First Look: Chloe Moretz as 'Abby' in Matt Reeves' Let Me In

May 7, 2010

Let Me In First Look

Here we go. The very first photo of the talented Chloe Moretz as vampire "Abby" in Matt Reeves' remake of Let the Right One In titled Let Me In has arrived and it's honestly not too impressive. Ohnotheydidnt is right in calling this shot "pretty underwhelming," it just seems like such a posed photo. I hope we eventually see a trailer that's a lot better than this, or Let Me In is going to tank because all the fans of the original will boycott it. Anyway, I'm trying to be as optimistic as I can with this film, especially after everything that Matt Reeves has said about it and even Chloe Moretz's passion for it as well. Check out the first look photo below.

Chloe Moretz as Abby in Let Me In

This photo obviously comes from an upcoming issue of Entertainment Weekly. scanned the photo and I found it via The Playlist. Moretz is definitely the best young US actor counterpart there is to compare with the original Lina Leandersson (as Eli), but this doesn't really get my hopes up. I'm also now really curious to see what Kodi Smit-McPhee looks like as "Owen" (the Oskar character) and how these two interact together in scenes - that will really be the make or break it moment. Stay tuned for updates on Let Me In, which Overture Films currently has scheduled to hit theaters on October 1st this fall. Thoughts?

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It's just one little photo. What's the big deal?

Mikeg on May 7, 2010


Yeah its one photo, but look at one photo of the girl from the original. There's so much going on. Chloe Moretz is good, but I'm still against this entire remake. The original is perfect. We don't need this.

Fuelbot on May 7, 2010


Seriously chill the eff out. Since when did marketing and photos from film indicate the quality of a movie? It's just a photo. It looks ok. Not really anything special. Obviously if they push the film too tonally or stylistically different from the original people will hate it. I'd love to see a trailer. I hope the movie is good, but I won't cry if it isn't.

Linkfx on May 7, 2010


I agree with all your sentiments Alex about the photo, very underwhelming. In saying that though i don't think the fans of the original boycotting the movie will damage it that much. They will probably market it to the general horror audience that makes films like Nightmare on Elm Street Box Office number 1. I don't think it will be better than the original but hopefully they do some things different enough to make it its own version and not a direct copy. That's what id hope for and i'll judge it on its own merits.

Rob on May 7, 2010


Can somebody explain what's so great about Moretz? Her acting in Kick Ass was shallow. Although, maybe that kind of movie didn't call for good acting. She laughed mechanically, she delivered her lines mechanically, there was no feeling behind them. She did have some bad ass action sequences, but is that what acting is about? I was actually most impressed with Aaron Johnson's acting abilities.

vladimir on May 7, 2010


I totally loved "Let the right one in"...with Nightwatch/Daywatch and Thirst, the only movie about vampires I really cared about. Don't know why you Americans want to remake everything you see around money...fuck!

Ambient on May 7, 2010


Shes too bright in this photo. What made the first movie incredible was how dark it was for a movie about children's love. Shes clearly a blonde in the movie, and they probably are gonna have a ton of day shots with her and him, which will completely ruin the movie, just so they can make holywood bank based off her kickass performance.

Avidan Pell on May 7, 2010


She looks like a dirty blonde light brunette if anything. Also, avi, love how you come to all these conclusions based off of a scan from a magazine. Let's see a trailer, then draw some preliminary conclusions.

Linkfx on May 7, 2010


The fans of the original are about 3000 or something, it was a pretty small film compared to the size the American version will be, it's not going to do gangbusters, but it'll do better than the original. I am a big fan of the original and have complained about the remake, but it was inevitable, some people can't read subtitles and foreign voices make them think they are being invaded by lefty communists so it has to go to English.

Crapola on May 7, 2010


"I am a big fan of the original and have complained about the remake, but it was inevitable, some people can't read subtitles and foreign voices make them think they are being invaded by lefty communists so it has to go to English." And this is exactly why I hate the average American moviegoer, they are mostly morons.

Jacob Crim on May 7, 2010


#4, please don't say you're the type of person that thinks Dakota Fanning is a good actress. Chloe is one of the best we have right now (also I thought the two little girls in Brothers did a pretty good job), and let's face it, that's not saying much. Child actors suck. If I want to see good child acting I pop in Empire of the Sun.

Tom on May 7, 2010


The average movie fan just wants to kill a couple of hours and forget about everything else. Yeah they end up giving up huge change so Movie land will make crap sequels, prequels and so on, but that's what the machine. Being a movie snob, have reservations about this one because of the original, but won't bash this film just yet.

flydaddyfly on May 7, 2010


the original is a modern classic,this could be one of the better remakes.

DEADPOOL 72 on May 7, 2010


The minute I heard about a 'Merican version of the film I died inside a bit. Why must the Hollywood Engine ruin every thing created.

NeuroMan42 on May 7, 2010


"foreign voices make them think they are being invaded by lefty communists so it has to go to English". Really?! Swedish?! lool, that comment made me laugh. I agree with most of you, the american audience in general is not used to seeing foreign films and maybe doesn't care about them at all. It's not like Europe, where most "good" films come from the USA. I sometimes find myself having a hard time judging the acting skills of some foreign films due to that specific language. This happens mostly with japanese and chinese, it kinda kills the mood at times for me. We're talking about remakes, but what about dubbing a movie? I can't understand how some people would want that like it happens in so many european countries. For me it stops being the original movie the minute Meryl Streep opens her mouth and italian comes out of it. It is just ridiculous. Fortunately we do neither. I enjoyed the original very much but I'm excited for this one, especially after seeing Kick Ass. If only they would use this remakes opportunities to actually improve something over the original.

