First Look: First Real Photos from Universal's The Thing Prequel

October 4, 2010
Source: Collider, AICN

The Thing

We haven't heard much about Universal's The Thing in a while. In case you forgot or are still confused, The Thing is not a remake of the John Carpenter horror classic, but rather a direct prequel that ties in with that 1982 film. Why they're calling this The Thing as well makes no sense to me (or anyone) but there's not much we can do about it. Anyway, a few set visit pieces have started to hit the web (I suggest Frosty's from Collider or Quint's on AICN) and included in them are a series of new photos from the film that give us our first look at Joel Edgerton and Mary Elizabeth Winstead (using a flamethrower!). Check out the photos below.

Universal has already scheduled The Thing to land in theaters on April 29th, 2011 just before the summer.

The Thing Prequel Photos

The Thing Prequel Photos

The Thing Prequel Photos

The Thing Prequel Photos

The Thing Prequel Photos

The Thing Prequel Photos

The Thing is directed by Dutch filmmaker Matthijs van Heijningen Jr. It's set at another Antarctica research site that's invaded by an "alien life form" (the same one from the original). The discovery of an alien craft brings in graduate student Kate Lloyd (Winstead) who partners with Sam Carter (Edgerton), a helicopter pilot, to hunt down this alien. You can read any of the set visits to learn some interesting things. Apparently a lot of the scenes were shot in Norwegian because it takes place as the Norwegian camp. "The crew wants to make a film that takes place in the same reality as Carpenter's: a place where the people on screen are real and the way they react to an alien entity is the same way you’d react if you were there in their situation."

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hmm...The Thing is one of my all time favorite films...what was created back in 1982 stayed with me, the most frightening creature I have ever seen on film is the Thing. The cast is good and I like both Edgerton and Winstead (She smoking holding a Flamethrower!) and its great to Akinnuoye-Agbaje getting more roles...but I don't really understand why they are doing a prequel...I'd rahter it be a sequel to the original excluding the other films from The Thing...I don't know I need a trailer.

Xerxex on Oct 4, 2010


Is it just me or does that dude totally look like Conan O'Brien?!!

Cruzer on Oct 4, 2010


I wanna see some damn Norwegians!

That Awesome Norwegian Dude on Oct 4, 2010


Hey Swedes!

MacReady on Mar 26, 2011


I just hope they do the original justice.

Bash on Oct 4, 2010


looks pretty lame. Don't we already know everyone dies from this encounter otherwise Kurt and his gang would have been warned. Nothing has blood and guts anymore like the original, so unless they bring that back, which they never do, it will be a PG 13 waste. MY SOUL TO TAKE...Hard R baby!

Chrisbo on Oct 4, 2010


i never got to see the original growing up *no Netflix* so i think i would check this out and #5...what a way to give free advertisement......

Jericho on Oct 4, 2010


Jericho you should! Ye be warned of the Head Crab.

Xerxex on Oct 4, 2010


Xerxex, I couldnt agree more! I actually watched this for the first time about 6 years ago and became easily one of my faves! I am nervouse they wont give the original its justice. I prey they pull it off.

McWilly on Oct 4, 2010


Meant pray.... Need to proof read 🙂

McWilly on Oct 4, 2010


I've always heard the 1982 film referred to as "John Carpenter's The Thing," so calling this one "The Thing" is not completely unreasonable, especially since we are talking about the same creature.

EJP on Oct 4, 2010


That is how we should all feel, I'm gonna give it a chance though.

Xerxex on Oct 4, 2010


Head Crab? The heart attack scene is the scene that got me.

tivdatsun on Oct 4, 2010


Head Crab is the evil that plagues my dreams!

Xerxex on Oct 4, 2010


I like the creature scene near the end where it pops up from the ground looking like some simbiot thing from the spiderman universe where it looks like it merged with a dog, that thing looks wicked 😀

DaftPUNKFAN on Oct 4, 2010


Looks a lot like the original. The girl has to die or it wouldn't make any sense

Dan W on Oct 4, 2010


Dan W why wouldn't make sense? Two survived the original eventhough it is left rather obscure if one of them was infected.

Xerxex on Oct 4, 2010


How I pray this is a good. I really hope it can stand next to the original, a movie classic of my youth. Love The Thing. Love, Love, Love.

Johnny Neat on Oct 5, 2010


#13: I just watched this movie for the first time a few months ago. The head crab really got to me, too- because the desk that it crawls out from under looks exactly like the desk in my bedroom.

Craig on Oct 5, 2010


Just another remake (reboot, prequel, whatever) that'll be ruined by CG effects... the creature, and the blood and guts effects in the original were much more realistic than anything CG has to offer.

Telltale Twin on Oct 5, 2010


@16 (Xerxex) Well, if it`s a prequel it wouldn`t make much sense if the girl survives since there were no female characters in the original.

Mr.Cookie on Oct 5, 2010


I think the film will need to end the same as the original, because MacReady and the gang only had the chopper and wolf as their only warning...

Xerxex on Oct 5, 2010


You could end the movie with the woman surviving or any of the others surviving. After all when Macready and Doc show up they could be hiding out somewhere not knowing if they are infected and just trying to lure them out. Just sayin.............................

Swordfury on Oct 5, 2010


No Rob Bottin, no John Carpenter, no thanks. They'll CGI the shit out of this, and it won't be scary or suspenseful.

ash on Oct 5, 2010


Yawn. Oh how original another 'remake' of a movie that doesn't need it. Sets look cheap and nasty. Can anyone in hollywood write a new script anymore?

cameron on Oct 5, 2010


they better be Norwegian and they better explain all the stuff we saw in the first movie... i wanna know who cut their vains, who put the axe on the door and why, and who livesat the end?

Said on Oct 6, 2010


Hmmm, now let me see if I got this right...we have a team of scientists in Antartica which includes a black guy & a helicopter pilot, and a shape-shifting alien....and this is different from the other one in what way???? oh, I get it now....THEY"RE NORWEGIAN!!!!! oh how very slick...what a plot twist!!! this is gonna make a TRILLION DOLLARS at the box office....and if that wasnt original enough, dont forget that FEMALE they threw in there just for good measure...

bone on Oct 6, 2010


Edgerton you asshole. I'll teach yuo to take MY work. You'll see. All work for Aussie's in Hollywood, and Australia for that matter, is mine. All mine. Fuck off and be an extra on a beer ad or something.

Sam Worthington on Oct 7, 2010


The old movie is one of my favorite horror scifi. The 5th picture looks so much like Dennis Quad.

Fisherr on Oct 9, 2010


*SPOILER* Winstead is actually infected the entire movie.

anon on Oct 18, 2010


neither the title nor the cast says much for this movie, no please

Dragonpowerr on May 17, 2011


So many people commenting on the Carpenter film as the original. I think some people need to either know more about a topic before they tyoe or use IMDB more often. Carpenter sThing was a remake it's self. The Original 'The Thing from Another World' came first. So remember remakes are not always bad...well they normally are but sometimes you do get the odd gem.

Harvey on May 17, 2011

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