Ethan Hawke Talks About Another Potential Before Sunset Movie

January 5, 2010
Source: Collider

Before Sunset

In a recent interview with Collider, actor Ethan Hawke talked openly about potentially making another Before Sunset film with director Richard Linklater. In 1995, Hawke starred in a romantic drama called Before Sunrise and followed it up 9 years later with Before Sunset, with the time in the film matching the time passed in real life. It's an interesting concept and I've heard both films are great to see back-to-back, although Before Sunset is supposedly better. But another sequel? Frosty from Collider says he heard from Linklater that "he's [been kicking] around ideas with Julie [Delpy]." What did Hawke have to say about it?

"The idea that Before Sunrise would ever be qualified as a franchise is so amusing to me," Hawke admits at first. He goes on to talk about how unbelievable it was that they even made a second film because he thought no one saw the first. "My bet is we need to follow exactly the formula which is to let it happen organically," Hawke says, referring to the idea that they'll wait until everyone (Linklater, Delpy, Hawke) feels it's the right time. But at this point, even he's not sure what the story would be about or when it would be set. He adds:

"But my thought is we will make one as soon as everybody has forgotten about it. Rick [Linklater] is going to… it'll probably take Rick to see a window that will want him to revisit these people and then he’ll lasso Julie and I into talking about what’s happened to us."

What it sounds like he's saying is that it will happen eventually whenever Linklater finds time or interest in doing another one. I imagine it wouldn't take too long to shoot and Linklater doesn't exactly have a crowded schedule (he keeps losing projects left and right). I'd love to see him fit it another one of these in the future, just to quickly revisit the concept again, as Hawke says it could be about "how time affects people and how we change." Who knows if it'll ever happen. How many people are fans of these two films? Do you want to see another one sometime in the near future? Or is better to leave them untouched exactly the way they are?

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I will only see it if Ethan Hawke's character in the film is tortured and killed.

Dirty Dutchman on Jan 5, 2010


ouch... Funny but I don't agree.

Sherill Lisse on Apr 4, 2011


Both films are a delight I ABSOLUTLY love better the second. OH that You gonna miss that plane is simple beautiful. A third? could be. But I am on Hawke side let it happens, simple happens. Otherwise will be a Hollywood formulaic, boring romantic film. The killing of a classic.

Rolando on Jan 5, 2010


I'm smiling from ear to ear right now. I hope this concept continues. I want to see these two characters used to continue expressing adult life.

Johnny Neat on Jan 5, 2010


P.s. I LIKE Before Sunrise but LOVE Before Sunset and feel that Before Sunrise was what Jesse, Hawke's character, wrote in his book about his and Celine's encounter & Before Sunset was reality for these characters. Regardless, this should be taken as seriously as Hawke seems to suggest. It could become Linklater's Scenes from a Marriage like series.

Johnny Neat on Jan 5, 2010


Better yet, to watch how people really change/age over time, go rent the Up series. (7-Up, 7+Seven, 21-Up... etc.) Documentary started in 1964 with a group of 7-year olds and has followed-up with most of them every seven years. Amazing, and still going. Most recent was 49 Up.

Chris on Jan 5, 2010


Yes I am a big fan of both films and anticipate the third. I hope it comes off as natural as the first 2. Before sunset is easily in my top 5 best romantic movies of all time.

El Guapo on Jan 5, 2010


That final scene in Sunset was so perfect and full of promise... I've always wanted to know what happened to them.

Laura on Jan 6, 2010


Sometimes it's the right person but the wrong time. And then years later it's right and just comes together. But when it's right, you have to just jump. Take a chance. Cause it's only a moment in time that might change everything.

Bryanmakeup on Jan 6, 2010


NO! Before Sunset was one of the most unnecessary sequels of all time! It completely killed any of the mystery and ambiguity that Before Sunrise left off with. Instead of making it up in our heads, we have it brainlessly spelled out for us with Before Sunset. Kill these sequels before they kill the memory of the first.

SlashBeast on Jan 23, 2010


We've got a fan group for Jesse and Celine. If the phrases "Daydream delusion, limousine eyelash" or "Baby you are gonna miss that plane" mean anything to you, then we are the group for you. We are an international group that spans 7 continents of the world and 50 countries. Like Jesse and Celine themselves, we generally do not have any limit on the things we talk about. This group is our virtual cafe, and a chance for us to talk about the movies themselves, or anything else that comes to mind. Come hang out while we all wait to find out if there will be a 3rd film!