Ricardo on May 7, 2010


There's no way this is gonna match the weird, cool and terrifying vibe of the original. I wish they'd let the original as it is.

dex on May 7, 2010


#9 ...if thats the case then the studios should dub the fuckin movies to prevent americanized versions of RINGU, THE GRUDGE , REC , & LET THE RIGHT ONE IN ....easy fix ...nuff said

True Blue Spider-man Fan on May 7, 2010


um...I would probably let her in. she's the perfect chameleon sweet and innocent, but can easily turn into a evil creature!!!!! I'm not to keen on this remake, but I'll see it for Moretz.

Xerxex on May 7, 2010


#16 Or Americans can get their heads from inside their asses and read the subs, its no difficult and its not like anything terribly major happens when dialog is going on anyways.

Jacob Crim on May 7, 2010


god that movie was a piece of trash why is it being remade ugh garbage! god we here in america really do have bad taste.

Jimmy Love on May 7, 2010


I agree with number 15. I think this film will try its best to match the edgy tone of the original, but will fail in doing so. Also does any else find it weird that Moretz's parents will let play a foul mouthed, violent superhero but won't let her watch LTROI?

Julian on May 7, 2010


She looks nothing like a vampire, in the origional the character was deathly white because she was evil and used her lovers, It was NOT a lovestory!

shadow on May 7, 2010



jeffrey on May 7, 2010


# It's one thing to be on set with a red jelly on your mouth pretending it is blood, it's very different to what then translates to the screen as you see it at the movie theatres i bet. And I think her mother/brother are doing a very good job on choosing awesome roles for her to play and still manage to not ruin her childish innocence too much. You gotta have a good eye for roles when you go from 500 days of summer to kick ass. And talking about remakes, a little off topic, you guys should see the translations of the movie titles they do here in Europe, one more ridiculous than the other. 500 days of summer translated to "500 dias com o Verão" (portuguese) which is the direct translation with one catch, Verão/ Summer is not used as a first name here so the movie title loses its meaning, seems a movie about a guy who just happens to love summertime. Other examples: Away we go= A place to live; Date Night= A troubled night; The men who stare at goats= The men who kill goats with their eyes (and the french title is even better: The goats from the Pentagon). Either that or they'll keep the english title but then add a portuguese sub-title, like Kick ass- The new superhero. Like in the world we live in no one would understand what "kick ass" means. Funny enough, Let the right one in translated to "Let me in". I wonder what these brilliant minds will do know 😛

Ricardo on May 7, 2010


*now. Sorry

Ricardo on May 7, 2010


This is nothing to be excited about. We're gonna fuck this up. Shit, we won't even create a decent HOMMAGE to the original (which was soooo good to watch). And of course I'm being negative because I'm totally biased about the Swed version. And I THINK-- now this might be speculation-- but I THINK this picture was supposed to make all those big Kick-Ass fans go "oh... wait.. that's uh, yeah! That's Hit Girl! COOL! I wanna see this!" Uncool.

Cracky on May 7, 2010


I have to admit I am curious about this film.

ProMovieBlogger on May 7, 2010


i don't like the title. sounds really awkward.

blum on May 8, 2010


I think all these remakes wouldn't be so off if the original film was credited in the credits, but they are marketed as if they are new ideas.

DiR3cT on May 8, 2010


She doesn't look nearly sickly enough. I feel like this remake will do fine with the "big picture", but miss all the small things that made the original great. the mood and feel in this photo is just odd. compare it to the poster for "Let The Right One In" and this just looks like an amateur remake.

pdf on May 8, 2010


Its one picture guys. there are more to come I'm sure.

Xerxex on May 8, 2010


gotta love all the American bashing that goes on over movies. As an American, I almost didn't hear about LTROI. After seeing it in a very small theater, I became an instant fan and had to seek out the source material and read John Ajvide Lindqvist's haunting novel. The funny thing here is no one complains about how different the film was from the original book. The way I look at it is there is simply more to enjoy. People act like the work they love will simply cease to exist. Goofy bastards. Enjoy what you enjoy and ignore everything you don't. Really, the only issue I have here is the immediacy of the remake. The studio is obviously trying to cash in on the whole vampire craze created by a piss poor story aimed at teenage girls. However, if this remake can bring the original film to peoples attention, then by all means go ahead. While I fear the American remake will fall far short of the atmosphere created by LTROI, it will at least have a positive impact and open audiences (some of them anyway) to a much greater movie.

Tether on May 8, 2010


#32, I seriously and honestly doubt that if this movie tanks that the masses will search for the original for a retrospective viewing. It's sad, but after watching this I feel they won't need or want to delve into the core materials... book or Swed version. It just doesn't happen. And sorry. I do admit that I despise this remake because I liked LTROI so much. I'm probably just being very negative. But damn...

Cracky on May 8, 2010


i hated cloverfiled, and i think this is really just going to be about america trying to say it doesnt just make shitty romance vampire films, since this movie is pretty much the evidence that a good vampire film doesnt have to be about shiny diamond vampires. i really like the minimalist feeling i get from european films from denmark, sweden and iceland, and it was perfect for this film. hollywood however, is more about the exploding people in hospital beds haha. that being said chloe is a great actress i mean no insult to her

LaP on May 9, 2010


this is a shitty romance movie the swed version this version its all shitty romance, its just pre teen shitty romance. oh and Sweden stay out of american banks and politics will ya!

Jimmy Love on May 9, 2010


unbelievable amount of PASS on this one. So much so that I am going to be ignoring this from now on as soon as I place the period on this sentence.

Angry Chief on May 9, 2010


Lina Leanderson looks so much more like a vampire then her.

PJH on May 13, 2010

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