Fox's Wolverine 2 Ready to Start Shooting in January of 2011

March 3, 2010


Although we already knew that it would start shooting in early 2011, THR's Showbiz 411 has confirmed that Wolverine 2, or whatever this sequel will be called, will indeed be ready to begin shooting by January of 2011. The new script is ready to go as well, written by Bryan Singer friend Christopher McQuarrie (of The Usual Suspects and Valkyrie). There is no director yet, but THR's Roger Friedman says the script is a bit different than originally thought. It is the Japan-set storyline featuring martial arts and a love story. "It's a beautiful story," a source said, "and will be very different than the first film." Good - that's what we want!

There's a chance this could turn out like X2 and blow the original movie away, which might be easy because no one really liked the first one (at least no one I know). They're definitely headed in the right direction with McQuarrie, as I think he's a great writer and I love his scripts (we interviewed him for Valkyrie). Secondly, they're using the storyline from Frank Miller and Chris Claremont's comic book arc from the 80s, which is great to see. And they're hiring a Japanese actress to play opposite Hugh Jackman. Now all that's left is to find a director who can put the finishing touches on and show us the Wolverine movie we've wanted to see.

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STOP! Hollywood, just PLEEASE stop!

Big Boss on Mar 3, 2010


yay.....more of the THIS IS GOING TO BE THE GREATEST MOVIE EVER hype. Give me a break. Thats what the said about the first Wolverine. an in-depth character study they said if i'm not mistaken. I don't buy it.

movie mike on Mar 3, 2010


The first was one of the worst movies I have seen in years. It literally had no redeeming qualities. Why this means we should receive a sequel is beyond me.

JTMoney on Mar 3, 2010


bring it baby!

Jake the snake on Mar 3, 2010


It's amazing how a crap movie like this gets a sequal but other crap marvel films like "Daredevil" "Elektra" and "Ghost Rider" don't. Oh that's right those films didn't make any money. "X-Men Origins: Wolverine" was so bad it made "X-Men: The Last Stand" look like an oscar winning film. But when it comes to the film making a shit load of money how can anyone be surprised when Fox decide to make a sequal. The same thing happened with Fantastic 4. The film was bad but made a lot of money and then we go "Rise Of The Silver Surfer" which was an improvement over the first film.

last son on Mar 3, 2010


Movie news is beginning to sound like a broken record..."PLZ JUST STOP DONT DO THIS HORRIBLE IDEA!!!" is being said about 8/10 on anything that comes out. How about we stop whining and instead when they come out BOYCOTT THEM..dont let curiousity or friends drag you into the theater when you know its going to be a shit film and make them make less money and maybe theyll stop with the nonstop trash thats pumping out of hollywood. Seriously dont say "o well maybe this will be good Ill give it a shot" you know its going to turn out bad dont give it your 10 bucks at the theater its pretty economically simple guys.

Cody on Mar 3, 2010


Cool. I thought the first Wolverine movie was pretty good. Can't wait to see what they do with him next.

Mega Jet Jaguar on Mar 3, 2010


even though, i didnt like the first that much, im curious what they will do specifically in japan. Im sure many people will still see it no matter what. Who can possibly be the japanese actress? hopefully, not a chinese pretending to be japanese. Which, i wouldnt mind. But, its better to keep it more real.

LC on Mar 3, 2010


who directed Wolverine Origins? the script and cgi was bad but I didn't think he did a bad job with what he was given.

jake the snake on Mar 3, 2010


Ok, so here's the thing. I really enjoy Hugh Jackman as Wolverine. I mean, the guy is playing a comic book character, and he still manages to come across as someone who treats the opportunity to do so with respect. Think about that. This guy doesn't have to play this role. He's big enough now to go on and do other stuff. It's not a money thing, he can make that playing any number of roles. He's doing this because he enjoys playing the character. That says a lot to me. And it shows in his portrayal of one of my favorite super heroes. So yes, I will give the concept of a new Wolverine movie a fair chance to entertain me. I'll go in with an open mind and no bias. As to the concept they're planning this time, all I can say is that it should have been done the first time. The original Wolverine mini-series by Claremont and Miller set the groundwork for what changed everyone's favorite canucklehead from being a psychopathic one-note maniac into the tragic hero we all now know and love. The entire vision of a man of deep standing honor and passion, who only wants to live a peaceful life with the woman he loves, but cannot because of having to constantly restrain the raging animal beast within that is the soul of the Wolverine character was forged in that mini-series. And I think Jackman has the chops to pull it off. I for one will see this movie.

DarkRaven18599 on Mar 3, 2010


I totally agree with you on Hugh Jackman loving to play this role. If the movie doesnt come out to everyone expectations at least you know Jackman play his role as Wolverine with dedication with whatever he was given. Because of him, i cant really imagine someone else playing the role of Wolverine.

