First Concept Art Unveiled for Legendary's Next New Godzilla

July 26, 2010


You may (or may not) remember that it was officially announced back in March that the fantastic Legendary Pictures and its partner Warner Bros would be officially bringing back Godzilla in a new movie due out in 2012. Although they don't have any writers, or a director, attached yet (as far as we know), and although we know nothing else about it, that doesn't mean Legendary can't start teasing it early on. We never saw this in person ourselves, but apparently at the Legendary Pictures booth at Comic-Con this weekend, fans could get a t-shirt with this new Godzilla concept art image on it that would come to life using augmented reality.

The clean image below comes from ComingSoon and we have a video of the augmented action at the bottom.


When fans would wear the shirt and look at it in the webcam, they could see Godzilla's "atomic breath" (blue this time!) shooting from his mouth, complete with his iconic roar. This little demo was designed by Talking Dog Studios and we've included a quick video of the augmented reality portion below. It's a bit crazy to see some concept art teasing a movie like this so early, but I think Legendary really wants to get Godzilla in to the mind of Comic-Con attendees again in preparation for this new movie, which is still two years out. Who knows if his "atomic breath" will stay blue and if he'll still look like this in the end. I'm more anxious to find out who's directing, but it is still an interesting first look at a new version of the iconic monster. Thoughts?

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cool love Godzilla hopefully it will be better then there last movie

Nick on Jul 26, 2010


holy fucking shit! fap fap fap

ces on Jul 26, 2010


That's cool AR...I hope that he's a man in a suit. No cg bullshit.

Barfy mcbarfly on Jul 26, 2010


The Roar rocks, but ANOTHER reboot??????????????? Why not take it a step further and reboot Godzilla Vs King Kong? Honestly how do you take a completely UN-original idea and make it original again? Outside of TDK and a few marvel movies has it worked?

king ding a ling on Jul 26, 2010


Godzilla has never had something that all Godzilla fans have been wanting since his birth; a truly first rate big budget production that capture's her spirit ...; Maybe, just maybe we are about to finally get it! If you noticed I referred to Godzilla as his and her; that'e because Godzilla is asexual; it reproduces by itself .... God almighty, I really should not know that little fact LOL

Hattori Hanzo on Jul 26, 2010


agreed nick

Josh on Jul 26, 2010


my oh my....

Solo Calrissian on Jul 26, 2010


Godzilla is the coolest big monster ever. He deserves a great movie.

Ambient on Jul 26, 2010


For me, it all depends on who ends up playing Godzilla.

Vet4Peace on Jul 26, 2010


ya but he has to fight someone kool, not stupid humans. I nominate Gigan or King Gidra (sp?)

D on Jul 26, 2010


just hope they don't fuck it up

DaftPUNKFAN on Jul 27, 2010



Nick S. on Jul 28, 2010


I do hope it's CG. I would like to see a CG big G that looks like the old Godzilla. Not the cute one with the big eyes, or the iguana, but a big demon-mean looking son-of-a-bitch that walks around intentionally smashing shit up, tossing trains full of people being splattered and tossed, cars flipping (you have to have flipping cars now, it's the law). Maybe throw in a few little creatures around in the beginning, to add some spice. Please, don't make 60 duplicates of the same creature in any of these movies, we know you can cut and paste CG, so don't do it (Hellboy 1), be creative, but don't be PC, please, fuck PC!!!!!!!!! The franchise has never really lived up to it's potential, although some of the newer Toho ones have come close. It reminds me of the '70s version of King Kong, there was some poster of King Kong on the old WTC, the creature looked scary, with realistic hair and a really cool set of chompers. The creature in the movie, however, sucked, and looked like rubber. Now, using a rubber suit again would suck too. That's for old people, let's Godzilla back on top, where the big guy belongs :).

Peloquin on Aug 24, 2010


Godzilla should look like he did in the original 1954 classic,and i hope they make it creepy like that movie was.

Daryl on Oct 12, 2010

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