First Look: Corps. Member Tomar-Re from DC's 'Green Lantern'

December 29, 2010


Hey wouldya look at that! It's the holidays and things are quiet, so why not toss up this very first good look at the alien known as Tomar-Re from the upcoming Green Lantern movie starring Ryan Reynolds. The photo comes from ComicBookMovie and is obviously scanned from some magazine or promo flyer with the image, but it's still a good, clear look worth checking out, especially if you're a fan of the comics. Despite the overly negative reaction to the first teaser trailer, I've actually seen this guy in motion (he flies fluidly like a fish) when I visited the set earlier this year, and he looks great. I'm still very excited to see more from this!

Green Lantern - Tomar-Re First Look

Tomar-Re is a scientist from the planet Xudar who is part of the Green Lantern Corps. He became a pivotal member of the Corps, helping train members like Hal Jordan (Reynolds), and is good friends with Abin Sur.

Green Lantern is directed by veteran New Zealand filmmaker Martin Campbell, of Defenseless, GoldenEye, The Mask of Zorro, Vertical Limit, Casino Royale and Edge of Darkness previously. The script was written by Greg Berlanti ("Everwood", "Eli Stone"), Michael Goldenberg (Peter Pan, Order of the Phoenix), Michael Green ("Everwood", "Kings") & comic book writer Marc Guggenheim ("FlashForward") and is based on the DC Comics superhero. Warner Bros is bringing Green Lantern to theaters in 3D everywhere on June 17th!

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Micah on Dec 29, 2010


Horrible does not even begin to describe how that looks

Wokkiee on Dec 29, 2010


what else could they have done? this is probably gonna be the best design of Tomar-Re.

Xerxex on Dec 29, 2010


haha yeah he looks like a weak ass teenager

drcherd on Dec 29, 2010


what the ?

grapefruit on Dec 29, 2010


... would you guys have prefered the Galactus cloud? 0_o

LW on Dec 29, 2010


I know the trailer had the wrong tone (looked like Jordan was playing Reynolds and not the other way around) but that small glimpse we get at Oa and the Corps... awesome... This pic makes me more excited about it... Have a little faith people... this coming from a fan...

Dreckent on Dec 29, 2010


#7 said it best, it really does look like Hal Jordan is playing Ryan Reynolds in this one!

Big Boss on Dec 29, 2010


Having never read the comics and being less than impressed with the trailer, I actually think he looks pretty good. CG looks better than in the the teaser and it looks about as close as you could get to the original while still keeping the more realistic tone it seems every comic book movie is going for these days...

Full_Conspiracy on Dec 29, 2010


that's just a book scan....people hated Avatar the same way before it was released....ill wait till we get more glimpses...

Hellboy on Dec 29, 2010


Looks good to me. The detail on the scales is very nice.

Tron Legacy Fan on Dec 29, 2010


It's a trap!!!

Icarus on Dec 29, 2010


Gross dude

DoomCanoe on Dec 29, 2010


It looks good to me. My problem is with Reynolds. When he was first announced, I was happy. He has a generically handsome hero look and he has experience with action. However, the trailer was a devastating eye-opener. I thought Reynolds was a competent actor who would become Hal Jordan, but instead the movie changes Jordan into becoming a parody of Reynold's usual persona. I hate that this movie has seemingly warped his character so much, just so Reynolds can stay in his "safe" zone. Before this, I thought Reynolds had evolved as an actor and was pushing out of his safe zone, so I was pleased with his casting. Now I see this wasn't true. Reynolds is still playing Reynolds and they've changed Hal Jordan to fit him.

mya on Dec 30, 2010


well said #14, i hadnt quite put that thot in to words before but its been in my head a long time!

dave on Dec 30, 2010


All this bad CGI and effects in this Green Lantern movie is really hurting it's appeal. They really should have used more optical effects and physical makeup. I'm a big advocate of comic books being for people of all ages, but at this rate the only people who are going to really believe in this movie will be very young children. ---

DRM on Dec 30, 2010


It doesn't look too bad, when you consider it's a comic book film but what is with the 2.0 suits? I looks like some bad cyber cheese.

Crapola on Dec 30, 2010


I'm not really familiar with the Green Lantern, but he looks like the character so why all the moaning? Perhaps this proves somethings can't be adapted properly to live-action?

Cruzer on Dec 30, 2010


did not like the trailer but after watching some scenes featured on tv I changed my mind, I think when they release more footage and trailers most people will be positive towards this, Coming from me who was really sceptic

Loser on Dec 30, 2010


It's a few scenes of a character from a teaser trailer you blanking fools!!! Come on! Obviously you're probably too lazy to understand how marketing works, but if you're going to be introducing a new character in a trailer, poster, whatever for a movie that has a recognizable talent involved...YOU INTRODUCE THE ACTOR. You remind THE MASSES who is in the movie, "oh it's that loveable goofball Ryan Reynolds"...this doesn't mean, absolutely does not mean he's a jackass loveable goofball in every scene of the movie, they are simply whetting the public's appetite at this point to introduce to most people a character they know nothing about by showing us familiar Ryan Reynold's character traits and quirks, GET IT? It's how they suck you in! It's also how they piss the fanboys off, obviously... On another note, the VFX for this movie looks sick, I really don't know what all the haters are on about. Did you watch that trailer in 1080p? The VFX looked phenomenal, very fleshy, real looking aliens and alien looking how it feels so galactic.