LC on Mar 3, 2010


Wow.........It is not like we all did not see this coming, but it still leaves me speechless when a movie like this can get a sequel. I wish that they would just let some time pass on the entire X-Men franchise and do a total reboot, kind of like they did the Incredible Hulk. The X-Men are one of the most Iconic comic books and Wolverine one of the most Iconic characters of all time, but what they are doing.............what they are creating is nothing more than a travesty. I know that these movies are making money (I do not know how) but they are all so aweful. The entire X series needs a totally new approach. They should re shoot the X-Men series as a trilogy and tell the sentinal saga and mix in genosha. At first I thought that the casting for the X series was ok, but after watching the movies the only good casting calls where Xavier, Night Crawler, Iceman and Jean Grey. I really hope that they do a reboot of the X series because I have been extremely disapointed and Hugh Jack is a good Wolverine, but really does not thrill me because he is not the small powerhouse that we have grown to love in the comic book and cartoons. I guess this will be another X movie that I have to hope fails, so that we can get a truely good big screen adaptation of the Ucanny X-Men. .............And I hope X-Men the first class never makes it. Please..........Please...............Please Hollywood. Scrap that idea

livingword on Mar 3, 2010


They better fix his shitty looking claws for the sequel. That was actually my biggest pet peeve with X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Wtf happened there?! They looked good in all the other X-Men movies. Other than that I have absolutely zero expectations. I like Hugh Jackman and I will almost certainly watch that movie, but I am not wetting my panties over this just yet.

SuicidalOptimist on Mar 4, 2010


Its got a different setting, will have a different director. BUT if they dont get Cyclops, then this will eat sSHITT!!

AgentX on Mar 4, 2010


Guys.....this movie doesn't deserve a second chance. And anyone willing to lay down $13 and/or give it attention perpetuates inane Hollywood bullshit. Be strong and don't give into the hype. If they wanted to do it right, they would've done it the first time around, dont forgive them for such mistakes! Please people, stay away. If you do, I swear Hollywood will notice.

Voice of Reason on Mar 4, 2010


Well said Dark Raven.....BRAVO! and if some of you want Hollywood to stop some of the insane castings,writing, and films....why don't you start with Seth Rogen and the sacred Green Hornet....or stop Cage from making about stopping the Twi-"lite" tripe, or dare I say make Stiller stop making anykind of film, let alone directing. Try bad actors first and leave Mr. Jackman alone.

Clover on Mar 4, 2010


I don't get what everyone's problem is. Maybe I'm easily entertained I guess. I really enjoyed the first movie and I can't wait for the new one. If you haven't already then you've got to go out and get the Claremont/Miller mini-series. It's one of the most excellent stories in Wolverine history.

killerglove on Mar 4, 2010


The first movie was great. Artistic, no pathetically ridiculous mutant abilities (the Blob was horrible but that was really it), great special effects, and one of the coolest villains ever: Deadpool. I suppose some of you think that childish attempt at Sabretooth from the first X-Men was better than Liev Schreiber. Really, I just don't understand how so many people could be so against this. Maybe you wanted it to be just like the comic books you read all your lives. Maybe you really just don't have the experience and talent to know when a true piece of art is made. And for a movie about a bunch of mutants, art has indeed been made. I enjoyed the older X-Men movies. They were fun to watch, gave me some laughs (namely the cheesiness), but they were not art. The closest they ever came to that was Nightcrawler's attack on the White House in the second movie. I'm definitely going to see this, I just hope it's closer to the first Wolverine than the trilogy.

What?? on Mar 4, 2010


I get tired of hearing all the complaining. At least we get comic book movies at all. I enjoyed the first Wolverine movie (definitely wasn't great, but it was fun - far from terrible) and will see a new one as well.

Pete on Mar 4, 2010


Ken Watanabe as The Sliver Warrior, please?!

Fisherr on Mar 4, 2010


#19 Dude You're wrong, The Blob was awesome! My only complaint is that Gambit was in the movie for about a total of 5 minutes. They easily could've made his role longer. How cool would it have been if both Gambit and Wolverine stormed The Island! If done right they could've made a sceen to rival "The Lobby" sceen in The Matrix. Would've been badass.....

killerglove on Mar 5, 2010


I'll check it out... I need more comic book movies in my life. Just gotta keep in mind that these are adaptations... the challenge that comic book movies have is the abundance of back story / material. How do you fit all of that stuff in a couple of hours with out it turning into a Lord of the Rings super trilogy... not that its a bad thing. But it can be annoying when they change certain things that don't need to be changed. So I can see how people hate it when it doesn't come out the way they expect... Bring on the mutants!!

DJ SID on Mar 6, 2010


wolverine borigins sucked....and that says a lot since i think both gambit and deadpool could hold their own in a movie just about them selves.... they could of put them in the movie for five minutes just long enough for you to get excided for them being brought to the big screen...and people would scream for a movie for them... think about it a prequel spinoff of a trilogy who gets 2 spinoffs off a spinoff....ya fox did right by getting x-men but they messed up....i wouldnt go see a gambit movie because of borigins now...and that sucks because i know a gambit movie would ROCK if done right...but o well i know they will run out of ideas for comic book movies ten years down the road i mean they are already planning on rebooting spider-man! but back to ol' canknucklehead fox knows they bombed with borigins with the leak of the film on the internet and the terrible reviews it got so fox should know this film is gotta be freakin oscar worthy for everything except jackman for obvious reasons...will i pay ten bucks to see this movie? right now i'm sayin no but i'm no miss cleo so i don't know what the future holds...

croniccris on Sep 3, 2010


I loved the first movie..and I can't wait to see the next 🙂 on Apr 9, 2011

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