First Photo of Chris Hemsworth as Kenneth Branagh's Thor!

April 30, 2010
Source: Yahoo


Everyone is going crazy this morning over this very first official photo from Marvel of our new hero Chris Hemsworth as the God of Thunder Thor in Kenneth Branagh's upcoming comic book movie Thor. This photo comes from Yahoo and is pretty much just a sleek close-up shot of the next Marvel superhero we'll see on the big screen next summer. This is officially our very first look at anything from the movie and I've got to say it's exactly what I was expecting but still exciting and perfect in terms of carrying over the design and look from the comics. I can't wait to see what he looks like with the winged helmet on and hammer, too!

Chris Hemsworth as Thor

This epic adventure spans the Marvel Universe - from present day Earth to the mythical realm of Asgard. At the center of the story is The Mighty Thor (Chris Hemsworth), a powerful but arrogant warrior whose reckless actions reignite an ancient war. Thor is cast down to Earth and forced to live among humans as punishment. Once here, Thor learns what it takes to be a true hero when the most dangerous villain of his world sends the darkest forces of Asgard to invade Earth. Paramount has set a May 6th, 2011 summer release for Thor. I can't wait to see more! So what do you think of this first look at Marvel's Thor?

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I'd like to see a fuller and clearer picture but so far, so good. Not sure about that beard, though.

Corran Horn on Apr 30, 2010


That beard is going to ruin the whole movie.

Hellfudge on Apr 30, 2010


Wow! Can't wait for the full costume! I think the beard looks good.

Ron on Apr 30, 2010


There's no pleasing you fucktards. Is there..?

6dra6on6 on Apr 30, 2010


It looks pretty decent. Destroyer had the same look from the comics in that leaked picture and now Thor as well. Looking good so far.

cat on Apr 30, 2010


Impressed with the costume, but the helmet and Mjolnir (Thor's Hammer) will make or break the look.

Professor Brian O'Blivion on Apr 30, 2010


Yesterday a photo leaked from the set of Thor. It's of Destroyer.

cat on Apr 30, 2010


i'm glad they went with the new costume in the comics, it translates well and even more excited for this than before if thats possible.

xanatos on Apr 30, 2010


Couldn't agree with you more #4, these people that bash the movie from 1 frickin' picture really need to get a life.

kongzilla on Apr 30, 2010


"Everyone is going crazy" Who's "everyone"?

geetard on Apr 30, 2010


I was highly impressed by the leaked image of the Destroyer yesterday and love this image. I'm happy they didn't immediately reveal a full-body shot, but actually gives you a shot from the film where the actor is showing some form of emotion. Publicity photo's are far too staged and airbrushed for my liking. Definitely has the brooding human-like quality that Thor should possess and I actually think the beard is highly appropriate for the character despite the slight deviation from the comic-book. All in all, once his helmet and Mjolnir (which is perfect) is in place I think they'll have nailed it - especially the casting.

Daniel on Apr 30, 2010



Voice of Reason on Apr 30, 2010


Well, it's not the "first" look, now is it 😉 *hint* Iron Man 2 *hint* Spoiler much? Sorry. Can't wait for this!

Gabs on Apr 30, 2010


I agree Daniel # 12. I think it looks great the way they have him look and the mood of the pic and all. It gives me a sense that they are going with a serious tone for the movie (which I prefer).

cat on Apr 30, 2010


bring on Thor and Mjolnir!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

james on Apr 30, 2010


The movie will get a more serious tone, that is for sure: Kenneth Branagh is directing and the guy is mostly a Shakesperean artist... Anyhow, I think the movie will rock, one pic isn't enough for us to judge but it's pretty cool to finally have it !!

leinergroove on Apr 30, 2010


The movie will get a more serious tone, that is for sure: Kenneth Branagh is directing and the guy is mostly a Shakesperean artist... Anyhow, I think the movie will rock, one pic isn't enough for us to judge but it's pretty cool to finally have it !!

leinergroove on Apr 30, 2010


How did you guys (#5, #14) see Iron Man 2 already?! At any rate, i love this little glimpse of Thor!

big r on Apr 30, 2010


SPOILER They have a shot of Mjolnir leaked from IM2. I don't think at this point that's spoiling anything, though, as all these sites feat.'d it in an article at some point this week. I like the idea of bearded Thor - was picturing more of Ultimates look but this is very cool. Maybe he'll shave it when he comes to Earth, as bearded male leads are rare in hollywood (Branagh notwithstanding). Timing is perfect tho. I'm all aboard the excitement wagon again for this Flick!

Django on Apr 30, 2010


The movie will have a serious tone, that's for sure. Kenneth Branagh is directing and the guy is mostly a Shakesperean artist. It's difficult for us to judge anything based on just one pic, but it's pretty cool to finally have one!!

leinergroove on Apr 30, 2010


Looks good. Now lets just throw some big yellow boots on him and we'll have the Mego action figure I expect.

Matt on Apr 30, 2010


wow...that's not bad at all.

GET TO DA CHOPPAAAAAA! on Apr 30, 2010


oops, comment repeated... damn

leinergroove on Apr 30, 2010


@4&10 It was joke! NUMBNUTS!!!!!

Hellfudge on Apr 30, 2010


@4&10 How could you not tell that was a joke anybody that would think facial hair could ruin a movie has some serious mental issues.

