First Photo: Lindsay Lohan as a Nun with an Uzi in Machete!

July 19, 2010

Lindsay Lohan

Oh sh*t! We've seen two trailers and plenty of photos for Robert Rodriguez's Machete, so what else is there to see? You may remember hearing that actress drug-addict Lindsay Lohan (who's now thankfully behind bars in real life) was cast in a role in this movie, but damnit we still haven't seen much of her yet. Our Dutch friends at have landed the first good photo of Lohan as "April Benz," who is wearing a nun's outfit while holding onto one gigantic silenced(?) uzi (although I don't know all of my weapon terminology perfectly). Although it's not much, this is pretty damn cool to see, maybe just to laugh at, but there you go.

Lindsay Lohan in Machete

You can watch the latest official trailer for Machete online, as well as the "illegal" version at those two links.

Machete is co-directed by both Robert Rodriguez and his long-time editor Ethan Maniquis as his very first directorial debut. The screenplay was written by Robert Rodriguez and is an expanded version of the "fake" Machete trailer Rodriguez made for the release of Grindhouse in 2007. He finally got a greenlight last year and shot this down in Austin, TX last year with quite an impressive cast. 20th Century Fox will be bringing Machete to theaters on Labor Day Weekend - September 3rd. Can't wait to see it. Bring on the Machete!

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I think this is actually from Parent Trap 2: The Revenge on Mum 'n' Pa. This photo made me laugh but i'm still glad she's going to jail. Celebrities shouldn't be any more important then anybody else.

Hedgehog on Jul 19, 2010


she looks like Kate Beckinsale...sorry Kate

Jericho on Jul 19, 2010


what...the...eff? damn, let's hope she doesn't disappoint. that's a pretty huge gun. she better do some damage.

Vash on Jul 19, 2010


Somehow the slutty nature of this chick and then this nun get up with a gun makes for a hot combination.

TediusTed on Jul 19, 2010


quick someone shoot her, she's coming right for us

ocp on Jul 19, 2010


Easy to throw punchs when someone is down. You bunch of fucking cowards.

VOLD on Jul 19, 2010


Lohan is hot. And can act. Yummy.

ryderup on Jul 19, 2010


Whoa! Hey! Leave this girl alone. She's not a drug addict. Anyone who knows her can tell you that she's been through her shit storm but it doesn't mean we should discredit her just because of that. She's not a total fail of an actress like the rest of Hollywood youth, so back off! This probably won't do her much justice but if she's in a movie, she's an actress and we have to respect her as such!!

Eli on Jul 19, 2010


Just cause she is annoying does not mean people should be thankfull she she is going to jail. Yes she is not above the law and should pay her dues for breaking it. But I bet 80 of you would be in her shoes if you had crazy amounts of money to throw around and party with.

chirp on Jul 19, 2010


I'm diggin' it and cant wait to see her portrayal as Linda Lovace the pornstar.

Cmurder on Jul 19, 2010


Thats actually a mac-10.

Cody w on Jul 19, 2010


"drug addict Linsay Lohan" haha, priceless.

Al on Jul 19, 2010


Those defending this drug addict, give me a fucking break. Lindsay Lohan is one the biggest brats Hollywood has seen in quite some time. Thinking she can go through life doing whatever the hell she wants because of her celebrity. What makes it even worse, or sadder, is that her star has burned out. Literally. The girl is a joke. She'll show up anywhere to make a buck since she has no real work. And the only film on her horizan is that Linda Lovelace bio pic. From a nobody director and writer I might add. Those standing up for Lohan and feel sorry for Ms. Lohan should look no further than her "Fuck you" enscription on her finger nail that she wore in court. She is a no class low life who takes to the internet daily to air her family's dirty laundry. Hours away from prison she still has a chip on her shoulder and acts like she's done nothing wrong. I pray for the day we never have to see or hear anything about her or any other Lohan.

Give Me A Break on Jul 19, 2010


That's an enormous silencer. Hawt.

Gill on Jul 19, 2010


I'm cool with Lohan being in this, I'm willing to see what she has to offer. @ Give Me A Break don't be such a lay down larry.

