Exclusive: Louis Leterrier Promises Clash of the Titans Trilogy

March 22, 2010

Louis Leterrier

While everyone else out there seems to be focusing on the news that French director Louis Leterrier is on the "bottom of the shortlist" to direct The Avengers movie, we've got some real news to highlight today that should make all the Clash of the Titans fans a bit more excited to see the new movie in just a few weeks. I interviewed Leterrier this weekend (full interview will be up next week) to talk about his upcoming Clash of the Titans remake, which I enjoyed quite a bit, and learned that he originally signed on to make a trilogy for Warner Brothers and Legendary Pictures and has even written an entire story for all three movies already.

First, Leterrier named a few directors who worked on this before him. "There's been several directors before me attached to the project: Sam Raimi, Robert Rodriguez, and most recently, Stephen Norrington, and all these guys had worked on concept and ideas and everything." I had asked him about coming up with some of the visuals, and he said that "I decided not to throw everything away [from those earlier versions], just keep the pieces that I liked," such as the way the god of the underworld Hades looks. However, once you see the movie, you may feel like there should be more to see after the ending. But don't worry, there will be!

After talking about the possibility of releasing an extended version, Leterrier revealed that: "On top of that, I wrote two other movies… It was three movies. Warners came to me and said 'we'll greenlight your movie if you promise us [two more.]'" He continues, "You can tell that that story the story doesn't end at the Clash of the Titans… And I said 'thanks a lot' because I love doing that. And I had to write two stories. So Clash of the Titans is, and especially 'Titans' is, actually a bigger movie. So 'Titans' are coming." That extended story is exactly what Leterrier likes in his movie, too. "I actually love wanting more out of a movie," he says.

Of course, before they greenlight any sequel, the first one has to do well at box office, and we'll be anxiously waiting to see what happens on April 2nd. Leterrier continues: "Let's see, knock on wood, that this will work. And I promise you that I've got more. And I've got good more. It's not like I've got more of the same, I've got more of different, and mythology is just like… We've opened the door." He also adds that "it goes beyond any heroes that you've heard of and stuff like that… It's fun. It's good! That's why I was like, great, okay it's a remake, but the door is open to Greek mythology, so we'll see!" Louis had a big grin after telling me that, which seems like a sure sign that he's got some awesome ideas already in the works for this trilogy.

I did really enjoy Leterrier's new Clash of the Titans and I'd love to see more from it. In fact, I think it might work better as a trilogy seen back-to-back, and Leterrier even mentioned at one point in the interview how it sucks that we have to wait three years between each movie. But if the fans turn out in a few weeks and make sure this news Titans is a hit, maybe we won't have to wait too long between each one, especially if we're all left foaming at the mouth for more Greek mythology. Stay tuned for our full interview with Louis Leterrier arriving next week just in time for the opening of Clash of the Titans. And don't forget to see the movie, too!

Clash of the Titans

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Didn't he say the same thing for Hulk?

casshern on Mar 22, 2010


sounds awesome

Sharlto on Mar 22, 2010


Im more annoyed with Trilogies than I am with 3-D

Voice of Reason on Mar 22, 2010


If he makes more, those next two films should be SHOT in 3D.

Dan Geer on Mar 22, 2010


I heard the movie isn't too good and the 3-d is weak but I'm willing to give Letterier a shot.

Jake the snake on Mar 22, 2010


Promise us no 3D and Im good.

Al on Mar 22, 2010


everyone when this drops in theaters, go and see it in 2-D let 3-D die a horrible embarrassing death, We owe 2-D that much!

Xerxex on Mar 22, 2010


We all know 3D sucks, but more important to me is what will happen to the story. Where will Perseus be in the end of this movie? How will this remove the bad taste left in my mouth by so many other franchises and sequels?

prestron on Mar 22, 2010


The end of the world will happen before it ends though! ugh...

tra la la la la di da on Mar 22, 2010


Do not need. Make a new Jason And The Argonauts instead. DUH

Brandon on Mar 22, 2010


I agree with 10, there are much better greek-myth-movies that could be remade, why make this into a trilogy?

staatz on Mar 22, 2010


@ #9 true 🙁 the 1st one hasn't even come out yet, does he really feel that good about the 1st one being that good?

