Edward Norton's Official Statement on Not Returning as Hulk

July 12, 2010
Source: Facebook

Edward Norton as Hulk

Who would've thought that the big news of July, pre-Comic-Con, would be all about how Edward Norton was no longer going to Comic-Con, replaced by an "unknown" in the role of the Hulk. We've covered most of the basic story already, but the man himself, Edward Norton, released an official statement today. It was forwarded to me by his rep so I can confirm that it's actually written by him and is his official word on the situation. It's a bit sad to read, but is a classy what to put an end to this crazy debacle. Sadly, it seems a few of you in the comments didn't exactly praise him, but I definitely enjoyed Norton's Hulk more than Bana's.

Ed Norton Hulk Note

This was originally posted on Norton's official Facebook page. We still don't know who's going to be playing Bruce Banner / Hulk in The Avengers (or anything else about the movie), but I'm afraid to find out anyway. It was confirmed over the weekend by Marvel Studios that they're looking at bringing on someone different to play Hulk in The Avengers and beyond. This is just Norton's reply to that announcement that first hit last week, because, as you may have seen on SlashFilm, there's a bit of a yelling match going on with his agent. Marvel must really like replacing actors very easily. First it was Terrence Howard, now Norton. Who's next?

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screw Marvel!

jake the snake on Jul 12, 2010


"Hulk sad :("

Luis M on Jul 12, 2010


bah Norton rules

DoomCanoe on Jul 12, 2010


Edward Norton is one of the best actors of our generation. It is extremely unfortunate he will no longer be playing Hulk. A big step back for Marvel.

VOLD on Jul 12, 2010


Super classy of Norton, much respect.

RT on Jul 12, 2010


Wow third hulk in 10 years

Moon on Jul 12, 2010


I'm skeptical about The Avengers now...Norton as the Hulk was perfect and he made that film so much better because of the way he portrayed him as a desperate scientist with a curse. I don't think they'll be able to find anyone who can do it better and it feels like the crossovers in that film were wasted and meaningless now. ...ugh, I'm so pissed, Marvel better have some major announcements at Comic Con to offset this travesty.

peloquin on Jul 12, 2010


There is a facebook group called Attention Marvel Studios: Keep Ed Norton as the Hulk in the Avengers!! join it !

sfdasklj on Jul 12, 2010


The actors in the Hulk films certainly weren't the problem with those movies, both Bana and Norton did a decent job and whoever replaces them probably also will so it's pretty moot. I always pegged Norton for a pretty intelligent guy though; did nobody ever teach him how to use paragraphs?

Shikaka on Jul 12, 2010


pure class. marvel messed up on this on

lego on Jul 12, 2010


ed norton is one of the best actors in hollywood. i'm looking forward to WHATEVER future movies he does.

beavis on Jul 12, 2010


Fuck Marvel. They take another L (it's becoming almost cliche). D.C. is only getting my money from now on.

graffiti bandit on Jul 12, 2010


Shit tons of respect for Norton, I agree with 12 D.C. is getting my money, marvel can kiss the curb and let Norton go American History X on their ass.

Marvel Blows on Jul 12, 2010


Norton = class, talent and awesomeness Marvel = FAIL Oh well, that's another $18 I can save for a better cause =D

Jaimes on Jul 12, 2010


I have to say that I repect the actor for that, but I always respected him as an actor anyway. I still am glad that he won't be part of the avengers (not that I'm looking foward to it anyway) but I only say that because Norton collaborating with other actors to portray one he already did wouldn't seem his style. He's a good actor and he did a great job in the Hulk, but I think this is for the better.

Eli on Jul 12, 2010


im boy-cotting the new hulk/avengers movie. and thank u edward norton for still having class through this bull-shit.

jaydizzle on Jul 12, 2010


He was the best part of The Incredible Hulk... an amazing actor whos absence will be felt in The Avengers, no matter who they replace him with. Think about Terrence Howard, it doesnt matter how much of a great actor Don Cheadle is, he couldnt really replace the original actor on the role.

Dreckent on Jul 12, 2010


Feels like the eulogy of one of our favorite comic book characters. You're the man, Norton.

Nick Sears on Jul 12, 2010


@17 Don Cheadle > Terrence Howard, however I did like Howard's Rhodes better. His seemed more confident in himself and a his position as a Lt. Col / liaison to a major arms manufacturer. Felt like getting his hands on the Warmachine suit would've gone straight to his head (the character) and that would've made a great storyline. Cheadle's role felt more like an unsure junior officer, definitely seemed lacking in how to deal with Stark, which seemed odd for (longtime?) friends.

