First Official Photo of Chris Evans Suited Up as Captain America

October 28, 2010
Source: EW

Captain America

We've featured some official concept art and various photos of a stuntman in full costume have shown up online thanks to the London shoot of Captain America: The First Avenger. However, today we finally have our first official look at Chris Evans dressed in the red, white and blue. Though he's not wearing the mask, the full cover (below) gets me pumped to see this next summer. Evans recalls how he almost didn't take the role: "I was just scared. I realized my whole decision making process was fear based, and you never want to make a decision out of fear. I can't believe was almost too chicken to play Captain America."

Here's our first official look at Chris Evans as Captain America courtesy of the latest Entertainment Weekly:

Captain America Entertainment Weekly Cover

Captain America: The First Avenger is being directed by Joe Johnston, most recently of The Wolfman, and is already shooting mostly in Europe. The film takes place during WWII and will follow Cap's escapades on the European battlefronts, including encountering a diabolical scientist Arnim Zola (played by Toby Jones) and an evil villain named Red Skull (played by Hugo Weaving). Also in the cast: Hayley Atwell as Cap's love interest Peggy Carter, Sebastian Stan as Cap's sidekick Bucky Barnes, Dominic Cooper as Howard Stark, and Tommy Lee Jones as General Chester Phillips. Stay tuned for even more on Captain America! Thoughts?

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Big Boss on Oct 28, 2010


All i know is the Wolfman sucked terribly... and if Joe Johnston cant perform better this time around, it will be another disappointment sorry to say.. When u get Hugo Weaving, Benecio Del Toro, and Anthony Hopkins in ur movie and cant make it at least decent, theres something very wrong.

John on Oct 28, 2010


I can't wait for this! Cap HYPE!

Wendy on Oct 28, 2010


Fuck Joe Johnson right now people-- this look is fucking perfect. THIS was the right way to do Captain America. We can go on and on about the Wolfman but can we all agree that at the moment Joe Johnson has captured WWII Captain America with grace and style.

Cracky on Oct 28, 2010


I felt the same way about iron man so I will give this one a try....................

tronforya on Oct 28, 2010


..he better not screw this up.. SHIELD SLASH!!

mochonko on Oct 28, 2010


hey this reminds me, they have the new title to Batman 3

Jericho on Oct 28, 2010


a cross eyed dweeb representing the USA, terrible.

Chrisbo on Oct 28, 2010


Is he planning on bulking up because he's doing a wonderful pre-Cap. Steve Rogers, there.

Chris on Oct 28, 2010


#4.. NO! Are you telling me this clown called Chris Evans who we all know as The Human Torch is going to be able to pull this off? NO! What has this guy ever done thats been cool? Nothing! What acting ability does this guy have? None! Look at Jake Lloyd, he was cast as 10 year old Anakin Skywalker because he had the look, unfortunately his acting Sucked! So what you are saying is this is perfect for magazine covers, but the acting ability and believablity comes second. This is a joke at best and recasting Bruce Banner is a joke and putting Jeremy whatever in the Avengers as Hawkeye is at best pathetic. Hollywood never learns, same stupidity, same recipes, same garbage over and over and over. And genital warts like you pay to go see it.

Mr Slippyfist on Oct 28, 2010


#9 have you seen set pics chris is gigantic

nelson on Oct 28, 2010


He's hot and all, but.. he looks scared. LOL and crosseyed.

f on Oct 28, 2010


#10 He was awesome in Sunshine, he was the best parts of the horrible FF4 movies and was great with what he was given in Scott Pilgrim. i have faith in him. Those are the only things Ive seen him in and ive liked him in all 3.

T on Oct 28, 2010


Ok I get it, he needs to look skinny and weak before the whole injection of that serum thing or whatever, but damn...does he have to look that constipated? On the cover of a magazine mind you! Nonetheless I think people need to wait to watch the movie before anyone starts spouting BS about how the movie is going to suck, yadda yadda... We're all going to watch it regardless to prepare for The Avengers movie.

GrandDoc on Oct 28, 2010


#10, You're being a dick. Chris Evans has decent acting abilities. Go watch London (stars with Jessica Biel, Jason Statham and others). He can do more then clown around-- and "decent" works well in comic book movies. And just because he's been a superhero before doesn't mean he can't do it again. For fuck sake, their REBOOTING that series, dude. That shit is long gone. You sound like someone who really just DOES NOT like recasting and "re"casting in similar universes. Well put on your big boy pants and get ready for some good old fashioned show-business. Hulk and Hawkeye? The actors lined-up actually have SKILL. Besides-- I HATED the news that Chris Evans would be Cap when I first heard. But if I've learned anything from so-called "movie updates" is that people can seriously overcome their negative hype. I personally like this photo. JUST this photo. The acting, the director, the fucking plot-- all of that can be judged with trailers and the like. So fuck off, man, seriously.

Cracky on Oct 28, 2010


weak sauce

DaftPUNKFAN on Oct 28, 2010


Im still not feeling it. I want to, but Im just not.

