First Look: Unofficial Photos from Nimrod Antal's Predators

January 16, 2010
Source: AVP Galaxy


Finally! I knew photos like this would make their way on the web sooner or later. A user on the AVP Galaxy forums (via SlashFilm) posted a huge batch of unofficial photos from the set of Nimrod Antal's Predators remake being produced by Robert Rodriguez. I've chosen the four best photos to highlight below including our first look at the new Predators creatures, our first look at Adrien Brody, and some other shots of the set (including the last one you see below with Nimrod Antal). I guess this confirms that we'll see multiple predators. And check out that crazy alien spire sticking out behind Brody as well. Lots of cool stuff to see!

Photos removed at the request of 20th Century Fox. Sorry guys!

If you'd like to see more photos like this, head over to AVP Galaxy. Predators stars Adrien Brody, Topher Grace, Danny Trejo, Laurence Fishburne, Alice Braga, Walton Goggins, Mahershalalhashbaz Ali, Oleg Taktarov and Derek Mears (as one of the Predators). The story is the same as always: "A group of elite warriors are hunted by members of a merciless alien race known as Predators." I'm glad we finally get to see what everything looks like, but Fox really needs to start putting out teaser posters or a trailer or something. Predators is currently set to hit theaters on July 7th this summer. Can't wait to see more from it! Excited?

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More predators=More soldiers to be killed, More soldiers to be killed by predators=Pure awesome win.

Cody on Jan 16, 2010


Decent actors involved. Hope it's not a disappointment like terminator salvation, although that was somewhat watchable. Adrien Brody is always good.

"Sh*t 'appens" on Jan 16, 2010


Sucks they casted Topper Disgrace, Brody is one of my favorites and Trejo and Fish is always good. Lets hope the Nimrod doesnt screw this up.

Frightened Inmate #2 on Jan 16, 2010


I am going to do myself a favor and stop viewing any promotional material being released to see this film, so I may have no high or low expectations when I go and see this film.

Dirty Dutchman on Jan 16, 2010


looks pretty low budget for a successful movie series reboot

zach on Jan 16, 2010


Hopefully they don't make a mockery out of the Predator franchise like they did with the sequel to AVP.

jake the snake on Jan 16, 2010


So happy that Adrien Brody is the frontman here. He's a great actor.

Darunia on Jan 16, 2010


Gonna suck. Just sayin. Nimrod Antal's a shit director.

Fuelbot on Jan 16, 2010


Damn this looks aweful.

Robbie on Jan 16, 2010


I don't understand why this is considered a "remake". I mean, the Predator franchise is about a bunch of nameless characters/creatures who periodically show up throughout time. There's no necessity to "remake" or "relaunch" anything, because there's no continuity to contradict.

DRM on Jan 16, 2010


i just watched the first yesterday. these pics look like piss and the new Predator's really insult the original. which by the way was drawn by James Cameron if ya didn't know. & the original monster was going to be played by Jean-Claude Van Damme at the time it was pudgy with a duck bill.

DoomCanoe on Jan 16, 2010


armored sucked ass. i really hope this doesn't blow.

sho on Jan 16, 2010


I just love how a lot of you yuppies on here are already giving your so called, "official review" of PREDATORS. Saying stuff like it's "gonna suck" or it looks "low budget." Really, guys? It's a movie set for crying out loud! The movie's just being made! It's like watching a teacher determine the score of a student's test while they're still taking it. People are unbelievable sometimes... But it does make me laugh!

Icefilm on Jan 16, 2010


Yeah I'm with Icefilm on this one, these look pretty damn good.

Xerxex on Jan 16, 2010


Those Predators look like Power Ranger villains.......shit I knew this would happen. This combined with Fishburne's character, who supposedly survives for 10 years on a predator planet and manages to still have a 3 piece suit and beretta with ammo, is really killing any hopes I had for this movie being any good. We'll heres hoping they don't screw up the Alien prequel. @#13 Icefilm (by the way thats a real "cool" name) it's not "yuppies" giving their opinion of what they see, it's people who are fans of the original movie. Sorry we aren't the suckers who just accept anything Hollywood throws at us with a franchise name stapled to it.

