Four Awesome Character Posters for Green Lantern Revealed

July 26, 2010

Green Lantern

"In brightest day, in blackest night. No evil shall escape my sight." Get ready Green Lantern fans, here's the first debut of some awesome early teaser posters for Warner Bros' Green Lantern movie. Although not everyone was able to get a glimpse of the footage they debuted at Comic-Con this weekend, you'll get a first look at Mark Strong as Sinestro and Peter Sarsgaard as Hector Hammond on these posters (something that fans in Hall H didn't even get to see!). I'm really digging these sleek posters as our first tease at Green Lantern, especially the fact that the green in the logo slowly changes to yellow by the time it gets to Hector.

Green Lantern PosterGreen Lantern Poster

Green Lantern PosterGreen Lantern Poster

I believe these were originally supposed to be unveiled at Comic-Con and there was going to be a signing, but the actors all had to be whisked back to Louisiana to continue filming due to an impending hurricane. They still have a few weeks left of shooting even though its been going for a while. From the footage I saw, I think this will be awesome, one of DC Comics' steps towards delivering more movies comparable to Marvel Studios. If you're a Green Lantern fan, you should be very excited to see these. Green Lantern is directed by Martin Campbell and stars Ryan Reynolds, Blake Lively, Mark Strong, Peter Sarsgaard, Temuera Morrison.

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oh these are awesome!! 😀

Logan on Jul 26, 2010


Have to admit, they look pretty cool!

Quaked2023 on Jul 26, 2010



Kamina on Jul 26, 2010


Pretty cool teasers, can't wait to see more.

Chris Q. on Jul 26, 2010


"I'm really digging these sleek posters as our first tease at Green Lantern, especially the fact that the green in the logo slowly changes to yellow by the time it gets to Hector" — yeah, but it's best noticeable when seeing the posters the way you posted them.. nice posters, I like 'em

[A] on Jul 26, 2010



monal on Jul 26, 2010


very nice. this film is going to be DC's Iron Man.

Josef on Jul 26, 2010


Im not that big of a fan of comics so I have no reason to...wait Mark Strong...O nvm Im sold.

Cody w on Jul 26, 2010


Yes! More Please!

Cmurder on Jul 26, 2010


Awesome! cant wait...

sur@z on Jul 26, 2010


More interesting than Cheesy Thor

Sakyo on Jul 26, 2010


Anything DC makes is automatically better than Marvel due to the quality of the source material.

Barfy mcbarfly on Jul 26, 2010


Yeah so far the DC films have been better, than marvel mostly due to the better stories.

Xerxex on Jul 26, 2010


I read that the studio suits didn't want GL to have a ring!!!??%$* 'Nuff said.

zubzwank on Jul 26, 2010


Very nice! Very, very nice!

deltavoyage on Jul 26, 2010


@#14 that was true WB did not want Green Lantern to have a ring but that idea was years ago. but i dont great with Barfy mcbarfly and Xerxex comment cause look what happen with Jonah Hex they did not stick with the source material

tazz on Jul 26, 2010


Dude somebody get Marvel some ice for that burn.

Da Man on Jul 26, 2010


mwahaha!! XD awesome!!

Aimee on Jul 26, 2010


I like this a lot, but Sinestro and Hammond look too cartoonish. I like how in Batman that they characters seem real... these just look cartoonish. I am not bashing on the film, cause i want it to succeed, but wth...

seanski on Jul 26, 2010


lol u guys are funny, dont get me wrong pretty badass posters...but after seeing the Avengers up on stage and then the mysterious Infinity Glove pic, Marvel has nothing to fear...

ray on Jul 26, 2010


minus Jonah Hex tazz.

Xerxex on Jul 26, 2010


#21 u cant minus Jonah Hex Xerxex its a DC character.

tazz on Jul 26, 2010


a number twelve and thirteen idk wat dc movies besides the batman series that were better then anything marvel has put out marvel is on top and will stay on top maybe dc can catch wen they make the justice league but until then marvel is dominating almost everything they make

sammyo101 on Jul 26, 2010


Is Jonah Hex even a DC character?? I thought it was in the same vain as Watchmen in that DC published it, but he isn't part of their universe. Besides we all know when we talk about what Marvel puts out and DC puts out were talking about the current universes their stringing together and the Batman films are the only ones to be part of the DC Movie-verse while Marvel has the Iron Mans and The Incredible Hulk released so far... sooo a one film difference in all honesty. You can't count The Fantastic 4, X-Men, or Spidey because the movie rights are not under the same house as The Avengers movie-verse is and there for cannot be apart of it. Sooooo I'd say DC IS winning. imo

Aaron on Jul 26, 2010


What about WATCHMEN????? How could anyone forget about that movie. Jonah Hex was awful but Marvel had Punisher?? Sure enough it was because someone else had the licences but DC has only gotten involved in the movie industry since last year when they signed the deal with WB. From here on in we will see what both studios are capable of.

tkaihea on Jul 26, 2010


Looks promising.

