Excl: Studio Casting Grid Names Riddler as Batman 3 Villain

July 20, 2010

Joseph Gordon-Levitt

We're not officially kicking off Comic-Con until tomorrow, but today we have a huge bit of news regarding a comic book flick that likely doesn't even have a presence at this year's convention. We've gotten word from a reliable inside source with a studio casting grid that The Riddler is listed as a character for Chris Nolan's highly anticipated to the sequel to The Dark Knight, which is still called Batman 3 at Warner Bros. Even more interesting, the actor currently listed in the same grid to play the assumed villain is none other than Joseph Gordon-Levitt, whose status is just listed as "interested." Let's all say it together now: Hell. Yes!

We'd like to point out that this news should be considered confirmation that The Riddler is the villain in Batman 3 and less confirmation of the recent suggestions/rumors regarding Gordon-Levitt's casting as the enigmatic villain. A casting grid is used in the industry to keep production companies, agencies, etc. in the loop on a project's progress and the roles available for actors to potentially take. These documents are used for business planning in the industry and by no means would use internet speculation to list a character that may not even appear in the film. But when it comes to listing actors, this is info that can change at anytime, and just because an actor or studio is interested in one or the other, does not mean it will actually happen.

We're also cautious because the age range listed for the character is 35 to 45, and with Gordon-Levitt being 29 years old falls a little short of the mark. Of course, this wouldn't really be a reason for him to be excluded as characters can be modified in the script to accommodate a favored actor. On the lighter side though, the actor is fresh off working with Nolan on the brilliant Inception, so they've surely developed quite a working relationship as Gordon-Levitt called him "the genuine article… a real artist" and "a unique voice." For now we'll consider Gordon-Levitt's involvement a rumor, but seeing The Riddler in a studio casting grid is solid confirmation of Nolan's villain for Batman 3. Hopefully we'll get an official confirmation sooner than later.

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Garret Dillahunt should play The Riddler.

josh on Jul 20, 2010


After seeing Inception this week, reading this just put a big smile on my face. I actually really like the character of The Riddler in the comics and cartoon and I'm a fan of JGL so this couldn't be any better news unless it was confirmed completely.

The_Kid on Jul 20, 2010



Simon on Jul 20, 2010


Let's hope this is true.

Farris on Jul 20, 2010


let it be true! I'm kinda hoping that Tom Hardy will have a role as well, perhaps the new D.A. or as Gordon right hand man.

Xerxex on Jul 20, 2010


I always thought he looked like Heath a little bit...He's a good actor and he could do it so letshope so.

Kris on Jul 20, 2010


I think Levitt could pull it off as a young version of the Riddler. It would be exciting news if the rumors are true. 😀

SillySil on Jul 20, 2010


Correction "Commissioner Gordon's right hand man..."

Xerxex on Jul 20, 2010


i was looking for Tom Hardy to be the villain, but this is exciting just as well

talli on Jul 20, 2010


tom hardy should be riddler, i was more hoping JGL would be groomed to be a possible future joker role. even tho he would be great at whatever role offered to him

lego on Jul 20, 2010


Am I the only who thinks JGL looks strikingly similar to Heath Ledger? Although he is a bit young for the role, I think JGL can pull off being the Riddler. He is that good of an actor!

Ron on Jul 20, 2010


HELL YEA! I can't wait till this officially confirmed!

Ariel on Jul 20, 2010


I think it's only right it should be The Riddler. This could, however, be a curve ball but we'll see. I like the choice of JGL, but what about Hugh Laurie? He'd be great. Also, what about TEMPLE FUGAT (The Time Guy) from the animated series? I'm just sayin'. Good news though. Can't wait.

Brian on Jul 20, 2010


Did the source list anyone else that may potentially play the Riddler? Tom Hardy maybe?

socalscully on Jul 20, 2010


#11 I completely agree. They have the same smile, this could be amazing! Let's hope this is true.

Sean on Jul 20, 2010


Didn't he played the Cobra Commander in that terrible GI Joe movie? Don't get me wrong, he is a brilliant actor,(mostly when seen on more independent type of stuff, seen "Brick"?) but he didn't really bring anything to the Cobra role.

almartva on Jul 20, 2010


No your not alone #11 I believe it's absolutely striking as well. Great news Riddler is awesome! honestly if JGL become the new Riddler, would be the best casting news in the last couple years. I have so much love for this man. 😉

Caitie on Jul 20, 2010


OMG that will be great ...more than the overrated Depp.....JGL will be a great actor, he jsut need to pick more flick like inception or 500 days of summer..

