First Reaction: David Fincher's Fantastic 'The Social Network'

September 17, 2010

The Social Network

Last night I finally caught a screening of David Fincher's The Social Network, otherwise known as "The Facebook Movie" (it's so much more than that), and like everyone else, I thought it was fantastic. However, unlike everyone else, I didn't love it. But it's also one of those incredible films that makes your mind whirl with so many thoughts as soon as it ends, and it's one of those films that I must see a second time to get a true grasp of my actual feelings on it (that seems to be happening often this year). As you may have already heard, it truly represents our contemporary society and this new generation in way no film has ever before.

The Social Network is, first and foremost, an utterly fascinating character study the likes of only someone as talented/brilliant as David Fincher could deliver. In anyone else's hands, this wouldn't have been crafted with as much attention-to-detail and subtle finesse, and I truly love Fincher for that. It's a hell of a year for character studies and, along with Darren Aronofsky's Black Swan, I think The Social Network stands at the top. It's less about Facebook and more about the relationships between the key people the story is about and what it's like in modern society for someone that young to work his way to the top of the power/money food chain. Each one of those "characters" is crafted so flawlessly and Aaron Sorkin deserves the Oscar for this.

Again, this is one of those films that I'm fighting my feelings over, because I wanted to love it with every last ounce, but couldn't. I think it's just missing a small bit of Fincher "magic" in my honest opinion, the same bit of "magic" that makes Fight Club as untouchably amazing as it is, and I don't think The Social Network tops that Fincher film. However, it does deliver along the same lines as Zodiac or Benjamin Button as a film that without too much Hollywood influence explores a story of one individual and how his life affects and is affected by those around him. It just so happens that this story is about Mark Zuckerberg, the co-founder of Facebook, and the script about his captivating story is one of the best that Aaron Sorkin has ever written.

One area I'm not going to touch on is the accuracy of Zuckerberg's story and the controversial founding of Facebook, as that's a topic that can be debated endlessly another time. But as for the film, the topics that it delves into regarding relationships amongst the characters (each with their own unique traits: loneliness, individualism, jealousy, selfishness, lust for power) were fascinating. There were many times I found myself sitting in awe watching some brilliantly filmed scenes unfolding on the screen in front of me. It plays like an incredible book that you can't put down and just want to keep reading straight through to the end. And how often does anyone feel that way about a movie? Not often, I'd say, which is mostly what makes this so great.

Yes, Jesse Eisenberg (who I'm not normally fond of) as Zuckerberg even impressed me. Never once did I even think I was watching Eisenberg, only Mark as he, often foolishly, attempted to battle legal threats and defend his creation. Andrew Garfield, as the other co-founder Eduardo Saverin, steps up his game, too. Justin Timberlake as Sean Parker was also great. The performances are all fantastic, the cinematography is gorgeous as always in a Fincher film, the editing is phenomenal (another great aspect that deserves Oscar consideration), the dialogue was fast-paced in a completely modern societal way, and Fincher made sure to get every detail correct (which included properly using tech terms like Apache, MySQL and wget).

A few of my complaints stem from the ending, which was a bit too abrupt and lacked the truly monumental revelation that it felt like it was going to eventually deliver; as well as a few other campier moments in the film, especially one scene where Saverin's girlfriend (played by Brenda Song) was yelling at him about his Facebook relationship status. But my issues were few and far between and as I mentioned earlier, it was easy to find myself completely lost in this. In fact, that's why I thought the ending hit so soon, I was still lost in it and all of a sudden it was over. But then comes the immediate reaction/reflection, though, and that's where The Social Network really hits it home. It's the fact that the discussions this is causing are so vividly thought provoking that, in retrospect, they are what makes this better than my own feelings are initially telling me.

What I'm actually on the edge of my seat about is what will happen with this upon release. It's a film that is truly representative of this generation (in so many perfect ways) and is also the first to treat a riveting story from this generation with as much respect as a classic story from far back in history. Even the tech terms I mentioned, the fact that they were used, shows that Sorkin and Fincher are proving to Hollywood that you can tell an incredible story without dumbing down those elements. It is that care and concern that Sorkin and Fincher and everyone involved put into it that makes this such a fantastic, instantly unforgettable, and endlessly discussable movie, that will hopefully have as lasting of a societal impact as Facebook has itself.