Akirakorn on Jul 12, 2010


Its a shame that once again actors are being changed. It sucks... totally ruins some of that "magic." Every time they do this I loose a little excitement for seeing some of these movies. Some significant amount of time should pass before they switch up actors. Could you imagine if they switched actors for every Indiana Jones movie? Or what if they switched actors to play James Bond every movie? (although there have been a couple short lived Bond actors) Or what if someone came up with a bright idea to switch actors for Jack Baurer? No effin' way! right? I hope someone over at Marvel / Disney starts to think about consistency for the immediate future...

DJ SID on Jul 12, 2010


well i think that norton did a very good job in doing the hulk character and i actually would have loved to see him and all the other actors that play the marvel characters in the avengers movie not some new unknow actor like marvel is thinking. but then again what can you expect from the guys who are re-releasing spider-man in such a short time

luis leon on Jul 12, 2010


Marvel is losing respect.

Helga on Jul 12, 2010


Psshh... good luck replacing Norton is all I'm saying... got some big shoes to fill Marvel... no pun intended :p

Toucmyinfection on Jul 12, 2010


Fuck Marvel!

John on Jul 12, 2010


they better dont suck Avengers

HellBoy on Jul 12, 2010


just to give a jinx they will replace Hugh Jackman as Wolverine just moments before shooting the sequel they will replace Robert Downy Jr as Iron man and bring in Taylor Lautner they will replace Scarlett as Black widow for Lady laugh now but just remember Howard the Duck.....

Jericho on Jul 12, 2010


Ahh, so it's Marvel fault and Ganner didn't turn it down? Seems like a Money thing..Banner wanted to much money and/or he's like Will Smith where he wants to be the main character?

Kris on Jul 12, 2010


It's Vin Diesel.

Brian Ricci on Jul 12, 2010


Not too sure why people are so upset over this. Norton will still be acting in other films, let's face it he gave one of his career's weakest performances in "The Hulk". Not too surprised that Marvel passed on him, they clearly have no good idea of how to bring the Hulk to the big screen anyway. Hopefully, Whedon can pull something together for this "Avengers" flick. I dunno, I am not too excited in any respects for Marvel's film line. They are working on like a 20% good to bad movie percentage here, hope I'm wrong...

Professor Brian O'Blivion on Jul 12, 2010


they need to stop making hulk movies the hulk sucks and i hate hollywood for this.

sickdoghats on Jul 12, 2010


Yes, lets replace people that can act with a no-name for budget constraints.... EFF-IN Weak. is it just me or is marvel slowly going in the toilet??? Ever Since both Blade 3 & X-men 3 it's been both Fantastic 4's, Iron Man 2 (T Howard AND the actual story), The spidey re-boot, The Screw-ie x-men continuity, No-name Thor in NEW MEXICO ( and im america period: screams "Norse God") the weird casting of Evans as Cap.... I dont have a propblem with Sam Jackson as Fury, Jackman as wolverine, Downing as Ironman or Scarlet as widow. Those have been filled by actors who can act. It's the aforementioned crap that has grown and needs to be flushed (pun intended). All the while, DC has Nolan doing Batman Movies & working on Superman... Please understand, no sour grapes @ marvel, I've always liked them better aside from Batman and just superman's logo. I just HATE what I'm seeing here and i can clearly see that Norton wants to be involved. *ugh...

Solo Calrissian on Jul 12, 2010


*sigh* this is sad news, all love to both Edward and Eric for portraying me in the most excellent manner. One can only hope my legacy will carry on with another worthy actor of the same calibur

David Banner on Jul 13, 2010


2 big things here really 1) they dont even need banner on screen if they do use hulk (like at all lol) 2) they havent even confirmed using the hulk. so stop the wah wah marvel took our actor away stuff, the film has to have budget constraints, i mean look at some of the actors they have, samuel l jackson, robert downey jr, scarlet johannsen(or however its spelt) not to mention the actors in cap and thor which would probably get a pay bump between their movie and the avengers, can someone here please act with a shred of sense. P.s i dont hate norton he's a damn fine actor and i enjoyed him as hulk but from a business mindset he was an acceptable loss.

matt on Jul 13, 2010


Lol, Nortons such a badass.