DaftPUNKFAN on Mar 22, 2010


I personally think this is a good idea. This series will be to movies what the God of War series is to video games. Instead of making up a whole new character like Kratos they can just use Perseus for all three installments. It's not like the original Clash of the Titans stuck strictly to Greek mythology anyways.

Alex T. on Mar 22, 2010


Dont they say this about every movie, until it comes out and underperforms.

People's Champ on Mar 22, 2010


Great!! Sam Worthington along with Liam Neeson will rock!!! Sam did a great job in AVATAR and will kick ass in Clash of the Titans, love to see two great actors playing together in a great film!!

George on Mar 22, 2010


Worthington is far from great. Lets give him a few more years/films before we bestow greatness onto him.

People's Champ on Mar 22, 2010


There are some really cool facets to Greek mythology that have never been explored in film... Here's hoping he's as good as his word. Have to agree with the comments about 3-D though... If the movie is envisioned and shot in 3-D then I'm all for it, but this "application after shooting" crap isn't worth the time, money or effort. 2-D it is for me...on this one, at least.

Frank N. Stein on Mar 23, 2010


Wonderful news! MTV Movies Blog talk to Leterrier in january and obtain more or less the same information. Today it's more accurate

Uruloki on Mar 23, 2010


This looks like popcorn fluff with some crappy CGI. In other words, people will lap it up and guarantee a sequel and more.

SlashBeast on Mar 23, 2010


SlashBeast, how can you call it crappy CGI? You just sound bitter. From the looks of the trailer, CGI can't get much better. Or maybe you would have preferred Letterier to have used a giant paper mache Kraken instead? People lap it up because it's visually stunning, not because it's crappy. Ugh, I hate trolls.

Annoyed on Mar 25, 2010


^ Lol, are you blind? Everything is the trailer is blatantly obvious CGI. Not a single damn shot of CGI in the trailer looks even remotely real. Jurassic Park came out in 1993 and the CGI in that movie looks more real than this.

SlashBeast on Mar 25, 2010


Good then go watch Jurassic Park again and shut the hell up.

Alex T. on Mar 25, 2010


Wow, I didn't know so many people were with me when it came to hating 3D. The story is the same except you have to wear some stupid glasses. 2-D all the way!

Watch Clash of the Titans on Mar 26, 2010


#22 - Alex T. Or why don't you go watch Jurassic Park and ponder as to why CGI hasn't improved in almost 20 years.

SlashBeast on Mar 26, 2010


CGI hasnt improved a lot in 20yrs? sounds like ur 3d glasses are playing up lil beast!!! clearly ur still to busy watching the lost world and havent yet stumbled across a lil project that came out nearly ten yrs ago called umm oh what was it? oh yeah that was it lord of the rings!!! plus you may have noticed from watching jurassic park that most of the scenes including dinosaurs were actually night scenes which are easier to work with cos you can cover up dodgier effects!! the cgi in new titans actually looks pretty good if im honest, however i dont really care for 3d, but never the less cos avatar did so well ppl wanna plug more atm, so hopefully it'll die down........unfortunatly it prob wont especially since theres now another 2 more avatars to come!! As for the greek mythology its endless, timeless and i cant beleive that more movies like this havent been made yet, the stories are vast and incredible and a hell of a lot more interesting than some of the junk recently released!!!

Mattsimus on Mar 27, 2010


^ LOL! The Lord of the Rings CGI ranged from awful to average. Most of it was laughably cartoony and glaringly obvious (the wolves). Sometimes it's just downright sloppy (the cave troll). Please tell me a damn thing other than the static shots and Gollum looked at all convincing. Oh, and the scene in The Lost World where the hunters trap the dinosaurs is in full daylight and is the most realistic CGI ever put on film. And your nightime argument is lame anyway, it just whows that animators nowadays don't have a flipping clue what they're doing. CGI hasn't improved in nearly 20 years. Except maybe Transformers.