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As much as I love Fincher, I must say, I'm kind of more looking forward to "Middle Men" than this. But I'm definitely going to check it out regardless. Fincher rarely does wrong.

tEDDY bESS on Sep 17, 2010


You heard it here first: This movie is going to win BEST PICTURE at the Kodak Theater in 2011

Louis on Sep 17, 2010


Fincher is the man.

Robbie on Sep 17, 2010


This is good, Alex. Remember that article you wrote about how people need to get the first reviews out? Instead of calling it a review just call it a first reaction, see the movie again, then write the review.

Milo on Sep 17, 2010


Great review Alex. Very excited to see this, so these early reviews are really getting me excited. I have a random question though: What song was played during the credits?

Gadder4311 on Sep 17, 2010


My biggest problem is that Fincher is becoming a fairly boring director. If you look at this decade he hasn't made any movies nearly as riveting as Fight Club or Se7en. Benjamin Button could've passed for a mediocre Zemmeckis film. Zodiac wasn't really anything special. In the end no matter how good The Social Network is it will always be the facebook movie. This movie won't win best picture because it's just the facebook movie. The acadamy has too many Seniors that haven't ever vistied facebook. This movie will be forgotten in the future because facebook will eventually begin to fail and when no one is on it anymore who will want to see this movie.

Moon on Sep 17, 2010


I find this comment to be retroactively hilarious.

Dr. X on Feb 15, 2011


Yeah Fight Club and Se7en are always going to be Fincher at his best. His other films are good just not brilliant no where close to those two classics. The Social Network will be another good film just not great at least that's what I think.

CLAW on Sep 17, 2010


http://www.nullco.com/TSN/ -check that out

HB on Sep 17, 2010


What about the music???

ryderup on Sep 17, 2010


Oh so it shows how shallow and needy society has become? With such tech out today we are neither getting any smarter or any more connected. Its all hype without substance. From food to human interaction. We're coming to a serious social cliff. Now will we fall or will we jump?

Johnny Neat on Sep 17, 2010


@johnny neat you speak for the entire human race? who proclaimed you better than the rest of us?

Xerxex on Sep 17, 2010


The two trailers I have seen use Power by Kanye West and a cover of Radiohead's Creep by a choir group (Scala & Kolacny Brothers).

eru88 on Sep 17, 2010


@ johnny neat, your comment here, as pointless and muddily intentioned and communicated as it was, is perhaps the best recent example i can think of that points to mankind's doom. Why are you writing about this in a comments section of a film fan website? You are reaching out to the wrong crowd here, buddy. You should be addressing your concerns with philosophers and sociologists, because right now you're just whistling down a well, masturbating to your own thoughts and wasting our time. @alex b i can't wait for this movie it's going to be great. Thanks for the great first impression. I like that you've done it this way and allowed for reflection. It's cool.

LINKFX on Sep 17, 2010


#9 - Ohhhhh crap I forgot to mention that! Trent Reznor's score was AMAZING. I wish he would score a lot more movies, it was fantastic, one of the best parts actually. Technically, Fincher puts together incredible flicks, from the music to the cinematography and so on. Check out the link in #8 for a sample of the score! 🙂

Alex Billington on Sep 17, 2010


Hey, I was wondering if at any point in the movie, Justin Timberlake's character sings. Even for a second.

Pumpkin Escobar on Sep 17, 2010


# 6 totally agree. unfortunately trent reznor is even more boring nowadays...

Bender on Sep 18, 2010


another fail for tedious director, David Fincher!!!

spaniard on Sep 19, 2010


Nice review right there. Regardless of the negative opinions from those who have seen the movie, I'm still looking forward to check this movie. I would love to see another movie from Fincher after Benjamin Button.

akasha13 on Sep 20, 2010


The Social Network dazzles :: http://j.mp/djd6Fs

Rick Chung on Oct 3, 2010


The movie was boring and dragged!

dee on Nov 7, 2010


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facebook on Nov 8, 2010


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göögle on Nov 19, 2010

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