First Look: Jason Momoa as Conan the Barbarian Official Photo

June 21, 2010
Source: Boyana

Jason Momoa as Conan the Barbarian

Ooooh it's… Conan. The first official photo of actor Jason Momoa ("Baywatch", "North Shore", "Stargate: Atlantis") as the legendary Conan the Barbarian in Marcus Nispel's Conan has been found on the site for Nu Boyana Film Studios (via ScreenRant). It's not much, it's actually even less than the Thor first look. It's pretty much just a shot of a buffed up Jason Momoa with some epicly long hair and that's about it; you can barely make out the stairs behind him, but I want to see more from this first! The good news is that it looks like this guy has almost as much muscle as Arnold did in his movie. So check it out then speak your mind!

Jason Momoa as Conan Photo

In addition to Momoa, Conan stars Ron Perlman as Corin, Stephen Lang as Khalar Zym, Rachel Nichols as Tamara, Rose McGowan as Marique (instead of Red Sonja?) and Saïd Taghmaoui. This is being directed by Marcus Nispel of the Friday the 13th remake, that atrocity Pathfinder, the other Texas Chainsaw Massacre remake, and a bunch of music videos. It's a Nu Image / Millennium Films production co-produced by Avi Lerner and Joe Gatta and was based on the classic Robert E. Howard characters which first debuted in 1932 in Weird Tales. Lionsgate is bringing Conan to theaters sometime in 2011, but hasn't set a release date yet.

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Looks more like unfrozen caveman lawyer

D on Jun 21, 2010



Matt on Jun 21, 2010


All this Gay SHIT I HEAR is getting me sick I am sigining out.........Grow up............This about a good action packed actor..... give him a break............

Liza1017 on Mar 26, 2011


Gay? "On July 23, 2007, Lisa Bonet gave birth to their daughter, Lola Iolani Momoa. On December 15, 2008, Bonet and Momoa had a son, Nakoa-Wolf Manakauapo Namakaeha Momoa" hmmmmmmm doesn't sound like he's gay to me. Could you just be a tad jealous, Matt? As far a females are concerned, Jason Momoa is HOT!!!

Sandye on Apr 26, 2011


Momoa looks even bigger than his time on Stargate Atlantis. Crazy. Miss the beard though...

David on Jun 21, 2010


well I think it looks good I might give this movie a chance depending on the soundtrack.

hater on Jun 21, 2010


The muscle on his arm is DEFINITELY heavy makeup.....i dont doubt his size, but is he anywhere close to Mr.Olympia......HELL no. If anything it looks like a sham conan mock up. There are a lot of better actors, with the same build as arnold, who would have better filled the role.

Anonymous on Jun 21, 2010


Conan in the books was not a muscle bound steroid freak, but was wicked fast as well as strong. I go to the gym and have squatted 405 for 20 reps and 225 for 23 on bench, so I know what I am talking about. Bodybuilders are slow and a muscle cannot contract to a length shorter than its maximum width.You want a warrior as mean as Conan of literature, you need someone thinner than Arnold. Arnold was a terrible Conan. Also, Conan of literature was a polyglot with a lot of alchemical training whose superior intelligence was beyond question. Again, Arnold was a horrible choice for such a character.

Timbear on Jun 1, 2011


um helloOOOooo…

cyn on Jun 21, 2010


We'll see...that's all we can do.

Xerxex on Jun 21, 2010


he looks like a gay caveman

pulp fiction212 on Jun 21, 2010


It's amazing the the care and balance this Conan dedicates to maintaining healthy looking hair.

Baron the Curse on Jun 21, 2010


Why did they change his hair? Didn't he have locks? Is Pantene/L'Oreal hair more Conan-like than his regular 'do?

laurel on Jun 21, 2010


"Rose McGowan as Marique (instead of Red Sonja?)" The Conan and Red Sonja trademarks are owned by two different companies. Although they both shared the same comics during their time at Marvel, there's no more likelihood of Red Sonja appearing in Conan (or Conan appearing in Red Sonja) than Batman has of turning up in The Avengers.

Al Harron on Jun 21, 2010



Morlock on Jun 21, 2010


No way, not even close to Arnold back in the day

L on Jun 21, 2010


@L I agree this guy looks anorexic compared to Arnold back in the day! they should have used the rock he could have buffed up and pulled it off, this guy just looks like a pillow bitter!