Sakyo on Jul 20, 2010


@16....things arent always up to the was a very physical portrayal and he brought a lot of detail to his cobra commander....but the movie clearly asked for an archetypal villain. When he takes off his mask for the first time i thought it was excellent acting.

talli on Jul 20, 2010


@16 and with it being Nolan's movie, the villain will definitely be fleshed out more

talli on Jul 20, 2010


Wow, I think JGL is awesome, but after seeing Inception I think I'd rather see Hardy in the role of Riddler. I think he is older. But Joe should definitely get a role. Don't get me wrong if they go with Joe I will be just fine with it. I just think maybe Hardy would make a better fit. Plus so far there have been 2 villians per film, I say use them both! Somehow.

theotherbluth on Jul 20, 2010


Pass on JLG.

D on Jul 20, 2010


if this happens then this will be as epic as seeing Ledger as the Joker. not comparable in characters or actors, just in its epicness! I hope this happens

Colt on Jul 20, 2010


I hope this turns out to be true!

MonsterKilledThePilot on Jul 20, 2010


#19, he pretty much only picks movies like Inception, or 500 days. if you look at his filmography it's full of great rolls. mysterious skin, brick, etc etc. and i'm so super excited for this. JGL is one of my favorite working actors.

crumb on Jul 20, 2010


I like JGL as an actor and he think he did a wonderful job in Inception, but I just don't think he right for this role.

MMH on Jul 20, 2010


YESS!! but i think him or...Tom Hardy would be good for the riddler

Darren on Jul 20, 2010


The Riddler as the next villain makes perfect sense. Batman is on the run and being hunted so you throw in the villain who's quest it is to solve the riddle "Who is the Batman?". I'm crossing my fingers for the Penguin to make an appearance as a corrupt politician.

S on Jul 20, 2010


oh hells yes JGL as the riddler would be awesome i love this guy im saying if I was hit that But him as the Riddler would be a perfect choice

K-Ike on Jul 20, 2010


AWESOME on both accounts!

Geoff on Jul 20, 2010


Riddler makes sense, but I'm burnt out on JGL. Sure, he's a good actor, but not every good actor is RIGHT for a role. I'd actually rather see another Nolan fixture like Guy Pearce take the role. Someone who has a few years on Bale.

Pete the Geek on Jul 20, 2010


Number 1 im feeling that

Darren on Jul 20, 2010


Yeah same, #1 thats a great will never happen though.

Cody w on Jul 20, 2010



feeheeheeheeny on Jul 20, 2010


I'm with #30.

Leo on Jul 20, 2010


holly sh*t! yes please!!!

cheezy c on Jul 20, 2010


@16 look who was directing him

nelson on Jul 20, 2010


This series needs a female villain.

imthinking.tyler on Jul 20, 2010


Ive just finished reading "Hush" (a Batman Comics storyline) and this casting rumor sounds awesome... But somehow the idea of an enemy building a thread of traps and misleading clues sounds to similar to what the Joker did on the last movie... Either way with Christopher Nolan we cant loose... 😉

Dreckent on Jul 20, 2010


I'd love to see a read. See what kind of deviousness we can see out of him.

Nick Sears on Jul 20, 2010



That Awesome Norwegian Dude on Jul 20, 2010


Garret Dillahunt all the way for anything. He's such a great character actor

Barfy mcbarfly on Jul 20, 2010


tom hardy would make an unbelievably excellent riddler

Brian Barajas on Jul 20, 2010


What's wrong with you people? The kid from 3rd Rock from the Sun (no matter how hard he tries he'll ALWAYS be that kid) as The Riddler? Give me a break. It's already impossible for Batman 3 to live up to The Dark Knight but casting him instead of Johnny Depp seems preposterously stupid. Who's going to generate more buzz? Who's going to get more butts in the seats? Sure ain't little Tommy Solomon.

Tom on Jul 20, 2010


Michael Caine says Depp

Pekpek on Jul 20, 2010


if we are to believe that Nolan is really considering JGL then its likely that he is considering other actors within his bracket the other 2 actors we know were in consideration for Arthur were Franco and Clifton Collins Jr....its plausible that he may be thinking of them too....althought I have a hard time imagining Franco disappear into a role like that...Clifton Collins Jr would kill it for sure, even more so than JGL to be honest

talli on Jul 20, 2010


Joseph Gordon-Levitt would be a godsend. #1: Garrett Dillahunt? Are you crazy? I admit I haven't seen Deadwood yet, but I have seen this guy in at least a dozen guest appearances on various shows and I've seen nothing impressive. #45: People said the same sort of things when Ledger was cast as the Joker. You have to look past the man's past roles and see what the actor is capable of. And JGL is quite capable.

