First Poster for Joaquin Phoenix Doc 'I'm Still Here' Unveiled

August 4, 2010
Source: IMDb

Joaquin Phoenix I'm Still Here

It has begun. Magnolia Pictures has begun marketing the totally insane Casey Affleck-directed documentary about actor-turned-terrible-rapper Joaquin Phoenix, officially titled I'm Still Here (formerly including the subtitle The Lost Year of Joaquin Phoenix). Either Magnolia is truly brave or they think they've got a sleeper hit on their hands, but I'm curious to see it and find out what it's all about. While we wait for the trailer or any footage, an official poster appeared on IMDb this morning for the doc. It isn't particularly bold, but it is a solid design and we do get even more of the crazy Phoenix. We'll let you know once we have anything else.

I'm Still Here Poster

I'm Still Here is a documentary (though it was supposedly mostly premeditated) directed and documented over the last few years by fellow actor Casey Affleck. As we head about when it was all taking place, Affleck followed actor Joaquin Phoenix during his transition from the acting world to a career as an aspiring rapper. The film supposedly features Phoenix "snorting cocaine, ordering call girls, having oral sex with a publicist, treating his assistants abusively and rapping badly." Magnolia Pictures recently acquired rights after it was completed and is now bringing I'm Still Here to limited theaters starting September 10th. Anyone else in?

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1 played by Zack Galifianakis.

Jesus on Aug 4, 2010

2 played by Ben Stiller.

Schwayze on Aug 4, 2010


ahhhhhhh.... mmmmm not sure yet.

ME on Aug 4, 2010



Shannon on Aug 4, 2010


I looked like that the other day when I woke up in the street with vomit on my shoulder and in my hair. Fun times.

Crapola on Aug 4, 2010


-_- I look at this guy and all I think is 'what a retard'

Rezl on Aug 4, 2010


Cool poster.

ryderup on Aug 4, 2010


I'm Still Here is a really good song by Pearl Jam (or maybe Vedder solo, who knows, no one knows where it comes from) btw.

ryderup on Aug 4, 2010


epic beard

McWilly on Aug 4, 2010


#6 My exact thoughts.

Sean on Aug 4, 2010


Could Pheonix's strange behaviour be nothing more strange than a publicity stunt?

moif on Aug 4, 2010


lol fuck this guy, the world's moved on, and no one cares, or at least, hope no one does, about some random idiot's hijinks. see joaquin phoenix snort cocaine? lol who do we see his dealer too? and abusing his assistants? someone prosecute this criminal. lol

bo on Aug 4, 2010


I KNEW IT!!! when I first saw him acting all crazy on (what late night show was that?) I had my suspicions, but this CONFIRMS IT!!! Its a marketing ploy, he took a few years break, and now he's pulling the greatest spoof bio I've ever seen. He's still just as good as he ever was, but its kind of like a joke, when the first trailer is released, you'll see, its a comedy about a "very serious man" that we're going to delve into, all a facade my friends. This is gonna be great 🙂

Charles on Aug 4, 2010


@13 Agreed. Seems nobody else is onboard but at one point or another I'm sure everyone was in complete shock when joaquin had done something "out of character" now we'll see the extent of all this and I'm sure it'll make our jaws drop

matthew on Aug 4, 2010


Not really. The title sounds like a cookie cutter oscar contender title. Vague and pretentious. The whole public retirement thing went down as awkward and ridiculous that it gave a lot of us a bad taste for Joaquin Phoenix. So now I really don't care to see the movie. This would have been a lot better if they made the movie in secret and released a trailer without a clue to whether or not this was a real doc. They should made Joaquin disappear for a year or two, made the movie, and release the trailer. Sure we would have caught on, but the mystery would still be there. We already know what this is about, and I don't care to see a out of touch Joaquin acting like a Hollywood lunatic while everyone around him awkwardly tries not to pretend he is embarrassing himself. Oh right, but its a faux doc, so its ok.

Rob Heath on Aug 4, 2010


"IM STILL HERE".!! no one gives a shit. we didn't fall for your stunt. now fuck off.

Roy on Aug 4, 2010


Screw this. What a freaking idiot. Little piss baby, wasting talent and opportunity that others would kill for. Eat a bag, Joaquin. And Casey, get your head out of your ass before you ruin your career, too.