TheLOLrapist on Jun 21, 2010


OMG your so right....The Rock would totally Rock this part!

Conanified on Apr 26, 2011


Buff daddy.

Scagginsvolley on Jun 21, 2010



ces on Jun 21, 2010


That picture was out a few months agao in low res. The movie around the new Conan will not be as good as the film around Arnold. The sound track will not even be close. Conan (2011): Jason Momoa Closeup, Set Action Photos First Jason Momoa Conan Photos and Conan (2011) Set Photos

ProMovieBlogger on Jun 21, 2010


LMAO @ number 2, 9 and 16. Dead on.

Black Dynamite on Jun 21, 2010


Pathfinder was a very good flick and you have no taste, yeah and his head might be about the size of Arnies arms back then but definitely not his arms, Arnie would pick his teeth with those scrawny things.

Jimmy Love on Jun 21, 2010


You tell 'em man!

Conan Fan on Feb 14, 2011


Where is Conan in these pics? I just see a skinny tan dude with long hair

JimD on Jun 22, 2010


Well, he doesn't look terrible. But if you asked me, I definitely would have gone with Javier Bardem. I see him more as Conan than this guy. He seems a little too fresh-faced. We'll see how it goes...

Icefilm on Jun 22, 2010


Bardem has the face for Conan, kinda remeniscent of a Frazetta painting, but I doubt he's anywhere near in shape for it.

Conan Fan on Feb 14, 2011


liza1017 I have followed him on Stargate Atlantis and he can give us what we all are looking for and that is action packed adventure. I KNOW HE WILL NOT DISAPPOINT US......................... Like Reply 0 minutes ago liza1017 Collapse I am very happy that Mr. Momoa will be Conan thank you for that and for bad mouthing him before he can show us what he can delivery that is so wrong many great actors have started in C movies an look at them now. Let's give him a chance. Like Reply

Liza10179 on Mar 26, 2011


Arnold looked nothing like Conan Momoa looks more like Conan than Arnold ever did

Loser on Jun 22, 2010


Yes because Conan is a Hawiian islander with naturally brown skin. Sarcasm thick enough for you Loser?

Conan Fan on Feb 14, 2011


I don't want to pass judgment on a film that hasn't even been released yet, but I am not feeling that look. One should not suspect Conan the Barbarian of having stank hair extensions.

Thinkwatchthink on Jun 22, 2010


yeah, he totally looks like arnold at 12

Logan on Jun 22, 2010


Conan is suppose to look more brutal, scars and beard. This character does not look "COnan like", more like "Mowgli grown up"!! loll hahaha

agentX on Jun 22, 2010


Will Thulsa Doom be in this?

Cracky on Jun 22, 2010


What a limp noodle. Ugh.

YK on Jun 22, 2010


He shaved his lock when he was doing action shots for atlantis, due to whiplash.

james on Jun 22, 2010


I like the broadsword, and the fact he is wearingf some chain mail (see actionshots in posts)it looks trie to R.E.H; I hated the Arnie Conan as a purist, this looks like it has potential without being campy.......and Conan only had a beard when he became King.

ConnachtFan on Jun 22, 2010


I dont know I dont know... will wait for the trailer and the movie.

Millus on Jun 22, 2010


In all Honesty he looks like a young, watered-down Kevin Nash. Not Buff as Arnold (as described) but that's okay.... I'll hold out for the trailer.

Neva Evah on Jun 22, 2010


It looks abit Camp.

Cineprog on Jun 22, 2010


Almost as much muscle as Arnold??? Seriously Alex? Arnold was in Mr Olympia shape when he did these films, this guy couldn't finish in the top 5 in an amatuer body building competition!

Cmurder on Jun 22, 2010


Is that Conan or a Chipendales dancer? I might have gone for it if he was holding a sword and had some gauntlets or something, but then again that might have just enhanced the Gay. Conan is beaten, grizzled, a blunt insturment, someone like Randy Couture. This dude looks like a model.

Eric on Jun 22, 2010


What's up with this gay SHIT give it a break. Why are you and that worries you? He is an ACTOR and needs a chance................Get over it.

Liza1017 on Mar 26, 2011


I recall seeing this guy in SG-Atlantis, and his fighting style is fantastic. He's got the same scowl as Arnie, but with more depth as this guy can actually act. Arnie is great in the roles of Conan, Terminator, Predator, but in anything else he's been pretty lame tbh, and your kidding yourself if you think he's a good actor. This this guy a chance.

