First Look: Hugh Jackman & Bot from Shawn Levy's Real Steel

June 14, 2010
Source: USA Today

Real Steel First Look

Are you ready to rumbleeee? USA Today has debuted the first photo from upcoming DreamWorks / Disney movie Real Steel being directed by Shawn Levy (of the Night at the Museum films). Hugh Jackman stars as a struggling robot boxing promoter, in the year 2020, who thinks he's found a champion in a discarded robot. However, during his hopeful rise to the top, he also discovers he has an 11-year-old son who wants to know his father. This first photo is an appropriate tease of the robot, but apparently that thing was actually built in real-life. In fact, 19 different "animatronic giants" were created to shoot with while on set. Read on!

Real Steel was written by Leslie Bohem and John Gatins and is based on a short story by Richard Matheson.

Real Steel Photo

Update: A second new photo below (with Shawn Levy) and high quality version of the original photo above!

Real Steel Photo

"The moment of walking in and seeing these robots, my jaw was on the floor," Jackman said. Filming began up in Michigan for Real Steel today. They will be using motion capture for scenes where robots are actually fighting (with Sugar Ray Leonard as their boxing adviser). "There are some things only visual effects can pull off," Levy explains. "But when you give an actor a real thing, in this case a real 8-foot-tall machine, to interact with and do dialogue opposite, you get a more grounded reality to the performance." Jackman's robot's name is Atom, a fighting robot they found in a junkyard and hope to train to become the champion of the World Robot Boxing League. Real Steel is scheduled for release on November 18th, 2011 next year.

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Sounds dumb. Like rocky with transformers. But ill wait for a trailer

movie mike on Jun 14, 2010


Looks interesting and its nice to see Hugh with short hair. And I want to see more of the Bots!!! 🙂 Question, maybe someone can help: searching a way to sell a special WOLVERINE Storyboard Print (limited and with Hugh Jackman´s signature). I dont want to sell it through ebay etc. - I am searching a special place or someone who really like this kind of movie stuff.

Mikel on Jun 14, 2010


give me trailer, then I will judge.

Xerxex on Jun 14, 2010


I think this is a fantastic idea and it's finally something unique. I'll support this film as much as I can and that robot looks friggan awesome.

peloquin on Jun 14, 2010


The robot looks good.

Crapola on Jun 14, 2010


Anyone else have a problem with this taking place a mere 10 years from now? Maybe it could happen but seems kinda far fetched the way the story is being presented.

Groov on Jun 14, 2010


#6 I agree. But I'm looking forward to this none the less.

Dan W on Jun 14, 2010


At least its original sorta, I'm just worried about Shawn Levy's directing...The Night at the Museum films are Moronic Entertainment Hell - M.E.H maybe he'll redeem himself.

Xerxex on Jun 14, 2010


The plot is somewhat similar to Twilight Zone episode, Steel (Season 5, episode 122), starting Lee Marvin.

Brian on Jun 15, 2010


#6 and #8, I have the same concerns. Plus the cheesy concept. Hopefully this film turns out will despite all that's stacked up against it.

Vet4Peace on Jun 15, 2010


I agree with #9 that what it is the plot of the film is based on the Twilight zone Episode, Steel with Lee Marvin. The Robot look o.k I shall a wait a trailer to make my mind up on what the film is like.

Cineprog on Jun 15, 2010


Can't go wrong with Jackman.

Gabs on Jun 15, 2010


#12, yes you can....Australia

Voice of Reason on Jun 15, 2010


Mikel, how much would you be selling it for?

Torti on Jun 15, 2010


I agree with Cred X and peloquin.....and the "Rocky" and Twilight Zone theme....but Levy is questionable to say the least, I thought maybe Stiller was to blame for the tripe in the N at the M mess but Levy has to take responsibility as well. I enjoy Mr. Jackman but yes let's see a trailer!

Clover on Jun 15, 2010


As long as neither of the robot's heads fly up into the air when they are defeated, i'll give it a go on the trailer. I do love the fact that they spent the time and money to build the actual robots. I love when studios know when it needs to be done and when CG is appropriate. May be more expensive but it just looks better.

Hedgehog on Jun 15, 2010


to 13 - I loved Australia. I like the idea of this. It is at least something original and the fact that the robots won´t be just CGI can make it really look great. It is still Levy who makes me doubt. I can try to believe him since Spielberg is probably looking over his shoulder but still, Levy is a very average director and they could have picked ten better directors than him. But I love me some sci-fi and with Jackman in it? I am there!

Terry on Jun 15, 2010


Forget this movie! I'll just wait 10 years for my own robot! Id rather live it than watch it.

Daniel Felts on Jun 15, 2010


#1 I think its going to work. Its sound kinda cool. I have been very pessimistic about movies lately imma give this one a chance. Plus its Disney so...

Josef on Jun 15, 2010


# 9, Yeah, I remember that episode. Here's my question for anyone who's seen it or knows anything else about this movie. I guess I'll preface with a ***SPOILER ALERT*** In the episode, Lee Marvin's robot breaks, but because the robots look so similar to human beings, he has the chance to try and disguise himself as a robot. How can this possibly work with these transformers-esqe beings?

notes on Jun 15, 2010


There must be a reason Hugh Jackman chose it. Could be a surprise.

dude... on Jun 15, 2010


Hugh Jackson is probably one of the most talented entertainers out there today. Equal to the Hollywood greats of the golden era of film.

dave V on Jun 15, 2010


Too expensive for me right now, but if I somehow am able to afford it in the future ill get back to you. Thanks.

Torti on Jun 16, 2010


dave V - I definitely agree with you but I think you meant "Jackman" 😉

Zara on Jun 17, 2010

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