Fincher Definitely Directing Girl With the Dragon Tattoo Next

March 31, 2010
Source: The Playlist

David Fincher - The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo

David Fincher fans - we've got news for you. The Playlist has confirmed that Fincher's next film following The Social Network will be the US remake of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (watch the trailer). The Swedish flick, which is only the first in a trilogy, has been getting quite a bit of buzz for just being another fantastic Swedish film and for the kind of names (like Fincher) that it has attracted here in Hollywood. On the other hand, apparently Fincher is not going to direct that Tobey Maguire chess movie Pawn Sacrifice, even though he did take a meeting but that's about it. So it'll definitely be Dragon Tattoo for Fincher next.

The remake is currently on the fast-track at Columbia / Sony with Scott Rudin producing and Steve Zaillian (Schindler's List, Hannibal, Gangs of New York, American Gangster) writing the script. Shooting is set to begin in September or October of this year, as long as everything goes according to plan. Carey Mulligan has been rumored for the lead role of hacker chic Lisbeth Salander, however Anne Thompson at indieWIRE thinks that Kristen Stewart has a good chance, especially because she already worked with Fincher for Panic Room. I'd personally much rather prefer Mulligan, but I think Stewart would actually be a good fit.

Fincher's decision to take on this remake for his next film is very interesting, for a few reasons. First, we learned a few weeks ago that Fincher is the first (and only) director to have final cut on his films at Sony (which is why he's probably staying there). Second, this is the first remake he's ever done, which is quite an interesting tidbit itself. I hate to say it, since I haven't seen the original anyway, but this has the potential to turn out better than the original. Fincher has a nearly flawless track record in my book and I can't wait to see how he tackles a dark, hacker, female-lead mystery like this. Stay tuned for casting and more updates!

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No doubt this will cause an uproar with fans of the original, and I'm not too keen on it either, but its Fincher I'll give it chance.

Xerxex on Mar 31, 2010


Saw the Swedish one two nights ago, and just finished the book the afterooon before I went and saw it. It is a perfect fit for David Fincher: very dark, not to so pitch-black, very twisted at times yet so suspenseful you want to keep watching. Kristen Stewart will be an obvious choice for Salander but why not get Noomi Rapace for the remakes? That would be the best way to prevent unfavourable comparisons between the remake and the original, since she nailed the part so well. For Mikael Blomqvist I can only see Liam Neeson, judging by how he's described in the book. If the producers let themselves be inspired by the Swedish movie, then Daniel Craig however would be an obvious choice. Heard the rumours about George Clooney and with Fincher attached Brad Pitt is automatically an obvious pick, but eventhough I think they're bot terrific actors they're just too suave to play Blomqvist. I can imagine Mel Gibson would want the part of Blomqvist badly, just so he could do another torture scene...

Jules on Mar 31, 2010


Too bad Kristen Stewart is committed to filming the fourth Twilight film this fall. Would love to see her do this instead.

AL on Mar 31, 2010


Seeing Kristen Stewart as Joan Jett i have no doubt she will make an splendid Lisbeth.

Mark on Mar 31, 2010


I love Fincher. He's one of my favorite directors - but must we really have an American version? Why can't Americans just appreciate and go see the original Swedish version. Why does everything have to be processed, remade and watered down for Americans to stomach?

Hellboy on Mar 31, 2010


I hate to say it, since I haven't seen the original anyway, but this has the potential to turn out better than the original. --- Then don't. I do love David Fincher too but why not go and see the original? It's just a year old, so a remake seems a bit...absurd. Why is it that a movie needs to have a certain visual look (i.e the looks of an American actor) and English language to appeal to American audiences? Turning down to watch a great film just because it has subtitles is plain stupid (and I've heard quite too many cases of that).

Cish on Mar 31, 2010


I am certainly keen on watching this film.I'm sure that David Fincher can do a very good job and seeing Kristen Stewart as leading actress, especially in a Fincher film, is something I really want since she did a great job as Joan Jett in the Runaways film.

melis on Mar 31, 2010


Ditto on #5 *sigh*

gonsa on Apr 1, 2010


I feel there is *some* merit in the remake: while the first film in the trilogy is fantastic, the second and third were shot for TV and never meant for cinema distribution (ie. shot on video and the production quality is much lower). Depending on the success of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, they may end up remaking all three - now as a internally consistent trilogy. Meanwhile, get over the subtile snobery and go and see TGwtDT on the big screen if it's available in your market. I can't imagine how the sausage factory called Hollywood could possibly improve on it.