Xerxex on Jul 19, 2010


WOW Give me a break. You are a spineless douche bag. Yeah she was careless in the begining but she got swept up in the wrong things. It doesnt justify her actions completely but at the same time she's only human. That's why i'm defending her. Just cause she's all messed up now doesn't mean that she can turn her life around. And of course she thinks the charges are unfair. She obviously wasn't taught any better.

Eli on Jul 19, 2010


Yeah Billington I respect your opinion and all but damn, that's kinda harsh...don't turn into

Xerxex on Jul 19, 2010


Why is anyone who points out the truth a "spineless douch bag" Eli? Grow up.

Film Fan on Jul 19, 2010


Well I'm standin by what I said. Nobody is perfect especially if they think they have the right to point their finger.

Eli on Jul 19, 2010


fuck her. send her ass to jail.

Colt on Jul 19, 2010


Eli, how old are you? Who said they were perfect?? Regardless, Lindsay Lohan is an absolute trainwreck. And she has been given so many chances. None of which she appreciates. But to call someone a "douche bag" for commenting on her wreckless and self imposed life is a bit much.

Film Fan on Jul 19, 2010


yeah. No one said they were. I know she's a trainwreck but it doesn't make talkin shit about her okay. When you hit rock bottom for nearly a decade call me so I can talk shit about you. But I'm not here to fight with anyone. I'm here to talk about movies so I'm droppin this. This movie looks corny as balls.

Eli on Jul 19, 2010


Guess what Eli, I had a sister like Lindsay Lohan. And I watched her self destruct for more than a decade. And you know how she hit rock bottom? She killed herself. Yep, with a bottle of pills and booze. And she never ever had the luxary, choices or chances Lindsay ever had. So don't talk to me about cutting her some slack. But enough about all that. I'm here to talk about movies too. And yes, I too think this movie looks like crap.

Film Fan on Jul 19, 2010


Sorry, I meant luxury.

Film Fan on Jul 19, 2010


Okay wowo wow people what's with Lindsay lohan bashing,yea she's a dum bitch but come on people easy saying shit to someone when they're down and this is movie comment posting okay not to judge someone on thier life .people this site not about bashing people so plzz .

Alan on Jul 19, 2010


Oh my god there's a lot of people here who must have really liked the love bug or herbie infinity or whatever it was called, and mean girls and whatever else she's been in, yeah what a great actress a regular Meryl Streep. Whacked out coke fiend. But I do think its really amusing the get up they have her ahem character in kinda Ironic I think.

Jimmy Love on Jul 19, 2010


Yeah. My first thought was wtf.... but it was quickly followed by laughter. LOL !!

TripleR on Jul 19, 2010


C'mon Jimmy Love lay off Lohan. This is about Machete not Lohan's life, but this article was written in a bashing way, which led to comments damming and defending her. I say lets get back to Machete.

Xerxex on Jul 19, 2010


Lindsay Lohan!!! <3 AWESOME!

Lincoln on Jul 20, 2010


Hopefully shes first to get the Machete, in both literal ways. Now that's entertainment!

Jimmy Love on Jul 20, 2010


Lot of stone throwing in here.

RC on Jul 20, 2010


Can't wait for this movie, looks awesome. For everyone who says this looks corny, it's technically supposed to be that way lol. If it's kind of a smaller part (Which it seems to be turning out to be.), I think this will turn out to be a great cameo. I have a feeling though most people will just turn into a "Oh, that's so ironic type of thing." I guess that's what she gets for signing up for it though. Then again the whole industry believes she's an absolute joke. So anyone that's willing to offer her one, she'll immediately grab. Hope she gets straightened out and back to her career, she was definitely one of the better younger ones.

Caitie on Jul 20, 2010


Sorry for all the grammatical errors. Pushed the submit button on accident too soon.

Caitie on Jul 20, 2010


she looks like an angry ass drunk in this one haha, and thats an exagerated supresser

DaftPUNKFAN on Jul 22, 2010


it's not an uzi, but an ingram mac 10 I think the size of the silencer is quiet reallistic if you really want it as silent as in a movie (normally it's very loud anyway)

bigbob on Jul 23, 2010

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