First Posters & Promo Banners for Lionsgate's Kane & Lynch

May 12, 2010
Source: MTV, Empire

Kane & Lynch

After waiting for more than three years since it was first announced back in 2007 that Lionsgate would be adapting the video game Kane & Lynch, production is finally starting to gear up. Lionsgate (or Nu Image / Millennium Films) has debuted some early promotional banners and posters for Kane & Lynch on display in Cannes. Empire got a shot of the new banners in front of a hotel (below) and MTV also debuted the first full poster (cropped above - see the full-size here). Bruce Willis stars as Kane and Jamie Foxx stars as Lynch and will be the directing debut of stunt coordinator & second unit director Simon Crane. Check it out below!

Kane & Lynch

Kane & Lynch is a dark and gritty drama featuring two men: Kane (Willis) is a flawed mercenary and Lynch (Foxx) is a medicated psychopath. Forced together on a violent and chaotic path of redemption and revenge, no action is considered too harsh as this volatile partnership is pushed beyond reason. The video game was released back in late 2007 for Xbox 360, PS3, and PC, and a sequel called Kane & Lynch: Dog Days is due out later this year. I'm looking forward to this only because it seems like it could an intense, violent, badass movie, but as we all know, video game movies never really seem to work and I fear this may end up a little bit like Max Payne, but we'll find out soon enough. Stay tuned for updates as shooting starts this August.

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Well, according to the text under Kane this is a "hit movie".

jdslater1 on May 12, 2010


I think both actors are the wrong choices for Kane and Lynch. Willis is a lazy choice and I can't see Foxx pulling off the character from the game unless they've changed it for the film. My choice for casting would have been Eric Bana as Kane and Ted Levine as Lynch.

harv on May 12, 2010


The trouble with Game to film Conversions there always not has good has the game take Lara Croft i thought those two films were Lame. Hit man was alright, Doom was Rubbish except for when the film first person perspective like the game for a tiny segment. Lets hope that they get the story right for Kane and Lynch.

Cineprog on May 12, 2010


Honestly I think the best Game to FIlm I have seen was Silent Hill and even that was awful. The only thing they got right was the atmosphere of the town, why was pyramid head in the movie? the cult was never seen in the game? I dont see how everyone screws up these movies to me they seem like they would be fairly simple to make, you have your source material just shoot frame by frame or something like that.

Jacob Crim on May 12, 2010


Yeeaaah, Lnych isn't black. Sorry Hollywood. Try again. (and if you think that's racists... go *&^$ yourself)

Demtor on May 12, 2010


i agree with 5. Lynch is white. I played the game like twice. Hes not black. And thats really stupid to have Jamie Foxx. If they were gonna do a black guy, it would be Denzel or someone with acting cred.

Daniel Felts on May 12, 2010


Um guys its a video game movie so it really doesnt matter if they are black or white just as long as they can act lol and Jamie Foxx won an Oscar for Ray so I think his acting cred is good enough. There arent that many great African American actors to choose from and not many big name actors in general who are going to stoop to a video game movie.

Jacob Crim on May 12, 2010


I always thought Lynch was made for Billy Bob Thornton, but the Eric Bana for Kane and Ted Levine for Lynch is a great idea, i'd be more excited for that movie. Still, whilst the video game was flawed production wise, the script and story were great, so I think this could make a fun movie... maybe in the vein of something like Law Abiding Citizen, which was just stupid violent fun.

Ben on May 12, 2010


# 7. No, I'm not agree with that... besides being good actors, you need good characterizations, faithful to the original. James Bond can't be black just because Denzel is available. If they make a sequel (I know, sounds stupid but is just an example) Jules from Pulp Fiction can't be white only because Jason Statham can hold a gun...

leinergroove on May 12, 2010


@9 I guess we will agree to disagree because I consider Jules and Bond to be two characters in history that can not be done by any other race because well the movies rule. Kane and Lynch was a fun game sure but its not liek a classic where you have to be 100% faithful.

Jacob Crim on May 12, 2010


im not that mad because kane & lynch wasnt that good of a game anyway. wasnt baad just not good enough to have a movie made for it but what is these days... and uh isnt Lynch... like not black? just like Ludacris playing Bruvura in Max Payne good actors but thats like casting Mickey Rourke as CJ from San Andreas.

Josef on May 12, 2010


lynch should have been brad pitt. we know he can play crazy

indyjack86 on May 12, 2010


@12 based off his role in 12 Monkeys he basically ripped off from Marlon Brando in Apocalypse Now? Foxx was the last dude I would imagine being Lynch. A. Anytime the word lynch is used around black people it's racist. FACT. B. I know it's a video game movie and acting is the last thing on the producers minds, but Foxx can't act himself out of a crackerjack box. And they expect a mild mannered calm actor to pull off a raging psycho path? C. Jamie Foxx looks like a teenager. Lynch looks like he's in his mid 40s at least. The game sucked balls, I expect more of the same from the movie, but I'd like to be wrong.

D on May 12, 2010


This will suck

Dan W on May 12, 2010


and yet again another bad casting choice...i think they need to scrap the whole movie and start again(really)

Spider94 on May 12, 2010


Well as long as they don't make Nick Fury a different race oh wait uuuhh okay as long as they keep Kingpin the same wait oh crap nevermind.

