Fox Finally Developing Feature Film Version of TV Series '24'

February 8, 2010


For years there have been rumblings of a big screen adaptation of Fox's popular real-time action-thriller series 24 starring the gruff-voiced Kiefer Sutherland as unstoppable counter-terrorist agent Jack Bauer. Now it seems to be official as Variety is reporting tonight that Fox's film and television divisions are finally coming together to make it happen with writer Billy Ray (State of Play, Breach) set to write the script that will take Jack Bauer to Europe. However official this deal is though, the fate of the television show (which is currently airing its eighth season now) will determine how soon the film will actually go into production.

No matter how eager Sutherland, who is also an executive producer of the series, is to bring the series to the big screen. Fox still has the option to pick up a ninth season of the series, and their decision is expected after this week's sweeps ratings are in. Additionally, even if Fox doesn't pick up a ninth season of the series (and it sounds like they won't) then the series might be shopped around to other networks. And if it gets picked up somewhere else, the movie will unfortunately have to be put on hold once again for a little while longer.

I have to admit that while I love me some Jack Bauer action, part of the allure of the series is the real-time, 24-hour story unfolding every week, whereas a feature film employing the real-time principal will only allow about two hours (three hours if they're daring) of action. While it's not entirely impossible to go real-time in two hours (Fox already did it with 24: Redemption, the made-for-TV feature length bridge between seasons six and seven), it doesn't exactly allow for the same story progression and endless twists and turns the series employs. And if the film isn't real-time, well then it just becomes another action thriller that just so happens to feature Jack Bauer. Anyway, stay tuned to see how soon this gets off the ground. Anyone 24 fans left?

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major 24 fan! i loved redemption. But for the most part, i agree. A real time 24 movie is probably going to be really hard to pull off. I'd be happy watching a regular non real time 24 movie. I actually think that would be really interesting to watch. To see Jack where time skips. And maybe we'll finally see him goto the bathroom or eat. lol Aww man! Fox needs to pick up 24 for another season. Its one of their best shows.

Roderick on Feb 8, 2010


don't worry, they'll pick up another season. Ethan doesn't know what he's talking about. In fact, this whole article was so oddly/badly written I'd though it was one of Alex's at first. 24 is still one of Fox's most popular shows, and Kiefer just said a few weeks ago that-while he, too, thought the show was done this season--fox has approached him about a season nine. The movie'll just get postponed, like its been since it was first proposed around season five.

TW on Feb 8, 2010


I do not want to see a 2-3 hour 24 movie. Instead, how about Kiefer Sutherland as the main character in a Vince Flynn novel adaptation. Kiefer could play the role of CIA operative Mitch Rapp. The characters and situations in the books are similar to 24. To give a comparison, Matt Damon is playing a similar role in Green Zone as he did in the Bourne series.

The Man With No Name on Feb 8, 2010


I'll see it... I'm a big fan of 24! Bring it on!!!

DJ SID on Feb 9, 2010


I freaking love 24. Been a fan since the first season and love going back and watching again on DVD. Just picked up Redemption this last week. I love the character of Jack Bauer, seems like the closest thing America has to James Bond only instead he's more of a reactionary figure, instead of the instigating one.

harm on Feb 9, 2010


...and they can call the movie "2"...

S on Feb 9, 2010


Im not going to pay to see 2 hours of Jack Bauer...If I wanted to see 2 hours of Bauer running around yelling "GET DOWN NOW", Id turn on FOX.

Cody on Feb 9, 2010


i want to see one esp where they r stuck in triffic and trying to get a parking lot spot or waiting in line fir coffe

jason on Feb 9, 2010


It's quite simple. This is going to be the first 24 hour movie. They'll get James Cameron to direct it, It'll revolutionize filmmaking.

Joe Ho on Feb 9, 2010


Ethan, all you say regarding a 9th season at FOX is "sounds like they won't." Any facts to back this or do you just think that because they're going to make a movie they won't have time for another season. I say take a year off, make a movie, if it does well (or even if it doesn't) bring the show back. It's FOX's best show and the ratings are still good. Why the eff would they cancel it?

Branden on Feb 9, 2010


@ #10, Branden, In the trades article that officially announced the progress on the 24 movie, they said it was very likely that Fox wouldn't be picking up a ninth season. So yeah, there's buzz from insiders that this will be the last season. On Fox at least. We'll see what happens.

Ethan Anderton on Feb 9, 2010


I'm a huge fan of 24, and honestly I don't wanna see the series on another channel. But if FOX doesn't pick it up, which I don't kno why they wouldn't, I'm pretty sure that the show creators and producers still would like it to stay alive. I would like a movie, that'll be tite, but 2 hours I don't see happening and especially in the theatres with action packed and stuff. Plus I would like to hear Jack drop an F-bomb here and there also. lol. but maybe they could do one more season at 22 episodes and maybe the last 2 make a movie outta it... IDK, jus sayin. who knows with hollywood

MIKE on Feb 9, 2010


Righteous torture never goes out of style. Go Get 'Em, Jack!

twittwit on Feb 9, 2010


I can honestly say a 24 film would be awesome, and I would never knock it until seen. With or without the real time

Scott on Feb 9, 2010


I love this idea. I've been a fan of Kiefer for years, but I like him even more since reading his bio, "Kiefer Sutherland: Living Dangerously" (check it out on I think he would be great as a big screen version of Jack Bauer.

Kim on Feb 11, 2010

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