First Look: Early Creature Concept Art for Next Riddick Film

April 8, 2010
Source: Facebook


Back in early February it was officially announced that another Chronicles of Riddick sequel titled simply Riddick was on the way, in pre-production at Universal, with shooting starting later this year (I believe). Franchise creator David Twohy will be back directing a script he wrote and word is that this will be "closer in tone to the cult hit Pitch Black and will focus on the character of Riddick as opposed to the universe he inhabits." Perfect. Riddick himself, Vin Diesel, just posted a photo on his Facebook (via Ain't It Cool News) earlier today giving us our first look at some early concept art from Riddick, which you can check out below.

Riddick Concept Art

Diesel also writes: "Early Riddick concept art… first frame of a 2D Motion Choreography Study. Grrrr… The Furian… left for dead…" Not sure what all of that means, especially the "2D motion choreography study" part, but it looks pretty damn cool. I have a feeling that might be a "mud demon" we're looking at above, as we learned back in February that the plot involves Riddick getting dumped on a "barren alien planet" where he has to fight mud demons and "trisons." They don't look as creepy as the monsters from the original Pitch Black, but as a big Riddick fan, I'm pretty excited based on that bit of concept art above. Is anyone else?

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I loved Pitch Black, but I had issues with Chronicles of Riddick. Granted it did have it's moments, but it left much to be desired. Hopefully this one returns to the glory of the old days.

JTMoney on Apr 8, 2010


I like it! Looks like their going back to basics. CoR was good, but Pitch Black was better.

Xerxex on Apr 8, 2010


com'on get real, it looks like a dog... -_-

Ricardo on Apr 8, 2010


agree Pitch Black > than CoR... but CoR still a good flick (really liked the ending)

d on Apr 8, 2010


Not that creative IMO.....its a giant dog.

Cody w on Apr 8, 2010


yeah Im really excited for anything riddick I love pitch black and chronicles but Im wondering how are you going to dump the king of the necromoungers on a barren alien planetand wouldnt any planet other than earth be an alien planet? I dont mind a new story line but if they go too far from the original story line of chronicles then thats cool, I think twohy will do great I love both pitch black and chronicles and this art looks great

tyler on Apr 8, 2010


I want to see how he gets his eyes and hopefully it is a right of passage in a animal world. When he stares down the hell dog in CoR it should mean more after this movie.

mack on Apr 8, 2010


It's called CONCEPT's a concept. Jesus fucking christ people. all the creatures in Avatar were based of of real life animals...were you whining then?

Colt on Apr 8, 2010


@7 They explained, and showed, how he got his eyes in the Xbox game 'Escape From Butcher Bay'. Which was supposed to be really good. As for the art, its cool. Though it does just look like a wicked looking dog, not that imaginative.

Chris on Apr 8, 2010


Finally get this franchise going again, I want to see some real ass kicking. Preferably no pacifier moves

Chris on Apr 9, 2010


wow, that looks so fucking cool.loved pitch black & the chronicles of riddick was good as well,lets get this film rolling.

DEADPOOL 72 on Apr 9, 2010


looks great.. riddick is one of my favorite movie characters ever

Kalli on Apr 9, 2010


Lose the goggles already.

1544K on Apr 9, 2010


The Consept art for Riddick dosn't Look half bad, it will be intresting to learn more a bout the story of the film Though ? why has Riddick been left on a baron plannet in the first place... has escaped from another prison on that plannet, "or what "

Cineprog on Apr 9, 2010


@1544K I hope you aren't serious, the goggels are one of the important parts of the Riddick Character.

Xerxex on Apr 9, 2010


lol, um yea, the goggles are basically is eyes in sunlight... and never played the xbox game tho, but heard it was ok. but there was a brief reason in pitch black on the eyes when Jack asked him. but i cant wait til Riddick hits movie theatres.