Cody w on Jul 13, 2010


#33 is talking a lot of sense! The Hulk was an Avenger...NOT Bruce Banner! All of the action sequences in the movie will have a CGI Hulk playing the part. Bruce Banner himself would be a small supporting role in what has to be very much an ensemble cast. I cannot picture Norton fitting in to that description. I have to add (getting ready to duck now) that I find the Hulk boring anyway.... what has the hulk got???? Answer: Incredible strength and...errr... he can jump a long way....! Both Thor and Iron Man can supply the muscle for The movie and the hulk wasnt part of the avengers for long anyway. If it was up to me I would leave the hulk completely out of the movie and bring in the Pyms who (if my memory serves) were two of the original members anyway! Just my two penneth 🙂

FOOM on Jul 13, 2010


I will never watch another marvel movie again, Norton is great and marvel are douchebags long time fan of marvels stuff but now they will never get another penny of my money

Loser on Jul 13, 2010


I said it before and I'll say it again, The Avengers keeps taking one step forward and ten steps back. This time they took one too many step backs and it's beginnng to look like The Fantastic Four. It's going to take a lot more than Robert Downey Jr. to save the Avengers. If Downey's smart, he'd get his ass off this sorry piece of shit production as soon as possible.

Hattori Hanzo on Jul 13, 2010


"2) they havent even confirmed using the hulk." Didn't they sort of do that by saying Norton will not be The Hulk in the Avengers movie?

ryderup on Jul 13, 2010


Classy no he's playing the game Fiege made what for some consider to be a nasty statement that old douche bag eddie doesn't play well with others, which is true! old Norty's just playing it up with his lower lip sticking out and quivering like the baby bitch he is.

Jimmy Love on Jul 13, 2010


#14 Agreed!

SillySil on Jul 13, 2010


Oh well. With Joss "Hack" Whedon at the helm anyway - I'll save my money.

bozo on Jul 13, 2010


I think its silly to replace Norton, as he did a great job as Bruce Banner. HOWEVER, if speculation is that Bruce Banner would barely exist in any ensemble cast movies (IE Avengers or sequels of other movies), then it does in fact make sense to trade out Norton for another actor that is cheap and can fulfill the need for the scientist in any random coffee shop scenes or whatnot. Here's to the movies all being as good as the recent films!

Dave13 on Jul 13, 2010


HULK super sad. Norton was by far, no argument, the best Hulk that has ever graced any screen. Come back, Norton. COME BAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAAAAAAACK!!!! :_:

Angry Chief on Jul 13, 2010


fuck you disney

Edy on Jul 13, 2010


ok you knee jerk reaction douches. no one is going to boycott because norton isnt in the movie, so shut up. second, having chedale (sp?) instead of howard did not take ANYTHING away from IM2. everyone who bitches about the casting and the behind the scene drama bullshit always goes to the movie, so just quit, you arent fooling anyone.

Spencer on Jul 13, 2010


this has the smell of a good actor seeing a trashcan script and gracefully bowing out...I would be willing to bet that the Avengers is going to be little better than an on-screen comic book aimed at the 10 - 13 yr old set...

blasphemer on Jul 14, 2010


Didn't know Ed Norton was such a classy dude.

lamar on Jul 14, 2010


Edward was great in Hulk. He is total class !!!!

HY on Jul 15, 2010


Really... Edward Norton is such an interesting actor... thank God his talents won’t be wasted on another silly superhero movie.... 'The Avengers-AKA: The Search For More Money'

Charlie Salinger on Jul 21, 2010


ed norton, jennifer garner, and nick cage were the 3 best actors/actress to play any marvel characters and now thier all being replaced so besides jackman downey jr and (affleck whos getting replaced anyway) theres really no point in watching any live action marvel movie except punisher in which all 3 movies were awesome so i'll stick to animated movies, comicbooks, tv shows, and video games i feel for you ed you're one of the greatest

binx on Aug 14, 2010


Marvel, kiss my áss...

Emanuel Bravo on May 1, 2012


toby maquire lol next the only thing about the acengers i cant stand is that Edward Nortan easnt the hulk i was so excited to see him in it workin with the rest of the group that wouldve looked so cool but u know whatever Edward Nortan if u ever saw this message i would say hey love american history x and u should be the hulk

Matt Tuthill on Sep 27, 2012

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