First Look: Tarsem Singh's 'Immortals' Epic with Henry Cavill

May 17, 2010

Tarsem Singh's Immortals

Although we just saw Clash of the Titans last month, another new Greek gods epic is on the way, as Indian director Tarsem Singh (The Cell, The Fall) is currently working on a project called Immortals. Originally titled War of the Gods, this stars Henry Cavill as Theseus and Mickey Rourke as villain King Hyperion. I mention those two specifically because they're included in two of the photos below that were discovered on the website (via both SlashFilm & The Playlist). Tarsem has also been recording video blogs that you can check out right here. These aren't the best shots, but they are our very first look at Immortals.

The first shot below shows Tarsem with a big lens on set, and the second shot is of Henry Cavill as Theseus.

Tarsem Singh's Immortals

Tarsem Singh's Immortals

Tarsem Singh's Immortals

Tarsem Singh's Immortals

Immortals follows the story of warrior prince Theseus as he leads men into battle against imprisoned titans in order to save mankind. It's a $100 million epic and will be converted to 3D in post-production for release by Universal late next year (on November 11th, 2011). Also starring in this is Freida Pinto (seen above) as Phaedra, Stephen Dorff as Stavros, Kellan Lutz as Poseidon, Luke Evans as Zeus, John Hurt as Old Zeus and Isabel Lucas as Athena. "The Gods are like superheroes [in the film]," Tarsem explains in one of the videos. "So they can kind of do what Batman does -- not like Superman -- so you can jump from a high thing and not get hurt by landing down but he can't fly up." Can't wait to see more from this - stay tuned!

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so excited! Tarsem is a visionary genius.

Kelley on May 17, 2010


After The Fall, I'll see anything Tarsem does. I think The Fall is the most under appreciated masterpiece ever made.

FancyMonocle on May 17, 2010


This one is going to be awesome!! Huge fan of Tarsen's cinematography skills.

Ryan on May 17, 2010


Wow, he took Clash of the Titans and changed the demigod main character... how visionary.

almartva on May 17, 2010


And cue Xerxex's bitching about 3D and post production.....haha!

Cmurder on May 17, 2010


I was well into The fall too. he does say he does the money films to pay the bills though, but even so, visually they are a feast.

Crapola on May 17, 2010


Looks cool, I loved The Fall so count me in. Henry Cavill is underrated i'm sure this will be a showcase for him.

dexter on May 17, 2010


This is a cool looking film, the screen shoots look o.k

Cineprog on May 17, 2010


Looks great hopefully it`s alot better than that crap Clash of the Titans

Loser on May 17, 2010


FUNNY!!!!! VERY AMUSING!!!!! Cmurder. as long as a 2-D option is avaible, I'm cool with it. But tell me anyone...Does 3-D really make a film better? Was Avatar really that amazing with its "Way of the Future" technology?

Xerxex on May 17, 2010


Tarsem, good to see you back making movies !!!

Zack on May 17, 2010


great photos! I KNOW this will be good Also from looking at that pic of Mickey, I can see him playing Ghengis Khan and pulling it off

Sharlto on May 17, 2010


haha! you know i'm only playin Xerxex!

Cmurder on May 17, 2010


so looks like there still trying to copy clash of the titans by converting it to 3d?didnt universal read the failure of clash of the titans with the 3d coverting?

Spider94 on May 17, 2010


That's a crazy lens that Tarsem has there! Looks like he's setting up a shot to be filmed miles away...

peloquin on May 17, 2010


And Xerxex...I still get chills when I think about the first scene of Avatar when that spec of dust came into focus and it felt like you could reach out and tough it. So yes, 3D can enhance the experience of a film (if done correctly).

peloquin on May 17, 2010


On a side note, Henry Cavill would've made a very good Captain America, don't you guys think?

Maverickaim9 on May 17, 2010


im waiting for a new visual storm from Tarsem.he is Absolutely a genius.

Bob on May 17, 2010


Well peloquin I guess you and I and gonna have to agree to disagree, I found the 3-D in Avatar very unimpressive, I mean the spec of dust wasn't that great to me, and I just didn't understand why the subtitles were in 3-D, waste a time I think. Cmurder I figured you were. and I did chucke when I read it.

Xerxex on May 17, 2010


3D conversion? Yuck. I can't believe he decided to go with that. The Fall is one of my all time favorite movies. I have the utmost faith in Tarsem. The post production 3D worries me a bit though

Dan W on May 17, 2010


Dayum, I was too distracted by Freida Pinto to notice anything else. Goddamn that woman is beautiful.

Steve R on May 17, 2010


Tarsem is an amazing story teller and a brilliant director. and i agree with #2 entirely about The Fall But sadly if you've seen Baraka you notice that he stole almost... every scene for the fall from that movie. Now does that make him a bad director? hell no the story in The Fall is fucking PERFECT on so many levels. its just sad to see where he took all of his beautiful shots from.

DoomCanoe on May 17, 2010


Mickey Rourke - Badasssssss!

Nick Sears on May 17, 2010


Wow, Tarsem Singh and Mickey Rourke together! "The Fall" was a visionary masterpiece and "The Wrestler" was a revelation with Rourke turning in the greatest performance since Brando. I will be at the theater on day one - and there are very few movies for which I will do that. I hope Tarsem gives Rourke plenty of room to contribute his magic to the work of such a visual master.

Joel Scott on May 18, 2010


Check out these video journals from director Tarsem Singh on the set of Immortals.

Kacy on May 24, 2010


I was a stunt performer on the movie & let me tell you you're in for a treat! Nothing like Clash, just 100 times better. It'll be visually stunning & action packed! See the OSS Action Team (Stunts) lead by Fight Choreographer Jean Frenette in action throughout the movie. The action design is sure surpass what was done in 300! Can't wait for 11-11-2011.

Moose on Aug 22, 2010

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