Craig on Jul 20, 2010


Crispin Glover as The Riddler

REAL6 on Jul 20, 2010


I think Jackie Earle Haley would be a good villain, I've enjoyed JGL's work and I've seen about 80% of his movies but to me he doesn't fit the part. He'd be more of a Robin role to me than anything. And I'm not saying he can't play a villain either, he did a fantastic job in Killshot if you've seen it. Very versatile actor that's for sure, great at his craft.

Ken on Jul 20, 2010


HEATH IS REBORN! He looks like Heath. He's professional as Heath. There shouldn't be any discussion! GAME ON MARVEL! =]

Jack on Jul 21, 2010


I'm with #30 and #36. Dude is a fuckin mans man.

Maro Leon on Jul 21, 2010


I remember everyone hating the castin of HL as joker. Really hated it. Then the first pic of The Joker appeared and everyone went "what?". And then when he died everyone got into a hypefrenzy.

ryderup on Jul 21, 2010


Dont get me wrong he is a great actor but he just doesnt fit the role. I am also a little upset riddler is the villain... I wish we could see a new villain that no one has played before like The Phantasm. There's been two major villains in both films so I would hope Riddler/Penguin still has a shot. However I could only cast someone like Daniel Day Lewis for the Riddler after Heath's performance. Id recast Danny Devito as the Penguin again but make his character much darker/evil.

Lewis Walker on Jul 21, 2010


YESSSS! I've been saying this FOREVER! Please, let this happen!

Lacey on Jul 21, 2010


Jake Gyllenhaal please!!!

Lincoln on Jul 21, 2010


Yup as already mentioned this guy can and is obviously filling the gap left by Heath Ledger. I've always highly rated Joseph and its clear he's making a BIG mark - but back in the days of third rock, who would have guessed it!

dom on Jul 21, 2010


Great news, hope its true. Cos he hold his own in INCEPTION among the stellar cast.

dex on Jul 21, 2010


I like the fact that it will be the Riddler and Levitt would do a good job but personally I would love to see Jim Parsons in the role.

Andy on Jul 21, 2010


Garret Dillahunt, yeah! About time one of the bigwigs discovered that man!

Sam on Jul 21, 2010


yes,the riddler. but i would like to see 1. the joker recast 2.set it in arkham asylum 3.have villains the joker,the riddler,catwoman,bane & killer croc. 4.robin becomes nightwing. 5.hint at a justice league film.

deadpool72 on Jul 21, 2010


I agree with #10 (lego) 100%. I'm great with this news but I had the thought of JGL playing the joker at a later date if they decided to bring him back. He and Ledger have very similar facial features and I thought that combined with the makeup and the fact that JGL is a great actor as well, could make for an interesting joker return.

Fat Baby on Jul 21, 2010


Well this is best part is that they're finally moving foward with the series. JGL I'm still warmin up to. I didn't see 500 days of summer or Inception. I like him though. Crispin Glover... eehhhhh. He has the potential. There are a lot of other guys that could play the riddler but like I said in another article, Nolan only likes to work with top notch actors. (or well known) We will see...

Eli on Jul 21, 2010


I'm all for JGL being involved but I'm with Tom Hardy all the way, I aslo think rayn gosling would be a good addition to the cast in any role.

Dandooo on Jul 21, 2010


Ho-boy... best brush up on them acting chops JGL. Heath left some pretty large shoes to fill.

bozo on Jul 21, 2010


JGL as the Riddler may not be that bad of a choice, but he is kind of young for what I imagined the Riddler to be. A more age appropriate suggestion would be Michale Emerson from Lost.

Dozenz on Jul 21, 2010


I'm really glad that Nolan has control over this because some of the above comments are just plain stupid. Killer Croc? Recast Danny Devito as Penguin? Recast the Joker? Robin evolves into Nightwing? Come on guys, those are all terrible ideas and would never fit into the world that Nolan's created.

peloquin on Jul 21, 2010


Wow. i saw this coming a mile away! haha but i think it would be great, i think Joseph can pull it off!

YaBoyD on Jul 21, 2010


Am I the only one who thinks that The Riddler is a stupid villain? He lays traps and tricks and messes with Batman's mind. Kind of like... oh yeah... The Joker. They're too similar.