Eddie on Apr 22, 2010


I need a third one. I would like a third with mixed alternatives - perhaps dreamy bits as in Waking life and some down-to "We cannot stand each other" scenses between jesse and celine. Just a film about the two would be good, but also something with a Hank poping in and out, being terrible, just like those patchworks can and can not be... ooh - I suddenly get it why people actually don't want a sequell - but I would still go and watch it - definitly!

Englaender on Jun 21, 2010


Both are excellent films. Its a way for some to see the true possibilities of random chance at love for world travelers trying to escape the normal confines of life. A good writer can easily extend to a third film possibly depicting what a successful relationship might be (imagine that)and the fruits that such a relationship could bring and how it affects those people around them - as love is contagious.

Bob on Dec 4, 2010


Not only am I fan of both movies, but I am a fan of crowdsourcing. If Linklater has difficulty shooting a film and not losing the project (as Hawke suggests in the interview, above), I wonder if crowd sourcing possible scripts for the third movie might deliver some interesting alternatives to the Before Sunrise, Before Sunset franchise.

Imei on Dec 25, 2010


I am a huge fan of both of these movies. The storyline is fabulous, the characters so rich and the dialogue simply genius. I love the "time gone by" concept and the fact that the actors actually age and mature between the two films is so powerful. Everything about these films works from the actors chosen to portray Jesse and Celine to the actual way the director choose to shoot and film various scenes. The body language in Before Sunset is flawless and the audience is definitely drawn into the sexual tension between the main characters and the struggles of their current situation. For some reason, I thought the idea was to always have 3 movies each filmed 10 years apart. I have been so looking forward to 2014 for that reason. It is my personal feeling that there is more to the Jesse and Celine story. I certainly want to know more. The conversation between these two continually bounces between big worldly issues, simple touching memories, intriguing thoughts and ideas and of course their personal lives; sex, love, marriage, intimacy, disappointment and regret. I think Hawke, Deply & Linklater need to believe in themselves for a third. They know how to make great films. They've done it twice now. Stop listening to the general public and go with your instincts on this.

Heidi on Dec 31, 2010


i want to see a third film...where she doesn't want to break his marriage and they know they are madly in love...because they will see each other in the next life

Gabbyreese on Jan 31, 2011


I think there should be a third film. The first two are still stuck in my mind, years after I first saw them. (How many films do you forget the day after you see them, while these remain part of you seemingly forever?) However, I don't have a clue what the third should be about. I just hope Richard, Ethan, and Julie do.

crossbeaux on Feb 20, 2011


Sigh...I just rewatched the two, and I know how much they've meant to me...yet again. I would really love a third, but not just for the sake of a third. If it can enrich the story just as much as Before Sunset enriched Before Sunrise, then definitely. But I don't want this lovely story with its haunting ideas and realizations to fade into something sloppy...showing screen love time and a bad marriage. I think we've had enough of those from hollywood.

Sarah W. on Feb 20, 2011


I love both the films but don't know if I would like a third. I have a nice image in my head of his staying in Paris with her and spending their days having deep and meaningful conversations.

Teeny on Feb 24, 2011


Just watching Before Sunset for my 2nd time now. Just a little recap to those that will read this. I live in the Uk and at the age of 14 i went to the cinema on my own to watch Before Sunrise as my friends thought it a little odd as they was into Batman etc. The film changed my life , i mean to have a story just about 2 people talking and keeping it so real and true to life. At that age i knew nothing of love , nothing of what is real or not and it taught me alot and made me how i am today. Sorry if i am boring you! Before Sunset was excellent i only heard about it 2 weeks before realease and was both shocked and over the moon. I went back to the same cinema 10 years or 15 years however long it was. Again i made sure i went alone as its just one of those movies that has become very personal to me. As my mate nick said "Thats shit there just talking , how boring". Now reading that there are plans for perhaps another i am in 2 minds. The original is still the best part is just magic to me. I will definately go to the cinema again as this is one of the rare gems in movie history and should be made for people to watch like E.T or Star Wars. I think it is that important of a movie. Ethan become my hero during this movie and i am so greatful , thankful that i grew up with this in my heart. Soppy as it sounds as a guy i do not care. One of the greatest movie's ever made and while unsure about perhaps a final part i also look forward to getting butterflies in the cinema once more. For those that feel the same , I salute you ! Make sure your kids see these movies as mine will one day ! ONE LOVE RAMON - UNITED KINGDOM - LONDON

Ramon on Mar 16, 2011


I had a very similar experience with these films Ramon. Really amazing to read your comment. The story means so much to me and speaks to deeply into who I am, what i was as younger man, what I've become as an "adult". And what I feel I've lost along the way, and hope to find again someday. Anyway, thanks for sharing your thoughts. Btw, I'm Luke from Washington state. My comment is right below yours on this site.

