First Full Trailer for Tokyopop Movie 'Priest' with Paul Bettany

July 25, 2010
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Priest Trailer

Okay, here's a trailer you just have to watch. A few days ago I caught the beginning of ScreenGem's panel for Priest, the new Tokyopop adaptation starring Paul Bettany. Unfortunately this futuristic vampire action-thriller is from the exact same team that brought us Legion, which looked (and was) so terrible that I didn't even care to see it. However, this trailer kicks ass, I'm seriously impressed, I actually really want to see this. I love the futuristic look of it, and the action just looks epic and entertaining. Maybe Legion was a chance for them to gain experience and this is the real movie they wanted to deliver. Perhaps? Just check this out.

Watch the first full trailer for Scott Stewart's Priest via YouTube:

Priest is an adaptation of the TokyoPop manga created by Hyung Min-woo. It fuses the western genre with supernatural horror, gun fu, and dark fantasy themes and is notable for its unusual, angular art style. Here's the short logline: "In a world wrecked by centuries of violent warfare between man and vampire, a warrior priest turns against the church in order to save his kidnapped niece from a homicidal gang of vampires." So smething about vampires and… you lost me. Although, it may be good because this Priest guy actually kills vampires. ScreenGems is making a big bet and has scheduled Priest for release on May 13th, 2011 (in 3D).

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sorry i get the same vibe from this that i did legion it just feels forgettable and boring

nelson on Jul 25, 2010


"In 3d" made me laugh. I know it's not a big deal but lol, kind of ruined the mood for me. 🙂

danielvutran on Jul 25, 2010


Yes please!

Carlo on Jul 25, 2010


juding by the trailer i'd say this has absolutely nothing in common with manhwa other than the name a slight western theme... looks like in pitching the movie they had to tie it in with something with a fanbase then have no respect for the source material basically Doom II would also be an appropriate title

Janny on Jul 25, 2010


I like Bettany so I'll give it a chance.

Xerxex on Jul 25, 2010


I actually thought Legion was not that bad. This looks good too, I haven't read the Manga but will look it up.

Crapola on Jul 25, 2010


Legion looked so terrible that I can't take anything that they do seriously. Too bad, I loved Bettany in Master and Commander.

Dwin on Jul 25, 2010


Finally i get to see this project, i have been waiting for it from a really long time...ages shall we say.

Fisherr on Jul 25, 2010


Not too impressed. Why does he keep playing such sinster twisted roles that are all somehow tied in with religion? Master and Commander was awesome and he was actually watchable in that.

Eli on Jul 25, 2010


I'm not in. Hated Legion, this looks a little better, but still not going to see it. Thor will beat its ass at the box-office probably.

Gadder4311 on Jul 25, 2010


sooo....a wussy white boy Blade?

JTCashChange on Jul 25, 2010


Yea #11, that's what it seemed like to me too.

peloquin on Jul 25, 2010


nothing like the manga........another good thing ruined, yay to hollywood 🙂

gray!2 on Jul 25, 2010


this 3D thing is getting really out of hand. This trailer was very forgettable and this movie would be alot better if it wasnt in 3D.

Josef on Jul 25, 2010


well at least these vampires are sorta awesome. Twilight vamps were pissing me off so bad... Team Jacob!

Roderick on Jul 25, 2010


Cool vampires, but Legion WAS horrid, and it was the directors fault. I'll wait for DVD on this one.

gonnarentit on Jul 25, 2010


#15 - agree on the twilight vamps - what a bunch of crap. on this movie - i liked the trailer (and i really liked the futuristic look). i'm not saying it's going to be a classic, but it looks worth a rental watch.

beavis on Jul 25, 2010


I'm definitely interested in seeing this movie. @7 I liked Legion too, but I may be somewhat biased given that I'm a huge fan of Paul Bettany and of the show Supernatural, which had prepped me on the concept of angel warfare. The last ~20 minutes of Legion sucked, but I thought it was decent up until they left the diner.

Craig on Jul 25, 2010


This looks pretty damn sweet motorcycles and trains what can go wrong

Duck on Jul 25, 2010


I'm probably the only one that really REALLY liked Legion, so I'm in. I am a fan of Paul Bettany, and I want to see what Stephen Moyer can do outside of True Blood.

Alice on Jul 25, 2010


i was looking forward to talking down this movie but dammit that looked pretty cool

DoomCanoe on Jul 25, 2010


Legion was a lot better than I thought it was going to be, and will more than likely end up on my shelf. This looks good as well. Not an "In the Theater" movie unless I have a fight with the old lady and need to go cool off, but definitely a rental or a purchase...

Morlock on Jul 26, 2010


Vampires and 3D... thats all there is now...

Josef on Jul 26, 2010


Okay I don't care how true this is to the manga or if they made Legion this looks hella badass lol and the guy with the hat at the 1:00 mark is hella cool to me lol

RocknRolla on Jul 26, 2010


Maybe good eye candy, otherwise I agree with 11 & 12.

Cody w on Jul 26, 2010


I mean honestly...with Inception still in my brain...this just looks awful...movies like this are dead to me.

