First Short Trailer for Lionsgate's 'Saw 3D' (aka Saw VII) Launches

July 22, 2010
Source: IGN

Saw 3D Trailer

This October, The Traps Come Alive. Get ready for one big gimmick. Lionsgate has debuted the first official trailer on IGN for Saw 3D, or Saw VII, the seventh and final (woo, right?) movie in this infamous horror franchise. I'll admit that I used to enjoy watching these movies, but by now I've just lost all interest in them, especially with this one which definitely feels like they're going for the gimmick aspect with the 3D. Just like that damn My Bloody Valentine 3D trailer, this one tries to sell that 3D gimmick as much as it possibly can. Funny enough, this may be the first time an actual saw has been a trap since the first. Watch it if you want.

Watch the first official trailer for Lionsgate's Saw 3D direct from YouTube:

You can also watch the new Saw 3D trailer in High Definition on AppleN

According to producers, this will be the final film in the Saw franchise, but as always that might not be true, depending on how successful this one is. However, I think the real question is whether anyone wants more?

Saw VII is directed by former editor Kevin Greutert, who edited all six of the previous Saw movies before this one and previously directed Saw VI from last year, for better or worse. The screenplay for this one was again written by Marcus Dunstan and Patrick Melton, who broke out with Feast and later wrote Saw IV, V and VI. Lionsgate is bringing Saw 3D to theaters everywhere on October 29th. Anyone going to see this?

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no, no it doesnt.

whoknows on Jul 22, 2010


The last one was about "healthcare". This one will be about the need for "Cap n Trade", and "green jobs". Cant wait....CANT WAIT.........not to see it.

Felix on Jul 22, 2010


I've only seen the first Saw and I have no desire to see the others. All they are is torture porn trash without a decent plotline.

JT-Money on Jul 22, 2010


I dunno...the traps in public could somehow refresh this shit. But then... well... no..

reeft on Jul 22, 2010


How many ways can we see a person die? I mean this is really getting old. I thought torture porn was a dead genre. Oh, hahahahaaa. Pun intended.

BaleHail on Jul 22, 2010


#3, it should be about 'alternative fuels' because this franchise ran out of fuel a long time ago

goudos on Jul 22, 2010


the only reason i'll torrent to finish the damn story and never touch it again.

Zxasd on Jul 22, 2010


Not amused.....but I will pirate it for some damn reason.

McWilly on Jul 22, 2010


I'll be at the midnight show!!!

Guerra on Jul 22, 2010


Saw 2 was the last Saw movie I watched and it felt like they were already beating a dead horse this is beyond silly and stupid now lets hope this is it.

CLAW on Jul 22, 2010


You want to see a saw trap come alive??? Go take a sh!t then flush it, you won't even have to wear glass and cause I guarantee a better show then SAW3D.

Rooney on Jul 22, 2010


well at least it doesnt over advertise the 3D tech (cough resident evil cough)

Spider94 on Jul 22, 2010


OMG.. SAVE THE BEST FOR LAST?!!?!? IS IT REALLY THE LAST ONE!?!??! looks boring again, i will always remember saw 1,2 and 3..

HanDsomepig on Jul 22, 2010


My favourite saw is the 3'rd one by FAR. The end was purely brilliant! This just looks.. meh.. I'll wait for a full length trailer to pass judgement but if I were to base it on the fact that I hate 3D and that the series has lost its.. juice.. then yeah.. not very exited. I am however going to watch it just because some part of me HAS to know how it all pans out for better or worse.

Nitrium on Jul 22, 2010


Hm, The title in the trailer says SAW3D. Like, Sawed?

Kevin on Jul 22, 2010



erikkeating on Jul 22, 2010


The end of an era...I'll admit it, the Saw films are a guilty pleasure of mine and I look forward to them every Halloween. I think I'll actually miss them when they're gone.

peloquin on Jul 22, 2010


All this hate from the people who think the new green hornet looks cool

Jimmy Love on Jul 22, 2010


might not the be the best movies, but what i love about them is that their here every year =)

L1A on Jul 22, 2010


Saw 3D as in 3 and D, which the fourth letter in the alphabet. making the title 'Saw VII'

james on Jul 22, 2010


OH, I GET IT, THE TITLE IS WITTY AND CLEVER. (now if only they could do the same with the screenplays.)

crumb on Jul 23, 2010


Yeah yeah. Every single person here bitching about it will still will download it. #18, thanks for being honest. I feel the same. I mean these are trash movies. But still fun, in a perverted kinda way 🙂

Brandon on Jul 23, 2010


I loved the first and fourth(only for its ending) Second and third were decent, but the fifth and sixth added nothing but gimmicks to a fun(if not trashy) story line. This doesn't seem that great, but itd be nice to see how its all tied together.