SlashBeast on Mar 27, 2010


Awful to average? what lotr or ur clear taste in nostalgic fan boy madness which has found itself confused with quantity over quality? oh and just for the confused beast i didnt specify what scene in jurassic park i was talking about so that sheer fact you've named one is great so thanks for the reasearch and reinforcing my point hahahahaha, as for transformers which i enjoyed i think being realistic the effects were great however move on to the sequal and you've got a nasty mixed up mess of both story, effects and cartoonish continuity which was a shame!!!! i gather as i write this reply to ur naive mind ur prob under ur quilt cover right now in a dark room on ur bed reading the latest speilberg/Lucas comic book with a torch in one hand and ur freind in the other! Get a grip, dont be a hater, and watch the lotr trilogy again, oh n you may wanna check out some of the scenes shot on location in a lil place called new zealand, which made the trilogy effortlessly epic before the green screen even started.........SOMETHING JURASSIC FARCE NEVER ACHIEVED IN 3 MOVIES LOTR DID IN FELLOWSHIP ALONE!!!! focker out x

Mattsimus on Mar 27, 2010


^ LOL! Stay on topic fool. LOTR's "epicness" has no bearing on the CGI you fanboy. And it doesn't make it better than Jurassic Park. Almost nothing in the LOTR trilogy looked real. Please watch it again and tell me that almost any CGI in that trilogy looks anything more than a cartoon. And who the fuck was talking about Transformers 2? Who the fuck cares about the plot? We're talking about CGI here. Stop making strawmen and address the arguments. I was talking about Transformers, which had incredible, realistic CGI, unlike LOTR. And you didn't ask me to specify anything? What does that prove? That you're a retarded fanboy? Watch Jurassic Park, watch The Lost World, especially that daytime scene, then watch LOTR and Clash of the Titans then laugh at how cartoony CGI has become.

SlashBeast on Mar 28, 2010


haha the topic you brain dead bafoon is cgi regardless of the movie as apparently CGI hasnt improved in 20yrs? n im pretty sure id rather be a lotr fanboy than a jurassic twat, so ur point is discarded but remembered for humour for transformers 2 you mentioned the first and i mentioned the 2nd, as theres supposed to be some kind of progression all round including CGI!!!!!! however the the point was transformers cgi was better than the 2nds n yet you stated before that special effects havnt improved well duh TRANSFORMERS!!!!!! is later than jurrasic n looked better!!!!!! and as for LOTR they didnt just use cgi they also used anamatronics!!!! and as for epic when you compare cgi you also compare quality, which is far more apparent in lotr than in jurassic park INCLUDING CGI!!!!! sounds like you havent been watching the same lotr that i and the rest of the planet have?????? maybe ur still thinking of the animated version that was incomplete........a tad like your mental develpment, so what are you watching tonight? Power Rangers no doubt? Clash of the Titans looks pretty good btw, so im interested to see what happens with the trilogy idea.....what happened to the jurassic park trilogy? oh yeah i forgot the 3rd did shit, n was directed by someone else lol.......wait a min are you spielberg? hey steve how ya doing n how does George Lucas' dick taste? hahahahahaha

Mattsimus on Mar 28, 2010


^ LOL! Retard, please, once again stay on topic. Nobody's talking about the quality of the films fool, we're talking about the quality of the CGI. Not story, animatronics and such, but CGI! The CGI in Jurassic Park and The Lost World is the most realistic CGI put on screen. Apart from Transformers (Not Transformers 2, retard), nothing's improved. Please point me to a single convincing shot of CGI in the whole LOTR trilogy that wasn't the Balrog, Gollum or static shots. You can't, because none of it looked real. Most of the CGI in those films looks horribly outdated and cartoony, and it's only been a few years since they were released. Jurassic Park came out in 1993, and looks more real than 99% of the CGI put out today. That's quality, unlike LOTR. CGI hasn't improved in nearly 20 years. If you want to suffer through Clash of the Titans and fool yourself into thinking anything on screen looks real then go ahead, but remember, nothing's improved since 1993.