LINKFX on Dec 30, 2010


yes he looks horrible *we need a sarcasm font* he looks like an alien, not like some dude with a fish fan boys are dumb..............

Jericho on Dec 30, 2010


yeah #21, the fandom reaction to this is absolutely hilarious. "but it's not MY green lantern so it's HORRIBLE". I'm boggled that a green lantern fan can look at that and think horrible. It's just a bunch of internet posters who have no idea how to shake an impression first brought by those blurry entertainment tonight clips. Or they're revolting at the fact that their precious green lantern is turning mainstream.

Gray on Dec 30, 2010


This movie is going to really really suck

Telltale Twin on Dec 30, 2010


If Ryan Reynolds is playing his "usual self" it is certaintly not his fault. Watch any of his indie movies and you can see he has the range in his arsenal to pull off Hal with his eyes shut. If anyone is to blame it's the director, writers, and anyone else involved in coaching Reynolds through his scenes. I think their is a gross misconception that the actors get free run of every character they are involved with. Only the lucky actors with the right team are allowed to create their own personas.

LeftFieldOuttage on Dec 30, 2010


The more I see, the more this movie looks like a green colored turd. You know ... like when you're sick, or had too many rich foods.

LetterJ13 on Dec 30, 2010


Forgot to mention, should be spending his time on Deadpool anyway, a movie that he can actually get behind.

LeftFieldOuttage on Dec 30, 2010


LMAO at how ridicluous the Green Lantern is looking.

Hattori Nanzo on Dec 30, 2010


Reynolds will be agreat deadpool...but sucks a looooooot as Jordan.. aka green lantern

Sakyo on Dec 30, 2010


when is this getting its release on the sci-fi channel?!? LMAO

ray on Dec 30, 2010


What Saturday morning cartoon is this??

Pfox on Dec 30, 2010


What do you want, for him to be more orange? One quasi-interesting phenomenon of the comic book movie trend is how fanboys try to destroy each one as it arrives. This is after decades of complaining that the movie studios won't look at their precious characters, who--in their views-- would obviously be box-office slam dunks. Yes, the studios will screw some up with their attempts to "update" the characters/stories and make them more "realistic" (as if characters that fly, flame on, turn into huge green monsters, do incredible feats with rings, etc. are realistic to begin with). Look at the first Hulk and the Fantastic Four movies...and Batman's current tire retread look. At least here the film makers seem to be trying to be faithful to the source material. But, that bothers the modern fanboys too, doesn't it? They want their superheroes without costumes, masks, insignias, etc. Too many Image comics in their youths, I guess. Move out of your parents' basements, boys. LMAO? A lot of people do that when they see YOU.

zubzwank on Dec 30, 2010


Not a fan of GL comics, and this looks bad. The teaser showcased horrrrible acting by the cast - and the teaser is supposed to be the highlight real. It is only going to get worse when you get into the "character development" if there is any in this film. This image shows that the CG is clearly not up to par. The guy looks like a plastic figure that you get out of a cereal box. As bad or worse than the young Kevin Flynn effect.

blester on Dec 30, 2010


I'd prefer if the costumes were in halftone like in the comics.

Crapola on Dec 30, 2010


He looks like my Grandmas asshole. Yes, I have seen it.

Zues on Dec 30, 2010


Ya'll are full of SHIT! this movie looks DOPE!

donsolo77 on Dec 30, 2010


What is with all the hate? This looks really well done, can't wait to see the the other members

Duck on Dec 30, 2010


He looks great. Too bad the movie itself still looks bad.

Cracky on Dec 30, 2010


Why did WB go with Sony Imageworks for the CGI instead of ILM or WETA on their tent pole film? This is such a poor decision. This looks worse than their usual quality. They must have the B Team on this film while their A Team works on their own tent pole film, Spidey reboot. With that said, I think this creature design and execution is just horrible. It's not a pleasant creature to look at on screen. Certainly a better interpretation could have been conceived and at the very least made to look less like a toy and more like a living, breathing, thinking creature. This looks as dead as Imagework's Beowulf and Polar Express work. I will not pay to see this film. I will pay to see Thor and video games.

ticketbuyer on Dec 31, 2010


What the hell is that supposed to be? It'll be the ugliest action figure in history.

casting couch on Dec 31, 2010


looks great bit creapy but good

A5J4DX on Dec 31, 2010


looks like a hairless hawk with crocodile skin! plastic manequine

sur@z on Dec 31, 2010


Seems i am one of the few people that would like to see this movie.

Fisherr on Dec 31, 2010


Ryan Reynolds as Hal Jordan? He would've made a great Flash or Deadpool, but Green Lantern got shortchanged on this one. Tomar-Re looks awesome nonetheless.

jaqo on Jan 4, 2011

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