Jussi on Apr 1, 2010


Haven't read the books (the only swede not to I guess) The swedish movies suck, they play and have the feel of DTV films... it's like watching a recent Van Damme or Cuba Gooding JR film. Fincher will make it bad ass.

ryderup on Apr 1, 2010


It's not a 'remake' but a fresh adaptation of the novel from the pen of Schindler's List scribe, Steven Zaillian. Fincher is talented and I love him but making this film seems like such a redundant act. No actress is ever going to top Noomi Rapace in what I think was one of THE female performances of the last decade. This movie, the caasting and its development is going to be so closely scrutinized that it seems doomed to failed. However my wishlish is as follows: Salander: Ellen Page (if you're doubtful watch The Tracey Fragments (2007) and Hard Candy (2005)) Blomkvist: Dominic West (McNulty from The Wire) although Clooney is probably best choice considering his box office pulling power. Berger: Julia Roberts (Yes she's very Hollywood but she can pull off sexy driven-mature-wise-exec.) Henrik Vanger: Max Von Sydow (Swedish Hollywood actor who has played a similar role in Minority Report) Martin Vanger: Stellan Skarsgard (Another talented Swedish Hollywood actor)

Kam on Apr 1, 2010


i don't think they should remake these foreign classics,but with fincher directing it could turn out a pretty decent remake.

DEADPOOL 72 on Apr 1, 2010


Numbers 5 & 6 have excellent and intelligent opinions/comments; as well as the first paragraph of #11. However, number 10 is an obvious idiot and not deserving of any consideration; let alone serious consideration. I just saw the Swedish film and it is very, very good. Why would a director/artist seeing something like that want to re-do it other than ego, vanity, arrogance and greed? Fincher should be ashamed of himself. What arrogance. It would be like some artist/painter of today re-painting any Van Gogh work. Shameless arrogance not worthy of anyone's serious consideration. And the mere mention of this Kristen Stewart. Is that her name? The little vapid gal from the childish vampire movies? Good God, people!! Get your heads out of your arses!! As number 11 pointed out, this actress Noomi Rapace is very worthy of our respect for the work she did in this film. To have some vapid American idiot do the part is insanity. Boy oh boy....the greed, vanity, ego and arrogance of Americans is something to behold; and yes, I am an American! Let his work alone. It stands very well on its own and needs no help from the American film industry!! Those of you who have the good intelligence to see this film in its original form thank the gods for your good luck in at least being gifted with that ability to venture outside the mass norm of vapidness. It is after all just a real good thriller; a real good one and for me one of the best I've seen in years. My hat's off and I appreciate and respect the wonderful actors, actress, director and all the crew that made this fine piece of work/cinema.

Bo on Apr 1, 2010


I'm excited, though disheartened by the sad fate of David Fincher's PAWN SACRIFICE. I'm not sure what the problem so many people have w/ remakes. Supposing you hold the Swedish original dear, or are just generally disinterested in the remake, or perhaps you have read bad reviews of the remake, or maybe you simply dislike David Fincher--those are all valid reasons to not go see the movie. You do not need to see every fucking movie that comes out no matter what.

James M. on Apr 2, 2010


I'm from Sweden, and I absolutely love the idea of Fincher directing the remake, seeing as he's one of my favorite directors. With that, it's safe to say IMO that the movie is in safe hands!

Pepzi on Apr 5, 2010


Man, what a wash-up Fincher became when the new millenium hit. The guy who made Se7en and Fight Club now makes The Curious Case of Benjamin Button and The Social Network. This is just the final nail in his coffin.

SlashBeast on Apr 9, 2010


Of course Hollywood wants to jump on this bandwagon, but they shouldn't mess with a good thing--the Swedish film is fantastic! Check out my review:

Carly on Apr 13, 2010


With the way Lisbeth was described in the book,"pale ,with slender-bones,and childlike breast", I can only see Kristen Stewart playing her. Plus,her kick-ass portrayal as joan jett in the runaways and her astute characterization as a selective mute/rape victim in Speak makes me more convinced that Kristen really is spot-on as Lisbeth.

Evil Fingers on Jul 27, 2010

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