SlashBeast on Mar 31, 2010


Heeeeyyyyyy there's my favourite biaaatch!! where ya been? what took ya so long to reply? im gonna assume you were thinking of what to say, i had expectations and ya didnt disappoint, you came up with new justification as to why Jurassic park is the best....(CGI HASNT IMPROVED SINCE 1993 BLAH BLAH BLAH) correct? mmmm well once again you are confused because you said (THE TRAP SCENE IN LOST WORLD IS THE MOST REALISTIC SCENE EVER!!!!!!) then wouldnt this be an improvement then since its predassor? yeah exactly, face it fucker some cgi is just better than others, lost world better than jurassic Farce, transformers better than revenge of the fallen, lotr better than eeerrrrr everything apart from maybe Avatar! ur just clearly a love struck fan of dino bubbas n unfortunatly jurassic 4 ISNT HAPPENING!!!!!!! Tissue? As for Titans im a fan of the original, so it would seem only natural that im gonna see it with an open yet, critical mind........still with me.....theres a good boy....... Stop pretending you have a life and Dont take so long to reply!!!

Mattsimus on Apr 1, 2010


I took a long time to reply because some of us lead lives outside of our mom's basements. And your attempts to insult me are ridiculous and just prove that you have no real argument. CGI hasn't improved since 1993. That scene in The Lost World is the best CGI put on screen but that's only a singular scene. LOTR's CGI is cartoony. Go back and actually watch it. The textures are unrealistic and most of it looks laughably outdated, only a few years after it came out! Jurassic Park came out in 1993 and looks more real thatn EVERYTHING in the LOTR trilogy. You still haven't pointed out anything other than my examples as to where in the LOTR trilogy there's a single thing that actually looks real. Because you can't. You prefer to make petty insults to disguise the fact that you can't argue your own point. WETA is flooding the industry with cartoony CGI, like LOTR.

SlashBeast on Apr 12, 2010


Lol, well ok lets put it in terms of a priority, appologies for any inconvienience caused as ive obviously upset you and touched a nerve!!!!! now we both know im not gonna sit here and lie to you and tell you that cgi hasnt improved in the last 2o yrs as we both know regardless of how much a fan of industrial light and magic you are, thats just not factual!!! We bothed enjoyed clearly the impression Jurassic park left with us and about a billion other movie lovers....HOWEVER!!!!!.............. The cgi for any movie is very rarely perfect but lotr cgi has been and will always be superior to any recent fantasy or cgi epic (With the exception of avatar of course) simply because it was incredible, and your quite right forgive me i should have indeed justified with a few examples of excellent cgi, so such as follows:- 1)Wrathes on horseback/ Wings 2)Troll controlled gates of Mordor 3)Swamp of the dead 4)Entire scene at Moria 5)Balrog 6)Falling Balrog battle with Gandalf 7)Entire battle at Helms deep 8)Lighting of the beacons 9)War for middle earth 10)Last 30 mins of Return of the King and i dont even need to say Gollum or travelling sceninc perspective shots!!!! Now you have but a few of what The Jurassic Park trilogy never offered, go and watch rings again and enjoy the experience. Weta have actually re-educated movie goers to what an actual cinematic experience should be, as appose to speilbergs/ lucas' factory of tin men that idely stand by just waiting for there next shot in front of a green screen, not to mention that everything they produce is boasted to be 5 yrs ahead of every cgi effect in the industry!!!mmmmmm Well that was before weta digital! Regards,. Beast Slayer x

Mattsimus on Apr 12, 2010


The CGI in the Jurassic films have truly stood the test of time. LOTR is impressive but most of the CGI is bad, I'm sick of people saying that special effects today look amazing when they really dont. Sure they can do more things with CGI, but there is a big difference between creating something and making something photo realistic. Avatar had some great landscapes and the world of Pandora is beautiful but the creatures in general just don't work. I'm not sure if its the over use of color timing, or just the fact that " the audience knows its fake anyways so who cares" Watch the the shot in Jurassic Park with the bronchiosaurus's coming out of the lake, or almost any scene then watch the trailer to AVATAR or the scorpion in CLASH OF THE TITANS, are you going to tell me that these creatures look more photo realistic? NO, and if you do you have no right to talk movies. The only recent movies that has me doing double takes is Pirates of the Caribbean, or the Intersection scene ( buildings and cracks in the road and some reflection shots of the tripod ) in War of the Worlds great great work ILM! I personally love set extensions, those never cease to amaze me what they can build as a matte painting. Look at the opening scene of King Kong or any scene in New York in KING KONG, only some of the first story in each buildings are real 80% is CGI. Special effects look okay now a days there is definitely a lot you can do but they need to work on making photo real films.

