First Trailer for Robert Luketic's 'Killers' with Ashton Kutcher

February 10, 2010
Source: Yahoo

Killers Trailer

Lionsgate has debuted the trailer for Robert Luketic's Killers, previously known as Five Killers, starring Ashton Kutcher, Katherine Heigl, and Tom Selleck. Believe it or not, a movie called Killers is actually a light-hearted romantic comedy. I was hoping this would look good, but damn it looks bad. The first problem is that it spends more than half of the trailer pretending to be a cheesy rom-com. The second problem is that it looks like a worse version of Mr. & Mrs. Smith or any of those damn movies where someone doesn't know their lover is really a killer. The third problem… Well, you get what I'm trying to say. Check it out below.

Watch the official trailer for Robert Luketic's Killers from YouTube:

A vacationing woman meets her ideal man, leading to a swift marriage. But back at home, their idyllic life is upset when they discover their neighbors could be assassins who have been contracted to kill the couple.

Killers, aka Five Killers, is directed by Australian filmmaker Robert Luketic, of Legally Blonde, Win a Date with Tad Hamilton!, Monster-in-Law, 21, and The Ugly Truth previously (not exactly a great track record). The script was originally written by Bob DeRosa (The Air I Breathe) then revised by Ted Griffin (Ocean's Eleven, Matchstick Men, Rumor Has It). Lionsgate is bringing Killers to theaters June 4th this summer.

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this looks like it could be a fun movie, but i would have to see more to be bought.

Zade on Feb 10, 2010


fuck it, I'll see this looks like fun.

Xerxex on Feb 10, 2010


Hey, it's cool they put out more footage from Knight & Day. Oh wait, this isn't the Tom Cruise/Cameron Diaz movie? Hmm.

Fuelbot on Feb 10, 2010


So bad.

David on Feb 10, 2010


*Sniff* *Sniff* Smell that? Smells like something died. Must be the actor's credibility for staring in this stinker.

DarkRaven18599 on Feb 10, 2010


Trying to pull a Mr and Mrs Smith...can't believe Ashton as a friggin hitman/assassin. And #4 is right looks like the less intense, trying to be more funny version of Knight and Day or whatever the hell that movie is...LAME

one on Feb 10, 2010


Looks fun to me!

David on Feb 10, 2010


Can't believe no one has brought up Grosse Pointe Blank... Might give it a chance though, since I am a big fan of Catherine O'Hara, but I doubt she has much screen time.

drnknjbbrsh on Feb 10, 2010


Anything with Heigl guarantees to be awful. Pair her with Ashton and... wow, I wish I could take back the time I spent watching that trailer. Don't know why I even bothered, really.

Traveler on Feb 10, 2010


Yeah this looks pretty bad, also Ashton Kutcher does not make a believable hitman.

SkaOreo on Feb 10, 2010


way.... this movie will have so much more action.i dont understand why lionsgate didnt show more than 2 fights,and 1 car explosion. read the script for this,and its really good,believe me.i wanted to hate it too,but its really good.

kure on Feb 10, 2010


After I seen Knocked Up after it came out, I thought she might end up being a pretty good actress. I havent seen any of her movies since, cause they looked like utter garbage and now you can throw this one on top of the heap. Kutcher justs really SUCKS!! I dont care what movie!! HE SUCKS!!

People's Champ 3D on Feb 10, 2010


Is it possible to get a prefund? Before I even bother to open my wallet?

Fred Schepsi on Feb 10, 2010


Serve it up for Middle America, and watch them shuffle on into the theater. Heigl is mediocre, Middle American gold. This movie is going to kill at the box office.

Chris Berry on Feb 10, 2010


SkaOreo is right. The fatal flaw in this movie is that Ashton Kutcher is not believable - not for one second - as a lethal, highly trained hit man. Kutcher is a goof. A funny goof. But a goof. I don't buy him for one second as a serious badass. And oddly, this trailer doesn't do anything to make him look any less like a goof.