CLAW on May 12, 2010


13, did you even watch apocalyse now? Or twelve monkeys? Brad pitts in Monkeys is nothing like Marlons somber, sad & distured performance... I'm really surprised on a film website how many people eff up their movie trivia. If Brad Pitt wad riffing on anyone from Apocalypse Now it would have to had been Dennis Hopper, as the cracked out journalist. But even that is a stretch.

Linkfx on May 12, 2010


Who cares if lynch is black, this is not Captian America, its a dumbass video game movie. Personally I would like to have seen Woody Harrelson as Lynch.

Presley on May 12, 2010


Ed harris as Kane and Josh Brolin as lynch and I wouldve had a nerdgasm but noooo they gotta cast a totally opposite actor of what Kane is, buncha PC bullshit.

Cody w on May 12, 2010


#19 Wow. Please get a job as a casting Agent! Fuckin rad and really good choices!!! Ed H can be super intense. And Brolin is totally Lynch!!!!!

Brandon on May 12, 2010


So is Foxx's character meant to be Irish or is it just a name.

DiR3cT on May 12, 2010


I'm with Cody w. Kane and Lynch are older men, Harris and Brolin would have made an excellent K&L.

Xerxex on May 12, 2010


#16 Nick Fury in Iron Man has always been black cause its Ultimate Nick Fury from the comics. #13 u say Foxx cant act did you see his performance in Ray. but i agree with u on the others what you said.

tazz on May 12, 2010


I preffer a thousand times to see SAmuel JAckson As Nick Fury ..than to see David "I-eat-my-food-on- the-floor" Hasselhoff ..FACT

Sakyo on May 12, 2010


This summer: Get Kaned and Lynched

RC on May 12, 2010


Hah thx #20.

Cody w on May 13, 2010


Terrible casting. Foxx as a redneck psychopath is insulting to the IP. Why Kevin Gage or Billy Bob Thornton weren't fought for to take the role is beyond me. Fucking Hollywood.

Johnny Neat on May 13, 2010


#2 - Ted Levine! How could I have missed him as another and better option. Bravo sir.

Johnny Neat on May 13, 2010


#7 Yeah and Marisa Tomei won an Oscar, so what's you're point? Oscar is foolproof cred? Not!

Johnny Neat on May 13, 2010


Ed Harris as kane, Viggo Mortensen as lynch, directed by Cronenberg. Anybody?

jfc3po on May 13, 2010


Jamie Foxx as Lynch is fucking retarded.

That Awesome Norwegian Dude on May 13, 2010


well, when Foxx attacked Downy Jr. in the Soloist he seemed to be able to go from 0 to nuts pretty easy and well. let's just hope that Willis and Foxx have a similar chemistry as Willis and Jackson did in Die Hard 3. now that was a good buddies on a mission movie. and let's hope it's nowhere near Cop Out. that was straight up disappointment from the word go. and i hope Willis is more alive than he was in Surrogates. but maybe that was the direction as well. still can't believe that Ving Rhames let his likeness be used to say that black revolutionaries are deep down just white people rebelling. blackness as a suit. and i thought i'd seen it all after Hancock and that atrocious storyline of Charlize Theron and Will Smith not being able to be happy together or they'll die b.s.

non employees on May 13, 2010


#16 Nick Fury is black in the Iron Man movies because they chose to use Ultimate Nick Fury instead of the regular Marvel Universe. Nobody got anything wrong on that. Ultimate Nick Fury has used Sam Jackson's likeness since like 2000 or 2001. Gawd!

Garrett on May 13, 2010


I can see Willis, but Foxx? Really? Apart from the obvious skin tone difference, the guy is way to young... This movie shouldn't have been made. I can think of a million better games to put to film, so why this one? And for #7 it sure as hell does matter that the actors are atleast somewhat the same as their digital counterparts. I guess you would also think that a bioshock movie could have little brothers instead of sisters, a Half-life film should have a Carla Freeman and a movie based on the warcraft universe is ok when it has little goblins instead of orcs?

Hans on May 14, 2010


Yeah...Lynch is not black...he's far from it. What the fuck were they thinking?

Peace Love & GaGa on May 16, 2010


Seriously?! Lynch is WHITE! He's not black...and doesn't look like he's 30 years old... he's an older guy. I hate when they just add in a "token black guy". This isn't an old ass outdated show/movie that they're trying to "modernize"... this is a new game! I find it really insulting... the person casting this movie must have been on acid! The point of Kane and Lynch is that it's two loserish WHITE guys... just two guys being guys... I can't picture Willis' ego allowing him to play Kane...and Foxx... I can't even comprehend. Foxx is a joke. First of all, he doesn't look old enough to play the part...and is no where near the character that is Lynch. I'm with the person who said Ted Levine... That is way more fitting! SOMEONE ELSE!

vintage on Oct 19, 2010


looking for plenty of action in this film, like the game hoping this can maatch its standards. However like both Bruce and foxx but not feelin this will be suitable for the roles of Kane and lynch. 🙂

mickey on Jan 12, 2011

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