CLAW on Apr 30, 2010


#18 big r Iron Man 2 is out everywhere but the U.S. right about now.

jake the snake on Apr 30, 2010


Costume looks like plastic. Dig the hair and beard, though.

twittwit on Apr 30, 2010


Looks good so far. I'm in! Halloween is going to ERRRRUPT with kids wearing marvel costumes in the next two years.

Nick Sears on Apr 30, 2010


Nice! Though I would like a more Ulimates looking beard with a classic uniform. Can't wait for this either way!

Angry Chief on Apr 30, 2010


I'll admit I'm pleasantly surprised.

[A] on Apr 30, 2010



Daas on Apr 30, 2010



radbot on Apr 30, 2010


Wait, so is this Destroyer or Thor? Maybe I'm not reading the comments correctly... In any case, I cannot wait to see where Branagh goes with this... I think the style will be like no other comic book film to date.

Cracky on Apr 30, 2010


looks nice @#18 Iron Man 2 is released in the UK already

tazz on Apr 30, 2010


The armor looks heavy which is good... Thor's supposed to be 400 pounds according to the official Marvel bio

Jaf on Apr 30, 2010



Duck on Apr 30, 2010


yeah...what 81 said...this shoulda been a cartoon...

spanky on Apr 30, 2010


i hope we see more at comic con this year like maybe a thor teaser trailer 😀 BRING ON DA THUNDER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Spider94 on Apr 30, 2010


Alex, I appreciate you featuring this on your site! But if I have one complaint it's that I think you may need to hire a moderator.

AgentMcQueen on Apr 30, 2010


This is a complete failure from conception. This "Poetic Superhero" concept just doesn't work in films. Both Ang Lee's Hulk and Superman Returns tried to mix traditional heroics and crowd-pleasing action with an overtly poetic tone and neither resonated with audiences. It'll be even worse when they have to mesh him with The Avengers.

1-7 on Apr 30, 2010


Not a bad first look. Wish he was a touch more rugged looking, a la ultimate marvel, but I can live with whats there.

harm on Apr 30, 2010


#40 ... superman returns was crap and ang lee's hulk was anything but incredible. However, don't underestimate Branagh... dude has mad talent

sb on Apr 30, 2010


Definitely doesn't look bad but like previously mentioned it looks a little too plastic and the arms are alittle odd, I always thought they were supposed to be more like chain mail.

Hiro on Apr 30, 2010


I for one am really looking forward to seeing this film. Just saw Iron Man 2 two nights ago here in Australia and it was freakin AWESOME!! Only one year to go.

last son on Apr 30, 2010


Looks good, but the suit looks brand new.. could have been more rugged? But still, this can fail as a movie if it's not directed in the right way. Hopefully it will have an epic feel, and not just a god running around in New Mexico.

ryderup on May 1, 2010


Iron Man 2, After the credits. You see Thor's Hammer!

Link1983 on May 1, 2010


ughhh kinda looks like plastic to me

rein on May 1, 2010


i like it ,teaser trailer soon please.

DEADPOOL 72 on May 1, 2010


i thought they were going to make it more Lord of the Rings, looking. Like fantasy stuff.. I guess they chose a more literal route with the comic book design of the character and turning those designs into the real thing. Im eager to see how it turns out.

Roderick on May 1, 2010


HAHAHAHA I love all the Thor references from the Iron Man movie coming on here, since none of the Americans have any idea what it's about 😀

Somebody with actual intelligence on May 1, 2010


I think some people mistook my comment about the beard. I honestly don't mind if Thor has a beard or not, I just wasn't expecting him to have one.

Corran Horn on May 1, 2010


Looks wicked, i really love how he is a copy cat from the Thor in the comic book and the beard looks awesome as well.

Fisherr on May 2, 2010


Looks good in general. The visual design looks spot on. It just seems to look overly plasticy though and his cap looks too much like velvet or something. I'm sure would probably look different if the shot was further away. We'll see.

Guy on May 2, 2010


#50 for someone with actual intelligence you have contributed nothing to this have I.

Xerxex on May 2, 2010


I think it's interesting that they decided to have muscle definition on the arms, despite the fact that it appears to be armor of some kind. In fact, that type of armor looks very similar to what a certain star spangled hero wears. Perhaps we'll see the same type of muscle definition in Cap's costume, which drastically alters the look of these characters on the screen.

Chris H. on May 2, 2010


He kind of looks like Gamling from the LOTR trilogy.

Sergio R. Rivera on May 3, 2010


sweet spoilers warnings euro-jerks.

ash on May 3, 2010


"Meh..." Not sure if the beard is going to ruin the movie considering I've never seen a Viking/ Ancient Germanic Warrior portrayed as "clean cut." I remember reading somewhere that the beard was a right of passage. That said, if this is an Americanized Marvel hero I'm sure it's fair game. I hope more pics do this hype some justice. (My opinion ofcourse)

jomba joose on May 3, 2010


just a perfect image.....THis film will really blow the lid off the Marvel Universe.....Captain America HAS to be better, alas, I do not see that happening.

Clover on May 4, 2010


It looks like plastic.

SlashBeast on May 10, 2010


#42 - sb I'll underestimate him all the hell I want. If Ang Lee (a fucking arthouse director!) couldn't make a good Hulk film and Bryan Singer (the guy who made two fucking X-Men films!) couldn't make a good Superman film then there's no hope in hell that Kenneth Branagh can make a good Thor film.

1-7 on May 21, 2010

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