First Official Look Revealed: Ryan Reynolds as Green Lantern

July 15, 2010
Source: Entertainment Weekly

Ryan Reynolds as Green Lantern

It was only discovered yesterday that the official reveal of the costume from Green Lantern would be on the cover of "next week's" issue of Entertainment Weekly. Before it could even hit stands, EW has decided to unveil the photo early, although it's not very high resolution. So below you will see Ryan Reynolds as Hal Jordan in his CGI costume from Green Lantern. "Will and imagination are his superpowers," Reynolds says. “We need a circus of Timothy Learys to think of things Hal would invent with his ring." I'm sure many, many of you are going to have something to say about this, so let's get it all over with and let the discussion begin!

Ryan Reynolds as Green Lantern

"Fanboys of the world, get ready to go green. As all of Hollywood (and many a costumed nerd) gears up for next week's Comic-Con convention in San Diego, EW provides a behind-the-scenes look at the making of next summer's highly anticipated superhero movie Green Lantern." It was also discovered back in April that the costume would be fully CG, which means it's easier for them to shoot in privacy on set as Reynolds wears a motion capture suit, and it allows them to do more with his costume in the movie, as is evident now look at this costume reveal. This is only just a tease of what is to come at Comic-Con, so stick around. Thoughts?

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Never understood the fascination with Green Lantern.

Big John on Jul 15, 2010


I Tweeted you about this,guessing you saw it already, suit looks good,not sure about the eye mask though,just doesn't look right

Alameals on Jul 15, 2010



Clover on Jul 15, 2010


Why a CGI in Green Lantern and a regular one in Captain America? I guess the latter will look much better on the silver screen...

Pedro Lopes on Jul 15, 2010


Too soon to pass judgment, I need to see it in action. The only I'm really worried about is Reynolds' acting. Other than that I'm excited.

Chris Q. on Jul 15, 2010


as with Thor.....too hard to judge till we see a trailer how well this works on the bigscreen.

monal on Jul 15, 2010


I think it looks awesome.

Tom on Jul 15, 2010


i actually like this suit. this certain pic looks pretty shopped but im sure more actual pics from the movie and the other lanterns will make this look much better.

Logan on Jul 15, 2010



Kevin on Jul 15, 2010


I can see why they said it makes more sense to have it this looks like an energetic flesh/field, which it should be since its powered by the ring. I'm sold on it.

saintpetersburg on Jul 15, 2010


I dig the CGI suit (kind of). The possibilities are endless. Should be legit. Reynolds better keep his head. That comic relief bullshit isn't needed here. And furthermore I agree with #1-- I have never been a Lantern fan. Always seemed... kinda ridiculous.

Cracky on Jul 15, 2010


looks cool. not sure about the eyes though.

Yan Pat on Jul 15, 2010


@11: Hal Jordan started out as kind of a cocky, wise-cracking asshole before the GL powers humbled him. Reynolds should do nicely.

graffiti bandit on Jul 15, 2010


Mask and Collar look photoshopped... Maybe a higher resolution pic would look better. Still pretty stoked about this one.

Mike on Jul 15, 2010


Not diggin the suit. I was hopin for a more classic look.

CLZ on Jul 15, 2010


I like the suit a lot. But the eyes and mask in the picture look too photo-shopped in this picture.

Dan W on Jul 15, 2010


The bodysuit looks great, the eyemask is too big and oddly shaped. Ah well, I guess not every costume designer can be a real genius and STICK TO THE FUCKING COMIC BOOK ORIGIN! IT'S LOOKED THE SAME FOR GODDAMN NEAR 60 YEARS YOU IMBECILE! PLEASE I HOPE YOU READ THIS AND REALIZE WHAT A GIANT MORON YOU ARE. Other than that, it looks great, I'm sure Ryan Reynolds will do great, although he would've made a better Flash and I'm sure everyone realizes that.

LINKFX on Jul 15, 2010


looks like the green version of Dr.manhattan

Janny on Jul 15, 2010


This strangely looks like fan art.

angela on Jul 15, 2010


Looks unfinished. The mask doesnt looks good but it was going to be the hardest part. Anyway my guess is that its going to look better in the clip theyll show at Comic-con and way better in the final trailer (with all the CGI finished).

