production on Red State and is hoping to premiere it at Sundance or Cannes. The cast in the film includes John Goodman, Kyle Gallner, Michael Angarano, Stephen Root, Kevin Pollak, Anna Gunn, Melissa Leo, Michael Parks and Haley Ramm. Over the weekend, Smith sent an email to SlashFilm talking about his career and plans to auction off Red State to a distributor right at the festival. "Might even bring up a professional auctioneer to make it fun and unintelligible." Now that would be hilarious. It sounds like, despite his growing disdain towards film critics, Smith is ready to unveil something entirely different with Red State, and that's half the reason I want to see it. Let's hope it does get into Sundance - stay tuned!

Of course, Richard Kelly is his friend and won't be negative, but this is some interesting buzz. Does he think we'll see an audience that is either disgusted and walks out or cheers at the right moments? If so, that makes me so much more excited to see what Smith has up his sleeves, hopefully late one cold, snowy night in January.

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still not convinced. still kind of offended. What happened to the Kevin Smith of yore?

Al on Nov 29, 2010


Offended because he's doing different genres? (no sarcasm, I'm actually curious)-- I'm kind of intrigued-- its interesting how hardcore many of his fans are. I hope John Goodman is playing the Pastor.

Cracky on Nov 29, 2010


I don't trust artists who fear critics ... or ones who claim dreck like "Cop Out" is actually funny.

Christian Toto on Nov 29, 2010


Michael Parks is playing the pastor.

Ben on Nov 29, 2010


I'm offended that he seems to sell out. I understand his reasons for Cop Out was just to have funding for Red State, still though, its selling out. Wasn't the first time either, there is nothing in his recent works (outside of Clerks 2) to suggest that he is the same person that directed Clerks, Chasing Amy, and Mallrats. No more gleeful coming of age fun, its just all over the place.

Al on Nov 29, 2010


How was Zach and Miri not a fun, coming of age film?

Dan on Nov 29, 2010


I prefer people just to repeat the same thing they are known for and not make any money pretty much until they die, it's just so much more arty. I often drive through the South of America looking for the homes of blues musicians who never 'sold out to the man' and I offer my hand in support of their ability to never bend to the corruption of the dollar. I love that they can live on a can of beans a day and have to sing for tips even though they are in their 80's. Al, c'mon man, Clerks was 17 years ago. People grow up.

Crapola on Nov 29, 2010


I love Kevin Smith, I hate it when people bitch when people who try different things.

CCavins on Nov 29, 2010


Im ready for it! No Cop out was not funny, but still he tried and learned so yeah I'm ready for red state. and really just how many coming of age comedies do you want from him!

Jimmy Love on Nov 30, 2010


I can see where i seemed like an "arty" jerk, so let me rephrase.I didn't mean for it too sound like he needs to repeat himself, or play it safe. Infact generic buddy cop film from off the shelf is a lot safer than religious comedy about renegade angels. Obviously people are allowed to be all over the spectrum, but theres just no consistency between the 90s Smith and the 00s Smith. So, of course he's allowed to change, but I think I'm perfectly allowed to think "why can't you go back to that." Also, Kevin Smith in no way lives on the streets. Lastly, I'm not "bitching" about him trying new things, I'm bitching about diminishing quality. The thing that bugs me is the off the shelf techniques he uses in his newer works. You all have it backwards. His newer films are the ones that are playing it safe and generic.

Al on Nov 30, 2010


I agree it does not work when he does "play it safe" but that is him letting the pressure of mainstream hollywood influence him, which he himself has stated that the big companies make him nervous, honestly Cop Out is the only movie from him that was truly bad! I even liked Jersey Girl, I thought it was funny. I for one am ready to give him a chance on a horror story!

Jimmy Love on Nov 30, 2010

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