Che on Jul 21, 2010


I would LOVE to see Jonathan Rhys Meyers in this. He would make a great, campy Riddler and add a different dimension to the film

jane on Jul 21, 2010


Totally called it: 33 i really think its gonna be Joseph Gordon-Levitt(as the riddler?), i had a feeling before Inception and now that Nolan has worked with him i think that only ups the chances…hmmm we shall see i guess Trademark on Apr 30, 2010

Trademark on Jul 21, 2010


I thought they said No Joker this time! I know the riddler's not the Joker but tell that to hollywood since they cant seem to tell the difference. and as far as JGL well that sucks I mean he did so great as Dr. Mindbender er um I mean Cobra Commander! Please Chris do what you always do. Ignore the fanboys and make a great movie!

Jimmy Love on Jul 21, 2010


I'd say fs is one of the better sites when it comes to posting wild rumors, but in this case I think this was worth sharing with readers.

germs on Jul 21, 2010


Not bad, but i was actually thinking casey affleck for the role of the riddler. he was great at being the weird villain(bad guy) in The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford , and he was very good(creepy) in The Killer Inside Me. I think if they went darker with the character of the riddler sort of like Kevin Spacey in Seven then Affleck would be perfect.

kg on Jul 21, 2010


two words. HELL YES!!!!!!!! anyways i just want one line to happen alfred: "no sir you've just fallen. and why do we fall master bruce" bruce: " so that we can learn to pick ourselves up" i mean you gotta admit that would be pretty awesome if that happened

max s. on Jul 21, 2010


Booooooooooooo! Was hoping for Guy Pierce from "Memento" fame.

Lank on Jul 21, 2010


NO NO NO NO Riddler, please NO Joker again, NO Penguin and for goodness shake definitively NOT Catwoman Please Please DO NOT USE ANY OF THEM IN THE NEXT BATMAN FILM,Right here goes I think the cast members in Batman 3 should be Taylor Lautner as NightWing, Sam Neill as ClayFace and last be not means least and could be the ultimate come back role for her Lindsay Lohan as Harley Quinn.

Dabion on Jul 21, 2010


Thought Depp was the riddler..................hmmm

SHANEDAV on Jul 21, 2010


David Bowie for The Riddler. Paul Giamatti for The Penguin. Best movie or Best movie?

Cracky on Jul 21, 2010


Wow... I simply can't wait for it 🙂 I can see the resemblance..

Sarah on Jul 21, 2010


I wish you guys would realize no matter what villain or actors are chosen its going to be spectacular anyway.

Cody w on Jul 21, 2010


I heard Rick Moranis is coming back for this, as an aged Riddler, with the ability to shrink and enlarge himself at will.

jamdolin on Jul 21, 2010


hey jimmy love, i think catering to "fanboys" is why his batman films are so well recieved.

TonyM on Jul 21, 2010


how about Crispin Glover as the Riddler??

jimbob on Jul 21, 2010


Levitt is a nice guy but lets face it he looks like a 12 yr old boy. Id go with Robin Williams and let him do what he''s wanted since 1989 and play a Batman villian.

Chuck on Jul 21, 2010


update!!! "A rep for the actor tells Gossip Cop he still hasn’t been approached about the movie, and that the only thing Gordon-Levitt has ever “confirmed” is that he would love to work again with director Christopher Nolan, who cast Gordon-Levitt in Inception. Whether he’s “interested” or not, there have been no talks yet and he’s not on any official short list for the Riddler role. Read more:"

talli on Jul 21, 2010


ive heard this rumour for awhile,and it would be a great choice no doubt,but i am shocked that no-oneeven mentioned Leo as the riddler.The guy has such great depth and can do any role.serious,leo would own the riddler and has never taken a role of a badguy,so.........

jordan on Jul 21, 2010


#79.. i like that.. Paul Giamatti for The Penguin. he is such an underated actor...

ddot3 on Jul 21, 2010


I think JGL is too young to play The Riddler. He just doesn't seem like how I picture the character one bit. Personally, I think Jason Isaacs would fit the role perfectly. As the villain in The Patriot and the hard-nosed gangster in the criminally underrated Showtime drama "Brotherhood", he could bring the sophistication needed to play The Riddler as well as the uncompromising rage needed to solidify the character as a menace. Besides him, I could also see Paul Bettany or Guy Pearce in the role, but definitely not Joseph Godon-Levitt.

PinkysBrain on Jul 21, 2010


There is one man, and just one, that springs to mind of that picture in the article. Conan O'Brien! There's the Riddler for you! COCO for the Riddler!