Alex T. on Jan 16, 2010


Seriously Icefilm, I couldnt of put it any better myself. Also #11 what predators did you see? These looks exactly like original more than the AVP ones did. Im inventing a new word: Autohaters, They automatically hate things without any thought!

Cody on Jan 16, 2010


Some of you guys are so damn stupid! How can you say the movie will suck based on these photos? +1 Icefilm

big r on Jan 16, 2010


uhh this looks soooooooo low budget. i mean do you see that pred on the ladder. i mean really...

tim on Jan 16, 2010


the predators look off, like their heads seem way too big for the bodies, but im goin to guess theyll be touched up with cgi later and try sayin that guys name five times fast, Mahershalalhashbaz Ali

harrison on Jan 16, 2010


wait... Mahershalalhashbaz?? MAHERSHALALHASHBAZ???

felipe on Jan 16, 2010


im giving it to no 10 and 15 on this, funny as it sounds i dont want to autohate another remake but the photos give away no credible evidence of a good movie (the original was a masterpeice in my eyes)...hang ten buddy, pred on a ladder, low budgie stan winston in the house?

dealers wheel on Jan 16, 2010


news flash the 1st 2 that I saw in the theaters were low budget and set the standard for the series. they have spent more money on the last couple of movies and they didn't even come close in quality. decent casting is a positive. I agree with the idea that you can't judge anything about the movie from a few photos. my first reaction was that the Predators shown didn't look as cool as the original with his gun and armor. could go either way. I hope these predators are tougher than the pussy ones that fought the Aliens.

karl on Jan 16, 2010


hahahahahahahaah #20, how do you eve pronounce that?!

bltzie on Jan 16, 2010


The Predators heads look too big for there bodies lol and I know at #20 that is a hell of a name!!!

Terry B on Jan 16, 2010


I like the Predator movies.... but why the remake? Can't we take where it hasn't been on film yet? Batman Vs Predator maybe??

DJ Sid on Jan 17, 2010


Thats all you care about? "remake, rebot, restart" WHO CARES, geeez its a movie about predators, geeez hard to get it? and about low budget, LOL you are "low budget" ever hear about CGI? first you act, play scene, then you put CGI on it, geeez you people....

gsdgs on Jan 17, 2010


Another tropical jungle-setting? We have the South American jungle in the first one, urban setting in the 2nd, inside Aztec-like pyramid in AVP, and another urban setting in AVP2. While the PREDATOR movies require claustrophobic setting, I wish they vary the theme a little bit, like in wintry Norwegian forrest (where a lot of strange, unexplained things happened, remember the spiral in the sky?), or maybe some Middle-Eastern locations (where a lot of exotic weapons are being tested)

greg on Jan 17, 2010


This can't be worse than the AVP movies. Your right #27 that's a good idea, we need to see the Predator in a different setting. I would like to see more Predator technology and more of a sense of the Predator habitat. We know they hunt and kill, but what about the sociology? That's what made District 9 good. It gave us a sense of how and why? Although there were unanswered questions that made it even more intriguing. I agree with #2 about terminator salvation. That was a waste of my money and time. No wonder Bale was so mad.

JussHaten on Jan 17, 2010


I like the Predator guy at the back of Adrian Brody in the Third picture....Check out the second picture it looks like the Predators are more primitive, they don’t seem to have the heavy armour like they did in the original predator film. There not bad photos though I look forward to more information on the Reboot of predators film. 🙂

Cineprog on Jan 17, 2010


#20 lolololol

jeffrey on Jan 17, 2010


#16 these look nothing like the original Predator! they have HUGE fuckin heads!

DoomCanoe on Jan 17, 2010


.....They had huge fucking heads in the original. These just dont have the armor on so its looks way unproportional. Which Im guessing because these are set photos havent put on yet.