Luke on Apr 14, 2011


I absolutely love these films. I've seen them both a number of times, and would thrilled to see another chapter. I think putting another 9 years in between would be perfect. That gives them another couple of years to make it happen. I just watched them back to back for the first time. I'm a male about the age they are in the second film...early thirties, single... Still figuring things out. I relate to these characters so much. They are such insightful films. It would be an absolute gift to have a third installment. I only hope it done in the same spirit and tone. And with equal parts realism and hopefulness. It's definitely a movie couple that I root for and hope to see again!

Luke on Apr 14, 2011


i love that the actors age with the characters so that the emotions translate perfectly on film. in before sunset it is precious to see and feel the passage of time, it really puts me, as the audience, in their moment (which they discuss a lot). i crave another film, maybe one much later when the children leave and they encounter one another again. I'd love one sooner, but the filmmaker and the actors would have to really find an evocative, translatable "in" for what the couple is going through. before sunset is beautifully & painfully romantic.

beccashreck on Apr 16, 2011


Yes, please. Another, please. And maybe one more, after that 🙂

risamay on Apr 18, 2011


There needs to be another movie. I cannot wait to see what has happened between Jessie and Celine. They look like they are meant to be with one another so a third and final film needs to happen ASAP. 

Sheryl802 on May 24, 2011


What would be cool is if the next movie comes out 9 years later again (2013). And in that time Jess and Celine stayed together and got married and lived together all that time. Now they're running into problems in their marriage. And the movie is a Annie Hall come Eternal Sunshine montage of the past 9 years. The joy and the pain, and of course the long conversations on life philosophy. Probably more along the Annie Hall direction in terms of style, but I'd definitely like an Eternal Sunshine ending. The combination of my 3 favourite romantic films rolled into one. My life would be complete.

Jack on Jun 18, 2011


Has anyone ever noticed the tiny details. Ethan tries to touch her hair but backs off because he's nervous in the first one. I just rewatched the second move and saw that Julie tries to touch his hair in the car but backs off. That's what these movies do so well - build a tension, the need to reach out and touch the other, but then you can't do it, you're afraid...

Theonedyg on Jun 27, 2011


I loved these movies so much....upon seeing the first one I had just returned from Europe where I felt I had lived that movie...the person I have even googled (was from Australia and we met in Austria but not Vienna) but to no avail Then the second I had aged just as they had and their conversation speaks to and of so many. Yes I want to see a third....and I only hope he stayed in Paris!!

Tab on Jun 27, 2011


Hmm, how many more? At first thought I would say just one more and wrap it up. But how can you close this story? It has to be left open like the first two, so you can keep wondering, that's why they're so great. But I would so love watching the story as they grow old, imagine film number 6 at age 80. How great would that be. It won't get boring or overused, don't worry. These movies are for the fans, not for the critics or the masses. If you loved the first 2, you're gonna keep loving this story forever, you won't care if you see the same structure each time, you just want to hear the characters stories. We need another, but they don't necessarily have to stop there.

Jack on Jun 28, 2011


These are very special films. Well told. The kind of story we daydream of while riding a train or plane to somewhere new or familiar... Crossing paths with a potential merge. I love the brain behind these films. I have so much respect for Richard Linklater....and for Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy's work. effortless dialogue and great moment to moment work. Please continue to entertain the thoughts of another installment. May your muse find you once again. Thank you for all you have done thus far. Bravo.

Kellee on Jun 30, 2011


I just finished seeing “Before Sunset” for the, um… possibly 5th or 10th time. Even though I‘ve had both movies since 2005, I saw it 2x today on cable and I still saw new things: secret glances, stolen glimpses, apprehensive touches and a boat load of sexual innuendos…. So, I’m ready for part 3, which I’m assuming will be “Before Midnight” and perhaps it starts after Jesse has missed his flight and he and Celine have finally given into temptation and make love, (in a BED, at least indoors!) then they talk, laugh, dance and reminisce about their past while excerpts from “Before Sunrise” play, then they stroll around Paris looking for dinner…walking and talking so more…contemplate the future, then Jesse gets a call from his son…End Part III…Ta  Da!

Maxxie on Jul 12, 2011


2 similar/good movies: “Until September” (Am/French love affair/chance meeting...) and “Medicine for Melancholy” (very "organic" love story...with non-traditional ending.)  3rd... “Doing South Beach With You,” original flick… working title? (My cooky life) 

Maxxie on Jul 12, 2011


Both wonderful movies, but did enjoy before Sunset the most I think.  I would love to see where they are at now and what happened after he missed his plane! 🙂

guest on Aug 25, 2011

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