Flynn's Arcade 2010 at SDCC Leads to Tron Legacy's End of Line Club

July 23, 2010

Tron Legacy End of Line Club

Disney has done it again. This truly is ComiTRON 2010. You may remember that at last year's Comic-Con, a viral hunt eventually lead to a vintage Flynn's Arcade, full of tons of working arcade machines and a real lightcycle on display. This year, Flynn's Arcade has returned, but not in the same way. This time, when you enter Flynn's, it's circa 2010 (e.g. from the movie) and all of the machines have been covered up with tarps. But when the hole in the wall opens, it leads to Kevin Flynn's secret work room with the laser, where we're derezed and taken inside the Tron world to the new End of Line club - which is absolutely breathtaking!

But wait - how did we get here to begin with? Well, earlier in the day after the Tron Legacy panel finished, the @OperationTron twitter feed started spitting out directions like: "Photograph yourself with Yes Bit @ 4th and G, then proceed to F btwn 4th and 5th. 33 packets available." Fans would have to run to one corner in downtown San Diego, find a Tron poster on a wall, take a photo of themselves with it, then run to another corner and be one of the first 33 to get there. If you were quick, you would get a package containing a mini light disc with USB drive and two wristbands to get into the Flynn's Arcade re-opening at 10PM last night.

Tron Viral Package

By 10PM, a huge crowd had gathered at the entrance of Flynn's Arcade (hundreds!) not knowing what to expect and where the arcade would lead us this time. When the first group was let in, everyone was a bit confused to find that the arcade wasn't the same anymore, but when we heard the same Journey "Separate Ways" song as last time, we knew it was time to open up the secret passageway and find out what was next. Eventually we stepped foot into Flynn's secret workroom "underneath" the arcade, where the iconic laser stood waiting to bring us into the Tron world - and that's exactly what happened. We walked through a laser beam into the next room and eventually ended up at inside the Tron world at the End of Line club. Whoa!

Here's a few quick photos of the progression through Flynn's Arcade, leading through the laser to the club.

Flynn's Arcade Comic-Con 2010Flynn's Arcade Comic-Con 2010
Flynn's Arcade Comic-Con 2010
Flynn's Arcade Comic-Con 2010Flynn's Arcade Comic-Con 2010

Inside of this amazing End of Line club, which plays an important part in Tron Legacy, Daft Punk music was blaring (but they weren't there), drinks were being served, and numerous models wearing actual Tron costumes were walking around serving drinks, just like this was a working nightclub. In one corner, Disney showcased a bunch of the new Tron Legacy branded products they are going to be releasing with the movie later this year (see one photo below). There was also a costume on display (seen above) and gigantic video screens all around the room that, every 30 minutes, would show a brief sequence of footage cut specifically for this club. It's amazing that they actually built this place and pulled this off right here in San Diego!

End of Line Club Comic-Con 2010

End of Line Club Comic-Con 2010

End of Line Club Comic-Con 2010

For those who love to participate in the viral hunt, some odd symbols were hanging on the walls in various places around the club that fans picked up on quickly. They were also giving out decoder discs that would connect up with the symbols and provide some codes that we have yet to figure out what to do with. As one final recap on this club and this totally insanely awesome viral for Tron Legacy, I shot a video of the club to give you a sense of the general atmosphere and what it looks and sounds like inside of this place (available below soon). If you thought Flynn's Arcade last year was one of the best experiences ever, just wait until you step foot in here. And if you're also in San Diego, this is a must visit! It will be open today and tomorrow.

I think Disney pulled it off again, they knocked it out of the park with this one. This is the year of Tron and this awesome club, viral hunt, and the panel yesterday (with some amazing footage) has already made Tron Legacy THE movie of Comic-Con 2010. As we did last year, we'll have a better photo recap of this later on.

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So dank.

Nick Sears on Jul 23, 2010


Total bad-assery. Awesome. Can't wait for the film.

Ian Carruthers on Jul 23, 2010


I'm not a huge tron fan but I'm beginning to like it more and more. That'd be awesome to be there right now.

Eli on Jul 23, 2010


I think they gave away too much in the last trailer. I would have liked to find out about the old Flynn VS the young Flynn while the plot unfolded and not beforehand. This is the most badass promotional campaign I've ever witnessed though and I have raging envy for everyone who got to see this in person. You better post more pictures Alex, I'd love to see what Flynn's Arcade looked like all closed up...that's such a cool idea considering most people thought they'd just redo what they did last year because it was so popular.

peloquin on Jul 23, 2010


If you go to, you can input the codes from the arcade to unclock pages of a memo from Flynn. Kevin (@Tostie)

Kevin Tostado on Jul 23, 2010


#4 - That wasn't even the last one... There will probably be one more big FINAL trailer sometime later this year. Don't worry, I think there's a lot more that we'll see in the movie, you don't have to be worried about them spoiling too much (I trust Joe Kosinski).

Alex Billington on Jul 23, 2010


lol @ the 20 year old reboot fanboys. Im not thrilled since I learned they dropped wendy carlos's score wich is like dropping john williams for the 2nd star wars movie lol. music is 89% of a movie. a great sequel feels like an extra 2 hours of the original film and when you remove music, most franchises and sequels tank largely just because of that, it disconnects people from the movie. music is just as important as a character in a film and sequels and remakes and tv to movies and comic book to movies and book to movies, should all be no brainers. sad to see 20 year old cokehead directors muck up franchise after franchise. I'm only hoping that bridges isnt in 12 minutes of this as a cameo function and this isnt star wars episode 1 all over again. 15 year wait for jar jar binks lololol. i think alot of older fans are going to be dissapointed if thats the case. its not visual effects that make a film, they can do anything with visuals nowadays and remakes are often visualy superior yet lacking. look at the clash of the titans remake wich was superior to the original but was god awful. Its story+music+actors that make a movie. it also depends if the film is fun, something lacking in newer movies as todays generation of filmmakers make dark, depressing movies. removing carlos's score is down with adding jar jar to star wars episode one but i'll still see tron 2 and we'll just see lol. tron 1's uniqueness and brilliantness was also in its soundtrack having one of the first techno like soundtracks in a movie and for making the movie sound like a cross between an 80s stand up arcade game and a scifi movie score.

johnny on Jul 24, 2010


as a composer myself, I agree with you %100 percent... It was still cool that they made reference to Wendy Carlos's theme when Flynn hummed it to Sam (beginning scene) But yeah music is an equally important character...It sets mood, emotion, and dynamically changes any aspect of any movie...

Scott Lee Cupp on Dec 29, 2011


@ #7 "music is 89% of a movie" i stopped reading after that amazing remark.

Dustin Fuston on Jul 25, 2010


Lol especially in a movie like this. Screw the 200 million on special effects everybody close your eyes to experience 89% of the movie....

Thomas on Dec 17, 2010

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