UMadBrah? on Apr 13, 2010


IN REPLAY TO: Mattsimus You said- "Weta have actually re-educated movie goers to what an actual cinematic experience should be, as appose to speilbergs/ lucas' factory of tin men that idely stand by just waiting for there next shot in front of a green screen," I agree Lucas is an idiot, but watch the making of Indy 4, War of the Worlds, Jurassic Park. Then watch the making of LOTR, King Kong, Avatar You'll notice a big difference Spielberg shoots people in real world environments very little if any blue screen they roto things in later. The other movies are shot almost 70-90% in front of blue screen. This could add to your argument that WETA is better, which they have made good effects don't get me wrong, but I want photo realistic images, I want to see atmosphere I want to see dirt on the creatures things more out of focus and true.

UMadBrah? on Apr 13, 2010


Hey Brah! well actually apart from being constructively critical you do speak sense and thus i do agree, especially on the part that lucas is an idiot!!! However im sure you would also agree though that its also the case that speilberg is not only more of an actors director but has always had a vast imagination and genuinly see's things from our perspective, as every good director should however, theres no doubt Jurassic parks effects at the time were great and in terms of model replicas, are unchallenged and by the 90's standards revolutionary, but to say cgi effects havent improved in the last twenty yrs is ridiculous! Not to mention the fact that the cgi in rings was mostly bad? to be honest i think we can appreciate each others point of view and agree to disagree, the cgi in rings although computer generated was stunning and used real life scenery to perfection! Ok take jurassic park 3, the models in that were excellent, and i prefered the velociraptors in that than the 1st, as for the brachiosaurous scene with sam neil, it was cgi up until the point where it came close n then sneezed on that lil chick!!! n i didnt think that model was particularly impressive. As for the dodgy remake of war of the worlds il stick with the original, indy 4 was average at best and was an excuse to tap in to the nostalger vein whilst using, up coming star of the moment labouf!!! But the cgi!!!!!! was very good, so another improvment! King Kong however, the only excellent remake ive seen, apart from using cgi, had serkis in the suite of a gorilla mimicing the physicality of a silver back to perfection, when was the last time lucas or speilberg hired any one with the ability to use physical theatre to its peak? NEVER!!! Hence why Gollum was a success, not just for the cgi! I found it interesting what you said about the dirt and texture, infact lucas has always boasted that ILM is 5yrs ahead of all cgi in the industry, he made this statement after phantom menace lost the visual effects oscar to the matrix! Yet everything that lucas releases is far to clean, un-used, no history, no depth not even a scratch to the paint work! ya know what i mean? so from that aspect ya can argue its how effects are used, and at least speilberg isn't lazy........ Good healthy argument though most ppl do see an effect usually n think wow thats great and i do look at the finer detail, product, texture n analyze, but directors like Jackson, Speilberg and Nolan are few and far between. MattBrah out!

Mattsimus on Apr 14, 2010


^ You honestly think ANYTHING you've listed looks even remotely real? You can completely tell most of those shots are computer generated which defeats the purpose of good CGI. WETA still have major issues mixing live action and CGI. Their renders looks outdated only a FEW years after completion. ILM's best work still holds up incredibly today, most of WETA's swill looks like a cartoon and is blatantly obvious. Jurassic Park is still the pinacle, Transformers is good, LOTR and WETA are a joke.

SlashBeast on Jun 1, 2010


^ Hey SlashBeast when people say stuff like "MattBrah out!" or for that matter " (Insert any name here) Out!", it usually means they are done arguing. From the looks of it he has actually been done arguing for over a month and a half now so really any window that could have been there has since closed. Anyways people all have different opinions so just drop it. You're arguing with someone in the past over something that doesn't even matter.

Alex T. on Jun 1, 2010


Those are good news to me, Clash of the titans is a good film and I enjoyed watching it ^^

Myself on Nov 8, 2010


Alex T. Shut your mouth you whore. I'll finish arguing whenever I want to you piss-licker.

SlashBeast on Apr 1, 2011

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