Al on Jul 23, 2010


Yay! The last one is finally upon us!

eric on Jul 23, 2010


saw 7 ? .... for fuck sake lol make a tv series already you dumb americans ( no offend to the interllectual ones)

PinkSushit on Jul 23, 2010


I completely agree with #18. Also to those out there who seem to think Saw doesn't have a plot, Actually watch them. You find it has an incredible plot which has constantly kept me gripped through all of the movies.

Link1983 on Jul 23, 2010


The scene at 24 secs was filmed outside my work, Metro Hall downtown TDot! As for the film, haven't watched one since the 2nd.

KB on Jul 23, 2010


I like the Saw-franchise. The ones after the first two maybe were not as good, but i enjoyed em.

Ellelena on Jul 23, 2010


What the hell I have seen 6 saw movies so far might as well see 1 more 🙂

XXX on Jul 23, 2010


#26 no "offend" taken.

Al on Jul 23, 2010


Awesome trailer! My least fav Saw is the first one. I pretty much only liked the twist. All the others were great! 3D is a great way to finish the franchise! Wish the others were in 3D!!

Brian Miller on Jul 23, 2010



Johnny BeGood on Jul 23, 2010


So not interested. Feels like this movie is spining roundnround.

dex on Jul 23, 2010


idk, even tho it is a torture porn and the plot is weak and over used, it still is the only slasher series that actually has a story. Nightmare, Halloween, Friday 13th they really have no story. like at all! saw actually has a plot that does play with a very interesting theme "people who take things for granted" and continues to build and expand that plot and theme (recently not very well) with each film that is added. for that i have a lot of respect for the series

Sam on Jul 23, 2010


this stuff is stupid. just cause there is a plot, doesnt make it worth it.

Eli on Jul 24, 2010


#4 ( JT-Money ) Don't talk about stuff that you don't know SHIT about. None of the SAW's are even remotely close to torture porn. There's only nudity in the 3rd one and it lasts a total of 5min. I hate ignorant people like you. How can you even talk shit about stuff you haven't even watched? The SAW series is the BEST horror movie series of all time. They are goin on the 7th. So far all 6 have been able to keep up with a great storyline and keep the movies interesting. Hostel is torture porn, maybe you got those two confused?? But if you just seriously mean SAW then you're one stupid fuck. Go watch the SAW series, 1-6, then go watch 7. Then go watch all the other FAILED horror movie series' like Friday the 13th, Halloween, and Elm Street that took it too far. SAW still is going strong, and I would actually prefer them to keep it going, but unfortunately all good things must come to an end.

Peace Love & GaGa on Jul 25, 2010


#37 agree with everything you said. i thought the movies were great on Halloween. Just because you fucks don't have the patience to watch all 6 don't fucking comment on the 7th. You cant complain about the story arc if you don't know what happened. People nowadays all they need to do is find something to bitch about. There always has to be something wrong with movies (although 3D is garbage). The SAW franchise is the most SUCCESSFUL horror franchise EVER. PERIOD. obviously there's something good about it. I personally am looking forward to it. finally understanding jigsaw plan.

ihateyouropinions on Jul 26, 2010


I have to admit when the first one came out I thought it looked dumb and was just another weak horror movie. I passed on it and every other one just basing it by the commercials. It took me to have to go to Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights to think to myself if a theme park like this is gonna make Saw the theme for the whole Halloween run I have to at least check out one of the movies. So the next day I went out and bought the very first Saw and I was hooked. I usually don't like these type of movies but I just thought this was different and I actually enjoyed it and wanted to see what happened next. Yes, they have gone downhill from the first one but they still do keep my interest. I will be at the theatre watching Saw 3D and will probably enjoy it. If you haven't seen any of them watch at least the first one with an open mind and go from there. It's a guilty pleasure, but fun none the less.

the douche on Jul 26, 2010


Saw is definitely a movie that is loved by some people and hated by others. The storyline is actually quite well-developped when considering all the movies as a whole, even if the same ideology is continuously overused. Jigsaw's philosophy plays on our emotions as humans who want justice in our lives (albeit to the extreme), and I think it's for this reason people like the series - not because it's 'torture porn'.

Bren on Oct 20, 2010

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