Exclusive: Todd Phillips' Secret Comedy Project X is Revealed

April 20, 2010

Todd Phillips - Project X

Last week we reported on a super secret low budget comedy coming from Todd Phillips (director of The Hangover) and Joel Silver (big time producer of films like Sherlock Holmes) which was being referred to only as Project X, with its real title and high concept story being kept under wraps. The only information known was this would be commercial director Nima Nourizadeh's feature directorial debut and producers were interested in casting nothing but completely unknown actors in the flick. Now we have details from a very reliable industry source which reveal just what Project X will really be, and it sounds quite interesting.

At the time of our initial report, I jested about the secrecy surrounding this being similar to the shrouded development of Cloverfield, but it turns out that reference may be more accurate than we initially thought. The film is described as a party movie, but unlike films like Can't Hardly Wait and other such one-night-of-chaos films before it, this will be shot in cinema-vérité style, where the audience will experience the party only through the first-person observer view of the camera, so essentially, we will be at the party too. Much like the Hud character in Cloverfield, the role of the observer through which we experience the party will be voice-over only. And to seal the deal on this party-going experience, the entire film will be presented in 3D (update: Phillips has confirmed that it won't be in 3D at all, which actually makes a lot more sense).

The project is high concept in using cinema-vérité simply for a raunchy comedy, but the core of the "story" isn't anything more than a standard party movie. We've been told there is a script as well, so it won't be all mumblecore style improv. What should make it more realistic, intimate and genuine is their desire to use only unknown actors for the film combined with this shooting style. And if you're looking for more than a 3-D cinema-vérité style to join the party, then you can head over to the Project X open casting call website and follow the directions to submit yourself as long as you're 18 years old, you look 18 years old, and are a US resident. In the meantime, we'll keep you updated on anything we hear about this "secret" Project X.

Update: After this news hit, Collider got in touch with Todd Phillips himself to find out how much of this was true or not. Apparently most of it is true, but Phillips denies the 3D and says that the voice over aspect "is absolutely not true." So it sounds like it will still at least be the point-of-view experience, but without any 3D or voice over. He also says that the term "party movie" is very vague and that they're just hoping to make a film that is "a new and interesting approach" to storytelling in the comedy genre. This sounds like it could be pretty cool, I'm excited to hear more about it. We'll keep you updated on anything related to Project X.

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Wow. I'm somewhat interested.

Daniel Felts on Apr 20, 2010


Um I could just go to a party and it would be a lot better. Not interested.

Sharlto on Apr 20, 2010


Sounds like an Axe Commercial.

Murdock on Apr 20, 2010


I immediately tuned out at 3-D.

whomever on Apr 20, 2010


If they do go ahead with 3D, my money is on them using Panasonic's 3D camcorder. Its not available for sale yet, but they have floated pictures of the prototype for a while now.

ag on Apr 20, 2010


Anderton, are ANY of your scoops worth a damn? Your favorite game must be hacky sack, because you're a hack writer who loves the taste of sack in your mouth.

Tripe on Apr 21, 2010


#6, i wonder if ethan has recovered from his anal raping at the hands of devin faraci yet. he isn't known for being gentle.

Tyler Perry Raped My Adulthood on Apr 21, 2010


@ #6, This isn't MY scoop. This information was given to us generally from a reliable industry source. Sometimes information is wrong and there isn't anything we can do about it. It's the game we play. The only other scoop I had involved those reshoots on Red Tails which multiple filmmakers and other sources told us was true despite Lucasfilm's denial, and lo and behold, Entertainment Weekly confirms our story and credits us with breaking it. Glad you're such a classy gentlemen about it though. Coming up with wordplay about hacky sacks and ball sacks is the work of a true genius too. Your comments are worth their weight in gold for sure. Grow up. @ #7, You're absolutely right. Devin Faraci is not gentle in his anal raping, and yet, I have no beef to to pick with the guy. He writes cynically and abrasively, and I have no use for pointless insults. Sometimes information you get turns out to be wrong. Scoops are always risky. But this isn't a dick measuring contest so if it turns out to be wrong, you move on, get the right information, and keep reporting the news. And as it turns out, the secrecy around the project is unnecessary, so this project isn't worth such unabashed ridicule. Stay classy everyone.

Ethan Anderton on Apr 21, 2010


I just saw the very first screening of this film last night and let me tell you it was the most epic party movie of all time! it makes Superbad and The Hangover look pathetic in comparison. The film is about this group of friends documenting (cloverfield style) them trying to throw the biggest and craziest party of all time for their friend Thomas' 17th birthday. Never have i laughed so hard during a movie before. This is a movie that you need to kept a look out for.

Ryanjennings65 on Mar 25, 2011


fuckin awsome ass movie

Blablablaboy on Mar 18, 2012


i've seen the movie epic as!!

mony on Mar 25, 2012

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