Dreckent on Jul 15, 2010


I think it's perfect...I like how it looks like green muscle tissue rather than spandex. It's much better looking than the Thor or Captain America costumes.

peloquin on Jul 15, 2010


The mask is butt-ugly. But the suit is nice. 🙂 At first I was like NO WAY. But the more I look at it and let it sink in, the more I like it. 🙂 But @19. Yeah, it does look like fan art. >_>

Aimee on Jul 15, 2010


agree with the above, the suit looks cool the mask, not so much.

harm on Jul 15, 2010


fan-made costume looked better in my opinion...

Nick S. on Jul 15, 2010


@ 25 Agreed!

Quaked2023 on Jul 15, 2010


I agree with most that the suit looks cool, the mask less so. I just don't think the green lantern is going to translate well into live action. I can't imagine the action not looking cheesy.

Vet4Peace on Jul 15, 2010


Hmmm... The mask looks alright, but the muscle lines of the suit look a tad weird.

Ajax on Jul 15, 2010


He looks freaky.

Carl on Jul 15, 2010


Awww man. And here I was knockin THOR for lookin funny. ...I will withold judgement until i see footage bcause most of EW's Costumed Hero magazine covers look wierd and outta place. LOTR, Spiderman, Watchmen cast, New Kirk & Spock in particular.

Solo Calrissian on Jul 15, 2010


Um...what's with the ripple effect on the front of the costume. I totally agree with you #17. They should have stuck to the original costume design and Ryan Reynolds would definitely had made a better Flash. My personal opinion, NATHAN FILLION would have made a great Hal Jordan. Just putting that out there. Who else agrees?

lamar on Jul 15, 2010


looks cool , sometimes these costumes look cool in comic books and video games but to make them more believable in the flesh sometimes an enhanced version to make it look believable can't hurt.

o Toxin o on Jul 15, 2010


Looks better than Thor's so far. Give me a trailer.

Xerxex on Jul 15, 2010


Hehe. Was about to write what Xerxex wrote... Not perfect but looks better than Thor.

ryderup on Jul 15, 2010


That suit looks like something my dog threw up (chunks thats my dogs name) it looks nothing like any kind of green lantern looks more like a throbbing love muscle. Looks better than Thor's costume? yeah maybe from a retards point of view.

Jimmy Love on Jul 15, 2010


Looks good. I like the mask. Suits him.

VOLD on Jul 15, 2010


I think he would've made a better Flash

RocknRolla on Jul 15, 2010


Yep, just like they promised, a suit that looks entirely like CG. Shocking. And campy.

The Follower on Jul 15, 2010


lets change the title of the movie...GREEN VENOM!

sur@z on Jul 15, 2010


Freakin Sweet!

mcwilly on Jul 15, 2010


Pretty sick.

Nick Sears on Jul 15, 2010


the suit looks awesome and a bit campy at the same time. the mask though... I hope they fix that mask... well, maybe it just looks odd as a still. might look great when its fluid in the film. the possabilities are endless withthis CGI suit thought. I'm overall liking it.

Dave13 on Jul 15, 2010


that suit is sick!

DoomCanoe on Jul 15, 2010


show me a trailer

DaftPUNKFAN on Jul 15, 2010


Suits awesome... Reynolds should burn in Hell

vik on Jul 15, 2010


Hey look at my muscles suit its green you have to eat your vegetables so your muscles can grow big and strong like mine! other than being green all you would need is to add the organs and it'll be just like the suit the guy used to wear on Saturday mornings and you would get up to early to watch cartoons and he would teach about all the organs.

Jimmy Love on Jul 15, 2010


this ain't GL , it's a new hero....WEED-MAN

Cornboy on Jul 15, 2010


@47 definitely looks like the Cannibus Avenger! i looked at this once and immediately said "okay i have to look at this again later." Now i'm looking at it again and i have to say it looks pretty damn good. its not what i wanted but it definitely works somehow. I agree with everyone if you wanna be nit-picky the mask is alittle more villainous than anything but the suit looks very alien which is a very nice touch seeing as most of the film will be done in space.