Al on Oct 28, 2010


Meh... show us a trailer.

Solo Calrissian on Oct 28, 2010


Are those overalls? Cap'n OshKoshB'Gosh.

dRailer on Oct 28, 2010


Tough crowd ... the director clearly hasn't earned the gig, but I suspect on supersized projects like this there are many hands helping things materialize. I've enjoyed some of Evans' past work ... but he hasn't shown me the gravitas Captain America requires. Hoping he dials it up for the new film. If this fails it may force studios to lean on more talented/proven directors to take the reins.

Christian Toto on Oct 28, 2010


Man people need to drink some coffee and calm down lol But I like the way this looks a lot can't wait to see some more pictures

Duck on Oct 28, 2010


He's got a little Owen Wilson going on in this pic doesnt he? I like that they featured Cap without the mask, makes the character more approachable in the introduction. The red white and blue contrasts so nicely against the army/strap garb, making it a strong costume design. PLUS, gotta love the PING!-bullet-grazes on the shield!! So far so great!

Voice of Reason on Oct 28, 2010


Lol i was just thinking about the Owen Wilson thing. I'm excited. Can't wait for some actual footage.

AcornPenguin on Oct 28, 2010


Bad photo, but I'm still game. I'm only worried about Johnston...Evans will do just fine. Chill haters, wait for a trailer.

Xerxex on Oct 28, 2010


No issue with Evans as cap but honestly if I didn't know he was cap And I was shown that picture I couldn't have told you it was evans

Ross on Oct 28, 2010


Jeremy Renner as Hawkeye will be epic IMO.

Proudfoot on Oct 28, 2010


My thoughts mirror #12's

big r on Oct 28, 2010


#10 shut up Jeremy Renner is an amazing actor They HAD to recast Bruce Banner and although Evans hasn't truly proven he is a good actor he has shown he has enough chops to play a FUCKING SUPERHERO! prick

DoomCanoe on Oct 28, 2010


enough comments. need trailer now.

more expendables pls on Oct 28, 2010


Seriously anyone who has complaints right now is not a real fan. How can you complain at this point? i have been waiting for this ever since i was young. its not that bad. infact its not bad at all. Just shut up and enjoy yourself. No one's trying to win an Academy Award for these films. God. Go suck off Roger Ebert.

Josef on Oct 28, 2010


@Josef: But, Josef, they've _always_ gotta complain about some little thing. That's just how it is. Personally, I've liked what I've seen so far. I didn't expect them to pull this off, but it is looking very promising (at least in terms of the images released). Oh, and whoever thinks that Joe Johnston will screw this up, please go @*&* yourself. Remember THE ROCKETEER from the 1990s? That film was excellent, it was based on a great comic, and Joe Johnston directed it! But please, keep griping about THE WOLFMAN (and keep missing the forest for the damned trees....).

Marc McKenzie on Oct 28, 2010

32 a trailer.

ayindi on Oct 28, 2010


why does he look like a nerd?

Kylle on Oct 28, 2010


All you FUCKING haters need to STFU. Its too early to tell. Until then calm your pansy asses down and give hime a chance. Same shit happened with Heath Ledger being cast as the Joker. Everyone got on his balls and said WTF? You never damn know until you see the final product. So FUCK YOU ALL until this shit arrives. Give it a chance. If it bombs then you can blow your balls to your hearts content. GO CAP! Lets see what Mr. Evans is all about!

Mike Balrog on Oct 28, 2010


Going for the "blue steel" look haha I think the costume will look good if the tone of the movie is right

Jaf on Oct 28, 2010


Wow! Lotta nerd rage here. Chill and lets see what happens. I think It'll be great! My god, we've been waiting forever to see these guys turned into movies. And when it happens we go bonkers with the hate. Its an easy fix. Ya think it'll stink dont go see it. But I got a feeling everyone that posted here will be there opening weekend lol. I know I will 😉

Matthew on Oct 28, 2010


stop beeing so fucking negative..everytime old hags. i'm delighted he was cast as capt america, and i'm surely excited to see the movie. comment and dispute AFTER you see the freaking movie please

andi on Oct 28, 2010


Marvel, Please impress me this time as i haven't bought it for this movie yet.

Fisherr on Oct 29, 2010


if i was to ignore every statement that required profanity to get the point across I wouldnt have many comments to read here.

Ross on Oct 29, 2010


Not very camoflage looking for war, unless they really dull out the colors on this suit its gonna be obvious and silly to see some dude in bright colors run the killing fields on not be the 1# target lol.

o Toxin o on Oct 29, 2010


Looks like Blue steel to me, or is it Ferrari?

dave on Oct 29, 2010



SkyneT on Oct 31, 2010


Nice abbs

Moon on Nov 13, 2010


I am putting it on my top 10 list im exited

Moon on Nov 13, 2010


make a trailer!!!!!!!!!!!!

Moon on Dec 23, 2010

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