First Look Photos: Seann William Scott in Hockey Movie 'Goon'

November 5, 2010
Source: MTV

Seann William Scott in Goon

It's hockey time! This isn't Kevin Smith's hockey comedy (that's titled Hit Somebody), but Goon is another hockey comedy, directed by Canadian Michael Dowse. It's currently shooting and MTV just debuted a few new photos. Seann William Scott plays Doug, a small town bouncer who, after "physically" defending his best friend, played by Jay Baruchel, at a hockey game, is recruited to play the enforcer for a minor league team. It's basically a good ole time hockey flick and that means plenty of fights and hocke. You can see two photos below, plus one on their site. "[This is a movie for] guys that are sick of PG blood and just nonsense."

The Goon Photos

The Goon Photos

"We have 55 speaking roles and 17 different fight scenes," Jay Baruchel said. "I think that we're going to entertain people and were going to hit them in the head with a two by four, but I think more than anything people will be surprised by how moved they are by the story. I really think we've created a pretty classic character, and Seann is doing something unlike he's ever done." That's some high praise. Goon will get an R rating, but we're not sure when it'll hit theaters next year. "In some ways it's a fairly… anti-sports movie because there's no -- well, I don't want to give too much away, but it doesn't have all the clichés." Thoughts?

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Just when I felt like I needed another hockey movie.... yes!!!! I think I'll enjoy this, even though I know nothing about it at all other than what was posted above.

Chazzy on Nov 5, 2010


SWS never disappoints

Philip J. Fry on Nov 5, 2010


I love a good Hockey film, and as Philip J Fry said SWS never disappoints.

Xerxex on Nov 5, 2010


I wish he would take more dramatic roles, I still think his best performance was in (despite what you think of the movie) Southland Tales.

Cody w on Nov 6, 2010


How is Jay Baruchel convincingly play hockey?

L on Nov 6, 2010


I'm pretty sure Jay Baruchel doesn't play hockey he's just SWS's character's friend. Anyways, this actually sounds pretty good I love SWS he always makes me laugh! So looking forward to a trailer.

Crimson on Nov 6, 2010


Baruchel is definitely not a hockey player in this movie, he is in fact his best friend who pushes and supports his friend to be a hockey goon. This could, as some have already written, be this generation's Slap Shot. I was just reading an old Hockey Digest magazine with an article that slammed the "new" movie Slap Shot for not portraying real-life hockey correctly and for being too vulgar. What a joke. That's why you should never take the word of movie reviewers. Wait and see it for yourself and make your own judgement.

Adam on Nov 6, 2010


Slap Shot was written by a woman who put her screenplay together using stories told to her by her brother, who was a minor-league hockey player in the 1970s. Likewise, Goon is based on the book "Goon: The True Story of an Unlikely Journey into Minor League Hockey". I tend to appreciate an entertaining movie that is based on a real story, like "The Rookie" and "Invincible".

Kathy on Nov 6, 2010


Cody w, indeed Scott really shined in that role, very underrated film.

Xerxex on Nov 6, 2010


why why you do not french version abalaible.....

jean on Nov 6, 2010


Whew, that makes me feel better. Love Slap Shot haha

L on Nov 6, 2010


Ha xerx glad Im not the only one who thinks so, about both things.

Cody w on Nov 6, 2010


Southland Tales is a favorite of mine cody, I always defend that movie and the actors.

Xerxex on Nov 6, 2010


...same, if I had a top 10 thatd be in it.

Cody w on Nov 6, 2010


agreed, already in my top ten.

Xerxex on Nov 6, 2010


Not in mine...

ryderup on Nov 7, 2010


Well, looks very exciting 🙂 But don't like violence...

Francisco Simmons on Nov 11, 2010


Dear, It has been nearly 10 days since the last update. The frequent viewer that I am to your site and the lack of updates in the movie news, I believe I am going through withdraw. Please come back soon. You fan.

James on Nov 14, 2010


P.S. Literally, when I posted that message. The site updated for the last 10 days that I was not seeing... Not sure why. Everything is happy now.

James on Nov 14, 2010


Hello Goon Fans to be, I just have to say this movie will be awesome and can't wait to to see it considering SWS is one of my fav actors and i was an extra in the movie. The sceens are quite funny and the casting crew/ and chartaters played were more then great on set and off set and the time and effort put into what i saw was well worth it. I truley think this will be a great movie to enjoy.

Casper16 on Dec 1, 2010


I know these guys Adam and Doug, they're the real deal, they're also a little crazy. I don't know how close the movie's story line is to Adam's book, which is a riot, but  I hope the movie script captured some of the book; Goon's insanity and fun.

F Levoy on Jun 28, 2011


The book Goon was great, you don't have to be a hockey fan to enjoy it. Doug is the greatest guy you could ever know. Everyone should go see this movie!!!!!   Best of luck Doug!!!   

Cindy on Sep 9, 2011

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