Nick on Aug 4, 2010


Am I the only one who wants to see this? When everyone thought Joaquin actually had lost his mind, they thought he was the funniest thing ever, but now we learn that maybe, just maybe he's actually sane and all that stuff he did was acting, now we totally hate him.

germs on Aug 4, 2010


I still don't care ...

o Toxin o on Aug 4, 2010


#18 - Apparently you were one of the few who fell for his act. I guess you and your like will go see it. Maybe they will make a movie out of "The Hills" too. Wouldnt' you love that?

Roy on Aug 4, 2010


You people are all fucking crazy, this is gonna be awesome.

hellyeah on Aug 4, 2010


i can't wait for this. i love phoenix. i dont understand why people are saying its a publicity stunt. he's a good actor. he's made good movies. didn't he win something for walk the line?

brian ricci on Aug 4, 2010


@17 lol "wasting talent and opportunity that others would kill for". You make it sound like he's morally obliged to make use of his talent to the fullest because others don't have it.

Nathaniel on Aug 4, 2010


20: I never said I fell for anything. My point was at the time, mostly pre late night act, most people were either concerned or amazed by his actions. Probably everyone posting in this thread was at least somewhat intrigued by him, even if they suspected it was an act. Now that there is a movie coming out they all jump ship and act like they are above it. Most people found borat funny and that was fake, so I don't see any reason why this movie should be different. No reason to get all butt hurt, Roy.

germs on Aug 4, 2010


This was a bad idea from the start. I was so annoyed cus i knew exactly what they were doing and i was pissed mostly because he ruined his career to do something he thought would be important.

Josef on Aug 4, 2010


Hell I knew he was faking, and I still wanna see this, cannot wait.

Xerxex on Aug 4, 2010


The fatal flaw, I think, of this experiment, is that he made the viewer the butt of the joke. With "Borat" or "Bruno" the viewer's in on it... that's why it works. But he not only alienated the industry that made him, but also the viewers and fans of his films... I think he may have lost this gamble... we'll see, I guess.

Pendy Sixteen on Aug 4, 2010


He's still here huh I guess M Knight needs help selling some movies

Jimmy Love on Aug 4, 2010


i expect this to be awkwardly awesome

dee8 on Aug 4, 2010


Just judging by how many comments this got in such a quick time something tells me they may have a big hit on their hands.

peloquin on Aug 4, 2010


Who doesn't want to watch this and see someone taking a dump on a sleeping Joaquin?

casting couch on Aug 4, 2010


Is the title a rip-off of the Bob Dylan biopic "I'm Not There"?

Rodion on Aug 4, 2010


DIAF, joaquin. what a waste.

Alice on Aug 4, 2010


Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa I'm intelligent and above this movie, and only pissants who watch The Hills are into this. Seriously grow the fuck up. This will probably be funny. If not? Whatever. Have fun at your pretentious party washing the bleu cheese down with a glass of Chardonnay. I guess us slow folks aren't invited.

Matt on Aug 4, 2010


Dear #18, I guess civil conversations are beyond you. But hey, that's okay. You can be above everyone else. We'll just be here having a conversation, and you can take the argument somewhere else.

Turner on Aug 4, 2010


Why are they bothering to release this movie? They act as though the world has been anxiously awaiting to see what happened to Joaquin. The reality: NO ONE cares. Everyone forgot about him, not to mention we ALL KNOW IT'S AN ACT. Why would anyone want to see this crap? We already know it's a stupid fake documentary, and Joaquin is just attempting to be funny...and failing miserably. They should have never bothered doing this stupid thing. It sounds like a boring predictable piece of crap. And it's only 60 minutes long so it was SO not worth it. We know what the entire movie is about, and it doesn't sound remotely interesting. "Watch Joaquin pretend to do outrageous things and make an ass out of himself because he is desperate to win an oscar". Not gonna happen buddy. No one missed you. Please retire for real this time.

bill on Aug 5, 2010


#30 apparently you don't see that 90% of the comments are BAD. People who want to see this are idiots. WHY would you waste your money to see what you ALREADY SAW FOR FREE? We already KNOW it's a stupid lame hoax. We already know they will be showing the same damn clips of him "rapping" that we saw on youtube, which weren't even funny then. So go waste 10 bucks to watch a 60 minute long piece of borat wannabe crap. Seriously, spend your money on a GOOD movie. Not short mini movie that we already know is just a stupid hoax that fooled NO ONE!!

me on Aug 5, 2010


Ya I am truly excited for this one of my most anticipated movies for sure...I could be wrong but I think that the haters will be eating their words

Trademark on Aug 14, 2010

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