KING on Apr 9, 2010


All for a new, strealined adventure buuuuuuuuuuut, what happened to the race of planet-mongering culture destroyers he just inherited? How do they put an airfreshener on that one?

jomba joose on Apr 9, 2010


the giant dog is concept as in test run lol duh, the dog cou;d look alot tougher meaner and gruesome than it looks....and this better be better then pitch black and CoR cause PB was better then CoR

K-Ike on Apr 9, 2010


Love PB but this whole recycling the story of getting stuck on a planet is getting worn out. PB-stuck on planet(or was it a moon?) CoR-Riddick hid on a inhabital planet 3rd movie-lets ummm, put him on a planet alone?No way hes prepared to do that!

chris on Apr 9, 2010


The setting looks like the original pitch black, which I prefer and enjoyed over the sequel so thats a plus

Kalil on Apr 9, 2010


"One Race" it says on the picture? Is this the title of the movie?

David Banner on Apr 9, 2010


I will be their when the movie comes out.

Fisherr on Apr 11, 2010


This thing looks like it may walk on two legs at some point.

Caveman3k on May 3, 2010


Concept art is just a starting point; I was thinking why not make the mud-demons gentle looking, say a werewolf theme where they start off as a tribe of innocent looking bipedal creatures, but when they are hungry for meat, they become vicious looking quadrupedal hunters? Similar in physique to the creatures in The Time Machine remake? I mean they don't magically transform into werewolves, but they go on four legs and reveal an extended set of carnivore teeth? Making the transformation biologically believable? Perhaps seeming gentle and innocent like the small bipedal aliens in the movie Galaxy Quest, but as soon as they smell blood, they become vicious and reveal massive razor shark like teeth, then hunt in packs walking on all fours. They may have infra red vision similar to the vision Predator had, and maybe on their bodies and tails have a set of quills similar to porcupines; possibly able to launch quills by whipping their tails, to wound their prey to weaken it through blood loss, making it easier for them to hunt the larger trisons. They may hunt smaller prey either by using their launchable quills, or by pouncing on their prey and using their razor sharp teeth. The planet may be darker and colder because it orbits a red dwarf star; Riddick's enhanced night vision would be an asset here. The bounty hunter from CoR may be brought into the chase as Riddick's arch enemy. There may be a scene in which another group of bounty hunters chase after Riddick as night falls and because Riddick can see infra red, he can see where the warmest hiding places are due to caves kept warm by volcanic heat; the bounty hunters have a difficult time hunting Riddick, and due to their greed, they forget how cold it gets at night, and some snap freeze in their tracks because Riddick has found a way to outwit them and the bounty hunters don't know which one of the many caves Riddick's hiding in; the caves are a honeycomb so Riddick can pop in and out of any cave he likes; but the bounty hunters become confused and Riddick traps them into falling into lava falls, or snap freeze out in the open; some may stumble into the mud monsters' territory of volcanically heated mud and get hunted and eaten by them. I borrowed the snap freeze idea from The Day After Tomorrow. The name for this ice cold planet may be Helheim, frim the Viking or ancient Norse name for Viking Hell; the Vikings believed Hell was a cold place, guarded by a monstrous hound called Garm; perhaps that may be the name given to the mud monsters; the Garms.

neilrued on Oct 17, 2010


a NEW Riddick film, directed by David Twohy, the Director of PITCH BLACK?! I always hoped for a SEQUEL, and now my PRAYERS have been ANSWERED!!! hahahahahahha 🙂 Pitch Black is one of the BEST Sci-Fi films EVER made! It stands on it's own... This NEXT film is going to be EVEN better! It will Complete the Chronicles of RIDDICK QUADRILOGY - PITCH BLACK The Chronicles of Riddick: Dark Fury THE CHRONICLES OF RIDDICK RIDDICK also, the Riddick Games are SPECTACULAR! Very Cinematic, ADDS more CONTENT and IMMERSIVEness into the Pitch Black Universe... The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay The Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena

Abu Imam al-Walid on Oct 19, 2010


i cant wait been wanting more since the second one and now all this talk is just makeing it more dasiriable i cant wait

charles on Oct 28, 2010

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