Josef on Jul 15, 2010


Green dong or does the suit turn junks into bumps?

Voice of Reason on Jul 15, 2010


The first time I saw, i didn't like it. Now, considering that the suit is of alien origin, and that the plastic/black leather suits are almost a rule in super-hero movies, I think that this move, doing an organic/energy-like suit was pretty bold, design-wise. Congratulations! #48: same here, the mask is badass, but maybe just too much... ....unless the mask shape-shifts according to the mood of the owner of the ring.

Fox on Jul 16, 2010


Quick comment on the costume..... not bad. Quick comment on casting..... yepp I also had Reynolds down as the perfect Wally West Flash. Quick comment on mask..... fairly true to comic I guess. love the idea of shape changing from #50! Longer comment on GL in general.... The thing that bothers me is how they are going to portray the ring's creations. Obviously it has to be green light that they are made of but what are the things going to be??? If they go with the JL unlimited Jon Stewart idea of basic shapes and amorphous energy then I reckon that suspension of disbelief might be easy and the movie could be excellent. The problem might arise if they go for the older type ring constructs where the ring creates a giant fist to hit something or a giant bulldozer to push something then there is a danger of it looking cheesy and camp I reckon.....but I will still be seeing it!!!!!!! Oh yeah.....and they better make a whole lot out of the first time he charges his ring and speaks the oath..... it is truly iconic and must not be messed with!!!!

FOOM on Jul 16, 2010


Costume looks like crap, CGI or not, that just doesn't look right.

MMH on Jul 16, 2010


@#1 : Green Lantern is about Willpower and its conscious control...hence its wide appeal!it's a fantasy shared by a lot of people due to the many possibilities that power offers. people who have no interest in willpower will find it boring obviously! Just for the record, every person with superpower in the Marvel and DC universe stands for something in human nature and their fantasies @#52: yes, I agree it doesn't feel right! The mask is alright though with the eyes Hope it is just how it starts and then it solidifies into something better Anyway, will have to wait till the trailer hits

I AM... on Jul 16, 2010


Green Lantern rocks... Ryan Reynolds doesn't suck. This should be good.

Morlock on Jul 16, 2010


another live action cartoon ready to hit the screen...I forsee the accountants looking hi & low for write-offs to cover the losses on these comic book cartoons...

blasphemer on Jul 16, 2010


At least they followed the general outline of GL's costume (more than they did for the helmet-less Thor or the ridiculous GI suited Captain America). Would it really have been that bad to just put GL in green and black leather, especially since younger fanboys are fetishists for leather and rubber in superhero costumes? Or how about just green and black tights? The outfit is a GL police uniform. Strictly speaking, it's not a costume. Yeah, I know "What did you expect, yellow spandex?" Green spandex for Green Lantern is fine with me. Remember the Flash's TV costume? That looked pretty food. Re: the ring constructs-they could look to the Kyle Rayner era for inspiration. The Rayner character is a young comic-book artist, so he made all kinds of imaginatively cool constructs, like a big green alligator to cut things in half instead of giant scissors, or a locomotive instead of a giant boxing glove. He even rode around on a glowing green flying motorcycle once, instead of the usual prone flying position. Ideas like this could translate well to the big screen.

zubzwank on Jul 16, 2010


Is it me or does anyone else feel no anticipation or excitement whatsoever for Green Lantern?

Anomalous Material on Jul 17, 2010


@#56 - totally looks like the old TV Flash's costume, ironic as I think Ryan Reynolds would be a great Wally West. Overall looks good it i think.

Al on Jul 18, 2010


I think this is not 100% finished artwork. The first photo we saw of the Iron Man costume also was a conceptual and not finished artwork. There are many details that just not fit yet.

manuel on Jul 18, 2010


Suit looks awesome.

Fisherr on Jul 22, 2010


Looks really badass can't wait

Rich on Jul 28, 2010


I hope the leg parts are a different color than the torso parts. If the bottom part's not black or something, with like a pair of boots maybe, he'll look like he has no pants. Nobody respects someone without pants. The people he's saving would make fun of him.

Da Man on Jul 28, 2010

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