Steven on Jun 22, 2010


THANK YOU THANK YOU........................for saying to give Momoa a chance, about Arnold that's another story on acting..............

Liza1017 on Mar 26, 2011


Also, what is with the camp and model remarks, this is just one photo! He's been seen on SG-Atlantis all beaten up and rough, as I'm sure he'll have scenes of a similair nature in Conan.

Steven on Jun 22, 2010


Arnie would have fucked him up back in the day

tom on Jun 22, 2010


Yeah only is you put a shotgun in his hand Arnie could hardly move let alone chace someone down

Bob on Jun 14, 2011



thejugfather on Jun 22, 2010


If this movie isn't R-rated, forget it.

casting couch on Jun 22, 2010


HAHA... he looks pretty tiny and just fugly. One of the movie again shouldnt remake.. Goosshh #40.. F**K yea i argee.

HanDsomepig on Jun 23, 2010


SECOND LOOK Jason Momoa as Conan (new pic):

ProMovieBlogger on Jul 3, 2010


is this The Conan everybody is "wow"ing about??? i was trying to be neutral about it i have stated that he was not a good cast from what i had followed from his SG series but was willing to keep my final decision till i saw at least a trailer, but all those shots of Mamoa just doesnt feel like conan 🙁 and with each new so called "awesome" pic i am getting a bit closer to make my final decision and it is not gonna be a favorable one from the looks of it 🙁 of course you might disagree.. but he is just not filling the shoes/image/expectation, you name it.. they are at least 4/5 sizes bigger than he can deliver 🙁

Burak "D'aequitas" on Jul 7, 2010


you all are giveing Arnold way to much credit. he cant act and cant speak english.

max on Oct 5, 2010


typically I would just want to tell you to shut the F up but that isn't much in the spirit of debate. Arnold speaks english fluently but has a thick accent, much like any foreign actor. How many languages do you speak? He speaks english better than Jackie Chan, but Chan is asian so no one cares if he has a thick accent because its part of his appeal. Is Arny the greatest actor ever? No. But if you look at his earliest work, then look at his mid to late career you will note that he has probably improved his skills as an actor more dramatically than any other star in Hollywood while other supposedly great action stars (Van Damn, Steven Segal, Chuck Norris) have never changed. In fact Segal's voice has never even changed pitch! By the way, I like Van Damn and Chuch Norris movies. And as far as Alex Billington saying that Momoa has almost as much muscle as Arnold did for his Conan, well you can't stress the almost enough can you? Momoa probably has less muscle than Arnold does now, though I wouldn't mind looking like him.

Conan Fan on Feb 14, 2011


We are talking about Conan "the Barbarian" here. By definition, a barbarian is an outsider. In that context, Arnold's accent makes perfect sense. Understanding the character of Conan, Arnold changed his physique to fit the role. He lost weight, going from his prime competition weight of 240lbs. down to under 210lbs., reasoning that due to Conan's lifestyle, missing a few meals was common. Arnold had the best chest in bodybuilding at the time and the best biceps of all time, but he trimmed down his chest and biceps and worked to emphasize his shoulders, triceps, and back to depict a laborer rather than Mr. Olympia. Say what you will about Arnold's acting chops, he knew how to physically prepare for a role, and he didn't need a fancy Hollywood personal trainer to do it. Still, the artist who painted those iconic Conan book covers, the late Frank Frazetta, once commented that Arnold was too pretty to play Conan. He said the Cimmerian led a hard life and should look like a bare-knuckle boxer, not a bodybuilder. Well, if Arnold was too pretty, I wonder what Frazetta would have said about Mr. Momoa. I myself will reserve judgement until I've seen the movie. Jason Momoa has more acting experience than Arnold did when he starred in the original, and Momoa has an intensity that would fit the young Conan character very well.

RodD. on Apr 12, 2011


I racial mongrel playing Conan. Typical of how everything has to get multiculturalized by Hollyweird these days. The character Conan was a person of Northern European race in the original Howard books.