Vietnamthemovie on Jul 26, 2010


i have low standards for this movie. I agree with #1 a little its looks good but so did legion. Even tho its only the same director (which his talents have not been amazing) it has DIFFERENT writers so it looks promising. Will definitely watch it, in theaters probably not, rent yes. #20 if you want to see Stephen Moyer not Bill Compton. Watch Restraint. its a descent movie that shows Stephen Moyer almost completely different from Bill.

ihateyouropinions on Jul 26, 2010


You know, it always amazes me how people who haven't even seen a movie can critique it. Mr. Billington, you might actually want to watch Legion before you claim that it is terrible. This is why I don't listen to critics and go see movies with an open mind. If I did listen, there are a lot of really good movies that I would have missed. I, for one, will see Priest.

Kingslady on Jul 26, 2010


NO NO NO NO FUCK THIS The korean Manwa is completely different and this ruins it and has absolutely no respect for the literary and artistic masterpiece that Priest really is. FUCK THIS.

bunny on Jul 26, 2010


Looks brilliant,cant wait,original movie's always welcome these days.

tir na nog on Jul 26, 2010


another flick rides a well placed intellectual property without being faithful. might just as well watch and and separate title from the actual Manwa.

Ryu on Jul 26, 2010


has to be better than legion

antioch on Jul 26, 2010


I don't think this is an adaptation for the korean manga Priest , no where near it. If it is the original one I'll say that it looks OK but a bit cheap If it really is an adaptation from the manga I'll say you're FAIL!!! oh! btw in Priest they didn't battle any kind of Vampires but something FAR more interesting than that!!!

TumM on Jul 26, 2010


I like Bettany so I'll give it a shot. It looks pretty cool.

lamar on Jul 26, 2010


looks like kind of a cross between Legion, Constantine, resident evil 3, and the priest movie they were spoofing in Tropic Thunder. Thought "meh, might see it..." Then "in 3D....." then thought, 'ehhhh... nevermind.'

Solo Calrissian on Jul 26, 2010


This looks like utter shit. This CGI vampire bullshit is too much to bear. Bettany's a decent actor, so I don't know what bet he lost or who he sold his soul to, but he's gotta get away from this low rent vampire bullshit. #26 said it all. Unimaginative movies like this make me weep for movie fans and pretty much mankind as a whole.

DLM Entertainment on Jul 26, 2010


...I don't know what to say or think. I just hope the CG gets better for the theatrical release because the rest of it looks pretty bland and boring.

Marc on Jul 26, 2010


lose the 3D and matrix fx and replace Vampires with Demons and then I'll maybe go see it

Mir on Jul 26, 2010


This film look intresting to say the least there look like their is plenty of action I hope it works for Bettany this time as legion was a big disapointment.

Cineprog on Jul 27, 2010


i dont care, he shaggs jennifer connolly, thats the underlying message

PinkSushit on Jul 27, 2010


@29, i was wondering what manwa was until i kept reading it phonetically. haha i get it now. and yeah...what u said.

chilin on Jul 27, 2010


I am curious to at least see this but I'll watch it at home.

arjones on Jul 27, 2010


You can catch the trailer here for your consideration: Looks pretty good - an amalgam of Blade Runner, Mad Max and Blade

Kill Bill on Jul 27, 2010


And can we all start a anti-3D movement!!!

Kill Bill on Jul 27, 2010


@ 42 thank you it's nice to feel i'm not alone on this one, i grew up with priest and got wrapped up in it and to see this makes me want to throw up over everyone involved in this act against art.

bunny on Jul 27, 2010


I'm sick and tired of hearing you wimps whining about 3D and wanting to start an anti-3D movement! You have a choice to go see a 2D version in theatres as well as 3D. Enough of this crybaby shit!

jedibilly on Jul 28, 2010


They said they are coming out with a priest comic that is suppose to tie book 16 with the movie at Tokyo pop's web site but it still doesn't sound right. Any wAy still sucks to see some thing you love get reduced to this. Vampires......were the zombies not good god where do we draw the line. Always thought priest should be a movie but this is horrible. has any body working on this movie even read the books? Why!!!!!

zen3125 on Jul 30, 2010


I don't get it. People are willing to buy this on dvd but not watch it in theaters? So you're willing to spend more on a sub-par experience than less on the big screen? I'm confused. Oh well, this looked good but then again I love movies. There aren't too many that I would never watch again. Paul Bettany also does not always play religious roles, remember A Knights Tale?

Ariel on Aug 2, 2010


Paul Bettany again...yawn...

Sam Worthington on Aug 4, 2010


I think I just died a little.... the tokyopop publication was one of the best stories, themes and settings Ive ever seen. This piece of shit movie just craps on ALL of that. The cross on his face... is supposed to be CARVED... he did it to himself. Thre is NOT a priest-assassin group that hes part of. There is NO indication that he sold half his soul to a demon. My faith in hollywood is dead... I bet a fan film would be better than this garbage.

Priestfan on Sep 12, 2010

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