COCO for the Riddler! on Jul 21, 2010


Dicaprio = Hush

Obvious Isn't It? on Jul 21, 2010


Mel Gibson as Maxie Zeus. Best film.

Mir on Jul 21, 2010


my money says Joseph Gordon-Levitt will be stepping into Heath Ledgers shoes to be the Joker because they virtually could be twins and his role will be similiar to the scarecrow when he returned in the Dark Knight

tmonsta on Jul 21, 2010


I'm not sold on the riddler being the villain. Yeah I would love to see Nolan's take on the riddler, with his puzzle like mind but this is Nolan's last Batman film, Can the Riddler be that much different than the Joker in Nolan's World. I'm a hardcore comic fan and I think Nolan could have reinvented bane as a steroid/ batman obsessed man who forces Batman to come back as the Hero of Gotham. I mean It is still Nolan for pete sakes so there is nothing to worry about but lets see can the riddler be strong enough as a central villain in Nolan's last Batman movie. P.S. JGL is a great choice for the riddler though

Ben on Jul 21, 2010


Johny depp for riddler

Do wrong on Jul 21, 2010


Actually if he did cater to "fanboys" Nolan wouldn't stick to his it has to be real mentality, chances are Nolan can get the riddler right and not make him another joker, But JGL no no no.

Jimmy Love on Jul 21, 2010


And here...we...go...

Will on Jul 21, 2010


Joseph Gordon Lewitt has an intensity that would bring dimension to the Riddler.The guy can hold his own with Leonardo De Caprio,which isn't easy to do.The Riddler character might be that breakthrough role that may change his career.Christopher Nolan has an eye for talented actors,that's why Lewitt was cast in Inception.I think the same qualities that impressed and sold Nolan on JGL will garner Joseph Gordon Lewitt a green suit with question marks in the near future if he's interested.

garyd on Jul 21, 2010


I read on another site that a good choice for an older actor would be Tim Roth (Lie to Me). I like both potential actors I've read. What about Hugh (House) for another older actor?

Bubba on Jul 21, 2010


I'm going out on a limb here. Zachary quinto did an awesome job as syler and I think he would make an excellent riddler... Anyone else agree?

Knoxville on Jul 22, 2010


#100, f yes i agree. but i dont want it to be the riddler...never liked him all that much.

Jesus on Jul 22, 2010


People are you guys forgeting about Johnny Depp??? He will be perfect!!! For this role.

Vitino on Jul 22, 2010


JGL rules and id love to see him in Batman 3 but i still hate the idea of The Riddler IMO one of the worst batman villains and to zany to fallow the joker. Hope he has more of a cameo roll like TwoFace did

doomcanoe on Jul 22, 2010


its great news if true, but there will be endless comparisons to heath ledger. and he'll lose out on oscar gold because people will be like, he looks kind of like HL and his character is the riddler, kind of like the joker so there's no reconcile. someone mentioned ages ago that they should move the story significantly forward in time, nothing like time to refresh a storyline, or corrupt a city

james on Jul 22, 2010


Three words: Daniel Day Lewis. Maybe Nolan could have some pull since their both from the UK. DDL as the Riddler would be simply epic. If you want a brilliant performance from an actor who becomes his character, nobody does it better.

Aaron on Jul 22, 2010


kool news :), but it would have been awzome to see Clayface 🙁

DaftPUNKFAN on Jul 22, 2010


They should have the Riddler spill the beans about Two Face which will cause every locked up criminal to be released, then have the Penguin rise up to run the crime industry

Joel on Jul 22, 2010


This is weird - casting an actor who looks eerily like Heath Ledger as *someone other than the Joker*? When the Joker is the one role you can recast quite easily *because he's covered in makeup*? And the actor's free to put a different interpretation on the role because the Joker's a psychotic superpersonality...

SteveG on Jul 23, 2010


@ jimmy love Then how do you explain the film hewing so closely to the comics? Nolan repeaedly claiming to use the comics as inspiration? The "fanboys" so universally embracing this film? Sorry.