Fisherr on Jul 26, 2010


just awesome..............!!!!

nali on Jul 26, 2010


#24 Aaron Jonah Hex is in the same universe as the other DC Characters not like Watchmen. he has cross path with the other DC characters what makes him different his storyline set in the Wild West. Jonah Hex appear as a member of the Black Lanterns and other DC Comics i.e. Superman/Batman #16 "Absolute Power" also he appear in DC animated TV series Batman: The Animated Series, Justice League Unlimited "The Once and Future Thing, Part 1: Weird Western Tales".

tazz on Jul 26, 2010


@ 19 : Ya I agree, a little too cartoonish but hopefully it won't look as CGI / cartoony come big screen. @ 28 : Want to buy less google and more knowledge. Heh i'm only joking, I was awake of the Batman: The Animated Series and the Black Lanterns. The rest is nice info to lay down for me. @ Topic : These look amazing, so happy with the design. I'm a big fan of Sinestro as a character so I'm glad to see they're keeping his look very faithful.

Hedgehog on Jul 26, 2010


both DC and Marvel are heavyweights. No comparison please. But i could see this to be the "upping the ante" for DC since Nolan's batman. Imagine, Ryan and Blake together with Mark Strong and Martin Campbell at the helm???? Wow! Just wow!!! I hope Blake sizzles here too!!!

Iggypop on Jul 26, 2010


#28 Oooh ok. Thanks for filling me in, but the rights are not owned by Warner Brothers so I see it as its own thing away from the connected movie-verse just like Spidey for Marvel.

Aaron on Jul 26, 2010


hey Jonah Hex was ruined by a lack of caring, the two behind Crank should have been involved, not the hack that ruined it.

Xerxex on Jul 26, 2010



John on Jul 26, 2010


Am I the only one who hates these immensely? I usually am forgiving but these look terrible. I don't even care about GL, but from a design standpoint... ugg. Not to mention the saying and characters are all cheeseball to me. Something tells me this movie will ONLY appeal to fans. I like Reynolds and Sarsgaard a lot and feel this may hurt their careers, honestly. I will wait until a trailer to completely write it off, but ohhh.... not good.

Dane on Jul 26, 2010


I need to add that I get a HUGE Entourage Aquaman kinda feeling from this, I must say.

Dane on Jul 26, 2010


nice 🙂 so where is the trailer 😀

DaftPUNKFAN on Jul 27, 2010


blake lively looks so gorgeous

twispious on Jul 27, 2010


#31 Aaron wrong the rights is owned by Warner Bros it was released under WB/DC Comic and Legendary Pictures. anyway the ones that Warner Bros dont own are "Road to Perdition", "The Spirit" and "Red" these are part of DC imprint they was not released by Warner Bros but they was released on other film studios. then again they dont share the same universe as the other DC characters like Superman and Batman. #32 Xerxex Xerxex i agree Jimmy Hayward is a hack but its Warner Bros fault for hiring a fricking 3D animator who never done a live action movie in his life. also its Warner Bros fault for even thinking Akiva Goldsman is a good producer this is the same guy behind god of awful Batman & Robin and recently The Losers. i think the guys behind Crank Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor would not make any different dont really like their work to be honest.

tazz on Jul 27, 2010


YES!!!!!!!!!!! THE GL oath and it is sleek because they put "in Blackest night" next to Blake Lively as in the plot, she is bound to turn evil...Sorry for spoiling the wait but voila you know now!loll!

I am... on Jul 27, 2010


GREEN LANTERN: Reclaiming "Cool" on villains with mustaches.....maybe

Voice of Reason on Jul 27, 2010


Sigh...2011 is going to be an expensive year for me. I wonder if my movie theater takes food stamps? on Jul 27, 2010


# try and you will save money 🙂

Bliss on Jul 27, 2010


#41 try and you will save money...I mean loads on useless cinema tickets 🙂

Bliss on Jul 27, 2010


#41 try blinkbox dot com and you will save money...I mean loads on useless cinema tickets 🙂

Bliss on Jul 27, 2010


Bliss ... went and looked at blinkbox, no thanks, Green Lantern is a movie I am going to HAVE to see in the cinema. Plus that is a UK website, so probably can't watch anything on it as I am in the USA

Edward on Jul 27, 2010


I dig the poster. Looks cool. Still not sold on the costume / outfit.

DJ SID on Jul 27, 2010


This will flop.

ryderup on Jul 28, 2010


#45:Edward: I wasn't referring to GL...of course, like Avatar, it's one of the ones to watch in 3D I can't imagine seeing the space fights in 2D and huge screen #47: you're a fool and obviously a hater with a yellow lantern loll! hence you're fearing the green invasion. You're powerless to stop that and you know it! go get thyself some proper battery or get sane and join the Greencorps! 🙂

Bliss on Jul 29, 2010


Deadpool is the far more exciting movie. Green Lantern will be okay.

Meatcarnage on Aug 10, 2010


It's great to see super i like very much everyone must watch this

London Discount on Apr 1, 2011

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