No on Apr 13, 2011


A point of clarification: Robert E. Howard set his Conan novels in the Hyborian age, the fictional time between the sinking of Atlantis and the Great Flood. The key word here is "fictional." In Howard's universe, there was no Europe, northern or otherwise. As do most great writers of fiction, Howard created in great detail the setting of his tales. As to Conan being portrayed by a "racial mongrel" as you put it, Howard himself answered that question in his own words in the Centenary Edition: The Complete Chronicles of Conan on page 5: "Tribes of tawny-haired Hyborians have moved southward and westward, conquering and destroying many of the small unclassified clans. Absorbing he blood of conquered races, already the descendants of the of the older drifts have begun to show modified racial traits..." Howard knew that there is no such thing as completely "pure blood" as advancing armies absorb those they conquer. Though Howard described the Cimmerians as keeping their "bloodstream pure," the Cimmerians were according to Howard descendants of the Atlanteans who were themselves part of this antediluvian diaspora. Further, Howard describes Cimmerians as "tall and powerful with dark hair and blue or grey eyes." In the Marvel comics, Conan himself is described in issue #1 as even darker than that as the narration states: "And foremost among the skirmishing, roaring barbarians is one with locks of darkest JET" (author's emphasis), and "...nor do his night-dark eyes view the scene below with favor..." It seems, even in this completely fictional universe, the idea of racial purity is ultimately fantasy (an irony, since Conan is classified as fantasy genre). Unless you are somehow unlike the vast majority of the planet, and your ancestors never conquered or were never conquered by another country, or left their homeland (if you are in the United States, it is certain your ancestors did in fact leave their homeland), or owned slaves or were enslaved by others, you, Mr. No, are certainly not pure either. We are all "racial mongrel(s)."

RodD. on Apr 14, 2011


I hope they do a better job this time. Arnolds Conan was a joke. Conan never cried and loved to kill. Enjoyed battle to the fullest and never ran from anything. Howards Conan was the baddest of the bad and i hope they get it right this time.

Jmac on Apr 16, 2011


He looks nasty!

Koowie on May 10, 2011


For all the skeptics: this actor, Jason Momoa, is an absolute sexy beast in Game of Thrones. He put the "M" in manly!

Sharon Welborn on May 24, 2011


I so love him I'm a big fan he will be grade !! on May 24, 2011


I think before anyone can comment, they need to watch how agile and athletic Jason Momoa really is.  He is of Hawaiian, German and Irish heritage; and is a very talented actor.  Although Arnold was definitely bulky, he was not agile and moves like he is constipated.  I believe Jason Momoa will rock as Conan.

Michele on May 29, 2011


Conan in the books was not a muscle bound steroid freak, but was wicked fast as well as strong. I go to the gym and have squatted 405 for 20 reps and 225 for 23 on bench, so I know what I am talking about. Bodybuilders are slow and a muscle cannot contract to a length shorter than its maximum width.You want a warrior as mean as Conan of literature, you need someone thinner than Arnold. Arnold was a terrible Conan. Also, Conan of literature was a polyglot with a lot of alchemical training whose superior intelligence was beyond question. Again, Arnold was a horrible choice for such a character. I think this fellow will do just fine as Conan.

Timbear on Jun 1, 2011


  The only good part about the Conan with Arnold was the beginning... before he even showed up.  The music, the fight, that was epic.  I repeatedly watch the opening scenes when Conan's village gets attacked... and that's enough.    The trailers for this look very "flashy" and Jason is doing a very decent job as Kal Drago - so I have high hopes.  Plus, I like his comment about wanting to look like a Frank Frazetta painting.  Nice throw-out to the master (although I perfer Ken Kelly's Conan).

SavageHawk on Jun 4, 2011


omg! I remember Jasons first appearance on Stargate Atlantis... OUCH! Sexiest grren eyes & dreads I've ever... can't wait for Conan! I was @ the premier for the first one; I think Jason has found his niche!

Jypsyrose on Jun 13, 2011


Actually his first appearance was in a show called north shore on fox, they canceled it after 16 episodes if i remember right. He was a Hawaiian bartender/ bar owner named Frankie. That's when i first noticed him. He was the only reason i watched the show, and I'm pretty sure i was the only one that watched it. 🙂   

Nat on Jun 16, 2011


This man will bring a depth to the character that Arnie was never capable of.  He rocked as Khal Drogo and added layers to what I expected to be a "one note" brutish character at the onset.  I can't wait to see this.

Sirena on Jun 24, 2011

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