First Look: 'The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn' Will Be Feathery

November 27, 2010
Source: Twitter

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn

I know, it's Twilight and we don't normally cover this stuff, but I'll admit that I thought this first look photo was actually interesting. The photo was debuted in a Thanksgiving tweet courtesy of director Bill Condon, who is working on finishing the two halves of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn. For those who don't know anything about the Twilight series (like me) this photo actually comes from a controversial sex scene between Edward and Bella that they apparently did shoot (the feathers come from all the slashing, I guess), but will still be toned down, according to early reports. Yea, now I know a few more of you want to see this.

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn

Leaves a lot to the imagination, but better than a group of shirtless guys standing around in a forest. Oscar winner Bill Condon (of Gods and Monsters, Kinsey, Dreamgirls) will direct both new films in The Twilight Saga starring Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner. The movie, based on the fourth novel in author Stephenie Meyer's uber-popular Twilight series, was adapted by screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg with Wyck Godfrey, Karen Rosenfelt & Stephenie Meyer producing. Breaking Dawn will be released as two separate movies - the first arrives on November 18th, 2011, and the second on November 16th, 2012.

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Looks like a greeting card image.

dex on Nov 27, 2010


Heh. Man, it's like you were talking directly to me, Alex. I don't like this franchise. Not one bit. But-- to see how they film the book's "intense" sex scene will either be hilarious or pretty damn cool. Consider me intrigued.

Cracky on Nov 27, 2010


The torture continues.

Brandon on Nov 27, 2010


I don't understand why Summit is insisting on turning Breaking Dawn into softcore porn for teenagers. I mean, seriously? It's either going to be sad (as in pathetic) or really terrible. Can you believe that I'm actually a twilight fan (of the books)?

annamorphos on Nov 27, 2010


omg how can they put it a year apart?! >:/

Bella on Nov 27, 2010


Yawn, cringe, headdesk; these are my most common reactions when watching those movies. Yes, I seem to be a glutton for punishment. *sigh*

SuicidalOptimist on Nov 28, 2010


the boatman is gonna be busy with alot of boyfriends on nov 16

8=D on Nov 28, 2010


Why do you report on this franchise if you guys hate it so much, I understand professionalism but the reacting comments to every fucking story about it is always the same. Its obvious none of us here like these piles of trash so cant FS just forget about em? But like I said you guys are still being professional I suppose posting news about things you loath so much for the very few at this site that enjoy the franchise.

Cody w on Nov 28, 2010


I still want answers on how they`re going to turn a book which one third of it is full of filler, into two movies. It`s such a blatant cash-grab from Summit.

Mr.Cookie on Nov 28, 2010


#3 - i agree 100% #8 - true, most of us (including myself) hate this garbage. however, i like the fact that they put many different movies on here. a few days ago alex put a trailer up for "another year" - a movie he said he hates...........but, the few comments that were there at the time (including mine) liked it. my point - that's the only way to find great movies. we NEED sites that will put up info on many different movies so we can be informed (for better or worse) on what is coming next. besides - if all that was put on here was what the majority of posters liked, we'd be limited to just a couple of genres.....and that's not what a site dedicated to movies should be about.

beavis on Nov 28, 2010


so... they didn't have any sex before? *facepalm*

Fox on Nov 28, 2010


With Bill Condon on as director you know something will be subliminally homosexual!

Dan on Nov 28, 2010


totally agree with #1 ...

Sakyo on Nov 28, 2010


These movies are gonna be boring as SHIT. I really wish there weren't so many people who love this junk, it's insufferable and it makes me feel like it's doomed us to a future full of new media just like this childish, absurd, and just poorly made series of books and movies. Although from what I've heard the 3rd movie doesn't suck as bad. BUT STILL twilight is teh suxxorzz and all those twihard n00bs need to stfu.

Da Man on Nov 28, 2010


I love how a bunch of you comment on how you hate Twilight so much but have never seen the movies or read the books. Such sheep mentality. Yeh, hating Twilight makes you look so cool to your buddy. Have another beer in your mother's basement man. Newsflash, this website covers shit movies like Skyline so no, they are not above Twilight. It's not like they only cover high-art.

Skye on Nov 28, 2010


agree with #1

A5J4DX on Nov 28, 2010


#14 are you Team Jacob or Team Edward?

SuicidalOptimist on Nov 28, 2010


#14 And if you want to see exclusively "high art" there are websites that will appeal to that. This is a blogging site. Let's not get confused about that. He can cover whatever he wants, whenever he wants.

ModernAmericanMan on Nov 28, 2010


I heard there is a C section where the vampire bites the vagina. Weird

John on Nov 28, 2010


I for one like the series. So thanks Alex for posting this.

Vold on Nov 28, 2010


I actually thought Twilight was alright for what it was, a girly teen romance with vampires. Plus the werewolf guy was so hawt with no top on, I kept getting boners. I understand it gets pretty weird later on. I watch them mainly out of the reasons that Skye put forward, that you can't dislike something unless you know what it is.

Crapola on Nov 28, 2010


I guess im a little biased considering I grew up in Forks, WA, and am very glad I dont live there anymore. Everytime one of these damn movies comes out my entire small bluecollar logging town gets flooded with pale tweens and divorced women in their late 40s. I cant put into words how much this franchise and its fans annoy me to my core.

duder on Nov 28, 2010


hey Duder, surely loggers would be up for single 40 year old women coming to town?

Crapola on Nov 28, 2010


I'd still watch these over the Star Wars prequels.

younglings on Nov 29, 2010


#24, Then you are truly lost.

Cracky on Nov 29, 2010


You also have to realize that in any sort of online community, only a small percentage of people will read the comments, and an even smaller percentage of those people will actually post them. Even if every comment was 100% negative, there culd still be quite a lot of people who come here and are excited to see these flicks. That said, I hate them, but I've liked some of Condon's work and I think it will be interesting to see him direct something more commercial like this. I'll probably still hate it because the story is one of the most shallow and insulting things I've ever heard of, but it will at least be put together properly and have, you know, coherent structure and maybe some semblance of pacing and rhythm. @24: they made more star wars movies? Wait... really? I only seem to recall episodes 4,5 and 6. Are you sure they made more star wars films? I seem to remember seeing some movie that was called "Episode One", but I thought it was star trek or... no wait, they made that Star Trek movie, are you sure you didn't confuse that for a Star Wars film by mistake? It's kinda weird that the new star wars movies felt more like bad star trek movies, and the new star trek movie felt more like a star wars movie. As far as maybe rather watching the twilight films instead... well now there are going to be more twilight films than prequels... so I'd rather watch the prequels so that not as much of my time is wasted. Also, they are more fun to bash. Sparkly vampire jokes and making fun of the crazy girl con only be funny for so long. The prequels at least keep giving you new shit to ridicule.

Squiggly_P on Nov 29, 2010

27 have just proven none of us can take you seriously anymore.

Clover on Nov 30, 2010


Why split it up to 2 movies??? Why??? Aaaarrrrggghhh!!! My girlfriend makes me go with her when she watches these movies and I was sooo looking forward to weathering one movie, just ONE more movie before I could finally breathe one deep sigh of relief that the torture has ended... = ( And no, no amount of gratuitous show of skin from whoever will make up for its crappiness...

Luke on Dec 1, 2010


the twilight sagas are sooooooo over right now i think they should make death note movies

Eliza-milo on May 11, 2011


Good thing reality contradicts your views 😉 

Anonymous on May 16, 2011


wow idk if i really want to see it 😛

Missmadison Davenport on Jul 26, 2011

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