Cody on Jan 17, 2010


@ Alex T. First off, I'm a huge PREDATOR fan. All I was simply stating was the fact that people are already giving a full on critique of a film that hasn't even been finished yet. Personally I don't care if there is a remake of PREDATOR or not (although I prefer there wasn't.) If you don't like the way the movie looks then do what the rest of the world does when a movie looks like it's gonna bomb: don't watch it! All of your bickering isn't gonna stop Hollywood from doing what they want because, guess what? They have money! They could care less about what we think! For all I know, you may be complaining now but you're probably gonna be one of the people on line this summer buying a ticket to this. And sorry if my "cool" name doesn't score any points with you. Unless you have something better which I doubt with a name like Alex T. ...

Icefilm on Jan 17, 2010


First off, I know that no one one here will ever change Hollywood's mind, but that doesn't mean we have to shut the hell up just because they have more money. You're proof of exactly whats wrong with most people in society today. Instead of speaking up when you feel shit is out of place you just keep your head down and take whatever the people on top throw your way. It may be true that theres nothing anyone can do but I for one will still speak my mind. I'm done giving Hollywood the benefit of the doubt all the time, everytime I do I get screwed out of the price of an admission. Second off, no one said this was gonna flop, the only negative points that people have made so far are about how bad the predators and the set look. The only person that has really "critiqued" anything about the story is me because personally I feel the backstory of Fishburne's character is ridiculous. As a fan of the first movie you should remember Schwarzenegger's character Dutch had on full military gear and after an hour of being tracked down by ONE predator he was reduced to rags, mud, and a handmade bow. Why the hell should Fishburne's character still be wearing a 3 piece suit and still have a beretta with ammo after TEN years on a predator planet getting tracked by MULTIPLE predators? That's just stupid. Lastly, Alex T. is my birth name I just don't feel like spelling out my last name because I believe in privacy. I didn't mean anything by saying you had a "cool" name, I was just joking around with you because your name had the word "Ice" in it, so don't get your tits in a tangle. I'm sorry if you took it as an offense. But please, just stop trying to make people look dumb for having an opinion. You just come off as someone who's looking for a fight.

Alex T. on Jan 17, 2010


Well said Alex T! But the absolute best comment was from #18 Tim, about the predator on the ladder..... Had me in stitches!!! 😀

McQueen85 on Jan 17, 2010


Cant believe you too are arguing over these photos.... and dont say your just having a conversation cause you guys are obviously taking rulers to each others cocks. Just shut up.

Cody on Jan 17, 2010


@Cody 100% Agre with you

Richard on Jan 17, 2010


@ Cody. Seriously I don't care if you think what we are saying is pointless, it doesn't need that kind of response. Go play some more Modern Warfare 2 if all you care about are killcounts. Don't tell anyone to shut up until you've grown up.

Alex T. on Jan 17, 2010


You guys are all morons. Go do something.

shaun on Jan 17, 2010


@32 hmm... you may be right.

DoomCanoe on Jan 17, 2010


Well, I'm stoked. Let's face it; the original Predator isn't exactly Alien quality. No doubt if they had known at the time what they had on their hands, the original Predator would have been more than just a vehicle for Arnold’s muscles.

Hattori Hanzo on Jan 18, 2010


Cannot judge the quality of the movie based on a bunch of amateur photos from the set . Period

Andrei M on Jan 18, 2010


LOL at the bottom picture ,looks like brendan fraser in the background with his balding hair. lulz

Vinnie Cipollone on Jan 18, 2010


It's apparent that none of you have had a chance to read the script for this movie that leaked out onto the net a few months back. Since I have, I can honestly say that Robert Rodriguez has captured the feel of the original Predator film. The cast makes perfect sense in context to the story and I can honestly say that there is a perfectly good reason that Lawrence Fishburne's character has access to weapons, clothes and armor. Even Topher Grace's character makes sense but you don't really see it until towards the end. Without giving away too many spoilers, some things that I look forward to seeing in the film: -A Yakuza w/samurai sword vs a Predator (think Billy in the first film) -Predator hunting dogs and falcons -A Predator vs Predator throwdown If anyone wants to actually read the script before they start bashing, you can download it here:

