Eastwood Wants Joaquin Phoenix as J. Edgar Hoover's Lover

September 21, 2010
Source: Vulture

Tolson / Phoenix

With the upcoming big screen adaptation of the life of J. Edgar Hoover, founder of the FBI, already having Clint Eastwood behind the camera and Leonardo DiCaprio in front of it, Hoover was already quite the high profile project. Well there's a chance it could get even more attention as Vulture has revealed Joaquin Phoenix, fresh off his crazy, documented, public facade in I'm Still Here, is the top choice to play Hoover's protégé suspected lover Clyde Tolson. Frequently referred to in contemporary settings as an ambiguously gay crime-fighting duo, the two were in close contact at both the FBI and also in their social lives. Read on!

Aside from his work at the FBI from 1947-1972, Tolson also spent many nights dining out with Hoover at night clubs and even spent vacations together. None of this is official yet, and apparently, contrary to what we'd heard previously, DiCaprio hasn't even closed his deal to play Hoover yet (though it is expected to be finalized soon). Once DiCaprio has crossed the T's and dotted the I's, an offer is expected to be sent to Phoenix. The real question is whether or not he'll end up taking the role. But if he's looking for a big return to acting after a potentially career-harming performance in a faux documentary, this high profile biopic from writer Dustin Lance Black (Milk) is just what the doctor ordered.

Though it sounds daring to have his return to the spotlight be in the form of a real-life, closeted homosexual opposite DiCaprio, the role is certainly a challenge as this is a most unconventional romance from history. Imagine having to see your secret lover at work everyday when just the very act of your relationship, even in the open, would cast millions of judgmental eyes on you and the FBI. Though Hoover did his best to keep his love for Tolson secret (going so far as to hunt down and threaten men who questioned his heterosexuality), the FBI director left Tolson everything (his estate, the life insurance policy and even the American flag from atop Hoover's casket) upon his death. I'd love for Phoenix to make this his grand return to the big screen. How about you?

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I actually enjoy all of Joaquin's performances. So to hear that he may play this role makes me excited.

4k4k on Sep 21, 2010


id like to see it happen. Eastwood is a master!

d on Sep 21, 2010


Oscar contender if Eastwood, Joaquin and DeCaprio team up

j0 on Sep 21, 2010


Wow sounds awesome.

Xerxex on Sep 21, 2010


Christ, Eastwood knows how to pick 'em alright!

Vic on Sep 21, 2010


@2... That was all a ploy and a brilliant bit of marketing for I'm Still Here. He went the Borat/Bruno route and did it magnificently seeing as you, myself, and millions of other people were completely fooled by his shenanigans. I'm glad it was all a lie though because Phoenix is one of my favorite actors and it'll be great to see him back on the silver screen doing what he does best all the way into his twilight years.

peloquin on Sep 21, 2010


@shero You are a dumb child with bad grammar. Your stupid comments hurt my brain. Thanks for playing.

thetylerw on Sep 21, 2010


Joaquin is one of those actors, who when cast, makes you automatically say "great choice" because he is simply believable as anybody. Glad to see the backlash from his performance stunt isnt slowing him down.

talli on Sep 21, 2010


Oh Christ he's still here!

Jimmy Love on Sep 21, 2010


lol @11. He should just stop. I liked him before he did this whole faux documentary. And though I haven't seen it. I'd still rather him just stop.

Dan W on Sep 21, 2010


@ thetylerw, agreed and thanks. 🙂 Sounds like a good movie. I hope Phoenix takes the role.

McWilly on Sep 21, 2010


Believe it or not Phoenix can act, and I'm Still Here was a bold move on his part, and it seems to have paid off.

Xerxex on Sep 21, 2010


@shero if ya don't care then why comment !!! if you don't care then why did you talk about his "retirement" !!! if you don't care then shut the hell up !!! notice how i through in all the un-needed 3 exclamation points 😉 and Ethan i said i would no longer read your articles i am a hypocrite and im sorry

DoomCanoe on Sep 22, 2010


Is there any proof these guy's where gay? I know Hoover was a transvestite but that doesn't mean he was gay.

tir na nog on Sep 22, 2010


Shouldn't the title to this article be: "Eastwood Wants Joaquin Phoenix as J. Edgar Hoover's ALLEGED Lover" Isn't it a bit close minded to assume that just because two men enjoyed each others company and had a very strong friendship they were gay? Do you also assume that every well groomed man is gay?

S on Sep 22, 2010

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