Tony M on Jul 23, 2010


if i had to choose any two actors, i would like to see either JGL or guy pearce. mostly just to be able to see them working once again. JGL definetly has the acting talent an would suit the character but guy's age may suit it better. although they could work a whole story around him being young and all

lp on Jul 24, 2010


Joseph Gordon Lewitt is the most logical choice if Nolan decides to cast a fresh talented young actor.If he goes with a veteran Daniel Day Lewis would be a totally wicked Riddler.I doubt Johnny Depp would be interested in the role or if he would fit,since he's become known for playing wacky fantasy characters from Edward Scissorhands to the Mad Hatter.Christopher Nolan's directorial vision is more gritty and dark.Joseph Gordon Lewitt-young Riddler,Daniel Day Lewis-mature Riddler.Johnny Depp? Edward Scissor Sparrow Pirate Riddler!!!

garyd on Jul 24, 2010


Great News! I want The Riddler and Catwomen PLEASE!

Daniel on Jul 24, 2010


I hope this true. Joseph Gordon Lewitt will be great as the Riddler.

Warren on Jul 25, 2010


He would be fucking brilliant. Remember people thought Heath Ledger couldn't do it. JGL would surprise us. I hope it's true.

Rachel on Jul 26, 2010


JGL would be great, but I really want Neil Patrick Harris. He'd be a great Riddler, but he might not be able to play a dark enough character for the Nolan Batman series. If it wasn't such a dark series Neil Patrick Harris would be awesome.

Kevin on Jul 27, 2010


I really want David Tennant to play the Riddler. He is an excellent actor and I think he would play the well fantastically! Tennant is really good at playing insane characters. He'd be the perfect Riddler.

Catherine on Jul 27, 2010


I will be thrilled when the Riddler is confimed to be the villain! I don't know much about Joseph though... what has he been in besides Inception? I really hope it ends up being Hugh Laurie. That one is my favorite rumor. He would be awesome!!!

Superman on Jul 27, 2010


Daniel Day Lewis would own.. IMO

G on Jul 27, 2010


its about time riddler is back the last movie he was on was batman and robbin

8=D~~~~~~ O: on Jul 30, 2010


ugh. i was hoping to see someone NEW like Harley Quinn or even a Nolan-verse version of the penguin or someone, but the make me to excited anymore

stephens on Aug 4, 2010


I would like to see Harley Quinn. They could change it up and she could have a penis and big fat balls. She could be played by Tony Danza who is my favorite actor and would bring much needed depth to this franchise.

Olive on Aug 5, 2010


I agree that the Riddler is a bit of a throwback to the campy days of Batman, but this being a Nolan film, I have faith that this role will be revisioned in the same breakthrough way that the Joker was. I’d love to see what drives a character like the Riddler in a Nolan-themed Gotham. Perhaps a genius with obsessive compulsive tendencies? Someone who doesn’t set up traps and riddles for fun, but because his mind compels him too.

Teru on Aug 8, 2010


One more thing: Daniel Day Lewis, Johnny Depp, Guy Pearce...these guys would all make fine Riddlers, but Joseph Gordon-Levitt has the potentional to generate the same blew-me-away-didn't-see-it-coming impact that Heath Ledger did for the Joker. Big shoes to fill, yes, but I'm hoping Nolan and company can accomplish what only Toy Story has done so far: the perfect Triology. (LOTR was great but wasn't a true triology in the sense that it was a single story that was broken up into 3 movies).

Teru on Aug 8, 2010


I don't know if anyone has recommended this one but I'm going to go out on a limb and say Robin Williams should play The Riddler. It is a definite possibility and he has worked with Nolan before in Insomnia. Before you all throw your "oh he's a comedian" bs out there, remember that he did win an oscar for his role in Good Will Hunting. He also starred in truly great and serious films such as Awakenings and Dead Poets Society. He recently starred in a dark comedy called World's Greatest Dad. I think he is the kind of gamble that this movie needs to really help give it a special flair similar to what Ledger provided for the Dark Knight. Casting a typical, big named actor might be hard pressed to pull that off. My dark horses for the role are Daniel Day Lewis and Christoph Waltz. JGL is an ever improving and growing actor and he will continue to get better but his acting chops are not versatile enough to step outside himself to play this role. He might be good if they wanted to include Robin in the film. I hope that PS Hoffman or Giamatti plays Penguin. I also hope that Deadshot will be a character in the film as well. No Catwoman please.

GOrdy on Aug 11, 2010


None of these people sound right for the role of the Riddler. I would like to see Michael C. Hall (Dexter) play this part. I think he would ravel the other people rumored to play the Riddler.

Laura on Nov 26, 2010


Come on guys!!!! Joseph is too young to play the Riddler!!! Crispin Glover should be the Riddler!!!! Watch Willard and see what I mean.

Cody Carr65 on Jan 13, 2011


FUnny lol considering that the Riddler isn't even in the movie

Emonative on Jun 2, 2012

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