Jason Roberts on Feb 10, 2010


Eh, it doesn't seem so bad. Bring a girl. And it seems less like Mr. & Mrs. Smith and more like True Lies. Am I the only one that sees it? Anyone?

Frame on Feb 10, 2010


@18 Nah, i see it too.

erik keating on Feb 11, 2010


@18 yeah l see a bit of True Lies in it but only in the story, my god Heigl a steaming pile of shite. She really has the cheesy acting thing down to a tee, im at a loss how she's getting cast in films, she always comes across more of a very bad soap actress. She just EVERYTHING. Kutcher I don't mind, @17 your right he's a funny goof. Cause of Heigl I'll leave this alone, give me Diaz anyday, looks like Knight And Day is the way to go.

bryan r on Feb 11, 2010


man this looks horrible. sounds like it'll be heigl screaming for two hours. grand.

korm on Feb 11, 2010


For those who think AK isn't a believable hitman I submit this: who better to get as an assassin than someone unexpected? Can't always go with a formula, people...

RPD on Feb 11, 2010


@18 More like True Lies than anything else. Still might be fun, though.

Nada Nuff on Feb 11, 2010


I'm trying to think if I've ever seen Ashton in a movie that I liked...........Um No. Well maybe the Bernie Mack one. That was ok. Katherine Heigl seems like a pretty good actress but I've yet to see her in something good. I know I'm in the minority when I say the movie with Seth rogan sucked Because I'm not a Seth Rogan fan. So that being said, I may accidentally watch it one day for free if I'm incapacitated or something. I think I'd rather watch that 70's show reruns because he's funny in that.

arjones on Feb 11, 2010


i like it, Mr. & Mrs. Smith stuttered once they stopped trying to kill each other, this may not, it's interesting that we're getting this and the Tom Cruise/Cameron Diaz film that's along the same lines

el on Feb 11, 2010


I agree with #25# el. It just another Rework of Mr&Mrs Smith I don't no why Liongate Bought this Rubbish.

Cineprog on Feb 11, 2010


honestly, this looks like more fun then mr and ms smith

harrison on Feb 11, 2010


Doesnt look nearly as bad as all of you are making it out to be....doesnt look great but damn with all the bullshit coming out nowadays you guys bash this to death?

Cody on Feb 11, 2010


Looks like some silly nonsense. I'll watch it.

Manders on Feb 11, 2010


That was nearly as bad as I was led to believe although Heigl could improve as she can be a little predictable with some of her reactions, since Luketic is directing (and he's an Aussie) I will probably see it.

d1rEct on Feb 11, 2010


god i hope Lionsgate goes under after this flop

DoomCanoe on Feb 11, 2010


I think this looks pretty good. I like Heigl. I can't stand that crap show she's on though. This gives me a great reason to watch her in something other than The Ringer and Knocked Up.

Ariel on Feb 12, 2010


this site is full of fucktards with problems with their masculinity. why don't you douchebags go get fucking lives?

kalvin on Feb 13, 2010


what's wrong mister grumpy? did you drop your bobo?

el on Feb 13, 2010


it reeks of the the worst parts of Mr. and Mrs.Smith without the appeal of two "Interresting" actors and made it one sided...sighs

curtfrmcali on Feb 14, 2010


Cracking up on the scene where she tries to fire the gun. Hope the rest of the movie is like that. Very funny.

Pounding Metal on Feb 24, 2010


Wow I must be on crack, because this movie looks great! I can't wait to see it.

Ashton's cuz on Mar 30, 2010


This looks like the worst piece of trash to ever come out. Please don't spend a dime on this or any other half ass movie that some coked up Hollywood dickheads put out to make a buck. Maybe if people stop watching them they will stop making them. Force them to put some effort into making good movies!!

areyou kidding on May 9, 2010


actually, i watched this movie twice because i sort of laughed a lot on the ugly truth movie ``~

Cutlery Tray %0A on Dec 2, 2010

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