Psimitar on Jan 18, 2010


Brody is a fantastic pick. If you know what real special operation soldiers look like, they have the exact build of Brody. A guy like Arnold cant run 9 miles in 50 minutes, they cant sneak around quietly, they cant climb well, etc. All commandos are thin and wiry guys. I just hope the script is top knotch. The last 2 AVP films have just been god awful. requiem looked like it was a SciFi channel original, it broke my heart. Talk about a movie that has the potential to be one of the SciFI greats and then film studios allow that shit to be put out!!! you would think a studio would realize the potential and then fund it accordingly, with enough money for great actors, great script guys, a great director and awesome special effects. The studio could recoup its money 100x if they just did it right. im really hoping that Predators comes through and sparks a whole new story line that can be carried on in years to come. i wish everyone could just forget those AVP movies were ever made, especially requiem. Predators is our last hope!!!! DONT SCREW IT UP!!!!!

Bran on Jan 19, 2010


Looks promising, we'll see. Although i always wanted a sequel to the old Predator movie.

Fisherr on Jan 19, 2010


You guys are right, I'm nothing more than an insecure little jerk. Anyway nice trolling with you guys! Let do it again soon!

Icefilm on Jan 19, 2010


hahah its funny how half the people making negative comments are forgetting the S in PredatorS... in homage or to counterbalance the franchise to the Alien saga. why anyone one would mistake this for a remake is beyond me, reboot? maybe but i dont recall the series failing bad enuf to need one unless you include the avp movies. Regardless i am looking forward to the movie and im hoping it would be as enjoyable as aliens was to me. As for the predators not looking good? why would it? primative predators being what they are, are meant to be dirty, technologyless and well... primative. as someone that works on a movie set too all i can say is that these photos are exactly what they are, just photos of people working on set, taking pictures for progress or funs sake unless your the type of person that would rather take a photo of the finished work instead. who knows? those might just be background preds to make the main ones stand out? who can say what is and what isnt with a photo that was taken before the movie was even finished. had these been still shots from the film i would be gravely concerned.... but their not and my opinions if i may have one is that i cant judge on anything until the first trailer is out.

Shyguy on Jan 20, 2010


There's no way this movie should suck! Problem is, and this is true, Hollywood would have preferred to get a good director, great script, and a great cast, but, just as in the case of the Terminator series, "someone" is putting pressure on Hollywood execs to 'keep it all stupid.' The psychological term for what they're doing is called, "extinction." If enough people gradually stop watching these films 'cause they're so bad, Hollywood won't make 'em anymore. Just like they did with the Matrix series. The Matrix was a threat to the conservatives! The sequels were stupid and people stopped caring. Reason: There's a group of old, white neo-conservative, purity-ring lovin', Iraq-war mongering, anti-sex and rock n' roll thumpin' people who can tinker around with film companies' insurance rates and other laws. This is their leverage. Their goal is to slowly modify teen's interest in these types of films. They want to stop Hollywood from making violent/sci-fi films and start making films like, Twilight and New Moon. Homogenized Hollywood. Say, whatever happened to Indy 103.1? Same thing! Corporate rock is another means the neo-cons are trying to influence how "your children" think. There's another term for it: Social Engineering, or behavior modification. I know. I've sat in on conferences. Why make it then? It's called a compromise baby... Execs know it'll do well in the Philippines and places like that- take the proles to Compton and tell them its Hollywood and they'll believe you. Simple as that!

Randy Silver on Mar 9, 2010


@49 I'm sick of you people calling the sequels to "The Matrix" stupid. Watch "Return to the source. Philosophy & The Matrix" and realize that those 2 movies were some of the deepest, most mind blowing films you've ever seen. ya just didn't realize it.

DoomCanoe on Mar 9, 2010


They killed off the Classic predator in this movie ...... 🙁 im not going to watch this insult to predator 1 and 2 .... humans gonna win anyway..... and super black predators designs cant beat stans!..

rotoball on Jun 29, 2010

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